These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 1/2/3 Senior (55.5 Miles)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tyler Karnes hincapie development
2 Curtis Tolson Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
3 David Hauber Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
4 Matt Bole Fuji Cycling
5 Jason Karew Revolution Fitness/Powerade Zero
6 Michael Mcshane Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
7 Abraham Mcnutt Fuji Cycling
8 Christopher Durand Revolution Fitness/Powerade Zero
9 Cory Swihart p/b Angie's List
10 Kevin Attkisson Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
11 John Murdock Revolution Fitness
12 Rob Smallman Hoosier Climber?
13 Andy Prickett Fuji Cycling
14 Nicholas Bevan Ghisallo Cycling Team
15 Morgan Hunter Athens Velo Club
16 Scott Moro Ride 2 Recovery
17 Felipe Cardenas p/b Angie's List
18 Michael Savory Ghisallo Cycling Team
19 Adam Kruse US Military Cycling
20 Eric Peters
DNF Eric Knight Revolution
DNF O'brien Forbes Team RGF

Men Cat 3 Senior (55.5 Miles)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 David Hecht Fave Start pb Cobalt
2 Patrick Minner Darkhorse Racing
3 Michael Chewning Team Hungry!
4 David Stewart Darkhorse Racing
5 Daniel Lach Cyclesport/Zephyr Wheel Sport
6 Anthony Viton Echelon
7 Dustin Jones p/b Angie's List
8 Rodney Roof ZWS/Cyclesport
9 Peter Czerwinski NHCC
10 Stan Huffman Ghisallo
11 Tracy Segar Queen City Wheels
12 Joseph Nalley / Team Louisville
13 Jack Mccann ProChain\Team Turner
14 Corey Green Zephyr Wheel Sports
15 James Dennedy Team Ghisallo
16 Patrick Malarkey Ghisallo
17 Rod Sparks Ghisallo Cycling Team
18 David Hart ZWS Cyclesport
19 James Pappalardo 7 Hills Racing
20 Joshua Morrow Olympus Homes Cycling Team
21 Dick Chartier Ghisallo Cycling
22 Michael Canestaro Queen City Wheels
23 Vince Clune Fuji Cycling
24 Travis Kerns / Team Louisville
25 Mitchell Tallan Echelon/Trek
26 Scott Bond Speedway Wheelmen
27 Sammy Dobrozsi Prochain / Turner
28 Matthew Wright CES / PedalthePlanet
29 Scott Goertemiller 7 Hills Racing
30 Luke Sundermeier Mama Mimi's p/b Kenda
31 Paul Rouse Fuji Cycling
32 Brandon Gaunt Mama Mimi's p/b Kenda
33 Ryan Stubenrauch Mama Mimi's p/b Kenda
DNF M. Shayne dillinger Team Ghisallo
DNF Bradley Sheridan p/b Angie's List
DNF Steve Fine Michelob Ultra Cycling
DNF Doug Mcconaha Olympus Homes Cycling Team
DNF Rob Rhodes Olympus Homes Cycling Team
DNF Daniel Rhule Olympus Homes Cycling Team
DNF Jacob Meyer Team Dayton Cycling
DNF Scott Spees Olympus Cycling Team
DNF Adam Williams Olympus Cycling Team
DNF Justin Yoder p/b Angie's List
DNF Douglas Deaton Fuji Cycling Team Dayton

Men Cat 4 Senior (46.25 Miles)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Michael Schena BSM Cycling
2 Gabriel Moss masaquiza
3 Sean Davidson ZWS/ Cycle Sport
4 Kyle Stewart Queen City Wheels
5 Maxwell Lundbeck BSM Cycling
6 Chris Wood Indiana University Cycling Club
7 Jim Creamer Team Nebo Ridge
8 Jeremy Burroughs Queen City Wheels
9 Tim Thielen Commonwealth Eye Surgery
10 Aaron Wrobleski p/b Angie's List
11 Joe Laux p/b Angie's List
12 Robin Zuend Queen City Wheels
13 Edward Wimmer Covington-Newport Cycling
14 Ryan Fogle Fuji Cycling
15 Larry Hughes
16 Brian Ohara A World of Pain
17 John Schmitz Indiebike p/b Angie's List
18 Ryan Elpers P/B Orthoindy
19 Alan Willey Queen City Wheels
20 Gregory Fasig Zephyr / Cycle Sport
21 Paul Neff Queen City Wheels
22 Christopher Poptic University of Cincinnati Cycling Team
23 Kurt Etter ZWS/Cycle Sport
24 Josue Floresrivera Fuji Cycling
25 Todd Mullins Echelon
26 Dan Cavins QCW
27 Bryan Horton Covington-Newport Cycling
28 Kipp Silber Fuji Cycling
29 Joshua Buchwald BSM Cycling
30 Jeff Kissel BSM Cycling
31 Gene Spangler BSM
32 Ben Glover Red Zone Cycling
33 Matt Harbaugh Team Hungry!
34 Franklin Mulich Commonwealth Eye Surgery
35 Richard Hoeting Queen City Wheels
36 Richard Mckenzie ZWS Cyclesport
37 Kristian Graham Team Six One Four
38 Jared Preston Team Dayton Bicycling/Fuji Cycling
39 Nolan Mcqueen Red Zone Cycling
40 Alex Steinker Team Hungry
41 Grant Szabo 7 Hills Racing
42 Otto Schug Cycle Lab
43 James Bolin Team Louisville
44 Guy Smallwood Fuji Cycling
45 James Foster Team Nebo Ridge
46 Michael Barr Bike Clicks/Team Louisville
47 Rick Hinze Bike Clicks/Team Louisville
48 Jarrod Roark Team COBC
49 Doug Carraway Team Six One Four
50 Anthony Audia
51 Daniel Rich Team Dayton
59 Kurt Shoemaker 7 Hills Racing
DNF Ralph Pratt iii Team p/b Angie's List
DNF Bob Butsch ZWS / Cyclesport
DNF Christopher Kaiser Queen City Wheels
DNF Ian Mcshane Red Zone Cycling
DNF Kevin Wellendorf Olympus Homes Cycling Team
DNF Houston Ward Red Zone Cycling
DNF Chad Clemons ZWS/Cycle Sport
DNF Eric Schumacher 7 Hills Racing
DNF Glenn Talaska 7 Hills Racing

Men Cat 5 Amateur (37 Miles)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jared Bonecutter
2 Sean Darrow Team Bikeclicks Louisville
3 Steve Quelette Broken Spoke
4 David Ward not attached
5 Brian List Zephry Wheel Sports
6 Nathan Mensel Echelon Cycling Team
7 Larry Rust
8 Doug Barchek
9 Thomas Broderick Reser Fusion
10 Kurt Jackson
11 John Murdock Team Turner
12 Michael Chiauzzi Team Dayton
13 Steven Davis
14 Edward Klus
15 John Moore fuji cycling -team Dayton
16 Joseph Brokamp Queen City Wheels Racing
17 Christopher Mathers
18 Daniel Antoon Ohio State University
19 Sean Hughes Trek of Cincinnati
20 Richard Robinson Echelon Cycling Team
21 Danny Alarcon Echelon Cycling Team
22 Tim Mccormick Team Fuji
23 Todd Smith Team Dayton Fuji Cycling
24 Christopher Wamsley Echelon Cycling Team
25 David Burns Fuji Cycling
DNF Kevin Miles Bishop's Bikes

Men Cat 5 Senior (37 Miles)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Adam Henton Team Cyclist Connection
2 W. Davis griffin 7 Hills Racing
3 James Singleton
4 Michael Chifala Colavita Racing
5 Erik Albers Speedway Wheelmen
6 Vic Nurrenbrock BSM Cycling
7 Jeremy Dossetter Kenyon College
8 Nathaniel Allen University of Cincinnati
9 Bradley Morgan 7 Hills Racing
10 Matt Stephenson
11 Todd Ramsdell ZWS/Cycle Sport
12 Cory Muth
13 Richard Baylis 7 Hills Racing
14 Matt Matthews Unattached
15 Richard Janke Queen City Wheels
16 Ryan Tolle
17 Adam Liette Fuji Cycling
18 Mark Martines Bishop's Bicycles
19 Christopher Carissimi Bishop Bicycles
20 Kevin Creelman 7 Hills Racing
21 David Ackerman Bishop's Bicycles
22 Charles Bossart DarkHorse
23 Grant Gibson Queen City Wheels
24 Sean Mcgann Team Athens
25 David Savage g4b
26 Patrick Schultheiss
27 Anthony Rudd Bishop's Bicycles
28 Brian Schultz Team Six One Four
29 Neal Schmitt
30 Greg Blanton
31 Joseph Palumbo 7 Hills Racing
32 Jim Eldred 7 Hills Racing
33 Brian Desoto 7 Hills Racing
34 David Brenner 7 Hills Racing
35 Israel Coblentz Fuji Cycling
36 Kelly Sullivan bishops bicycles
37 Brian Back Team Dayton Fuji Cycling
38 Christopher Coe
DNF James Hines 7 Hills Racing
DNF Derek Johnson Fuji Cycling
DNF Terry Powell Bishop's Bicycles

Women Cat 1/2/3 Senior (37 Miles)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Elaine Schaaf Secret Cycling
2 Emily Walling Secret Cycling
3 Sierra Siebenlist p/b Angie's List
4 Malissa Petrov BioWheels/ReeceCampbell Racing
5 Erika Howard Secret Cycling
6 Lesley Mcshane Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
7 Geraldine Schulze BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
8 Blair Barter Team Hungry!
DNF Anne Mcdonald Team Hungry

Women Cat 3/4 Senior (37 Miles)

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Valarie Gossage Speedway Wheelman
2 Jennifer Irwin 7 Hills Racing Inc
3 Teresa Patrick Team Six One Four
4 Candace Wineland Bishop Bicycles
5 Rebecca Zink Team Nebo Ridge
6 Ash Duban Comanche Racing
7 Caitlin Burke Bishop Bicycles
DNF Beth Weir Bishop's Bicycles