These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results.

Men Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Jacob Read 2:41:47
2 Patrick Breen Dallas Bike Works 2:41:57
3 Cody Melton C3 Racing s.t.
4 Joseph Decosta Gs Tenzing 2:42:19
5 Richard Hellberg Dallas Bike Works 2:43:25
6 Scott Boldt Team Elevate Racing s.t.
7 Mike Stanley Bicycles Plus Racing s.t.
8 Hans Wright Windsor Door Racing P/B Bicycles Plus s.t.
9 John Bean Soundpony Triad Bank s.t.
10 Shane Sirignano Velo Republic s.t.
11 Bernave Velasquez RABPERZ+ s.t.
12 Flora Yan Papa John's p/b Trek s.t.
13 Drew Cardoza s.t.
14 Keith Thompson Team Elevate Racing s.t.
15 Jesus Chaparro Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycle Plus s.t.
16 Ramon Galindo s.t.
17 Tony Hopkins Team Elevate Racing s.t.
18 Chris Williams Dallas Bike Works s.t.
19 Timothy Palyukh Bicycles Plus Racing 2:43:31
20 Shawn Bentley Bicycles Plus Racing 2:43:36
21 Steve Brannan Team Elevate Racing 2:48:16
22 Patrick Dougherty Elevate Cycling Team 2:49:47
DNF Gilberto Velazquez Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling Team DNF
DNF James Kennedy Playtri Race Team DNF
DNF James Newsom Team Elevate Racing DNF
DNF Rodolfo Arredondo DNF
DNF Joseph Taylor Bicycles Plus Racing DNF
DNF Keith Bartholomew Team Bicycles Inc DNF

Men Cat 4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Ryan Cox Rock Riders Cycling 1:51:32
2 Jake Vandervaate s.t.
3 Eric Alvarado Dallas Bike Works s.t.
4 Max Duran Team Elevate Racing s.t.
5 Nathan Wainwright Cadence Cyclery s.t.
6 Aaron Carpenter PACC Racing s.t.
7 Nicholas Petrov Cadence Cyclery pb Audi of McKinney s.t.
8 John Mcallister Elevate Cycling s.t.
9 Noe Nava Dallas Bike Works s.t.
10 Ryan Meredith PACC Racing s.t.
11 Seth Inurrigarro Rockwall Racing s.t.
12 Dallas Gere Christiancycling Texas s.t.
13 David Erwin Dallas Racing s.t.
14 James Ruedlinger jr. Hilltop Racing s.t.
15 Harrison Petre Air Assurance s.t.
16 Kolbe Surran Jesuit Dallas s.t.
17 Jose Aguilar RABPERZ cycling team s.t.
18 Jeff Moltenberry Rock Riders Cycling s.t.
19 Casey Lee Bicycles Plus Racing 1:54:05
20 Tucker Nickols Cadence Cyclery s.t.
21 Christopher Dedera MBBC Racing s.t.
22 Gerry Douglas PACC Racing 1:54:40
23 Evan Goldstrohm Steamboat Cycling 2:00:41
DNF Swoad Rahman Coppell High School DNF
DNF Brent Hartsell Bicycles Plus Racing DNF
DNF Marc Lequire PACC Racing DNF
DNF Ian Scott Plano Athletic Cycling Club DNF
DNF Angelo Delgado Cadence cyclery DNF
DNF Collin Haney Cadence Cyclery p/b Wattage Coffee Co. DNF

Men Cat 5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Grant Harrell 1:01:37
2 Jack Gibbons s.t.
3 Brandon Alvey MBBC Racing 1:01:40
4 Robert Mccormick MBBC Racing s.t.
5 Eric Gusa Playtri Cycling s.t.
6 Sam Zurawel Team Bicycles Plus s.t.
7 Steve Yeager cadence cyclery s.t.
8 Evan Hall PlayTri Cycling s.t.
9 Steven Allen Cadence Cyclery 1:01:43
10 Michael Engelbert Bicycles Plus 1:01:45
11 Reese Bodde 1:01:51
12 Mario Carballo Bicycles Plus 1:01:53
13 Joseph O'toole Team Bicycles Plus 1:02:09
14 Tom Young Cadence Cyclery 1:02:16
15 Brian Kinder Team Bicycles Plus 1:02:30
16 Andrew Bailey Cadence Cyclery - Team 1:02:37
17 Tanner Cope 1:03:09
18 Steve Conry Bicycles Plus s.t.
19 Daniel Carne Oklahoma State Cycling 1:03:31
20 Brian Mier Playtri Race Team 1:07:38
21 Clark Hoffman Playtri Bicycle Race Team 1:10:15
22 Ian Benedict 1:10:27
23 Harold Rucker 1:10:54
24 Greg Leaf Cadence Cyclery 1:11:21
25 Michael Boyer 1:24:58
26 Stuart Miller 1:26:49
DNF Ben Owens Matrix/RBM DNF
DNF John Cameron cope Bicycle Sport Shop DNF

Men Jr Varsity

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Paolo Pelusi Mansfield High School 1:41:37
2 Donoven Francis Jesuit Dallas 1:41:40
3 Preston Buell Hebron High School - LISD s.t.
4 David Rasmussen Coppell C3 1:41:44
5 Buck Popolo Jesuit Dallas 1:42:09
6 Saul Cano Jesuit Dallas 1:43:18
7 Jackson Eaker Matrix/RBM 1:46:18
8 Aven Hurwich Matrix/RBM 1:52:14
9 Jack Perdue Jesuit Dallas 1:52:16
DNF Ethan Benedict Jesuit Dallas DNF

Men Junior 10-14 Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kevin Lorinc Playtri 36:25
2 Maximiliano Alvarez Dallas Racing 37:20
3 Adam Janah Playtri 39:48
4 Braxton Boyer Dallas Racing 43:47
5 Alex Volmer Dallas Racing 1:05:27

Men Junior 10-14 Open

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Brenna Zerby Team Playtri 37:20
2 Jenna Topott Playtri 40:04
3 Tarryn Brumley Team Playtri Elite 41:42
4 Fiona Hasse 53:02

Men Master 35+ Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Philip Butler Crest/RBM Racing 1:25:00
2 Clint Westhoff s.t.
3 Paul Waller Crest/RBM Racing 1:25:46
4 Albert Sweany MBBC Racing s.t.
5 Jamie Teeter Soundpony/ Triad Bank s.t.
6 Corey Stogner Cadence Cycling s.t.
7 Carlos Landron Pearland Cycling club s.t.
8 Rob Yates Matrix/RBM s.t.
9 William Bonnette Mckinney Velo s.t.
10 Stephen Salazar Cadence Cyclery s.t.
11 Kevin Pate Elevate Racing s.t.
12 Clinton Waara s.t.
13 Michael baker Tbi - dedicated race team McKinney Velo s.t.
14 Greg Gibbs Crest/Rbm Racing s.t.
15 Russell Carawan Mirage s.t.
16 Jeffrey Thompson Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
17 Joseph Burda McKinney Velo Club s.t.
18 Ted Gruenloh McKinney Velo Club s.t.
19 Hector Mendoza jr McKinney Velo s.t.
20 Rhett Brown Rockwall Racing s.t.
21 Alan Najar 1:25:51
22 Harold Degraff s.t.
23 Emad Choudhury Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
24 Se Lee s.t.
25 Patrick Twomey Hilltop Bycicle Centre s.t.
26 Guy Levassar Crest RBM s.t.
27 Kent Mccormick McKinney Velo 1:25:53
28 Jason Harper 1:25:57
29 Steven Chow Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
30 Gabriel Garroni Team Cadence Cyclery 1:26:01
31 Stephen Davidson Mckinney Velo s.t.
32 Francois Leroux USCBB Cyclisme 1:26:05
33 David Kim OKC Velo Bike Lab 1:26:07
34 Ben Mayo McKinney Velo 1:26:10
35 Tim Henning Crest RBM Racing s.t.
36 Brett Platt Mckinney Velo Club 1:31:31
37 John Mann Frisco Cycling-Crest/RBM Racing 1:31:33
38 David Simcoe Mirage Cycling Team 1:36:17
39 Kevin Witherstine McKinney Velo 1:36:33
40 Nathaniel Goodell Cadence Cyclery p/b Audi of McKinney s.t.
41 Mike Mckee Crest/RBM Racing 1:50:28

Men Master 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Bret Crosby Team Ccr Roofing 2:11:16
2 Daniel Larson Tulsa Wheelmen 2:11:34
3 Sam Findlater Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus 2:13:20
4 Chad Hodges DNA Racing/Garneau s.t.
5 Janne Hamalainen Throwback Racing s.t.
6 Michael J. smith Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Roka s.t.
7 John Sommer PACC 2:13:34
8 Gary Derheim Crest/Rbm Racing 2:14:42
9 Chuck Hill PACC Racing 2:14:45
10 Norman Bradsher Tulsa Wheelmen 2:14:47
11 Aaron Highfill DNA Racing/Garneau s.t.
12 John Chu Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
13 William Plumlee Team Cadence Cyclery 2:14:49
14 Douglas Pedersen Team Cadence Cyclery s.t.
15 Joel Hawks Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus 2:14:52
16 Todd Finley Crest/RBM Racing s.t.
17 Raul Varela Merritt Hawkins AMN/Sun and Ski s.t.
18 David Garrett Pacc Racing 2:14:56
19 Michael Lewis Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
20 Wade Fitzgerald Rockwall Racing s.t.
21 Goran Petrovski Windsor Door Racing 2:14:59
22 Steve Dodge PACC Racing s.t.
23 Jonathan Jennings Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus 2:15:02
24 Luis E rosero Team Cadence Cyclery 2:15:05
25 Mark Weir GS Tenzing s.t.
26 Larry Decicco GS Tenzing 2:15:07
27 Michael Steeves PACC 2:15:15
28 Robert Watson Team Cadence Cyclery 2:15:17
29 Jordan Ransom GS Tenzing 2:15:27
30 Bobby Etheridge Pacc Racing 2:15:29
31 Adrian Gawel GS Tenzing 2:16:42
32 Nermin Hairlahovic Tulsa Wheelmen 2:27:32
33 Stephen Borski PACC Racing 2:30:49
DNF Joseph Bell GS Tenzing DNF
DNF Carl Hentschel Gs Tenzing DNF
DNF Jerry Godinez GS Tenzing DNF
DNF Michael Vitale Bicycles Plus Racing DNF

Men Master 50+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Greg Lawford GS Tenzing 1:49:50
2 Jim Goodyear Windsor Door p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
3 Darrell Hull A' Bloc s.t.
4 Michael Gacki Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
5 Rich Dotson Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
6 Michael Braden Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus s.t.
7 Judge Dobrient Mercy Street Racing s.t.
8 Ben Sewell King Racing Group s.t.
9 Gregg Goodwin Mckinney Velo s.t.
10 Albert Koszarek McKinney Velo s.t.
11 David Stanley A' Bloc s.t.
12 Jeffry Fene McKinney Velo s.t.
13 Jairo Garcia s.t.
14 John De st. germain PACC Racing s.t.
15 Scott Giancola Mckinney Velo s.t.
16 Eddie Cadena Mckinney Velo s.t.
17 Russell Wiseman McKinney Velo s.t.
18 Marcos Ferreyra Mckinney Velo s.t.
19 Manuel Alba B&B Trek Racing 1:50:05
20 Gerardo Chaparro Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus 1:50:07
21 Roland San miguel A' Bloc 1:51:16
22 Marc Overton Windsor Door Racing 2:00:54
23 Joseph Nguyen Geri Atrix 2:19:09
DNF Todd Lafleur Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus DNF
DNF Dan Dandrea Mckinney Velo DNF
DNF Mike Reade McKinney Velo DNF
27 Nathan Aust United DSQ
28 Rick Francis B&B Trek Racing DSQ

Men Master 60+ Cat 1/2/3/4

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Tom Harrison McKinney Velo 1:49:51
2 Glenn Tolle Gs Tenzing 2:09:30

Men Novice

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Asher Lauderdale 1:11:43
2 Lucas Carter Playtri 1:11:58
3 Luis Davila Jesuit Dallas 1:12:00
4 Jackson Hall Playtri 1:12:11
5 Benjie Salazar Jesuit Dallas 1:17:36
6 Ethan Gan-dy Jesuit Dallas 1:20:26
7 Julian Garcia Jesuit Dallas s.t.
8 Sam Henrion Jesuit Dallas 1:27:28
9 Gabe Tan Jesuit Dallas 1:27:30
10 Colton Campo Jesuit Dallas 1:33:57
11 Steven Campos Jesuit Dallas 1:34:10
12 Liam Gault Jesuit Dallas 1:45:38
DNF Alvaro Luque Jesuit Dallas DNF

Men P/1/2

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Cesar Serna Oklahoma Bicycle Project 3:03:32
3 Kyle Swanson Elbowz Racing 3:03:37
4 Collin Davis Bicycles Plus Racing 3:04:41
5 Randy Lee Bicycles Plus Racing 3:05:15
6 Paul Carty Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Roka 3:05:18
7 Grayson Keppler Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Roka 3:05:51
8 Paul Dentel Bicycles Plus Racing Team s.t.
9 Trevor Fine Tulsa Wheelmen 3:06:00
10 Tyler stewart Dallas bike works Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Roka 3:06:10
11 David Gaona Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Roka 3:06:47
12 Joseph Emmons Matrix/RBM 3:19:33
13 Aston Haswell Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Roka s.t.
14 Braxton Mundell Oklahoma Bicycle Project 3:06:50
15 Eric Franklin Oklahoma Bicycle Project s.t.
16 Austin Robertson Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Roka 3:07:11
DNF Justin Mcquerry Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Roka DNF
DNF John Ryan Matrix/RBM DNF
DNF Adam Biwan Bicycles Plus Racing DNF
DNF Ben Williams Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Roka DNF
DNF Tyler Cloutier Matrix/RBM DNF
DNF Jorge Alvarez Nick Lopez Tailoring Cycling Team DNF
DNF Caleb Hulsey Giant Lakeside Audi McKinney pb Roka DNF
DNF Riley Walberg GS Tenzing DNF
DNF David Angeles Matrix/RBM DNF

Women Cat 3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Liesel Mcallister Elevate Cycling 2:08:28
2 Casandra Dickerson Team isocentric 2:08:50
3 Tracy Carrington Team Elevate Racing 2:10:44
4 Abigail Yates Matrix/RBM s.t.
5 Noni Bertagnoli Merritt Hawkins AMN / Sun & Ski 2:12:58
6 Elizabeth Korinek RBM/Matrix s.t.
7 Ashley Hiatt October Three Racing s.t.
8 Kellie Nelson Matrix/RBM 2:13:00
9 Sheree Tomba Matrix/RBM s.t.
10 Neidi Miller Matrix/RBM 2:13:04
DNF Jaime Larmer DNF

Women Cat 4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Lauren Koon Cadence Cyclery 1:09:03
2 Sarah Kamien FCS Cycling s.t.
3 Lisa Stone Windsor Door Racing p/b Bicycles Plus 1:09:05
4 Mary Goodell Crest/RBM 1:14:10
5 Rachel Volmer St. Mark Catholic - Plano TX 1:18:37
6 Giana Bertagnoli Merritt Hawkins AMN/Sun & Ski 1:22:29

Women Jr Varsity

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Shea Brasher Allen HIgh School - Allen ISD 1:23:06

Women Master 40+ Cat 3/4/5

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Kim Chance Matrix/RBM 2:13:00
2 Kim Murphy FCS|DNA Cycling Regional Team p/b JobDox s.t.
3 Melissa Rodriguez Cadence Cyclery s.t.
4 Christina Clay Rockwall Racing 2:13:47
5 Roz Theesfeld McKinney Velo Club 2:18:54

Women P/1/2/3

Pl First Name Last Name Team Time
1 Rebecca Larson 1:56:56