These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men CAT1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Marcel Berger ZiaVelo Cycling
2 Fortunato Ferrara RA Racing Apparel/Trek Racing
3 Randy Flores RA Racing Apparel/Trek Racing
4 Juan Jose garcia Joyerias Meza Cycling Team
5 Josh Prattferguson University of Arizona
6 John Verheul NERA Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
7 Michael Palmer RA Racing Apparel/Trek Racing
8 Jesse Collins-davies LAPT-Wilde Subaru
9 Andy Farley Natural Grocers
10 Al Senft Zia Velo Cycling
11 David Greif University of Arizona
12 Chris Abbott GS Mimmo
13 Andrew Baker RA Racing Apparel/Trek Racing
14 Constantin Schreiber ASU Cycling
15 Santiago Chavez Zia Velo
16 Jerry Garcia ZiaVelo Cycling
17 Rhys Louis ASU
18 Andrew Shapiro RA Racing Apparel/Trek Racing
19 Christian Schlabach ZiaVelo Cycling
20 Wristen Paschich NERO veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
21 Castle Gay Northern Arizona University
DNF Bryan Reid RA Racing Apparel/Trek Racing
DNF Alejandro Gomez Joyerias Meza Cycling Team
DNF Greg Albright ZiaVelo Cycling
DNF Felipe Meza Joyerias Meza Cycling Team
DNF Joseph S pinkerton Natural Grocers
DNF Hadji Corona RA Racing Apparel/Trek Racing
DNF Scott Jones Arizona State University
DNF Hans Joseph whitefield Austro-Daimler Bikes
DNF Kenth Fallen High Desert Bicycles
DNF Joey Iuliano University of Arizona
DNF Mark Tremlett GS Mimmo

Men CAT4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Daniel Frost ASU Cycling
2 Carlos Luevano Atom Cyclist Racing
3 Philip Neis Echelon Racing
4 Eric Collins ZiaVelo Cycling
5 Robert Steinmann University of Arizona
6 Ryan Siebert Cones
7 Tayne Andrade TLC Development
8 Steven Morozowich Durango Wheel Club
9 Dennis Chavez Echelon Racing
10 Miguel Escobar Crazy Cat Cyclery
11 Ryan Christianson LTR Multisport
12 Michael French Natural Grocers
13 Steven Morley Dahlicious Racing
14 Randall Bradford
15 Zachary Morrison
16 Pj Lamariana Dahlicious Racing
17 Noah Jacobson Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
18 Dominic Benavidez University of New Mexico
19 Taylor Squillaci Dahlicious Racing
20 David Mount Team FiTaos
21 William Littleton Dahlicious Racing
22 Eddie Schaub Dahlicious Racing
23 Michael Abdalla Echelon Racing
24 John Chandler EP Cyclists
25 Tyler Cope EP Cyclists
26 Alex Mason EP Cyclists
27 Jonathan Kulas
28 Maxwell Mount
29 Alex Ramos High Desert Bicycles
30 Mark Allen ASU Cycling
31 Thomas Mattsson High Desert Bicycles
32 Orion Staples University of New Mexico
33 Gerhardt Ackerman Dahlicious Racing
34 Andrew Greene Trek Store/Olev Rapido
35 Gabriel Perez ASU Cycling
36 Benjamin Mangilit ASU Cycling
DNF Conrad Sanders University of Arizona
DNF Charles Shanks EP Cyclists
DNF Sid Scheer Car Crafters Cycling
DNF Gabriel Perez Crazy Cat Cyclery
DNF David Roppel ASU
DNF David Jordan Trek Superstore/Olev Rapido
DNF Oswaldo Morales EP Cyclists
DNF Aaron Mcnany Dahlicious Racing
DNF John Vance Dahlicious Racing
DNF Andre Abreu Arizona State University

Men CAT5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Chris Zedick
2 Francis Horton Zia Velo Cycling
3 Marcos Serna Echelon Racing
4 Daniel Mcbride
5 Carl Patterson-markowitz University of Arizona
6 Joseph Clark Dahlicious Racing
7 Reed Soehnel Sport Systems 505 Cycling
8 Scott Noren Dahlicious Racing
9 Isa Vazquez Zia Velo Cycling
10 Michael_ Hill Echelon
11 Ray Frescas EP Cyclists
12 Frederick Ryals
13 Jim Chiasson Nob Hill Velo
14 Christopher Kelley
15 Hector Apodaca Crazy Cat Cyclery
16 Grady Fowler
17 Thomas Lo greco University of Arizona
17 Noah Bankhurst Rio Cycling
18 Tyrel Fuchs
19 Matt Piccarello
20 Jonathan Williams Sport Systems 505 Cycling
21 Jonathan Mendoza EP Cyclists
22 Sheldon Sandoval
23 Mike Swain RA Racing Apparel/Trek Racing
25 Luis Martinez ZiaVelo Cycling
27 Tyne Sansom
28 Aileen El kadi GHOST Olympus Racing Team
29 Kevin Roberson Car Crafters Cycling
30 Glenn A olah WinnRidersforFelineHealth
31 Antonio Simental
32 Francisco Rodriguez Desert Fox Cyclery
33 Chris Fowler
34 Josh Keener Team Santini USA
35 Alejandro Valtierra EP Cyclists
36 Jordan Summers
37 Warren Hire Nob Hill
38 Stephen Brown
39 Luis Martinez
40 Jerry Hochstedler
41 Nathaniel Miller University of Arizona
42 Scott Wegleitner EP Cyclists
43 Joey Merriman
44 Kyle Johnson
DNF Erik Sortomme Zia Velo Cycling
DNF Mark Riley
DNF Esteban Duran Desert Fox Cyclery
DNF Josef Jansen University of New Mexico

Men Junior under 19

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kaden Christianson LTR Multisport
2 Brenden Thurmond TLC Development Team

Men Master 45+ Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Eugene Dougherty High Desert Bicycles Team
2 Patrick Holland Zia Velo Cycling
3 Charlie Drysdale RA Racing Apparel/Trek Racing
4 Todd Ringler Dahlicious Racing
5 Bill Dahl Sports Systems 505 Cycling
6 Dan Armijo Squadra Della Pista
7 Scott Steffen High Desert Bicycles
8 Steve Alschuler High Desert Bicycles
9 Matt Caruso Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
10 David Schulhofer RA Racing Apparel/Trek Racing
11 Mark Gunter Squadra Della Pista Racing
12 Mike Hunter Nero Veloce
13 Larry Coons VCC/New Mexico Sports and Wellness
14 Timothy Schoeny Rio Grande Racing Team / CSI
DNF Tony Bettini Mimmo Espresso
DNF Matt Desmond RA Racing Apparel/Trek Racing
DNF Abundio Osuna Endurance Obsession

Women CAT1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mindy Caruso Nero Veloce p/b Michael Thomas Coffee
2 Lisa Dougherty High Desert Bicycles Team
3 Shelby Hoglund University of Arizona
4 Cherry Niel University of Arizona
5 Lauren Tininenko University of New Mexico
6 Sarah Posner University of Arizona
7 Alissa Albrecht ASU Cycling
8 Olivia Boyer University of Arizona
9 Tori Riemersma
10 Sue Alschuler UNM Women's A
11 Elisa Woody University of New Mexico

Women CAT4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Susan Rice Sport Systems 505 Cycling
2 Sandy Knudsen Bad Kitty Meow Phat Kat Racing
3 Tamatha Risner ZiaVelo Cycling
4 Kathy Alvarez ZiaVelo
5 Zoe Nance Zoe Fitness
6 Veronica Barron EP Cyclists
7 Celeste Power Sport Systems 505 Cycling
8 Dot Philp High Desert Bicycles
9 Carmelita Michaud Sport Systems 505 cycling
10 Christa Marsh High Desert Bicycles
11 Kaitlynn Emory University of Arizona
12 Brooke Lyman ASU Cycling

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