BloomingCross presented by DRT Consulting - OVCX # 6

Bloomington, IN

Sunday, October 17, 2010

BloomingCross presented by DRT Consulting - OVCX # 6 Presented by DRT Consulting and Revolution Bike & Bean Bloomington, IN Sunday, October 17, 2010
Bloomingcross Race Report- Oct 17th 2010

Wicks and Dallaire Dominate

Barry Wicks and Nikki Dallaire both brought their �A� games to ensure that Bloomingcross, the 6th stop of the oh-so-popular ZIPP OVCX Tour presented by Papa John�s was more than a sandwich filler! Held on October 17, the weekend between the UCI3 weekend in Cincinnati and the USGP in Louisville, the Bloomingcross event in Bloomington, Indiana always had the potential as a rest weekend for the Midwest cyclocross community. However a new, very roadie-friendly course (just one set of barriers and a few technical turns) meant over 225 riders came out to race, no doubt motivated by continuingly unseasonable temperatures in the 80s. Barry Wicks (Kona) had hosted a skills clinic for developing riders on the previous day and was determined to also take the best of the Midwest Elite racers to school in the Men�s race. Mitchell Kersting (Bobs Red Mill) took the hole-shot and for the first ten minutes kept a solid pace that only Wicks, Ryan Knapp ( and Mike Sherer (Pony Shop) could follow. That was plenty of time following for Wicks who put in a big move onto a portion of �corsa bianca� that only Knapp could follow. Sherer turned himself inside out to get back in contention but Wicks continued to turn the screws to take himself solo for the remaining 30 minutes. Knapp and Sherer battled back-and-forth until Knapp took a minor fall, allowing Sherer to definitively get away for an ultimate second place. Kersting changed bikes a couple of times but still managed fourth, followed home by his Bobs Red Mill teammate Rob Kendall. On the podium Wicks confirmed he�d had a fun weekend and that the race was great training for bigger challenges to follow. All of the top four will be looking for at least top 15 finishes next weekend in Louisville. The Elite Women�s race was a one lady affair as Nikki Dallaire (Alderfer Bergen) immediately took to the front and was never headed, piling on the pressure to win by a couple of minute by the races conclusion. Nicole Borem (DRT Consulting) was also alone in second place whilst the most competitive battle was for 3rd where Bridget Donovan and Amanda Virostko traded pulls until the former pulled away in the final 10 minutes. Mike McShane (Bobs Red Mill) put a subpar UCI3 weekend in Cincinnati behind him to win the Elite masters race after a race long battle ahead of event organizer Andy Messer (DRT Consulting) and teammate Tomasz Golas. The Zipp OVCX Tour presented by Papa John�s continues to be a wildly successful series and the Bloomingcross looks to be a fixture for years to come. Now please, can we get a little rain!

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat 3 Men
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Andrew               Boneff            Jay's Bikes
2      Jason                Monk              Main Street Velo
3      William              Sherman           Shamrock Cycles
4      cory                 swihart           team indiebike P/B Ortho Indy
5      Nick                 Barbieri
6      Ren-Jay              Shei              Alderfer Bergen
7      Ryan                 Preske            Morris Trucking
8      Ray                  Smith             Humana/Cycler's Cafe
9      Samuel               Dobrozsi          PROCHAIN CYCLING
10     Blake                Voges             Sustainable Cycling
11     Tony                 ONeill
12     Allen                Morris            One Call Now
13     Martin               Meadows           SPEEDWAY WHEELMAN
14     Joseph               Nalley            BikeClicks / Team Louisville
15     Aaron                Knapp
16     Peter                Deucher           Spin
17     Cooper               Simon             Red Zone Cycling

Cat 3 Master Men 35-39
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Shane                nalley            Alderfer Bergen
2      Brian                Collier           Bio Wheels Racing
3      Corey                Green             Team Ghisallo
4      Josh                 Biven             Louisville Firefighters
5      Andrew               Millard           ZWS/CycleSport
6      Mark                 Farmer            Ohio Orthopedic-Moro Cycling
7      Matt                 Stierwalt         Rogue Racers
8      Jeff                 schoeny           Michelob Ultra Cycling
9      Robert               Sherman           Michelob Ultra Cycling
10     Nathan               Mirus             Bio Wheels Racing
11     Duane                Walker   Louisville
12     Mark                 Trousdale         Speedway Wheelmen
13     David                Musich            Tri Cities Road Club
14     Butch                Farrell           Rogue Racing Project ::513::
15     Dave                 Aukerman          Some Guys Cycling

Cat 3 Master Men 45-49
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Mark                 Hooton            Rogue Racers
2      Michael              Franklin          BioWheels /Reece Campbell Racing
3      Brent                Vanlandingham     Some Guys Cycling
4      Scott                Belcher           7 Hills Racing
5      Kenny                Sipes
6      Kay                  Ohta              Main Street Velo
7      Craig                Reynolds          Some Guys Cycling/Indiana Hand Center
8      Scott                Wagner            DRT Racing
9      Jeff                 Steinrock         Al  Steinrock Roofing
10     Bryan                Smith             McDonalds Cycling Team
11     Steven               Vorderman         DRT
12     Brian                Blackwell         Rogue Racing Project
13     James                Havey             Commonwealth Eye Surgery
14     Charles              South             Men of Steel Racing Team
15     Wes                  Harris            Speedway Wheelmen
16     Bill                 Kennedy           BizarroWorld

Cat 3/4 Women
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Sarah                Swallow           ZWS Cycle Sport
2      Sarah                Fredrickson
3      Carrie               Cochran           Reser Fusion Velo Experience
4      Cooper               Ambjorn           Reser Fusion Velo Experience
5      Lindsay              Rodkey            Velo Bella
6      Chienhuei (Janet)    Sherman           A Cycling Team

Cat 3/4 Master Women 35-39
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Staci                Mandrola          Papa John's Racing Team
2      Angie                Sexton            Zephyr Wheels
3      Jeni                 Roosen            Seven Hills
4      Karen                Wells-Hamilton    Bio Wheels Racing
5      Sherri               Thompson          Rogue Racing Project
6      Heather              Farrell           Rogue Racing Project

Cat 4 Men
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      William              Bain              Team Louisville
2      Ashton               Wischmeier        DRT
3      Nolan                McQueen           Red Zone Cycling Team
4      Dustin               Jones    p/b OrthoIndy
5      Alex                 Melloy            Red Zone Cycling
6      Jesse                Roberson          Scheller's Racing
7      Thomas               Waggener          main street velo
8      Mike                 Frankeberger      Cycler's Cafe
9      Ian                  McShane           Red Zone Cycling
10     John                 Woods             DRT Racing
11     Luke                 Woodard           FCA Endurance
12     Andrew               Suchocki          Team Hungry!
13     justin               yoder    p/b OrthoIndy
14     David                Schroeder         MCDONALD�S CYCLING
15     Kyle                 Perry             Unattached
16     Cameron              Ashbrook          Guitar Lab Cycling Team
17     Tyler                Lach
18     Patrick              Lach              Zephyr wheels/cycle sport
19     Matt                 Harbaugh          Queen City Wheels
20     John                 Callahan          Some Guys Cycling
21     Daniel               Bartholomew
22     Miles                Johnson  p/b OrthoIndy
23     Aaron                Briner            Guitar Lab Cycling Team
24     Michael              Miller            Trek of Cinncinati
27     Donal                Pugh              Rio Blanco Racing
28     Jacob                Sinex
29     Josh                 Ginsburg

Cat 4 Master Men 35-39
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Kirk                 Grynwald          Rogue Racing Project
2      Otto                 Schug   
3      Trevor               Stith             Scheller's Fitness & Cycling
4      Scott                Lyle              ZEPHYR WHEEL SPORTS
5      Matthew              Emmert
6      Joseph               Van Denburg       J's Bikes
7      Larry                Pethick           Team Louisville
8      Tim                  ODonnell          Shamrock Cycles
9      Christian            Ambjorn           Reser Fusion Velo Experience
10     Grant                Hammons           J's Cycles
11     Bryan                Horton            Reser Fusion Velo Experience
12     Luther               Prater            Speedway Wheelmen
13     David                Hack              Team Bikes and Moore
14     Chad                 Nay
15     Doug                 Voss
16     Mike                 Shipman           CYCLING FITNESS WAREHOUSE
17     Chris                Arvin             Morris Trucking
18     Mike                 Minichiello       Team Nebo Ridge
19     brian                segal             Rogue Racing Project
20     Thomas               Mulpagano         Shamrock Cycles
21     Pope                 Mobley            Rogue Racing Project
22     Eric                 Schilling         Speedway Wheelmen
23     Scott                Perry             Speedway Wheelmen
24     Jason                Cox               Rogue Racing Project
25     Justin               Forbes            Men of Steel Racing Team
26     Thomas               Hayward           IU/WISHARD LEVEL I TRAUMA CENTER
27     James                foster            Team NEBO RIDGE
28     PETER                ALLAART           UNATTACHED
29     Michael              Buechler          TEAM NEBO RIDGE
30     JOE                  MCGUIRE           NEBO RIDGE

Cat 4 Master Men 45-49
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Eric                 Lovins            Team Bikes and Moore
2      Eric                 Schumacher        Mercy Health Plex
3      Yngvar               Brynildssen       Speedway Wheelmen
4      John                 Wischmeier        Century21 Breeden Realtors
5      Dell                 Williamson        Queen City Wheels
6      Steve                Godbey            Cycling And Fitness Warehouse (CFW)
7      Lance                Brown             Darkhorse Racing
8      John                 Wheeler           Moore Gray Goat Sports
9      Brien                Fields            DRT Racing p/b Revolution Bike and Bean
11     Fred                 Steinbrecher      McDonalds Cycling Team
12     David                Loignon 
13     John                 Hartman           Indie Bike
14     Keith                Morlen            UNATTACHED
15     Mark                 Sovinski          Moore/Gray Goat Sports
16     Randy                Morris            Queen City Wheels

Pro 1/2 Men
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Barry                Wicks             Kona
2      Mike                 Sherer            The Pony Shop
3      Ryan                 Knapp   
4      Mitchell             Kersting          Fetzer Cycling Team
5      Robert               Kendall           Bob's Red Mill
6      Eric                 Anderson          Nuvo/cultural trail
7      Erik                 Hamilton          NUVO Cultural Trail
8      Joshua               Johnson           DRT Racing
9      Anthony              Stowinski
10     Michael              Kennedy           Fetzer Cycling Team
11     Zachary              Edwards           DRT Racing
12     David                Hauber            Fetzer Cycling Team
13     Chad                 Salla             Alderfer Bergen
14     Adam                 Rodkey            Speedway Wheelmen
15     John                 Francisco         Red Zone Cycling
16     Christopher          Chartier          Alderfer Bergen
17     Jacob                Virostko          Shamrock Cycles/Biowheels Racing
18     James                Billiter          BioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing

Cat 1/2/3 Master Men 35-39
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Andrew               Messer            DRT Racing
2      Tomasz               Golas             DRT Racing
3      Philip               Webb              Fetzer
4      Donald               Galligher         DRT Racing
5      Tom                  Brockman          Louisville Firefighters
6      Frederick            Rose    
7      Brian                Andriot           Bicycle Sport Inc.
8      Todd                 Nix               Breck�s Bicycle
9      Steve                Bivens            Breck's Bike Shop

Cat 1/2/3 Master Men 45-49
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Michael              McShane           Bob's Red Mill
2      Lance                Fagerberg         Papa John's Racing Team
3      John                 Mandrola          Papa Johns Racing Team
4      Keith                Lucas             Schellers Racing Team
5      John                 Gatch             Huntington Bank
6      Andrew               Klumb             Drake's Coffee Roasting
7      Glenn                Francisco         PAPA  JOHNS
8      John                 May               Papa John's Cycling Team
9      Michael              Schulze           Drake's Coffee
10     Scott                Bond              Speedway Wheelmen
11     Rick                 Lyons             rogue racing
12     Matthew              Koehn             Speedway Wheelmen

Cat 1/2/3 Women
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      AnnaJean             Dallaire          Alderfer Bergen
2      Nicole               Borem             DRT Racing
3      Bridget              Donovan           Trek Store Cincinnati/ Seven Cycles
4      Amanda               McKay             Shamrock Cycles/Biowheels Racing
5      Pamela               Loebig            Alderfer Bergen
6      Kiersta              Tucker            Wood - N - Wave
7      Elizabeth            Cobb    
8      Angela               Weston
9      Emily                Benson            Velo Bello

Junior Men 15-18
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Nick                 Dietrich          Red Zone Cycling
2      Samuel               Dobrozsi          PROCHAIN CYCLING
3      Luke                 Woodard           FCA Endurance
4      Daniel               Santos            RedZone Cycling
5      Houston              Ward              Red Zone Cycling

Junior Women 10-12
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Frances              Haley             Red Zone Cycling

Junior Women 13-14
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Katherine            Santos            Red Zone Cycling
2      Eden                 Webb              Red Zone Cycling
3      Emily                Falk              Red Zone Cycling

Junior Men 10-12
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Edward               Fritzinger        Schellers Fitness & Cycling
2      Jackson              McNear            Red Zone Cycling
3      Thomas               Francisco         RED ZONE
4      Alexander            Christian         Lionhearts
5      Cameron              Fisk              RedZone
6      Jacob                Krynock           QCW Lionhearts
7      Eli                  Woodard           FCA Endurance
8      Henry                Emmert

Junior Men 13-14
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Will                 Mandrola          Red Zone Cycling
2      Jedidiah             Fritzinger        Schellers Fitness & Cycling
3      James                Francisco
4      John                 Morris            Lionhearts
5      Corbin               Schmitz           Speedway Wheelmen
6      Palmer               Schmitz
7      Michael              Gruenwald         Lionhearts

Single Speed Men
Place  First Name           Last Name         Team Name
1      Michael              Kennedy           Fetzer Cycling Team
2      Corey                Green             Team Ghisallo
3      Steve                Bivens            Breck's Bike Shop
4      Scott                Belcher           7 Hills Racing
5      Wes                  Harris            Speedway Wheelmen
6      Dave                 Aukerman          Some Guys Cycling