These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Masters Men

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bruce Rohdenburg Rogue Race Team
2 Ernie Bayles FLCC/Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles
3 Joe Giovenco Buffalo Cycling / Buffalo Bicycling Club
4 Stephen Forrestel Buffalo Cycling Team/Buffalo Bicycling Club
5 Shawn O'neil Ellicottville Bike Shop/Buffalo Cycling
6 Mike Burri Canandaigua National Bank & Trust Cycling Team
7 Christopher Fuller Pearl Street Cycling
8 John Fabian Tom'sProBike/IngramMicro
9 Tim Carlson Schuyler County
10 Attilio Nicosia
11 Ben Badagalacca Buffalo Cycling
12 William Dowling
13 Michael Widger Buffalo Cycling Team
14 Ed Mas Buffalo Velo
15 Peter Leyonmark
DNF John Olson BikeBoy Racing

Men Cat. 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ian Forsyth BikeBoy Racing
2 Peter Pelychaty Corning/ NoTubes Race Team
3 Philip Nesbitt Monroe Extinguisher / SBR Cycling Team
4 Rick Randall Monroe Extinguisher / SBR Cycling Team
5 Kyle Kukieza WVU Cycling
6 Ben Barnhardt The Bike Shop / NorthTowns Imaging
7 Andrew Burke BUFFALO VELO
8 David Hansen Rogue Race Team
9 Gregory Kraft Buffalo Velo / Buffalo Cycling Club
10 Timothy Bouchard The Bike Shop / Northtowns Imaging
11 Tony Hoffman Ingram Micro / Tom's Pro Bike
12 Mike Dispenza canadaigua national bank /gvcc
13 William Auten Quality Care Pharmacies GVCC
14 Terry Griswald Buffalo Cycling
DNF Neil Armstrong TeamCF
DNF Brian Decann WVU Cycling
DNF Rick Ferro Buffalo Velo/Buffalo Bicycle Club
DNF Timothy Raggets Park Ave Bike Multi Sport Team
DNF James Randall Team Ommegang-Syracuse Bicycle
DNF Brian Rohr Pearl Street
DNF David Van horn Handlebars Cycle Company / Queen City Cyclists

Men Cat. 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bob Patterson Buffalo Cycling,
2 Rob Hillyard Pearl Street Cycling Team
3 Joel Solly Ingram / Toms
4 Tom Evans Ingram Micro
5 Stuart Green Tri Spot Multisport / Buffalo Bicycling Club
6 Jeff Baase Ingram Micro / Tom's pro Bike
7 Thomas Robinson BuffaloVelo/Buffalo Bicycling Club
8 Christopher Whalen Ingram Micro/Toms Pro Bike
9 Gregory Rhoads Buffalo Cycling Team
10 Patrick Walle gvcc
11 Rob Leary
12 Red jersey ?
13 Dennis Barden
14 Zachary Hayes Bike Boy
15 Tom Tobiai Buffalo Cycling
16 Joe Saviola Pearl st
17 Joe Olgin
18 Douglas Bishop Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV
19 Timothy Galvin Tom's Pro Bike Ingram Micro/BBC
20 Sean Mcgovern Buffalo Cycling
21 Daniel Kowalik The Bike Shop
22 Richard Milazzo IngramMicro/Tom's pro bike
23 Nick Papagni IngramMicro/Tom's pro bike
24 Chuck Lachiusa BBC
25 Walt Piffel
26 Kenneth Bennett TOm's Pro Bike/Ingram Micro
27 Carlos Danby
DNF Joseph Moberg
DNF Brett Bender
DNF Eric Bream

Men Pro/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Dan Staffo Handlebars Cycle Company / Queen City Cyclists
2 Jim Doan Hollyloft
3 Patrick Kineston Hollyloft/Alfies
4 Jason Hettenbaugh Monroe Extinguisher/SBR Cycling Team
5 Lance Johnson Handlebars Cycle Company / Queen City Cyclists
6 Alan Rayek Hollyloft
7 Bob Dahl Hollyloft
8 Chris Bushover Handlebars Cycle Company / Queen City Cyclists
9 Tim Finnegan Hollyloft
DNF Ian Byrd Team ROG
DNF Eric Fischer Yale Cycling
DNF James Graley Hollyloft/Alfie's
DNF Scott Lytle Pearl Street Brewery
DNF John Roden Handlebars Cycle Company / Queen City Cyclists

Women 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Casey Kelly Pearl Street Cycling
2 Marit Ogin Buffalo Velo
3 Emily Elbers
4 Traci Cummings
5 Aly Armstrong Team CF
6 Lucinda Griswald Buffalo Cycling
7 Sandra Leary Hollyloft
8 Diane Sordo Buffalo Velo
9 Nancy White Hollyloft/Alfies
10 Lisa Johnson
11 Christina Olgin
DNF Patricia Betcher Independent
DNF Megan Morse Penn State University
DNF Yvette Labombard Full Moon Vista
DNF Christine Schryver Full Moon Vista