These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men A Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Andrew Evans Tyson Foods Cycling Team
2 Luke Hall Bentonville Racing
3 Ben Gramling Dickson Street Cycling Club
4 Cale Mcaninch Kuat Trek P/B A&B Cycle
5 Eric Zolner
6 Peter Krause Kuat Trek P/B A&B Cycle
7 Jim Farasy Kuat Trek P/B A&B Cycle
8 Shanely Mullikin Bentonville Racing
9 Austin Hess SBS-PDG
10 Marc Stokes Ozark Cycling Club
11 Dathan Atchison SBC Cycling
12 Chad Grundy Bentonville Racing
13 Orion Child Velo Childeric
14 Fred Brand SBC Cycling
15 Brad Jackson Ozark Cycling Club
16 Matt Harrison SBS-PDG
17 Patrick Winstead
18 Isaac Vanderhoff Bentonville Racing
19 Robert Ellis Ozark Cycling Club
20 Dave Schweitzer Ozark Cycling Club
21 Ryan Mccormick Kuat Trek P/B A&B Cycle
22 Peter Van rhein SBC Cycling
23 Nick Hogan
24 Jack Hogan
25 Clay Steinkuhler
26 Eric Belk
27 Jeff Albright SBS-PDG
28 Tariq Franklin
29 Shawn Hayden Kuat Trek P/B A&B Cycle

Men B Race

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Todd Gill
2 Jimmy Smith
3 Zekiel Vanderhoff Bentonville Racing
4 Austin Dixon* Experience Fayetteville Cycling Team
5 Jordan Beever
6 Chase Coffman SBS-PDG
7 Brad Bennett
8 Jay Enge Ozark Cycling Club
9 Zach Beck
10 Coty Singer
11 Russell Ussery SBC Cycling
12 Tim Wilson
13 Joe West
14 Kenneth Holland SBC Cycling
15 Caleb Davis SBS-PDG
16 Alan Rosen
17 Joe Kofron Kuat Trek P/B A&B Cycle
18 John Viehmann Ozark Cycling Club
19 Michael Jager
20 Ty Mcmurray
21 Nick Hartman Ozark Cycling Club
22 Dale Sargent
23 Andrew Dettmer Springfield Brewing Company
24 Jonathan Traughber Springfield Brewing Company
25 Mark Sechler
26 Todd Gammon
27 Tony Franklin
28 William Vanderhoff Bentonville Racing
29 Asa Child Velo Childeric
30 Rowan Child Velo Childeric
31 Miguel Simmons
32 Jared Swope
33 Bill Lindsey
34 Preston Carson
35 Jared Blackburn Quantum Solutions Intelligentsia