Phelps School Cyclocross Race

Malvern, PA

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Phelps School Cyclocross Race Presented by Main Line Cycling Malvern, PA Saturday, November 13, 2010

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Place      First            LAST NAME            TEAM
1          Carolyn          POPOVIC    
2          Kaitlyn          LAWRRENCE            C-3 Athletes Serving Athletes
3          Kim              DUBECK               C3 Athletes Serving Athletes
4          Diane            GRIM                 C-3 Athletes Serving Athletes
5          Tammy            EBERSOLE             Evolution Racing
5          Anne             ROCK                 C3 Athletes Serving Athletes
6          Margret          MOORE                Thru it All

PLACE      FIRST            LAST NAME            TEAM
1          Angelia          FICK                 Bicycle Therapy
2          Cati             SCHEIFELE            Bean's Racing
3          Linda            MATTIONI             Bicycle Therapy
4          Brandee          BLASI
5          Tamara           CABALU               QCW Cycling/BreakawayBikes
6          Nathalie         ANDERSON             Bicycle Therapy
7          Annette          MONNIER
8          Eva              VAN STRATUM          Tri Dawgs
9          Nancy            HELLER               Main Line Cycling - BiKyle/Mazur
10         Emily            WHITE

PLACE      FIRST            LAST NAME            TEAM
1          Ryan             DEWALD               Mainline - BiKyle/Mazur
2          Anthony          GRAND                Cyfac-Champion System
3          Zach             ADAMS                C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
4          Greg             FERGUSON             Elite Velo
5          Matt             HARRIS               Phil Ciclismo
6          James            DOHERTY              unattached
7          Jeff             APPELTANS            Go Cycling
8          Robert           REUTHER              Chester Co. Velo
9          Chris            FALLON               Bike Line
dnf        Chris            CONSORTO             Team Ville

PLACE      FIRST            LAST NAME            TEAM
1          Thomas           MACKAY               C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
2          Bill             SHOWERS              Trestle Bridge Racing
3          Michael          GAGLIANO
4          Brian            SWEHLA               Wheel Wright Bikes
5          Jamie            HARRIS               Philadelphia Ciclismo
6          Cody             GILLENWATER          QCW Cycling/breakawaybike
7          Cales            HOLMES
8          Marten           BEELS                Lamprey Systems
9          Curtis           MILLER               Team TBB/Deep Blue
10         Ellis            KIM                  TOMS Shoes p/b KindHuman Sports
11         David            IGLEWICZ             CCV-Smedley/IronHill Race Team
12         John             BEERS                Philadelphia Ciclismo
13         Ryan             DUDEK                TOMS Shoes
14         Drew             KARLBERG             Chester County Velo - Smedley/IronHill
15         Seth             GUNDERSON            Mason-Dixon Velo/The Cycle Works
16         Jack             DRUMMOND             Bicycle Therapy
17         Jeff             LORISH               Bikesport
18         Bob              BIESE                Vortex C.C.
19         Jonathan         KAHLER               Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon
dnf        Andrew           ECKSTEIN             Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon
dnf        Julian           MEIER                Cyfac-Champion System Wheelworks
dnf        Ethan            TOWNSEND             C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
dnf        Michael          HOFFMAN              Gung Ho

PLACE      FIRST            LAST NAME            TEAM
1          Nick             ROGERS               QCW Cycling/
2          Ellis            KIM
3          Darrin           MISKIEWICZ           Philadelphia Ciclismo
4          Geoffrey         REZVANI              NCVC/Spokes, Etc.
5          Gregory          AHNERT               Lamprey Systems
6          Scott            HENDRICKSON          Philadelphia Ciclismo
7          Matthew          FURLOW               QCW Cycling/
8          Chris            BUONOMO              QCWcycling/
9          Scott            GREEN                Spud Racing
10         Mitchell         FRANKO               TOMS Shoes
11         Arthur           GORKA                Philadelphia Ciclismo
12         Robert           BOTTO                S-Jawn/Trophy Bikes
13         Mike             BARBONE              Bike Line
14         Sean             MOONEY               Action Wheels p/b Viking Yachts
15         John             NAGY
16         Steven           WITTIG               QCW Cycling/
17         Jesse            SYNNESTVEDT
18         Michael          CIUNCI               Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon
19         Scott            FEATHER              Team Vortex
20         Bailey           SEMIAN               Chester Co. Cycling
21         Shawn            CAREY
22         Frank            BROCKSON             Bike Line
23         Lou              SAVASTANI
24         Bob              BARKER
25         Mark             DENNIS
26         Tom              BURROWS              GPSBikeMaps
27         Jack             INDEKEU
28         William          MARQUIS
29         Robert           SANDS                Evolution /  Beaver Valley Velo/ Flahutes
30         George           DIETRICH             Lamprey Systems
31         Justin           BRUNDAGE
32         T.j.             DITULLIO             Action Wheels p/b Viking Yachts
33         David            RAINEY               Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
34         Winston          NELSON
35         Jimmy            MAURER               C3 Athletes Serving Athletes
36         Andrew           HOPKINS
37         Barry            MURRAY               All-Fill p/b Firetone
38         Charles          ST MAURICE
39         Kenny            FETSURKA             Philadelphia Bicycle Messenger Association
40         Gary             KELLEY               Bean's Bikes
41         Ken              MYERS                Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
42         Andrew           DI MICHELE           Team Avonni di Masoch
43         Stuart           JANSSEN
44         Patrick          HROMISIN
45         Wayne            RIDDLE
dnf        David            BORDEN               JB Mountain Bikes
dnf        Michael          COTTON               Unattached
dnf        Joseph           FEENEY
dnf        Max              KNEE                 Team Independence p/b
dnf        H Andrew         ROSE                 Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
dns        Jorge            BRITO                phila. bike messenger assoc.
dns        Carlos           CABALU               QCW Cycling/
dns        Bob              CAMPBELL             Tri State Velo
dns        Peter            FICKINGER
dns        Rob              RAICHLE              Phoenix Cycles
dns        Thomas           ROTH                 Fuji
dns        Greg             WOZNICKI

35+/45+ MEN
PLACE 45+  FIRST            LAST NAME            TEAM
1          Joseph           PICCILLO             Evolution Racing
2          Kevin            FRYBERGER            Pabst Blue Ribbon/Talksoft Racing
3          Kirk             REISINGER            Club Wissahickon / Engin Cycles
4          Chris            SAMUEL               Cape Atlantic Racing
5          Glenn            TURNER               Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
6          Christopher      GARGES               Lamprey Systems
7          N. Johan         ANESTAD              Evolution Racing
8     1    Jeff             APPELTANS            GoCycling-D&Q/MAMBO Kings
9          Josh             WEST
10    2    Bradley          FORD                 Classic Cycling Essentials - CCE
11    3    Martin           MRUGAL               PA Masters RC
12    4    Mark             FEATHERMAN           Guys Racing Club
13    5    Douglass         GRAY                 Christiana Care PT+/FSVS
14    6    Paul             WAHNER     
15         Joe              LANZA                Guys Racing Club
16         Marc             VETTORI              C3: Athletes Serving Athletes
17    7    Kevin            BRECKENMAKER         Yellow Breeches Racing
18         Werner           FREYMANN             Easy Riders Cycling
19    8    Raymond          ZEIMET               Guy's Racing Club
20         Kelly            CLINE                Wissahickon
21         Matt             PERRY                PA Masters rc.
22         Daniel           HAUBER               Pro Pedals Team Express
23         Rob              BROWN                MSSB/Market Edge
24    9    Doug             NAGEL                Evolution Racing
25         Brent            LONGENECKER
26    10   Michael          KIRK                 Henry's Bikes
27    11   David            TROOP                First State Velo Sport
28    12   Bruce            HOTALING             Main Line Cycling - BiKyle
29    13   Kevin            KUZAS                Guy's Racing
30         Rick             MELLENDICK           JBV Coaching
31    14   Bruce            MCLAUGHLIN           Bikesport
32         Eric             FREDERICKS           Main Line Cycling - BiKyle
33         Wade             HESS                 Cape Atlantic Racing
34         Greg             EATER                Evolution Racing
35    15   Matthew          GRAHAM               3D Racing / Tom's Atlantic Cyclery
36    16   John             BAKER                Paradise Racing
37    17   Jay              ROTHBERG             EVOLUTION RACING
38    18   Scott            SLADOVNIK            Vortex Cycling Club
39    19   Gary             SNYDER               Evolution Racing
40    20   Peter            BOSMA                Unattached
41         Harald           WEIGL                Evolution Racing
42    21   Chris            SCHULTZ              Cristiana Care PT+ / FSVS
43    22   Dave             BAUMGARDNER          Unattached
dnf        Matthew          SUDDUTH
dns        Geoffrey         REZVANI              NCVC/Spokes, Etc.

55+ Men
PLACE      FIRST            LAST NAME            TEAM
1          John             PAPROSKI             Elite
2          Joseph           KENAS                Guy's Racing
3          James            WILSON               Team CF
4          Michael          CHIZKOV              Bicycle Therapy
5          Gary             KRALIK               Evolution Racing
6          Bob              PERNA                beans bikes
7          John             HAMILTON             Main Line Cycling-BiKyle/Mazur Coaching
8          Bob              SCHARLE              Evolution Racing
9          James            INNES                Guy's Racing
10         Nunzio           DIBIASI              Yellow Breeches Racing
11         Robert           SANDS                Evolution /  Beaver Valley Velo/ Flahutes
12         Charles          YOUNG

PLACE      LAST NAME        FIRST NAME           TEAM
1          Lawrence         Toby                 C4 --Charm City Cycling Canines
2          KAVANAGH         Merckx               The Cannibals
3          ROCK MAURER      Kaos                 C4 --Charm City Cycling Canines
4          Lyons            Scoops Murphy        Main Line K9's
5          MONSTER          Ginger               Tri Dawgs
dns        HAMILTON         Busta Barrier BOZ    Do Anything for Biscut
dns        FREYMANN         Emma                 Easy Riders Cycling
dns        LIVINGSTON       Shane The Insane     Main Line K9's
dns        LORISH           Gunner               Bikesport
DOWERS-CABALU    Maxine               Unattached
HELLER           Lena 'Sniff Dogg'    the Flying Chihuahuas
Fredricks        Friday               Main Line K9's
Brockson         Shelby               Bike Line
Adams            Lona                 C3 Athletes
Wittman          Rosalita             Main Line K9's