These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Master 40+

(96 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Mark Mccormack Clif Bar/Pactimo 40:43
2 Kyle Gates WeeBIKE-HASYUN Racing st
3 Ronald Bourgoin OA/CYCLEMANIA st
4 Skip Foley ATA Cycle st
5 Matthew Kressy WeeBIKE-HASYUN Racing st
6 Steve Stockwell Sunapee Racing Team st
7 Peter Vollers Killington Mountain School Cycling Team st
8 Bill Yabroudy NBX/Narragansett Beer st
9 Gary Jasdzewski Wheelworks Racing st
10 Paul Richard CCB Racing Team st
11 Keith Ford Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
12 Scott Fader CCB st
13 Bill Mark NBX/Narragansett Beer p/b Apex Technology st
14 Leo Devellian CCB Racing st
15 Murat Altinbasak WeeBIKE-HASYUN Racing st
17 Ron Dunn CMCC p/b Insight st
18 Matt Spence Burris Logistics/Fit Werx st
19 Paul Denis Mathieus Cycle p/b Insight st
20 Craig Schaepe NorEast Cycling st
22 Mark Thompson Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution st
23 Tom Luther Noreast Cycling st
24 Christofer Dehahn NCC st
25 Sean Lamontagne Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
26 Jim Burke NEBC p/b Cycle Loft st
27 Jim Breen BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/Ted Wo st
28 Christopher Naimie Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
29 Eric Gustafson Swansea Velo - Flandria Cafe st
30 Paul Mcmahon CCB Racing st
31 David Uchenick Arc en ciel st
32 William Sawyer Gearworks - Spinarts st
33 Eric j. Carlson BLUE STEEL CYCLERY st
34 Eric Pearce Cyclonauts Racers st
35 James Nash CCB Racing Team st
36 Michael Norton Cyclonauts Racers st
37 John Mosher Wheelworks Racing st
38 Sean O'hare Acqua Al 2/SDBC st
39 Stephen Humphreys Noreast Cycling st
40 John Smathers 545 Velo st
41 Tyler Munroe CCB/Volkswagen st
42 Michael Brier Refunds Now st
43 Alfred Bissell Essex County Velo st
44 Tim Dodd NEBC p/b Cycle Loft st
45 John Dieli BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/Ted Wo st
46 Jay Clausen Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
47 Eiric Marro BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/Ted Wo st
48 Debony Diehl Sunapee Racing Team st
49 Michael Cavros Cyclonauts Racers st
50 Keith Hartstein 545 Velo st
51 Jerry Dezutter 545 Velo st
52 Steve Mcgrath NorEast Cycling st
53 Keith Button CCB racing st
54 Mike Ballou BOB st
55 John Interlandi Stage 1 / fusionTHINK st
56 Ralf Geiben-lynn WeeBIKE-HASYUN Racing st
57 Tim Buckley Sunapee / Continental Paving / Revolution Cyclery st
58 Kevin Buckley st
59 Danielle Ruane Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
60 Patrick Ruane Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution st
61 Timothy Shea BOB-Goodale' s Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/Ted W st
62 Adam Sternfield WeeBIKE-HASYUN Racing st
63 Rich Olivier Fitchburg Cycling Club st
64 Fred Loucks Nor East Cycling st
65 Bob Gagnon NorEast Cycling st
66 Mike Maloney Cyclonauts Racers st
67 Christopher White BOB-Goodale'sBike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/Ted Woj st
68 Garry Sansoucie BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/Ted Wo st
69 Gary Aspnes CCB Racing Team st
70 Michael Humphries NHCC P&P
71 Charles Labbe Hallamore/Bikeworks/SVC P&P
72 Peter Aten Base36 P&P
73 Evan Patten NorEast Cycling P&P
74 John Buser Boston Bicycle School P&P
75 Kevin Hays OA/Cyclemania P&P
76 Tim Metzger NorEast Cycling / Slouch P&P
77 Karl Geib Portland Velo Club P&P
DNF Bruce Diehl Sunapee/Continental Paving
DNF John Disciullo 545 Velo
DNF Chuck Dopfel 545 Velo
DNF Dave Geissert Tolland Bike / NERAC Earth
DNF Joseph Hardin 545 Velo
DNF Eric Larsson OA/Cyclemania
DNF Kevin Ondre Claremont Cycle Depot Bike Club
DNF Bruce Schwab OA/Cyclemania
DNF Duane Skofield BOB-goodales/speedmerchant Aero
DNF Tom Stevens Gear Works/Spin Arts
DNF Michael Theroux Paradise Racing
DNF Sheila Vibert Sunapee Racing Team
DNF Todd Wagner NorEast Cycling
DNF Bruce Weinberg Violet Crown, ATX
DNF Jeff Yingling OA/Cyclemania
DNF Scott Washburn Cycle Lodge
DNF John Corriveau BOB/Goodales
DNF Daniel Goldman 545 Velo
DNF Juan Puerto Optimum Performance

Men Pro/1/2/3

(97 starters)
Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Luke Keough Team Mountain Khakis presented by SmartStop 1:00:11
2 Isaac Howe Kenda 5hour Energy st
3 Enno Quast at :02
4 Evan Huff J.A.M. Fund / NCC st
5 Dylan Mcnicholas CCB RACING st
6 Jake Hollenbach Boston Bicycle School st
7 Yannick Eckmann st
8 Alec Donahue J.A.M. Fund / NCC st
9 Adam St germain NorEast Cycling st
10 Josh Dillon / Cannondale st
11 Ciaran Mangan CCB/ RACING st
12 Ron Larose iii p/b CCNS st
13 Tim Mitchell CCB Racing st
14 Tristan Baldwin TEAM CF st
15 Aaron Hubbell NUVO Cultural Trail st
16 Evan Burkhart / Cannondale st
17 Andrew Krulewitz Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames st
18 Synjen Manocio CCB st
19 Patrick Goguen TEAM CF st
20 Michael Rea st
21 Kurt Schmid CCB RACING TEAM st
22 Landen Wark-acebo MetLife Cycling Team st
23 Greg Whitney Ride Studio Cafe st
24 Austin Boswell st
25 Ryan Fleming MetLife Cycling Team st
26 Matthew O'keefe CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM st
27 Sam Rosenholtz GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar st
28 Ryan Kelly NorEast Cycling st
29 Mark Theeman GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar st
30 Lucas Fortini TEAM CF st
31 Brian Wilichoski CCB st
32 Michael Sabatini Luxe Wheelworks st
33 Andrew Clemence Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
34 Andrew Gardner MetLife Cycling Team st
35 Samuel Evans-brown st
36 Harrison Harb Boston Bicycle School st
37 James Combs Embrocation Cycling Journal st
38 David Gray NorEast Cycling st
39 Shaun Adamson J.A.M. Fund / NCC st
40 Peter Goguen TEAM CF st
41 Sean Mccarthy Nob Hill Velo st
42 Nate Morse Bayhill st
43 Paul Richard CCB Racing Team st
44 Joseph Reis Portland Velo Club st
45 Steve Roszko / Cannondale st
46 A.j. Moran GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar st
47 Robbie King Boston Bicycle School st
48 Brad Perley st
49 Keith Cardoza GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar st
50 Jackson Weber Embrocation Cycling Journal st
51 James Bolognani NH-U23/Rhino Bike Works st
52 Manny Goguen TEAM CF st
53 Steve Stockwell Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
54 Trevor Maclean p/b CCNS st
55 Evan Kirk Bayhill st
56 Kyle Smith Embrocation Cycling Journal st
57 Aidan Charles p/b CCNS st
58 Gary Aspnes CCB Racing Team st
59 Anthony Giguere INSIGHT MRI RACING st
60 David Chiu Ride Studio Cafe st
61 Aaron Ross Landry's Bicycles st
62 Brad Warren J.A.M FUND / NCC st
63 Alex Cox NorEast Cycling st
64 Chris Worden CCB/Wheelworks st
65 Adam Sullivan Embrocation Cycling Journal st
66 Josh Austin NorEast Cycling st
67 Allan Rego Farm Team Elite st
68 Joshua Lehmann Boston Bicycle School st
69 Jeremy Durrin J.A.M. Fund / NCC st
70 Mark Mccormack Clif Bar/Pactimo st
71 Erick Anderson Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution Cyclery st
72 Jesse Keough st
73 Colin Jaskiewicz Boston Bicycle School st
74 Vincent Scalia Boston Bicycle School st
75 Matthew Buckley Boston Bicycle School st
76 Christopher Tracy GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar P&P
77 Ari Shocket Blue Hills Cycling Club P&P
78 Collin Huston Moots P&P
79 Connor Cushman Young Guns P&P
80 Chris Coutu MetLife Cycling Team P&P
81 Stephen Wright Team CF P&P
82 Steven Hopengarten GREEN LINE VELO driven by ZipCar P&P
DNF Tim Akers Wear On Earth
DNF Trenton Ashburn MetLife Cycling Team
DNF Peter Bell MetLife Cycling Team
DNF Matt D'alessio Threshold Cycling
DNF Leo Devellian CCB Racing
DNF Tommy Goguen TEAM CF
DNF Devens Hamlen Horizon Organic/ GS CIAO/ Panache/
DNF Ted Horwitz Team Cosmic
DNF Tyler Munroe CCB/Volkswagen
DNF Adam Myerson Team Mountain Khakis presented by SmartStop
DNF James Nash CCB Racing Team
DNF Thomson Riley NorEast Cycling
DNF Jerome Townsend Team Mountain Khakis presented by SmartStop
DNF Kyle Foley CCCC
DNF Rich Foley TargetTraining