These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Alexander Buchmann CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club 1:19:18
2 Clay Jones CRCA/To Be Determined s.t.
3 Simon Velez YES Racing s.t.
4 Robert Rutkowski Mineola bicycle racing team s.t.
5 John D'agostino CRCA/Good Guys Racing p/b High s.t.
6 Raphael Shorser CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
7 Adel Sarhan Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
8 Jason Colon C6Racing s.t.
9 Sam Cordner s.t.
10 Carlos Walton MIneola Bicycle Racing Team s.t.
11 Clark Fredricksen CRCA/To Be Determined s.t.
12 Paul Mccarthy Vela Society s.t.
13 Serguei Tiourine s.t.
14 Mario Sepulveda Yes Racing ! s.t.
15 Nathan Brauer CRCA/Foundation s.t.
16 Edison Marulanda Crca/e2Value s.t.
17 Sebaj Adele CRCA/ECHELON CYCLES s.t.
18 Alfonso Torres The Wayland cycling club s.t.
19 Simon Song Verrazano Team Racing s.t.
20 Luis Saavedra Yes.Racing! s.t.
21 Robert Weitzner CRCA/Foundation s.t.
22 Brian Mariscal PPRNYC s.t.
23 Vincent Ribeiro s.t.
24 Sean Hill CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
25 Mark Von hof CRCA/Team s.t.
26 Laurent Gras CRCA/Foundation s.t.
27 Ricky Cornetta Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
28 Max Davis CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
29 Christophe Palazzi CRCA/RBNY Racing-Verge Sport s.t.
30 Thomas Wetmore Columbia University Cycling s.t.
31 Vladimir Rabinovich CRCA/KruisCX 8
32 Nelson Grisales Mineola Bicycle Racing Team 9
33 Tun Khine KruisCX s.t.
34 Christopher Altchek CRCA/Foundation s.t.
35 Terrence Chioffi CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
36 Robert Sullivan CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
37 Oleksiy Ivanov s.t.
38 Rodrigo Garcia s.t.
39 Michael Tan CRCA/Good Guys Racing p/b highw s.t.
40 Michael Davis s.t.
41 Ty Hatfield CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
42 Jerry Kapko s.t.
43 John powell Voodoo racing Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
44 Richard Sberlati CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partne s.t.
45 Derek Hunt Aska/Sid's Bikes s.t.
46 Cuneyt Eviner CEviner / Cyclocrossturkiye s.t.
47 David Mcnally CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club 17
48 Ryan Fitzgerald CRCA/Rapha Cyling Club s.t.
49 Mark Inaba CRCA/Echelon Cycles s.t.
50 Ed Schuster Region Racing p/b Strack and Va s.t.
51 Juan Cardona Brands Cuevas Junior Cycling De s.t.
52 Matthew Hartsough CRCA/KruisCX 21
53 Alexander Michas CRCA/Good Guys Racing p/b HighW s.t.
54 Martijn De graaf CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing 25
55 Jorge Torres The Wayland cycling club 28
56 Ethan Bourdeau 34
57 Daniel Berner CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
58 Michael Roche CRCA/Good Guys Racing p/b High 47
59 Eloy Anzola Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
60 James Krizan CRCA/RBNY Racing - Verge Sports 1:37
61 Keith Garrison KING KOG / SUN AND AIR 2:45
62 Guadalupe Castellanos ZYCC Cycling club 3:06
63 David Hocker 3:08
64 Cullen Macdonald CRCA/To Be Determined 4:01
65 Juan Sanchez CRCA/Good Guys s.t.
66 Dusan Strika 4:04
DNF Christopher Connelly Mineola Bicycle Racing Team
DNF James Gilbert CRCA
DNF Malik Graves-pryor CRCA / Major Taylor Development Team
DNF Brian Hansen Rapha Cycling Club
DNF Kevin Hsieh KruisCX
DNF Edward Liborius Liborius NY Team
DNF Sean Mccormick CRCA/NY Vision Group
DNF Kristian Noboa CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club
DNF Mauricio Palazzi CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club
DNF Nathaniel Ruhlman CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
82 Oscar Coello

Men Cat5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Gavriel Brun e2Value 45:13
2 Filipe Guth 1
3 Harry Bugden CRCA/GF Capital/ H&E Entreprise 3
4 Henry O'kill E2Value Racing s.t.
5 Brett Broadwater CRCA/GF Capital/H&E Enterprise s.t.
6 Brian Hawthorne s.t.
7 Chris Gentry s.t.
8 Taylor Graham s.t.
9 Joseph Lacey CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club s.t.
10 Stuart Hannon Dedicated Endurance Training s.t.
11 Christopher Pulomena 7
12 Vincent Rhino s.t.
13 Nicholas Wheatley-schaller CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partne 8
14 Michael Stratton CRCA/Team s.t.
15 Caetano Machado calomino Dedicated Endurance Training s.t.
16 Sofi Camacho bermudez CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partne s.t.
17 Ted Cadieux CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partne s.t.
18 Erik Shahumyan s.t.
19 Kevin Valenski s.t.
20 Yechiel Moseson s.t.
21 Joseph Matunis s.t.
22 Jose Cazales The Wayland Cycling Club s.t.
23 Byungkyun Kim s.t.
24 Reynaldo Martinez Pink panther s.t.
25 Brandon Villegas s.t.
26 Spencer Anderson Cyclepaths s.t.
27 Timothy Dickinson CRCR/Rapha Cycling s.t.
28 Ryuta Nagai s.t.
29 David Rodriguez s.t.
30 Michael Hammer Merrick Bicycles Racing s.t.
32 Scott Holliday Mineola Bicycle Racing Team s.t.
33 Stephan Brezinsky s.t.
35 Sara Rudolph Dedicated Endurance Training s.t.
36 Jackson Ho s.t.
37 Justin Rogers-cdebaca Bicycle Habitat/Vergesport s.t.
38 Anthony Luna s.t.
39 Michael Persson NYCC s.t.
40 Pablo Rivera CRCA/ Kruiscx s.t.
41 Jacob Borkowski Verrazano Team Racing s.t.
42 Chris Bryson s.t.
43 Marc Combescure Redbeard 18
45 Brook Taube CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
46 Thatcher Clay Patch/ NYC Velo s.t.
47 J. Peter donald CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
48 Jesper Meyer s.t.
49 Edward Dunphy jr s.t.
50 Sam Nixon s.t.
51 Phil Sturgeon KruisCX s.t.
52 Matthew Cortright CRCA s.t.
53 Hugo Droumenq CRCA development team s.t.
54 Richard Cass CRCA 27
55 Javier Hernandez Merrick Bicycles Racing. 29
56 John Tanturri s.t.
57 Juan Murillo Brands Cuevas Junior Cycling De 54
DNF Tony Corrigan CRCA
58 Milton Yu 1:59
DNF Evelyn De la rosa YESRACING!
59 Anthony Uran Brands Cuevas Junior Cycling De 3:12
DNF Johan Errant RCC
DNF Antonio Estepan
DNF Winston Evans Echelon Cycles
DNF Joshua Fram
DNF Steven Hennessey
DNF John Mcallister CRCA / Danny's Cycles
DNF Kyle Mcculloch Merrick Bicycle Racing
DNF Joaquim Stevenson-rodriguez

Men Pro/Cat 1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Baris Aytan CRCA/Foundation 1:37:51
2 Cesar Marte Verrazano Team Racing 5
3 Allan Rego CRCA/Jamison Capital - Cannonda s.t.
4 Ralph Pahlmeyer CRCA/Foundation s.t.
5 Ismael Collado acosta CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partne s.t.
6 Stalin Quiterio cuello CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
7 Victor Gras CRCA/Rockstar Games s.t.
8 Paskal Lamour CRCA/Blue Ribbon-Pennell Ventur s.t.
9 Constantin Schreiber CRCA / Team VESELKA s.t.
10 Samuel Torres Triangle cyclists s.t.
11 Brendan Offer CRCA/Maglia Rosa NYC s.t.
12 Luiz Lanfredi CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partne s.t.
13 Cesar Gallego The 5th Floor NYC s.t.
14 Emmett Gross CRCA/RBNY s.t.
15 Samuel Hamilton CRCA/Foundation s.t.
16 William Downing CRCA/Foundation s.t.
17 Erik Post CRCA/The Weather Channel Specia s.t.
18 Gorgi Popstefanov Metra/XRCEL/Cycles 54 s.t.
19 Franklin Burgos CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
20 Louisgie Shoy Mineola Bicyle Racing Team s.t.
21 Gerald Adasavage CRCA/The Weather Channel Specia s.t.
22 Masaharu Ito CRCA / Team VESELKA s.t.
23 Glenroy Griffith I AN I s.t.
24 Luis Aquino team s.t.
25 Angelo Calilap The 5th Floor NYC s.t.
26 Michael Stromberg Century Road Club Assoc/ e2Valu s.t.
27 Stephan Dioslaki Team Metra / XRCEL / Cycles 54 s.t.
28 Boguslaw Wielgos CRCA/Foundation s.t.
29 Jon paul Rorech UNITED s.t.
30 Ryan Johnston Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport s.t.
31 Jason Guzman CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
32 Allen Carr CRCA/e2Value p/b Verge Sport s.t.
33 Lynn Murray CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
34 David Vollbach Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport s.t.
35 Michael Margarite CRCA/The Weather Channel Specia s.t.
36 Tom Rodarie CRCA/Rockstar Games s.t.
37 J.p. Partland Kissena Cycling Club s.t.
38 Jeffrey Condon Kissena Cycling Club 14
39 Pascal Sauvayre CRCA/Team Veselka s.t.
40 Tom Bencivengo WS United s.t.
41 Edwin Morel CRCA/Team Talent Cycles s.t.
42 Gabriel Tonin Brands Cuevas Junior Cycling De s.t.
43 Simon Khalif CRCA/GF Capital H&E ENT s.t.
44 Jesus Martinez CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partne s.t.
45 Christopher Cheetham CRCA/Maglia Rosa NYC s.t.
46 Luis M cruz fernandez s.t.
47 Aliaksandr Kochatau Verrazano Team Racing s.t.
48 Robert Lombardi M.TAYLOR RACING TEAM N.Y. s.t.
50 Scott Gregoire Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling s.t.
51 Gerard Josulevicz Burner Fitness s.t.
52 John Arias Merrick Bycicles Racing s.t.
53 Joshua Noggle CRCA/RBNY Racing - Verge Sports s.t.
54 Ira Blumberg s.t.
55 Eduardo Luna Merrick Bycicles Racing s.t.
56 Chris Loehner Brands Cycle/Gold Coast Porsche s.t.
57 Alex Lightman The 5th Floor NYC s.t.
58 Marc Cesare s.t.
59 Elliott Collins CRCA/To Be Determined s.t.
60 Unknown Rider CRCA/Rockstar Games s.t.
61 Jeffrey Young CRCA / Aska s.t.
62 Rory O'neill CRCA/Maglia Rosa NYC s.t.
63 Rafael Diaz-granados CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing s.t.
64 Etsu Taniguchi CRCA / Team VESELKA s.t.
65 Salvatore Scotto divetta Vela Society s.t.
66 Michael Kuehn CRCA / Team VESELKA s.t.
67 Sean Gordon CRCA / e2Value p/b Verge Sport s.t.
68 James Giorgio Brands Cycle/Gold Coast Porsche s.t.
69 Thomas Cipolla Brands Cycle/Gold Coast Porsche s.t.
70 George Schroeder CRCA/Brands Cycles/Gold Coast P s.t.
71 Willie Payton CRCA/AXIS 28
72 Patrick Torpey CRCA/Rockstar Games 31
73 Mynor Pineda Montclair bikery Racing 45
74 Paul Debartolo CRCA / The Weather Channel Spec s.t.
75 Ryan Quinn The 5th Floor NYC 1:04
76 Ross Baldwin CRCA/Jamison Capital - Cannonda s.t.
77 Matthew Park CRCA / Team VESELKA 3:53
78 Nathan Archibald Deno's Wonder Wheel 6:14
DNF Pedro Arias CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
79 Dan Ciano Colavita Racing 7:21
DNF Alexander Barouh Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport
DNF Chris Bowie CRCA/Maglia Rosa NYC
DNF Alan Buday CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Misha Chiporukha CRCA / Team VESELKA
DNF Jose Guzman CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing
DNF Greg Hruby CRCA/Rockstar Games
DNF Ben Hughes CRCA/Rockstar Games
DNF Mitchell Jacaruso Brands Cycle/Gold Coast Porsche
DNF Anthony Lowe WS United/MangoSeed/Lucarelli&Castaldi
DNF Doug O'Neill CRCA/Deno's Wonder Wheel
DNF Michael Perlberg Bicycle Habitat-Verge Sport
DNF Karl michael Rahn CRCA/The Weather Channel Specialized Cycling Team
DNF Gavin Robertson
DNF David Sommerville VELA SOCIETY
DNF Natalie Tapias JAM / NCC
DNF Tim Willis JAM / NCC
109 Fredrik Berselius CRCA-Aska
110 Edouard D'arbaumont CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partne