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Men A

(51 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Benjamin Grass Dartmouth College
2 Wyatt Stoup Pennsylvania State University
3 Garrett Olsen Villanova University
4 Robert Abramo Villanova University
5 Gregory Alexander Brown University
6 Jeffrey Salvitti Bucknell University
7 Wacek Godycki Cornell University
8 Greg Leach American University
9 Ross Marklein University of Pennsylvania
10 Charles Salzer Franklin and Marshall College
11 Samson Mchugh University of Pittsburgh
12 Nicholas Reinert University of Pittsburgh
13 Alex Abarbanel-grossman Middlebury College
14 Nick Garcia US Military Academy
15 Evan Murphy Rhode Island School of Design
16 Craig Keasler Boston University
17 S Charles zamastil Temple University
18 Chris Hamlin University of Vermont
19 Brandon Tulloch McGil University
20 Rodney Kauffman Millersville University-Pennsylvania
21 Edward Grystar Brown University
22 Brenden Siekman US Military Academy
23 Matthew Furlow University of Pennsylvania
24 Arnaud Borner Pennsylvania State University
25 Patrick Dunn Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
26 Ben Carbonetti University of Connecticut
27 Daniel Rossi Franklin and Marshall College
28 Jeffrey Elie University of Massachusetts-Lowell
29 Macky Franklin Middlebury College
30 Ryan Smolko Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
31 Evan Cooper Tufts University
32 Brian Halusan New York University
33 Jeremy Shirock Pennsylvania State University
34 James Thornton US Military Academy
35 David Ziehr Harvard University
36 Timothy Manzella Drexel University
37 Olivier Rolin Pennsylvania State University
38 Robert Burnett Franklin and Marshall College
39 Brad Warren University of Massachusetts-Lowell
40 Tristan Baldwin University of Vermont
41 Drew Scoles University of Rochester
42 James Bolognani University of New Hampshire
43 John Farrell University of Pennsylvania
44 Patrick Galvin University of New Hampshire
45 Peter Hagerty Rochester Institute of Technology
46 Rodney Santiago Pennsylvania State University
DNF Derek Harnden University of Vermont
DNF Jacob Bobrow University of Vermont
DNF David Giraud Boston University
DNF Zachary Labry Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DNF Corey Knowles SUNY-Buffalo

Men B

(50 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jesus Martinez Columbia University-NYC
2 Charles Hanlon Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
3 Andrew Mitstifer Franklin and Marshall College
4 Stuart Mcmanus Harvard University
5 Nicholas Walulik Stevens Institute of Technology
6 Kevin Mcguire Pennsylvania State University
7 Preston Buehrer Boston University
8 Guo-liang Chew Harvard University
9 James Wolf Franklin and Marshall College
10 Hughes Burridge Northeastern University
11 Michael Shinall Boston College
12 Erik Gonsiorowsk Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
14 Eric Fischer Yale University
15 Jordan Diekema Harvard University
16 Dan Ipp Rochester Institute of Technology
17 Conor Walsh Boston University
18 Michael Frankovich Massachusetts Institute of Technology
19 Patrick Doumont US Military Academy
20 Yi peng Teoh Brown University
21 Tod Gentry Cornell University
22 James Petersen University of Massachusetts-Amherst
23 Dominic Caiazzo Northeastern University
24 Craig Michaud Wentworth Institute of Technology
25 Corey Williams Columbia University-NYC
26 Eric Moon Millersville University-Pennsylvania
27 Will Boylston Dartmouth College
28 Karl Zahn University of Vermont
29 Devin Wagner Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
30 Christopher Mondiek Rochester Institute of Technology
31 Anna Mcloon Harvard University
32 Eliot Scymanski Franklin and Marshall College
33 Taylor Schwartz Tufts University
34 Isaiah Berg Dartmouth College
35 Alex Grant Tufts University
36 Jay Hydren University of Connecticut
37 Michael Longeri University of New Hampshire
38 Luke Plummer Massachusetts Institute of Technology
39 Jan Wolfe Boston College
40 Matthew Johnson Middlebury College
41 Matthew Titus Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
42 David Singerman Massachusetts Institute of Technology
43 Harry Chen Bucknell University
44 Andrew Childerhose McGill University
DNF Mariano Garay Pennsylvania State University
DNF Michael Gaskin Middlebury College
DNF Spencer Gilbert Yale University
DNF Brett Houser Drexel University
DNF Owen Laurion University of Rochester
DNF Christopher Ragusa University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Men C

(77 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jonathan Cochrane Pennsylvania State University
2 Eran Preble University of Delaware
3 Dylan Lowe Columbia University-NYC
4 Andrew Haggerty Millersville University-Pennsylvania
5 Michael Farrar Northeastern University
6 Brian Tino Bucknell University
7 Doug Schaefer University of Pennsylvania
8 Kevin Ordons University of Pittsburgh
9 Justin Yeash Villanova University
10 Daniel Blizzard Yale University
11 Bill Quach Brown University
12 Jordan Steelman University of Pittsburgh
13 Michael Dunstan University of New Hampshire
14 Michael Garretson Pennsylvania State University
15 Alex Lambi Temple University
16 Tomas Ketcham Columbia University-NYC
17 Brandon Knettel Lehigh University
18 Cameron Piper Villanova University
19 Thomas gm Robson Dickinson College
20 Travis Wolfe Carnegie Mellon University
21 Anthony Paravati Dartmouth College
22 Ryan Mckenna Franklin and Marshall College
23 David Hocker Princeton University
24 Jacob Rubin University of Delaware
25 Eric Schumacher Lehigh University
26 Matthew Mosca Franklin and Marshall College
27 Alexander Szela University of Delaware
28 Zheren Yang Columbia University-NYC
29 Matthew Lewis Columbia University-NYC
30 Carl Smith University of Vermont
31 Colby Samstag University of Pennsylvania
32 Kevin Krebs University of Pennsylvania
33 Sean Butler Temple University
34 Max Dougherty University of Vermont
35 David Miller New York University
36 Jonathan Cusick University of Vermont
37 Chris Rago University of Connecticut
38 Anthony Castiglia Rochester Institute of Technology
39 Daniel Hale University of Vermont
40 Eric Panicucci Northeastern University
41 Thomas Beatty Middlebury College
42 Nicholas Geiser Yale University
43 Douglas Breault Tufts University
44 Isaac Spingarn Stevens Institute of Technology
45 Greg Genna University of Pittsburgh
46 Adam Cohen University of Pittsburgh
47 Sheldon Mckinley University of New Hampshire
48 Alexander Parachini New York University
49 Joshua Saxe University of Vermont
50 Matt Zoufaly Princeton University
51 Eric Adams University of Delaware
52 James Kennedy University of New Hampshire
53 Keith Toombs University of Massachusetts-Amherst
54 Tanner Haskins University of Vermont
55 Ben Civiletti University of Vermont
56 Devin Tyman Lehigh University
57 Christopher Gilbert Harvard University
58 Robert Winnett Boston University
DNF Harry Goldman University of Vermont
DNF Scott Igo University of Vermont
DNF Adam Capatch Pennsylvania State University
DNF Jason Ruth University of Pennsylvania
DNF Taylor Smith University of New Hampshire
DNF Hunter Resek University of New Hampshire
DNF Andrew Vogeler University of Pittsburgh
DNF Joe Weiss University of Massachusetts-Amherst
DNF Zachary Delnero University of Massachusetts-Amherst
DNF Eric Mayer Temple University
DNF Eian Prohl University of New Hampshire
DNF George Dyment Rhode Island School of Design
DNF Sebastien Gauthier Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DNF Zachary Ulissi Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DNF Chris Matteri Middlebury College
DNF Derek Boone Boston College
DNF Nicholas Walter Yale University
DNF Rock Hwang Tufts University
DNF Brennon Costello Tufts University

Men D1

(39 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bryan Carbone Drexel University
2 Brandon King University of Connecticut
3 Christian Thompson New York University
4 Dana Greenlaw University of Vermont
5 Gregory Kass University of Vermont
6 Jacob Warshaw University of Vermont
7 Colin Kipping-ruane Boston University
8 Nicholas Chen University of Pennsylvania
9 Alexander Brown University of Pennsylvania
10 David Slochower University of Pennsylvania
11 William Lally Boston University
12 Frank Stec Pennsylvania State University
13 Jon Bergman University of Vermont
14 Ian Boothby Harvard University
15 Gouverneur Cadwalader University of Pennsylvania
16 Lucas Robichaud University of New Hampshire
17 Adrian Lopez New York University
18 Andrew Walker University of Delaware
19 Chatura Atapattu Columbia University-NYC
20 Brendan Diener Drexel University
21 Joseph Pirrello Boston University
22 Ian Murray University of Pennsylvania
23 David Smalling Harvard University
24 Ross Creed Temple University
25 Adam Scianna University of Connecticut
26 Nickolas Kirkner Drexel University
27 Nicholas Cognetto SUNY-Buffalo
28 Christopher Barr University of New Hampshire
29 Chad Baltozer Pennsylvania State University
30 Jack Amadeo New York University
31 Patrick Neenan University of Massachusetts-Amherst
32 Anish Samant Columbia University-NYC
33 George Ghanim Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway
34 Joseph Diberardinis Temple University
35 Andrew Piechowicz SUNY-Buffalo
36 Weston Andrews Columbia University-NYC
37 Patrick Savickas University of Massachusetts-Amherst
38 Andrew Burke University of Pittsburgh
DNF Charlie Nathanson University of Vermont

Men D2

(36 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Hluchan American University
2 Joshua Kurtz Bucknell University
3 Connor Walsh Rochester Institute of Technology
4 John Macchione George Washington University
5 Ralph Allen Rochester Institute of Technology
6 Aaron Perelman Stevens Institute of Technology
7 Bradley Quinnan Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
8 Marshall Moore Brown University
9 Robert Abramson Carnegie Mellon University
10 Gil Erlich Bucknell University
11 Brian Tang Yale University
12 Daniel Holmdahl Dartmouth College
13 Kyle Shatzer Carnegie Mellon University
14 Alexander Creely Princeton University
15 Chris Buehler Carnegie Mellon University
16 Matthew Conroy Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
17 Oliver Henderson Rhode Island School of Design
18 Max Egdorf Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
19 Nicholas Wimer Dartmouth College
20 David Dewitt Yale University
21 George Coffin Rhode Island School of Design
22 Christopher Townsley Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
23 William Holm Bucknell University
24 Andrew Hobson Rochester Institute of Technology
25 Luke Thomas Rochester Institute of Technology
26 Zhongrong Wang Franklin and Marshall College
27 Adric Quackenbush Franklin and Marshall College
28 Ben Wilson Boston College
29 Richard Leyland Rochester Institute of Technology
30 Timothy Kopacz Boston College
31 Elan Kugelmass Princeton University
32 Benjamin Davidson Rochester Institute of Technology
DNF Gianni Matera Boston College
DNF Kip Denoyer Tufts University
DNF Ignatius Chen Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DNF Mark Hamilton Stevens Institute of Technology

Men Intro

(24 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eugene Berezetsky Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway
2 Caleb Browning University of Connecticut
3 Peter Mintun Cornell University
4 Thomas Calcagni Drexel University
5 Evan Coates Yale University
6 William Redden Yale University
7 Sam Ferrel Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
8 Keith Madden Brown University
9 Russell Leino University of Pennsylvania
10 Gabriel Greenlaw Rochester Institute of Technology
11 Dylan Hutchison Stevens Institute of Technology
12 Robert Rockmore Tufts University
13 Ryan Tuckerman University of Massachusetts-Amherst
14 James Roy University of Massachusetts-Amherst
15 Kevin Higgins Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
16 David Brenneman University of Connecticut
17 Alexander Buell University of New Hampshire
18 Sean Perkins Brown University
19 Evan Smith Rochester Institute of Technology
20 Kevin Chiang University of Massachusetts-Amherst
21 David Barnstone University of Massachusetts-Amherst
22 Joseph Currie Rochester Institute of Technology
23 Michael Heffner Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
DNF Ryan Norris Rochester Institute of Technology

Women A

(13 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Anna Mcloon Harvard University
2 Lauren Shirock Pennsylvania State University
3 Kimberly Zubris Boston University
4 Eun young Choi Harvard University
5 Jessica Kutz Pennsylvania State University
6 Yuri Matsumoto Massachusetts Institute of Technology
7 Virginia Solomon University of Southern California
8 Rachel Meyer University of Vermont
9 Maggie Sullivan Northeastern University
10 Katie Quinn Massachusetts Institute of Technology
11 Aimee Layton Columbia University-NYC
12 Morgan Farnsworth Pennsylvania State University
DNF Leah Oppenheimer University of Connecticut

Women B

(16 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sophy Lee Harvard University
2 Christina Birch Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3 Kelly Desharnais Bucknell University
4 Shane Ferro Columbia University-NYC
5 Ashley Hopwood Northeastern University
6 Sinead Odwyer Bucknell University
7 Emily Daniels Bucknell University
8 Rebekah Morris Bucknell University
9 Catherine Probst Pennsylvania State University
10 Kelly Everhart Dartmouth College
11 Shannon Burke University of Vermont
12 Courtney Halista Boston College
13 Melissa Tabas American University
14 Carolyn Carlstrom Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
15 Radka Pickova Columbia University-NYC
DNF Ashley Nichols University of Vermont

Women C

(34 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rachel Yodis Millersville University-Pennsylvania
2 Jamie Brabston Stevens Institute of Technology
3 Ellen Anderson Dartmouth College
4 Erica Blom Yale University
5 Leah Ross University of New Hampshire
6 Raeanne Napoleon Boston University
7 Corrine Schlabach University of New Hampshire
8 Megan Morse Pennsylvania State University
9 Sarah Sala New York University
10 Lindsey Knast Temple University
11 Carren Stika Pennsylvania State University
12 Taylor Rojek DeSales University
13 Gina Dinunzio Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway
14 Eileen Evans Harvard University
15 Rebecca Thorsness Princeton University
16 Caroline Hampson University of New Hampshire
17 Christina Chnaider Boston University
18 Ashley Hurst Yale University
19 Jessica Garber Franklin and Marshall College
20 Julie Andren Massachusetts Institute of Technology
21 Anastasia Yanchilina Columbia University-NYC
22 Maureen Regan Boston College
23 Adriane Hairston Temple University
24 Syd Schulz Middlebury College
25 Hannah Cole University of New Hampshire
26 Gabrielle Rossi Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway
27 Caitlin Masopust University of Connecticut
28 Erica Spiritos Carnegie Mellon University
29 Allison Gehnrich University of New Hampshire
30 Katherine Oxman Franklin and Marshall College
DNF Amy Prescott Middlebury College
DNF Kathryne Bauchspies Boston College
DNF Susan Bresney Boston College
DNF Katherine Ridge Temple University

Women Intro

(14 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Molly Bulger University of New Hampshire
2 Leslie Lupien
3 Hannah Garrett Yale University
4 Lauren Aronoff
5 Bridgette Beagen University of New Hampshire
6 Allison Lachance Rochester Institute of Technology
7 Katie Beringer Villanova University
8 Elizabeth Cutolo Rochester Institute of Technology
9 Nicole Ogrosso Stevens Institute of Technology
10 Laura Sneider Stevens Institute of Technology
11 Divya Prakash Boston College
12 Stephanie Tetlow Bucknell University
DNF Gina Rocco
DNF Mackenzie Landers