These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rich Spencer KindHuman - Pactimo NYC
2 Brendan Offer CRCA/Team Village
3 Michael Sambrano CRCA/GF Capital/H&E Ent
4 Eamonn Schnell CRCA/Jr Devo
5 Jeffrey Meyer PInk Rhino Racing
6 Sebaj Adele Unatt
7 Chris Bowie CRCA/Team Village
8 Erwin Kersten Unatt
9 Ted Teyber CRCA/Wafels & Dinges
10 Shafiq Abdulrahim Major Taylor Development Team
11 John Arias Cuevas Development Team
12 Simon Velez Fulton Bikes
13 Jose Hernandez Mineola Bicycle Racing Team
14 Stanislaw Arciszewski Unatt
15 Russell Gonzales KH-Pactimo-NYC
16 Tom Catherines BP Racing
17 Edwin Duarte Mineola Bicycle Racing Team
18 Brian Miele Kissena
19 Nathaniel Ruhlman CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
20 Doug Gamble BP Racing
21 Eversley Corbin jr Major Taylor Development Team
22 Riley Joinnides East End Cycling Team
23 Jeffrey White Kissena
24 Unknown Rider
25 Keith Morrison KindHuman - Pactimo NYC
26 William Launder Montclair Bikery Racing
27 Andrew Babaian CRCA/Team Veselka
28 Juven Mercado
29 Laurent Gras CRCA/Foundation
30 Leo Chiou KH-Pactimo-NYC
31 Reginald Rasch CRCA/Team Veselka
32 Jonathan Monserrate CrankShift NYC
33 Niall Smart Kissena
34 Andrew Johnson East End
35 Tim Wang KH-Pactimo-NYC
36 Mikael Hanson CRCA Jr Devo
37 Cody Corona CRCA/Rockstar Games
38 Desmond Griffith Unatt
39 Eric Petersen KH-Pactimo-NYC
40 Philip Gerbasi Unatt
41 Vasi Ardelean Team Esme
42 Steven Plakotaris PInk Rhino Racing
43 Donald Kimball CCAP
44 Aaron Temple Major Taylor Development Team
45 Matthew Finlay Liberty Cycle
46 Eloy Anzola Kissena
47 Juan Cruz CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
48 Jeff Chen BVF
49 M.wesley Ham CRCA/Wafels & Dinges
50 Brett Halpern CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
51 Scott Sweeney Unatt
52 Miguel Flores Chelsea Bicycles Team
53 Hernan Lucero Mineola Bicycle Racing Team
54 Francis Dougherty Team Carl Hart
55 Peter Putka Unatt
56 Jensen Esteves KH-Pactimo-NYC
57 Kim Granlund Fulton Bikes Race Team
58 Patrick Taylor King Kog
59 Brian Stein KH-Pactimo-NYC

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