Richmond Festival of Cross- Bryan Park

Richmond, VA

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Richmond Festival of Cross- Bryan Park Presented by Altius Cycling Team and Altius Family and Sports Medicine Bryan Park -4308 Hermitage Road, Richmond, VA Sunday, October 11, 2009

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Place     First          Last                  Team
Women's Collegiate A
1         Hannah         Young                 NC State

Junior 10-14 Race
1         Ethan          Revere                Altius Cycling Team
2         Josh           Fournier              0
3         Danny          Oughton               Team Carytown Bicycle Company
4         Nash           Johnson               Altius Cycling Team
5         Kasey          Fournier              0

Women's A Race
1         Lenore         Pipes                 UNATTACHED
2         Katherine      Shields               Carolina Masters Cycling
3         Emily          Shields               Carolina Masters Cycling
4         Lynn           Pitson                Carolina Masters Cycling
5         Katie          Simmons               Team Marshal Mechanical (River City Women's Racing)

Women's B Race
1         Mary           Alex                  Evolution Cycling Club
2         Debbie         Conway                Evolution Cycling Club
3         Maryanne       Snavely               Altius Cycling Team
4         Jennifer       Pope                  Fat Frogs Racing
5         Malissa        Hundley               Altius Cycling Team
6         Julia          Casals                unattached
7         Susan          Revere                Altius Cycling Team
8         Starr          Walker                Team INVISIBLE BIKE
9         Pam            Zimmerman             Kitty Hawk

Men's Collegiate A Race
1         Andrew         Troy                  VCU
2         Aaron          Oakes                 NCSU
3         Reid           Beloni                VT
4         Brian          Savin                 NCSU
5         Will           Stoughton             NCSU
6         Nicholas       Reeves                NCSU

Men's A Race
1         Jeffrey        Buckles               ALAN / Richmond Pro
2         Craig          Dodson                Richmond Pro Cycling
3         Jared          Nieters               Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit
4         Michael        Stoop                 Speedy's Hot Sauce  pb Fuji
5         Joseph         Dombrowski            Haymarket Bicycles/Home Visit
6         Ian            Marcuse               RICHMOND KAF
7         Stuart         Louder                ALAN North America Cycling Team
8         Gonzalo        Escobar               Haymarket/ HomeVisit
9         Jimmy          Bruner                Inland Construction
10        Justin         Raynes                Bikes Unlimited
11        Todd           Hunter                Unknown
12        Shawn          Kane                  DLP Racing
13        William        Evans                 BikeWorks Racing
14        Callum         Ingram                0
15        Fred           Witwer                ALAN
16        Tony           Bilotta               Van Dessel Factory Team
17        Nate           Seymour               Evolution Cycling

Men's Collegiate B Race
1         Bradley        Kendall               App State
2         Andrew         Ali                   VCU
3         Harris         Bassett               NC State

Men's B Race
1         Steven         Kendall               NCVC/Inova Health System
2         Tom            Jeffery               3Sports
3         Cj             Congrove              Team Invisible Bike
4         Terry          Anderson              Haymarket Bicycles/Trakkers
5         Russell        Jones                 Charlottesville Racing
6         Ethan          Lindbloom             Team Carytown/Niner
7         Johnathan      Nisbet                Va Beach Wheelman
8         Shawn          Tunstall              Kazane Racing
9         Robert         Carrico               Altius Cycling Team
10        Robert         Cook                  TNP
11        Shawn          Buddenhagen           All About Bikes Racing
12        Wilson         Hale                  JRVS/Casey Auto group
13        Tim            Shockley              Va Beach Wheelman
14        Peter          Henry                 Carytown Bicycle Company
15        Dave           Chamblin              0
16        Kyle           Knott                 Speedy's Hot Sauce pb Fuji
17        John           Messersmith           Altius Cycling Team
18        Mike           Tamayo                Va Beach Wheelman
19        Albe           Rodenas               All About Bikes Racing
20        Joe            Notarnicola           Team Carytown Bicycle Company
21        Josh           Goyet                 Va Beach Wheelman

Mens Collegiate C Race
1         Samuel         Hilgartner            VCU
2         Brandon        Smith                 VCU Cycling
3         Quinn          McFrederick           University of Virginia
4         Will           Canup                 UVA
5         Rob            Sherpa                VT
6         Joseph         O'Brien-Applegate     William And Mary
7         Ben            King                  VT
8         Caleb          King                  VCU
9         Shawn          Waters                WVU Cycling
10        Eric           Halveson              VCU

Mens C Race
1         Elliott        Craddock              Champion Systems
2         Chris          McMillan              HPC
3         Jim            Fisher                3 Sports
4         Jack           Sparks                Bikeworks Racing
5         Jeff           Trinh                 Georgetown University
6         Terry          Turner                Carytown Bikes
7         Timothy        Pope                  Fat Frogs Racing
8         Andres         Demarchena            Fat Frog's Racing
9         Taylor         Doyle
10        Ben            Hatton                Team Invisible Bike
11        Matt           Keane                 Fat Frogs Racing
12        Michael        Park                  TriPower
13        Mark           Brunner               Altius Cycling Team
14        Barry          Hindman               Ben's Performance Bicycles, Inc
15        Chad           Rathbone              Kazane
16        Michael        Baldwin Ii            0
17        Travis         Hurt                  Monticello Velo
18        Saul           Valaitis              Team Invisible Bike
19        Rob            Tripp                 BKB
20        John           Gray                  Va Beach Wheelman
21        George         Blankenship           NCVC/Inova Health System
22        Zach           Steinke               unattached
23        Joshua         Abde                  unattached
24        Chip           Atkins                Pibby's
25        Jim            Miller                Speedys Hot Sauce
26        Chris          Woods                 Altius Cycling Team
27        Matt           Cole                  unattached
28        Robin          Aldiner
29        Steve          Knott                 Team Fitness Together
30        Anthony        Oughton               Team Carytown Bicycle Company
31        Byron          Gonzalez              unattached

Men's 35+ Race
1         Mark           Wilson                Speedys Hot Sauce pb Fuji Bikes
2         Matt           Marchal               Altius Cycling Team
3         Steve          Fife                  Bike Doctor
4         Brian          Sorrell               Speedy's Hot Sauce pb Fuji
5         Mike           Yengling              Team Nature's Path / 3Sports
6         John           Kamenick              evolution cycling
7         Jim            Miller                Altius Cycling Team
8         Brent          Williamson            Rostello presented by Fiorucci/Cycor
9         Russell        Jones                 Charlottesville Racing Club
10        Brent          Lehew                 Speedy's Hot Sauce pb Fuji
11        Robert         Cook                  Team Nature's Path/3 Sports
12        Rob            Suydan                Carytown
13        Mark           Russell               IF Racing
14        Eric           Fletcher              Charlottesville Racing Club
15        Wesley         Best                  Unknown
16        CC             Rosen                 WALT Racing/AV/Speedy's
17        Christopher    Dinsmore              TriPower
18        Sean           Yeager                Altius Cycling Team
19        Christian      Sheridan              Charlottesville Racing Club

Men's 45+ Race
1         Keith          Johnson               Carolina Masters
2         Chris          Huhn                  Evolution Cycling Club
3         James          Revere                Altius Cycling Team
4         Michael        Satterfield           Mock Orange Bikes
5         Edward         Dickenson             Blue Ridge Bike Club
6         Karl           Kinsenger             NCVC/Inova Healthcare
7         Mike           Jinks                 Bikeworks
8         Gary           Hoffman               TNP
9         Jim            Edwards               Inland Construction Company
10        John           Messersmith           Altius Cycling Team
11        Dave           Olds                  Kitty Hawk
12        James          Schaffer              Rostello pb Fiorucci/ Cycor
13        Nick           Blend                 TNP

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