These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Robert Sroka Zone-6 Cycling
2 Paul Martin Zone-6 Cycling
3 Zach Nehr LAPT CC
4 Spencer Petrov Jr Holowesko Citadel p/b Hincapie
5 Scott Miller Team Dayton Bicycling
6 Jeremy Paul Spin/Litzler Automation
7 David Neis Team Dayton-Relevant Works Cycling
8 Matt Bole Team Dayton Cycling
10 Andy Prickett Relevant Works Cycling - Team Dayton Cycling
11 Joseph Holmes Wooster Bikewerks p/b Wootown Bagels
12 Samuel Kieffer Think Green VO2 Multisport p/b SWORD
13 Jack Mccann Zone-6 Cycling
14 Jake Parker Madtree Brewing
15 Patrick Quinn Cincinnati Velo/Matson Money
16 Kirk Albers First Internet Bank
17 Christopher Poptic Team Dayton Bicycling
18 Bradley Cramer Team Spin/Litzler Automation
19 Greg Tombragel UBS/QCW Racing
20 Cory St clair Matson Money
21 Joe Ipacs Ohio State University
22 Dakota Mcdivitt Madtree Brewing
23 Eric Bair Matson Money
24 Zachary Lewis MadTree Brewing - 11elevenCycling
25 Paul Mcmullen EPS Cycling Team
26 Taylor Kruse Paradise Garage Racing
DNF Christopher Durand MatsonMoney
DNF Benjamin Grier Paradise Garage
DNF Troy Chipka Cycling Sports Center
DNF Noah Kinney Team Dayton Bicycling
DNF Kyle Mindick LAPT CC

Men 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Justin Miller Team SixOneFour /Purdue U
2 Benjamin Cook SRG - Kims Bikes
3 Luke Russell Paradise Garage
4 Alexander Tenelshof EPS Security Cycling Team
5 Daniel Shamburger EPS Security Cycling Team
6 Daniel Lausin Team Lake Effect
7 Shawn Aker VeloScience Bike Works Cycling Team
8 Travis Iles Audi
9 Michael Linse Kryki Sports
10 Luke Manning Kreitler Racing Team
11 Mark Brown VeloScience Bike Works Cycling Team
12 Ken Buddell Kryki Sports/Audi
13 Richie Minner ZWS / Popsicle
14 Trevor Miller Velo Science Racing Team
15 Matthew Lester Team Dayton Cycling
16 Michael Clevidence Team Athens
17 Peter Benkowski Kryki Sports Audi
18 Nick Mossing Maumee Valley Wheelmen
19 Terry Griffith
20 Craig Kielbasa Purdue University
21 Mark Sobb Maumee Valley Wheelmen
22 Tyler Roberts ChristianCycling
23 Peter Post Kryki Sports/Audi
24 Alex Hackney Team Dayton Cycling
25 Jason Wilson Audi
26 Cameron Schmidt Ride On Wooster
27 Adam Downs Black Pug Bike Repair
28 Nick Mathis EPS Security Cycling Team/ EPS Cycling Team
29 Chad Mangeot Team Dayton Cycling
DNF Joe Mccracken Element Cycles
DNF Zachary Young ProChain Junior Development
DNF Christopher Robertson Team Athens
DNF Matt Matthews Ghisallo Cycling Team
DNF Mike Peiffer Maumee Valley Wheelmen

Men 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Christopher Wanley Team O2
2 Justin Kahle Maumee Valley Wheelmen
3 Goeric Daeninck Paradise Garage Racing
4 Kyle Kelly Bishop's Bicycles
5 Sam Ransohoff-englert University of Cincinnati
6 Travis Riste
7 Charles Fletcher Paradise Garage Racing
8 Rob Luikart Paradise Garage Racing
9 Florian Lungu NovaCare Cycling
10 Carl Cabanas Paradise Garage Racing
DNF Michael Emerson
DNF Jacob Kastens UC Cycling Club

Men 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joshua Bozue
2 Tom Corrigan
3 Ishema Umuhoza TEAM LOGIK (
4 Peter Weiss
5 Jonathan Augustine Bike Ohio
6 Levi Gaswint TEAM RED BIKE
7 Stephen Herman Team Dayton - Morgan Stanley
8 Eliot Toumey
9 Kevin Young Bike Ohio
10 Bill Anderson Roadfish Racing
11 Adam Madara Kryki Sports
12 Maxx Bowman Prochain Junior Cycling
13 Max Savage Prochain
14 Jason Tellez Team Dayton Cycling
15 Danny Alarcon Kryki Sports/Audi
16 Mark Gilmore Team Dayton
17 Jim Oelgoetz Team Dayton Cycling
18 Ryan Havlicek Kryki Sports/Audi
19 Chase Widener ProChain
20 Michael Mausser
21 Ron Moody
22 Craig Burland Bike Ohio
23 David Adams Headwind Cycling p/b Elevator Brewing
24 Enzo Allwein Team Handmade CX
25 Jon Whittelsey
26 Yaser Helal The Ohio State Triathlon Club
27 Neal Schmitt Team SixOneFour
28 Dan Rapp Headwind Cycling p/b Elevator Brewing
29 Mike Chandler Team Redbike
30 Maxum Tomaszewski
31 Ean Hammond Rapha Cycling Club
32 Scott Hencye Lost Weekend Records
33 Aaron Ringle Team SixOneFour
DNF Trey Roark ProChain
DNF Michael Buckner Headwind Cycling p/b Elevator Brewing
DNF Zachary Ross Team Handmade
DNF Nicholas Petrov ProChain Junior Racing
DNF Michael Szymanski Team Dayton Cycling
DNF Craig Scarberry RoadFish Racing
DNF Paul Kilroy
DNF Dylan Rockwood ProChain Junior Development
DNF Lucas Stierwalt ProChain Junior Development
DNF Carlos Hernandez Roadfish Racing
DNF Owen Busch ProChain Junior Development

Men 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Woode Ride On Wooster
2 Joseph Lawhorn Team Dayton
3 Brett Saultz
4 John Vilkinofsky Kryki Sports Audi
5 Alan Stutes Champion City Cycling
6 Doug Joos RoadFish Racing
7 Nicholas Scaggs Roadfish Racing
8 Vahn Fogarty
9 Bryan Ream Ohio High School Development Team
10 Tyler Hardin
11 Mark Illingworth Team Queen City Wheels
12 Matt Caylor Roadfish Racing
13 James Naber RoadFish Racing
14 Adam Frantz Roadfish Racing
15 Thom O'neal Road fish
16 James Weaver
17 Robert Blue Team Dayton Cycling
18 Jeff Pierce Roadfish Racing

Men Juniors 11-12

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Marie Grassi ProChain Cycling
2 Alexa Stierwalt ProChain Junior Development

Men Juniors 15-18

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Joshua Gilmore Team Dayton

Men Masters 45+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dan Payton Champion City Cycling
2 James Halpin Queen City Wheels
3 Perry Parr Bishop''s Bicycles
4 Arthur Smith Team Athens
5 Tim Smith TEAM LOGIK (
6 David Savage Zephyr Wheel Sports
7 Daniel Mccarty Champion City Cycling
8 Anthony Dobbels Champion City Cycling
9 Alan Mora Vision Cycling - Road Fish Racing
10 Fred Peters Champion City Cycling
11 Kelley Clem Team SixOneFour
DNF Christian Fischer Team SixOneFour

Men Masters 55+

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Peter Czerwinski Trek Store Columbus/Echelon Cycling
2 Joseph Ipacs Team Athens Cycling
3 David Linden Team Dayton-Relevant Works Cycling
4 Robert Westendorf Queen City Wheels
5 David Benner Team Dayton
6 Doug Mcconaha VeloScience Bike Works Cycling Team
7 Scott Billman Kryki Sports Audi
8 Scott Young TriTec

Women 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Laurel Rathbun Marian University
2 Tate Devlin Century Road Club Assoc
3 Lori Nedescu womens project pedal
4 Elli Sigmond Team Dayton Bicycling
5 Krystal Mcnutt Team Dayton Bicycling
6 Gillian Wenger Prochain
7 Noel Bartholdi LGS
8 Mary Wienholts Team Dayton
DNF Catierowan Thompson Team Athens

Women 3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Sharon Rana Team Athens
2 Emily Payonk Fort Wayne Outfitters
3 Megan Brunn Women's Racing Project
4 Jen Schmidt Mafia
5 Lily Peck ProChain Junior Development
6 Brianna Elsmore Team SixOneFour
7 Emily Dreyer Lady gnar shredders
8 Tess Cunningham Lady Gnar Shredders
9 Kim Owens
10 Pei-i Wu Lady Gnar Shredders
11 Britton Park Purdue Cycling Club
12 Kristine Hofstra Team Dayton Bicycling
13 Deneise Davis Lady Gnar Shredders
14 Meagan Gehrke
15 Rebekka Westrick
16 Wendy Gilmore Team Dayton
17 Tanya Cool
18 Amanda Butler Lady Gnar Shredders

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