CINCINNATI UCI3 CycloCross Festival (OVCX #5) - Day 3

Cincinnati, OH

Sunday, October 11, 2009

CINCINNATI UCI3 CycloCross Festival (OVCX #5) - Day 3 Presented by Darkhorse Racing, Queen City Wheels and BioWheels Racing Cincinnati, OH Sunday, October 11, 2009

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat 2/3
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         Erik            Hamilton        NUVO Cultural Trail                       BLOOMINGTON     IN
2         Nathan          ROBERSON        Shellers                                  Louisville      KY
3         Chris           Mayhew          JBV Coaching                              PITTSBURGH      PA
4         Chris           Samuel          Cape Atlantic/Beaconcycling               BELLMAWR        NJ
5         Christopher     Nevitt          Team Louisville                           LOUISVILLE      KY
6         Travis          Mullen          Commonwealth Eye Surgery                  LEXINGTON       KY
7         Adam            Rodkey          Speedway Wheelmen                         BLOOMINGTON     IN
8         Josh            JOHNSON         DRT Racing                                Fort Wayne      IN
9         Jason           Halloran        Spin/RR Donnelley                         LAKEWOOD        OH
10        Tony            MARUT           Lake Effect Racing                        Painesville     OH
11        Christopher     Uberti          Panther                                   WEST LAFAYETTE  IN
12        Chad            Salla           Alderfer Bergen                           WINONA LAKE     IN
13        Christopher     Chartier        Alderfer Bergen                           HAMILTON        OH
14        Patrick         Russell         Wolverine Sports Club                     BERKLEY         MI
15        Greg            FLECHER         Carbon Racing                             Medina          OH
16        Ross            CERNIGLIA       My Wife Inc.                              Wauwatosa       WI
17        Tony            Wieczorek       Wolverines/Michigan Youth Cycling         TRENTON         MI
18        Thomas          HERMAN          Alan North America Cycling                Columbus        OH
19        Daniel (Dan)    Lach            Cyclesport/Zephyr Wheel Sport             CINCINNATI      OH
20        Aaron           HUBBELL         NUVO Cultural Trail                       Indianapolis    IN
21        Mike            Heenan          my wife inc                               WAUWATOSA       WI
22        Daniel          GEROW           WolverineSportsClub/American C&F          Grosse Pointe FaMI
23        Michael         Chewning        Team Hungry!                              CINCINNATI      OH
24        scott           gartman         Lake Effect Racing                        PARMA           OH
25        Chris           Ramsey          Team Athlete Octane/SMA                   TUCSON          AZ
26        Nick            Tinsler         Darkhorse Racing                          CINCINNATI      OH
27        Brian           COLLIER         BioWheels/Reece- Campbell Racing          Burlington      KY
28        Jordan          Humble          Krystal Cycling Team                      SIGNAL MOUNTAIN TN
29        Mark            Caffyn          Flying Rhino Cycling Club                 ORTONVILLE      MI
30        Matt            FOX             BIOWHEELS/REECE-CAMPBELL RACING           Greendale       IN
31        John            Markstein       Team Awesome / Jeni's                     COLUMBUS        OH
32        Michael         RILEY           Ohio Orthopedic                           Columbus        OH
33        Mason           Morgan          Team Awesome/Jeni's Ice Cream             COLUMBUS        OH
34        Nick            BARBIERI        Clarksville A-Team's Old Kit              Louisville      KY
35        Chris           BEHRMANN        Fiets Maan Racing                         Waxhaw          NC
36        Katsuhiro       Tanda           Team Athens p/b KT Prototype              ATHENS          OH
37        Cory            St Clair        ProChain Cycling                          CINCINNATI      OH
38        Mike            Mefford         HUP United                                JOHNSON CITY    TN
39        Rodney          Sauser          Team Dayton Bicycling                     WAYNESVILLE     OH
40        Josh            BIVEN           Louisville Firefighters                   New Albany      IN
41        Andys           Burns           National Engineering                      DELAWARE        OH
42        Robert          Sroka           Lake Effect Racing                        N. ROYALTON     OH
43        Glen            Gardner         Vortechs Group                            GALENA          OH
44        Steven          Gers            BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing           UNION           KY
45        Mark            Farmer          Ohio Orthopedic-Moro Cycling              COLUMBUS        OH
46        John            Maggard         4 Flights Wine Boutique/Cooper PhotographyLOUISVILLE      KY
47        Jason           MOTT            Smittys Cyclery                           Cincinnati      OH
48        Robert          Thomas          Half Acre Cycling                         CHICAGO         IL
49        David           EMIG            Fulcrum Coaching                          Carbondale      CO
50        Dave            MUNDY                                                     Dayton          OH
51        luke            mclaughlin      Goose Creek Cycles
52        Joseph          Hall            COBC                                      PLAIN CITY      OH
53        MARK            GIGANTI         INDIE BIKE
54        Ryan            Lindsay         Zephyr Wheel Sports/Cyclesport            LOVELAND        OH
55        David           Bowers          Half Acre Cycling                         CHICAGO         IL
56        David           Groen           National Engineering                      POWELL          OH
57        Jaden           Sempsrott       Bio Wheels Racing                         MAINEVILLE      OH
58        Adam            Schmidt         Bio Wheels Racing                         CINCINNATI      OH
59        Ryan            Storm           Lindsey Wilson                            WHITE PLAINS    NY
60        Gregg           Shanefelt       ONU Multisport                            LATROBE         PA
61        Nathan          SZABO           Team Lake Effect                          Parma           OH
62        Andrew          ALLWEIN                                                   Cincinnati      OH
63        Michael         Miller          Studio 7

Cat 3 Master 35+
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         Daniel          Ott             Darkhorse Racing                          CINCINNATI      OH
2         Micah           Fritzinger      Schellers                                 GEORGETOWN      IN
3         Erik            KOEHLER         wolverine/american cycle fitness          Birmingham      MI
4         Scott           Fabijanski      WolverineSportsClub/American Cycle & Fit  ROYAL OAK       MI
5         Tim             ASSOR           Hight Country Racing Team                 Dillon          CO
6         Dusty           lebarr          KONA
7         William         Marut           Team Lake Effect                          PAINESVILLE     OH
8         Bryan           BELL            Dayton Gruppetto                          Dayton          OH
9         Peter           Hills           Team Dayton Bicycling                     LOVELAND        OH
10        Nathan          Mirus           Bio Wheels Racing                         WESTCHESTER     OH
11        Joseph          Bellante        BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing           CINCINNATI      OH
12        Bill            Crank           Pedal the Planet/CES                      LEXINGTON       KY
13        Nate            Loman           Team Lake Effect                          FAIRLAWN        OH
14        Steven          BIVENS          Ohio Valley Velo                          Evansville      IN
15        Andrew          Millard         ZWS/CycleSport                            CINCINNATI      OH
16        Wayne           Cook            Specialized                               CLINTON TWP.    MI
17        James           Turner          Team IPro                                 DAYTON          OH
18        Martin          Bearden         BikeClicks/Team Louisville                LOUISVILLE      KY
19        Richard         Parr            Stark Velo                                UNIONTOWN       OH
20        Duane           Walker Louisville            PROSPECT        KY
21        Marty           SMITH           Commonwealth Eye Surgery/Pedal the Planet Nicholasville   KY
22        Rodney          Roof            Zephyr Wheelsports                        BLUE ASH        OH
23        Todd            NIX             Ohio Valley Velo                          Owensboro       KY
24        Timothy         Beberniss       One Call Now                              DAYTON          OH
25        David           Stewart         Huntington Bank                           MILFORD         OH
26        Stephen         KILLAR          Flying Rhinos                             Clawson         MI
27        Michael         WAKELEY         Blue Competition Cycles                   Ottawa          IL
28        Rick            Maier           Team Dayton Bicycling                     LIBERTY TWP     OH
29        Alan            Alderfer        Alderfer Bergen                           WINONA LAKE     IN

Cat 3 Men 45+
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         Scott           Young           Tri Tech                                  MILLERSPORT     OH
2         Michael         Otting          7hills racing                             CINCINNATI      OH
3         David           Hart            ZWS Cyclesport                            CINCINNATI      OH
4         Scott           Bond            Speedway Wheelmen                         GREENFIELD      IN
5         Lou             Beckmeyer       7 Hills Racing                            CINCINNATI      OH
6         Richard         Toler           Team Columbus                             TROTWOOD        OH
7         Roger           WILSON          pedal the planet/ces                      Versailles      KY
8         Michael         Seiler          Rogue Racing Project                      LOUISVILLE      KY
9         Mark            Hooton          Rogue Racers                              CINCINNATI      OH
10        Kenny           Sipes           CKW Racing                                FLAHERTY        KY
11        Dennis          BARBER          Bicycle Station                           North Vernon    IN
12        John            Harris          Rogue Racing Project                      LOUISVILLE      KY
13        Mitchell        Beckner         One Call Now                              TROY            OH
14        Harry           Wicks           Bio Wheels Racing                         BUTLER          KY
15        Bill            KENNEDY         Evil Clowns                               Louisville      KY
16        Paul            Warloski        My Wife Inc                               GREENDALE       WI

Cat 4
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         Cooper          Simon           Red Zone Cycling                          LOUISVILLE      KY
2         Martin          MEADOWS         Speedway Wheelmen                         Indianapolis    IN
3         Chauncey        Joyce           Mercy Health Plex                         CINCINNATI      OH
4         Andrew          smith           Team Hungry
5         Michael         WEBBER          Rogue Racing Project                      Louisville      KY
6         Kristofer       Karwisch        Bio Wheels Racing                         ERLANGER        KY
7         Tim             SHOLL           Ohio Orthopedic Center of Excellence/ MoroColumbus        OH
8         James           Billiter        Trek Store Cincinnati                     CINCINNATI      OH
9         Tim             HOLT            Ernesto Calderin Racing                   Indianapolis    IN
10        Peter           DEUCHER         Team Spin/ RR Donnelley                   Indianapolis    IN
11        Ryan            MCKINNIE        Two Wheel Tango                           Brighton        MI
12        Kerry           Nordstrom       Team Hungry                               CINCINNATI      OH
13        Stephen         huddle          TomatoHead
14        Samuel          Dobrozsi        Prochain / Turner                         LOVELAND        OH
15        Derrick         Young           COBC National Engineering                 GAHANNA         OH
16        Tom             swallow         Unattached
17        Thomas          Waggener        Main Street Velo                          SHELBYVILLE     KY
18        Kyle            COMBS           none                                      Cincinnati      OH
19        Scott           Lempka                                                    CLEVELAND HEIGHTOH
20        Kevin           VANWERT         Zephyr Wheel Sports                       Cincinnati      OH
21        Jeremy          burroughs       Unattached
22        Scott           Murschel        Team Abundance                            CINCINNATI      OH
23        Isaiah          Jay             Half Acre Cycling                         CHICAGO         IL
24        Charles         BOSSART                                                   Cincinnati      OH
25        Tim             HUMBERT         Bio-Wheels Racing                         Cincinnati      OH
26        Joe             czerwonka       Bob�s Red Mill/Rocky Mountain
27        Nate            Maxson          Darkhorse Racing                          LAWRENCEBURG    IN
28        Kurtis          FRALEY          Ohio Orthopedic / Moro Cycling            Lewis Center    OH
29        Adam            Stevens         Team Gears are for Queers                 AMELIA          OH
30        Jamie           WILLIAMSON      Queen City Wheels                         Cincinnati      OH
31        Jason           GARNERET        CORA-Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance         Maineville      OH
32        Nicholas        Leonard         Ohio Valley Velo                          OWENSBORO       KY
33        Daniel          Bartholomew     Speedway Wheelmen                         GREENWOOD       IN
34        BAGLEY          Reed            McDonald's Cycling Team                   Lexington       KY
35        Darryn          FESSEL          7 Hills Racing                            Cincinnati      OH
36        Martin          LALLY           Louisville Firefighters                   Crestwood       KY
37        Matt            Harbau
38        Ben             Vanmeter        Biowheels
39        Brian           Schultz         Ohio Orthopedic/Moro Cycling              COLUMBUS        OH

Cat 4 Men 35+
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         Jason           LEWIS           Everedy Endurance                         Jonesborough    TN
2         Joern           Brockhaus       Team Dayton Bicycling                     WESTCHESTER     OH
3         Shannon         Smith           Darkhorse Racing                          CINCINNATI      OH
4         Scot            Herrmann        Team Dayton Bicycling                     CINCINNATI      OH
5         Scott           PARDI           Team Hungry Cycling                       Cincinnati      OH
6         Butch           farrell         smittys
7         Jeff            CYRUS           CORA-Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance         Loveland        OH
8         james           oloughlin       Queen City Wheels                         CINCINNATI      OH
9         Dwight          Smith           Tri Cities Road Club                      CHURCH HILL     TN
10        Scott           Lyle            Queen City Wheels                         CINCINNATI      OH
11        Trevor          STITH           Scheller's Fitness & Cycling              Louisville      KY
12        John            DOWNEY                                                    Loveland        OH
13        Matt            stierwalt       Queen City Wheels
14        Jason           Owen            Joe�s Cycles
15        Bryan           DALMAN          Speedway Wheelmen                         Carmel          IN
16        John            Ryan            Alderfer Bergen                           WINONA LAKE     IN
17        Matt            BECHER          Smitty's Cyclery                          Cincinnati      OH
18        Darren          LING                                                      Fairfield       OH
19        Brian           Bishop                                                    MANSFIELD       OH
20        Jerry           Hayes           Queen City Wheels                         CINCINNATI      OH
21        Thomas          Mulpagano       Shamrock Cycles                           CARMEL          IN
22        Doug            Roemer          Rogue Racing Project - 502                LOUISVILLE      KY
23        brian           segal           Rogue Racing Project                      LOUISVILLE      KY
24        Chris           Quinn           Unattached
25        Christian       AMBJORN                                                   Covington       KY
26        Richard         FOSTER          Smyrna Bicycles                           Smyrna          GA
27        Chip            SCHUG           Dizzy Cycles / webcyclery                 Vancouver       BC
28        Evan            CLARK           Dirt Diggler                              Hebron          KY
29        Tim             WEGNER          Summit City Bicycles & Fitness            Fort Wayne      IN
30        Doug            Carraway        Unattached                                COLUMBUS        OH
31        Don             FREY            Snakebite Racing                          South Euclid    OH
32        Jim             HAVEY           Commonwealth Eye Surgery / Pedal the PlaneLexington       KY
33        Patrick         LACH                                                      Cincinnati      OH
34        Stephen         Farrens                                                   GREENFIELD      OH
35        Robert          Prewitt         Queen City Wheels                         LOVELAND        OH
36        David           GARLOW                                                    Troy            OH
37        Jon             TIMMONS                                                   Liberty TownshipOH
38        Brian           HAZELWOOD       Gears For Beers                           Mason           OH
39        Richard         McCreary        Team Dayton                               CINCINNATI      OH
40        See             Registration    need your name
41        Tim             ODONNELL        Shamrock Cycles                           Indianapolis    IN

Cat 4 Men 45+
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         Mark            Fasczewski      Krystal Cycling Team                      HIXSON          TN
2         Steve           Stidham         Tri Cities Road Club                      KINGSPORT       TN
3         Scott           Belcher         7 Hills Racing                            CINCINNATI      OH
4         Kevin           SKIPWORTH       City Bike Shop                            Findlay         OH
5         Dell            Williamson      Queen City Wheels                         CINCINNATI      OH
6         Michael         Carroll         Ohio Orthopedics/Moro Cycling             DUBLIN          OH
7         steve           breeden         Winchester Wheelmen Racing Team           WINCHESTER      VA
8         Christopher     Snead           ALAN North America Cycling                RICHMOND        VA
9         Bryan           Smith           CKW Racing                                ELIZABETHTOWN   KY
10        Rodger          Cooper          Captured by Cooper Photography            HYDEN           KY
11        James           Pontius         ZWS Cycle Sports                          LOVELAND        OH
12        David           Loignon                            LOUISVILLE      KY
13        Fred            Steinbrecher    McDonalds Cycling Team                    FRANKFORT       KY
14        Lance           BROWN                                                     Cincinnati      OH
15        Donald          Bill            Team Dayton Bicycling                     MIAMISBURG      OH
16        Chris           FRETER          ALAN North America Cycling                Columbus        OH
17        Peter           Mccann          Queen City Wheels
18        Randy           Morris          One Call Now                              CINCINNATI      OH
19        JOHN PATRICK    RADEMACHER      Queen City Wheels                         LOVELAND        OH
20        Dennis          MCCOY                                                     Xenia           OH
21        Dale            Eads            Cycle Sport                               LOVELAND        OH
22        Bruce           Skillings       Team Dayton Bicycling                     KETTERING       OH
23        Mark            McKenney        Mercy Health Plex                         MASON           OH

Elite Master 35+/45+
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         Michael         Wissink         SPECIALIZED                               WALLED LAKE     MI
2         Timothy         Saari           Essex Brass Cycling Team                  ROCHESTER HILLS MI
3         Jeff            Weinert         Wolverine Sports Club                     LAKE ORION      MI
4         Mark            Legg Compton    Spike Shooter                             COLORADO SPRINGSCO
5         Gerald          Pflug           Speedgoat/SPK                             MOUNT PLEASANT  PA
6         Daniel          Casper          GrandStay Hotels                          NORTHFIELD      MN
7         Michael         McShane         Calistoga Racing Team                     LOUISVILLE      KY
8         Phillip         Noble           Bio Wheels Racing                         XENIA           OH
9         Jeff            WELCH           Fiets Maan Racing                         Lenoir          NC
10        Frederick       Rose                                 BLOOMINGTON     IN
11        Rudy            Sroka           Lake Effect Racing                        N ROYALTON      OH
12        Jay             Moncel          Wolverine Sports Club                     TROY            MI
13        Philip          Webb            Barbisol                                  LOUISVILLE      KY
14        Bruce           Pisarek         COBC National Engineering                 POWELL          OH
15        Lance           Fagerberg       Calistoga Racing Team                     LOUISVILLE      KY
16        Peter           Bauer           Huntington Bank                           MASON           OH
17        John            Mandrola        Calistoga Racing Team                     LOUISVILLE      KY
18        Peter           Thompson        Flying Rhino Cycling Club                 ORTONVILLE      MI
19        Kristopher      Auer            C3-Sollay/Athletes Serving Athletes       BALTIMORE       MD
20        Kyle            Wingler         alan north america                        ALEXANDRIA      OH
21        Randall         Root            Evolution Cycling Club                    STERLING        VA
22        Michael         Dulin           Bob�s Red Mill
23        Derek           Wilford         Spin                                      EUCLID          OH
24        Mark            Strecker        Bio Wheels Racing                         CINCINNATI      OH
25        Michael         SEEK            Tri-Cities Road Club (TCRC)               Johnson City    TN
26        Michael         Seaman          Specialized                               MT PLEASANT     MI
27        John            Koury           Drake�s Fine Coffee                       CHARLOTTE       NC
28        Robert          Pugh            Fiets Maan Racing                         CHARLOTTE       NC
29        Joseph          Brown           Flying Rhino Cycling Club                 WALLED LAKE     MI
30        Steve           Dodge           PARK PLACE DEALERSHIPS                    DALLAS          TX
31        Matt            BAROLI          WolverineSports /Michigan Youth Cycling   Troy            MI
32        Mark            Wolowiec        Flying Rhino Cycling Club                 DAVISBURG       MI
33        Matthew         Koehn           Speedway Wheelmen                         INDIANAPOLIS    IN

Junior 10-12
placing_rafirst_name      last_name       Team Name                                 city            state
1         James           FRANCISCO       Red Zone Juniors Cycling                  Louisville      KY
2         Edward          Fritzinger      Red Zone                                  GEORGETOWN      IN
3         Spencer         PETROV          QCW LionHearts                            Mason           OH
4         Robert          PREWITT         Queen City Wheels                         Loveland        OH
6         Ryan            MADIS           Project Velo / One Call Now               Hudson          OH
7         Jackson         MCNEAR          Red Zone Cycling                          Louisville      KY
8         Frances-Jane    HALEY           Red Zone Cycling                          Louisville      KY
9         Zachary         ROSS            QCW Lionhearts                            Cincinnati      OH
10        Evan            SEGAR           QCW Lionhearts                            Cincinnati      OH
11        Martin          walsh           Red Zone                                  LOUISVILLE      KY
12        Enzo            ALLWEIN         QCW Lionhearts                            Cincinnati      OH
13        Mary Frances    SHARPSHAIR      QCW Lionhearts                            Cincinnati      OH
14        Nathan          ROSS            QCW Lionhearts                            Cincinnati      OH

Junior 13-14
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         Ian             McShane         Red Zone Cycling                          LOUISVILLE      KY
2         Gavin           Haley           Red Zone Cycling                          LOUISVILLE      KY
3         Ben             GLOVER          Red Zone Cycling                          Louisville      KY
4         Erick           MADIS           Project Velo / One Call Now               Hudson          OH
5         Jedidiah        Fritzinger      Red Zone                                  GEORGETOWN      IN
6         Will            MANDROLA        Red Zone Cycling                          Louisville      KY
7         Rachel          Dobrozsi        Lionhearts                                LOVELAND        OH
8         Andrew          Rademacher      Lionhearts                                LOVELAND        OH
9         Emily           FALK            Red Zone Cycling                          Louisville      KY
10        Katherine       SANTOS          Red Zone Cycling                          Louisville      KY
11        Mackenzie       GREEN           QCW Lionhearts                            Mason           OH
12        Michael         Gruenwald       Lionhearts                                CINCINNATI      OH

Junior 15-16
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         Stephen         Bassett         Bike Zoo SCO                              KNOXVILLE       TN
2         Jesse           Stidham         Tri Cities Road Club                      KINGSPORT       TN
3         Samuel          Dobrozsi        Prochain / Team Turner                    LOVELAND        OH
4         Tyler           LACH            Cyclesport/Zephyr Wheel Sport             Cincinnati      OH
5         Jack            Mccann          Queen City Wheels
6         Nolan           MCQUEEN         Red Zone Cycling Team                     Louisville      KY
7         Daniel          SANTOS          RedZone Cycling                           Louisville      KY

Junior 17-18
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         DYER            Jeremiah        HUDZ-Subaru Jr-Devo Cyclocross team       Valdese         NC
2         Brian           Lark                                                      NEW ALBANY      IN
3         Jarrett         Frauhiger       Prochain                                  LEBANON         OH
4         Johnathan       Freter          Alan North America                        COLUMBUS        OH
5         William         Bain            Team Louisville                           LOUISVILLE      KY

Master Women 35+
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         Gerry           Schulze         Bio Wheels Racing                         CINCINNATI      OH
2         Kim             BISHOP          Tri  Cities Road Club                     Kingsport       TN
3         Angie           KNOECHEL SEXTON Cycle Sport                               West Chester    OH
4         melissa         corliss         Central Ohio Bicycle Club                 DAYTON          OH
5         Shelli          WELCH           Fiets Maan Racing                         Lenoir          NC
6         Bridget         Sempsrott       Bio Wheels Racing                         MAINEVILLE      OH
7         Elli            SIGMOND         Dayton Brewing                            Dayton          OH
8         Judi            ROTHENBERG                                                Cincinnati      OH
9         Suzanne         WEBSTER / Team Louisville          Louisville      KY
10        Karin           REED            Team Dayton                               Cincinnati      OH
11        Tiffanie        HILLS           Team Dayton                               Loveland        OH

UCI Men Elite/Hommes Elite
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         Jeremy          POWERS          Cannondale/            Easthampton     MA
2         Ryan            Trebon          KONA                                      BEND            OR
3         Barry           Wicks           Kona                                      CORVALLIS       OR
4         Troy            Wells           Team Clif Bar                             DURANGO         CO
5         Joachim         PARBO           CCV Leopard Cycles
6         Brian           Matter          Team Geargrinder                          SHEBOYGAN       WI
7         Mark            LaLonde         Planet Bike                               MADISON         WI
8         Andrew          Wulfkuhle                             LANCASTER       PA
9         Greg            Wittwer         ALAN North America Cycling Team           RICHMOND        VA
10        Tom             Burke           Lathrup Industries/Giant Bicycles         KENTWOOD        MI
11        Ryan            Knapp                                COLUMBUS        IN
12        Nathan          Wyatt           Carolina Fatz/ Santa Cruz/Industry Nine   FAIRVIEW        NC
13        Mitchell        Kersting        Bob�s Red Mill                            LOUISVILLE      KY
14        Travis          Livermon        Cannondale                                WINTERVILLE     NC
15        Stephen         Cummings        Indiana Regional Medical Center           PITTSBURGH      PA
16        Bryan           Fawley          Hudz - Subaru                             AUSTIN          TX
17        Ben             Popper          HRS / Rock Lobster                        CHICAGO         IL
18        Ryan            Leech                                SAVANNAH        GA
19        Dave            Weaver          Alan North America Cycling Team           TOWSON          MD
20        Andrew          Reardon         Starbrite Carwash / MOAB                  BRENTWOOD       TN
21        Molly           Cameron         Portland Bicycle Studio                   PORTLAND        OR
22        Eric            Wondergem       Hup United                                JOHNSON CITY    TN
23        Mike            Purvis          WORKitOUT / KHS                           LOUISVILLE      KY
24        Robert          Kendall         Barbasol                                  LOUISVILLE      KY
25        Noah            Metzler         Team Globalbike                           CLEMSON         SC
26        Andrew          Messer          DRT Racing                                COLUMBUS        IN
27        Zachary         Edwards         DRT Racing                                BLOOMINGTON     IN
28        Matthew         Weeks           Team Lake Effect                          MENTOR          OH
29        Brandon         Jessop          Boulder Cycle Sport                       LAKEWOOD        CO
30        Tyler           Hawes           Team Globalbike                           CLEMSON         SC
31        Jacob           Virostko        BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing           COLUMBUS        IN
32        Dustin          Greer           Ohio Valley Velo/Maxxis                   CHAPMANSBORO    TN
33        Joshua          Whitmore        Team Globalbike                           SYLVA           NC
34        Ryan            O'Connor        Carlos OBriens Racing                     SCOTTSDALE      AZ

UCI Women Elite/Femmes Elite
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         Katherine       Compton         Planet Bike                               COLORADO SPRINGSCO
2         Laura           Van Gilder      C3 Sollay                                 CRESCO          PA
3         Susan           Butler                    PORTLAND        OR
4         Barbara         Howe            Vanderkitten Racing                       BERKELEY        CA
5         Deidre          Winfield        C3 Sollay                                 CHARLOTTESVILLE VA
6         Kristin         Wentworth       Planet Bike                               MADISON         WI
7         Kaitlin         Antonneau       Planet Bike                               RACINE          WI
8         Linda           Sone            Planet Bike                               NORTHFIELD      MN
9         Kimberly        Flynn           Vantaggio/Specialized                     HIXSON          TN
10        Ashley          James           Team Kenda                                DELAFIELD       WI
11        Anne            Schwartz        Flying Rhino Cycling Club                 GROSSE POINTE WOMI
12        Nicole          Borem           DRT Consulting                            WARSAW          IN
13        Amanda          McKay           BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing           PETERSBURG      KY
14        Elizabeth       Frye            Boone Velo                                BOONE           NC
15        Julie           Kuliecza        Team Marshall Mechanical                  RICHMOND        VA
16        Marne           Smiley          Scott bikes                               ANN ARBOR       MI
17        Therese         Meek            BikeClicks/Team Louisville                SHARONVILLE     OH
18        Deb             Whitmore        BMW/Bianchi                               SYLVA           NC
19        Julie           Lewis-Sroka     Lake Effect                               N ROYALTON      OH
20        Bridget         Donovan         TrekstoreCincinnati/Seven Cycles          CINCINNATI      OH
21        Christy         Blakely         BMW/Bianchi                               CHARLOTTE       NC
22        Emily           BENSON          DRT Racing                                Bloomington     IN
23        Heidi           von Teitenberg                             BALTIMORE       MD
24        Whitney         Kroll           Cane Creek                                LAFAYETTE       IN

Women 3/4
Place     First           Last            Team                                      city            state
1         Leah            HALLORAN        Spin/Second Sole                          Lakewood        OH
2         Mary            PENTA           Scheller's                                Louisville      KY
3         Nancy           Henderson       National Engineering/COBC                 DUBLIN          OH
4         Kathleen        Wulfkuhle       C3-Athletes Serving Athletes              LANCASTER       PA
5         Briana          Kovac           Alderfer Bergen                           INDIANAPOLIS    IN
6         ColleenF        Morris          One Call Now                              CINCINNATI      OH
7         Elizabeth       Cobb            Unattached
8         April           Beckner         One Call Now                              TROY            OH
9         Brooke          WEBBER          Rogue Racing Project                      Louisville      KY
10        Jeni            ROOSEN          Seven Hills                               Cincinnati      OH
11        Cooper          AMBJORN                                                   Covington       KY
12        Jillian         Kellbach        National Engineering                      POWELL          OH
13        Julie           Wilson          Team Dayton Bicycling                     CINCINNATI      OH