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Men A Cat1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mattison Brady District Velocity Racing/District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop
2 Jose Escobar Battley Harley-Davidson/BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
3 Gorgi Popstefanov Metra Industries Cycling Team
4 Peter Custer Celerity Cycling/Haymarket/Starlight Custom Apparel
5 Mark Lewis Ocean Velo Club
6 Christopher M. jones Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
7 Thomas Humphreys Battley Harley-Davidson/BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
8 Clifton Chamberlin Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor
9 Rasheed Jabr District Velocity Racing/District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop
10 Paul Mittelstadt DC Velo Limited/Team Beyer Auto
11 Jason Luttrell District Velocity Racing/District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop
12 Thomas Simchak District Velocity Racing/District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop
13 Ezra Kahn Baltimore Bicycle Club/Team BBC
14 Peter Warner Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor/Team Bike Doctor
15 Michael Russo Battley Harley-Davidson/BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
16 Zachary Whitlock Battley Harley-Davidson/BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
17 Shaun Abell Battley Harley-Davidson
18 Richard Furchtgott Battley Harley-Davidson/BATTLEY H-D /Spokes Etc
19 Filagot Dinku District Taco Cycling
20 Dustin Dunsmore District Taco Cycling

Men B Cat4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ron Francoise tuazon Unattached
2 Timothy Meyers National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare/NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
3 Robert Caudill Unattached
4 Brian Romberger Adventures for the Cure
5 Daniel Schoeff National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare/NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
6 John Churan Whole Wheel Velo Club
7 Vincent Madaffari Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team
8 Hans Manzke Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
9 Joshua Townes Rock Creek Velo
10 Alistair Andrulis Unattached
11 Ted Blake Rock Creek Velo
12 Mark Hagen Charm City Cycling LLC
13 Jonathan Cox Unattached
14 Franklin Cao Unattached
15 Steve Owens Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team/ABRT (Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team)
16 Benjamin Gronvall National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare/NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
17 Eduardo Aguayo Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle
18 Jonathan Echevers All American Bicycle Club Inc./All American Bicycle Center
19 Michael Roth Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor
20 Landon Short The Bike Rack/Bike Rack Racing
21 Pete Doyle Antietam Velo Club Inc/AVC/Team Hagerstown-Washington Co
23 Alex Kasch National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare/NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
24 Carl Bevard Unattached
26 Shane Mannix Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle

Men C Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 William Craig Unattached
2 John Cservek Adventures for the Cure
3 Aaron Richardson V-DAY
4 Samuel Bush-joseph National Capital Velo Club/UnitedHealthcare/NCVC/UnitedHealthcare
5 Patrick Maloney Unattached
6 Aaron Fields Adventures for the Cure
7 Timothy Jardeleza US Military Endurance Sports
8 Matthew Martin Adventures for the Cure
9 James Millett Rock Creek Velo
10 Lucas Liriano Unattached
11 Glenn Elliott Kyle Coaching
12 Thomas Jones Baltimore Bicycle Club/Team BBC
13 John Doyle Unattached
14 George Hypolite Unattached
15 Samuel Cruz Unattached
16 Matthew Millhollin Unattached

Women B Cat3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
22 Uma Gupta Rock Creek Velo
25 Annamaria Mchugh Rock Creek Velo
27 Svetlana Mack Rock Creek Velo

Women C Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
17 Nicole Madaffai Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team