These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men CAT 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cooper Hammarlund Prima Tappa
2 Carl Adam
3 Huntley Nash
4 Michael Garrison Mission Source/NGCA
5 Will Eustace Prima Tappa
6 Luis Berrios
7 Evan Glowiak PCP Race Team
8 Conor Mcnally L5 Flyers Cycling Team
9 Jonathan Sierra Village Volkswagen Cycling Team
10 Drago Cepar Round Here Racing
11 Pablo Di marco
12 Marcelo Martino

Men CAT 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Samuel Gauspohl IH8Bikes
2 Sherman Pitts
3 Ricardo Galindez USMES
4 Zechariah Musselman Village Volkswagon
5 Greg Goldsberry Cherry St. Cycles
6 Eric Smith Village Volkswagen
7 Craig Bauer
8 Connor Benson
9 Johnny Hall Giovanni's Tile Design Racing p
10 Brian Bonsignore UGA Cycling
11 Duke Thomas
12 Tyler Campbell Giovanni's Tile Design Racing p
13 Jordan Kohn Giovanni's Tile Design Racing p
14 Jeremy Prudlick Giovanni's Tile Design Racing p
15 Robert Webb
16 Luke Jackson unattached
17 J Sroczynski Village VW p/b Erlanger Sports
18 Ben Milcaleh
19 Derek Sherbondy
21 Paul Lawler Reality Bikes Ambassador
22 Pete Edmondson Portable Rock Climbing
23 Vladimir Flores Southern Crescent Cycling
24 Daniel Atkins
25 Spangler Benjamin L5Flyers Cycling Team
26 Burleson Bret Velocity Racing
27 Chris Robinson L5Flyers Cycling Team
28 Eric Thiele Velocity Racing & Cycling Inc
29 Durrell Lowery
30 Kelly Edwards
31 Brian Hale Hilton Head Cycling/Robson Fore
32 Pointer Brook
33 Derek Revees PCP Race Team
34 Gareth Miller SCV / Village Volkswagen
35 Brad Beadles Cycle Haus Racing
36 Brandon Jackson
37 Jerome Grilhot
38 Unknown Rider
39 Daniel Paniconi
40 Mark Cassel LF Flyers
41 Adam Denton James Bros. Bikes
42 Mike Kehoe
43 John Perry
44 Patrick Johnson Velocity Racing Team
45 Nick Evenson Village Volkswagen
46 Mike Surgen L5flyers
47 Ovirne Lopez Prima Tappa
49 Tim Ulinski
50 Jeff Bilsky
51 Scott Wilde Velocity Racing & Cycling Inc
53 Roger Gonzalez
54 Jim Deitsch PCP Race Team
55 Keith Werle NGCA Mission Source
56 Don Yates Buckhead Velo Club
57 Holger Pfaender
58 Robert Vinson Cherry St. Cycles
59 James Dunn Alabama Wheelmen


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cooper Willsey Furman University
2 Grayson Brookshire Milligan College
3 Andrew Hodges Georgia Institute of Technology
4 Luke Caldwell Auburn
5 Fausto Crapiz Village Volkswagen Elite Cyclin
6 Sam Morkal williams Warren Wilson College
7 Evan Christenson Lees-McRae College
8 Brendan Rhim Furman University
9 Alec Hoover Lees-McRae College
10 Nathan Spence Auburn
11 Jackson Gilbert Georgia Institute of Technology
12 Jacob Schwyn
13 Taylor Davis Auburn
14 Brian Suto Furman University
15 Nate Morse Furman University
16 Andrew Bailey Milligan College
17 Connor simmons ? Lees-=McRae
18 Alec Harp University of North Georgia
19 Michael Zanetti Lees-McRae College
20 Carlo Villarreal Milligan College
21 Kevin Baumann Clemson University
22 Ben Rothschild Georgia Institute of Technology
23 Samuel Dobrozsi Lees-McRae College
24 Seth Veenbaas Milligan College
25 Amir Merali Lees-McRae College


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sam Wentworth Milligan College
2 Jack Perry Lees McRae College
3 Burke Clayton GIovanni's Tile Design Racing p
4 Zachary Lee Auburn
5 Mark Gomez Auburn University
6 Hauser Adam
7 Caleb Smith Lees McRae College
8 Vanderzwaag Nolan Lees-McRae College
9 Wesley Crane Georgia Institute of Technology
10 Jacob Payne Georgia Institute of Technology
11 Andrew Baldwin Milligan College
12 Elliott Padraic
13 Jimenez Antonio
14 Cherriervickers Samuel Florida State University
15 Luther Jacob Clemson University
16 Stephen Walton Auburn University


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paul Gue Auburn University
2 Wilderman Clay KSU
3 Chase Snowden Auburn University
4 Cooper Jonathan
5 Seth Mallett Georgia Institute of Technology
6 Brookins Andrew
7 Cox Hayden Furman University
8 David Michael sweet Auburn University
9 Christopher Sacco Presbyterian College
10 Castrillon William University of Georgia
11 Carter Beach East Tennessee State University
12 Claybourn Milner Georgia Institute of Technology
13 Carlton Zack
14 Lange Harrison KSU
15 Christian Acker Clemson University
16 Kyle Luecke Ride 615 Devo
17 Malone Jacob
18 Tyler Williamson Auburn University
19 Brandon Stacy Presbyterian College
20 Josh Erhard
21 Edwards Ben
22 Nunthadech Rodcheuy Georgia Institute of Technology
23 Ryan Becwar Clemson University
24 Hayden Cox Furman University
25 Sterling Guy Warren Wilson College
26 Halil Sahin tetik Georgia Institute of Technology
27 Hu Jessie
28 Sam Ford Auburn University
29 Quenton Lyons King University Cycling
30 Billy Barnes King University Cycling
31 Hird Joe Auburn University
32 Corey Nickels
33 Peppler Mark
34 Unknown Rider
35 Wood Seth University of Florida
36 Peter Gacek Auburn University

Men MASTERS 35+ CAT Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sean Philyaw Ridley Masters p/b Reality Bike
2 Jeffrey Tanski Velocity Racing Inc. & Cycling
3 Benjy Coil Peachtree Masters
4 Larry Waters Prima Tappa cycling p/b Mansfie
5 Isaac Strickland Ridley Masters Team p/b Reality
6 Creed Sewell Steel/Peachtree Bikes
7 Nelson Daniel Team Mission Source / NGCA
8 Wesley Garland
9 Lino Asiatico Southern Crescent Cycling
10 Gregory Brown
11 Carter Schmeck Portable Rock Climbing
12 Dan Klapheke Mission Source/NGCA
13 Richard Fuqua velocity
14 Van Mixon GA Neurosurgical Institute
15 Scott Demyer
16 Tom Armes Wahoo Fitness Masters
17 Daniel Baccino Southern Crescent Cycling
18 Marvin Rivera
20 Aaron Budsock Free Flite Masters
21 Patrick Vrana Wahoo Fitness Masters Team
22 Michael Burns Ridley Masters p/b Reality Bike
23 Heber Cristino Southern Crescent Cycling
24 Todd Muller Ridley Masters
25 Chris Freeman
26 Javier Rozo
27 Unknown Rider
28 Andrew Johnston Peachtree Masters
29 Joe Greenfeld Wahoo Fitness Masters
30 Oscar Rodriguez
31 Jeff Richards Wahoo masters cycling
32 James Wueste Homesmart Cycling
33 Eric Anderson Ridley Master Cycling Team
34 Reginald Pineda Team

Men MASTERS 50+ CAT Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Roy Simmons Peachtree Bikes
2 Bernie Lacourciere Mission Source cycling NGCA
3 Ty Tagami
4 Jeffrey May
5 Jim Whitehead
6 Brad Harper
7 Chris Isenberg
8 Scott Hilburn
9 Terry O'toole
10 Michael Fizgerald
11 Tim Stone
12 William Kerrigan
13 Allen Duquette
14 Patrick Flautt
15 James G wenzel Velo Voodoo

Men PRO/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Oleg Tanovitsky CRCA/LUPUS Racing Team
2 Matthew Whatley Cherry St. Cycles
3 Brock Mason Prima Tappa
5 Mcquerry Justin Team Novo Nordisk Development
6 John Butler *
7 Juan Carlos arias Southern crescent cycling
8 John Stowe Cherry St. Cycles
9 Brian Toone Friends of the Great Smokies (F
10 Evan Clouse Hot Tubes Cycling Team
11 Jacob Henley Amore & Vita USA
12 Dillon Swaim
13 Troy Dunton
14 Brendan Sullivan
15 Igor Rudalev CRCA /Lupus racing Team
16 Jonathan Brown Axeon Hagens Berman
17 Daniel Holt LITESPEED-BMW
18 Unknown Rider
19 Micah Milne JR Holowesko | Citadel pb Hinca
20 Connor Ardrey Outspokin' Augusta
21 Colby Millen


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ashlyn Woods Lees-McRae College
2 Zoe Mullins Milligan College
3 Julia Frsesne
4 Hannah Swan Milligan College
5 Morgan Miller Milligan College
6 Stephanie Cucaz Milligan College
7 Victoria Kanizer Milligan College
8 Danielle Clark
9 Emily Cox King University
10 Rachel Swan Milligan College
11 Katelyn Pervis Lees-McRae College
12 Diana Ramos Milligan College
13 Samantha Croft Lees-McRae College
14 Page Robertson Lees-McRae College
15 Hailey Sarausky Lees-McRae College


Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Claire Iamberg
2 Kathryn Maeder Georgia Institute of Technology
3 Jessica Cannon Milligan College
4 Morgan Rex Georgia Institute of Technology
5 Erin Nalley Auburn University
6 Sarah Pitts Auburn University
7 Victoria Gates King University Cycling
8 Sylvie Hyman University of Florida
9 Elizabeth Keefer Auburn University

Women OPEN

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Danielle Spires Razzle Dazzle Racing
2 Melanie Hof Free Flite Masters
3 Melissa Mcadams
4 Jeanette Haggas Razzle Dazzle

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