Midnight Ride of Cyclocross

Lancaster, MA

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Midnight Ride of Cyclocross Presented by Minuteman Road Club Lancaster, MA Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The New England Holy Week of Cyclocross has begun! The kickoff event, Midnight Ride Cyclocross hosted by the Minuteman Road Club at the Lancaster Fairgrounds in Lancaster, Massachusetts brought out almost 400 racers for a fantastic event complete with some of the biggest names in the sport. Racing kicked off in the twilight at 5pm and led up to an incredibly exciting pair of races for the Women and Elite Men. The course made the most of the largely flat Lancaster Fairgrounds with an extremely fast cinder start leading into a long section of well-designed turns that separated the handlers from the big motors. The course snaked around the pond at the center of the fairgrounds and led through to a barn that treated competitors to three passes through a long section of wood chips � an interesting alternative to sand. Next, riders climbed to the highest part of the course where there were once again a long series of technical corners, this time while negotiating a progressively worn in hillside and a short set of stairs and dropping back into the start/finish stretch. The course was designed with the spectators in mind and fans filled the hillside and the barriers. Obviously, the most unique feature of the race was that it was under the lights � and the darkness played a big part in how the race developed.

The Women�s field was full of big names coming out for a final tune-up for the UCI racing this weekend in Gloucester. Among the big names were Helen Wyman (Kona Factory Team) in her British National Champion skinsuit, her compatriot Gabby Day (Renner Custom Cyclocross) continued her American campaign and local favorite Maureen Bruno-Roy (Bob�s Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles) made her return to New England after some good success at the USGP in Wisconsin. As she did at Nor�Easter �Cross last weekend, Day came charging hard out of the gates and led the group for the first laps of the race. Wyman was never far from her wheel but notably raced with a front light on so even if she lost the wheel, she�d be able to see the course. As Day stretched it out through the technical sections, Wyman and Bruno-Roy would find themselves racing together. Wyman eventually turned up the throttle and joined Day at the front, putting huge accelerations through the start/finish stretch and showing just how big an engine she had. For the balance of the race Day and Wyman, whose light battery died mid-way through the race, would trade off with Wyman at the front in the fast sections and Day leading through the corners. Nearing the end of the final lap, Wyman put in a hard effort before the stairs and came upon some lapped traffic, which, despite trying to make the decisive move, she calmly and courteously notified, passed and thanked. Day, able to regain the wheel, held on through the stairs and made a valiant effort to overtake Wyman in the finish, but the 6-time British Champ was having none of it and took her seventh victory in seven races in the States. Behind, Bruno-Roy came across the line third, very pleased with her ability to hang with Wyman for so long on a course that did not suit her strengths. �If I can hang with a World Cup winner on a course like this, I�m happy, � said the Bob�s Red Mill rider after the finish.

The Elite Men�s field was full of top talent as well, with Briton Ian Field (Hargroves Cycles) toeing the line with Canadians Craig Richey (Renner Custon Cyclocross), Mike Garrigan (Lapierre Canada) and Shaun Adamson (Cycle-Smart), Belgian Tim Van Nuffel (DCM) and Dane Joachim Parbo (Challenge Tires) representing the international contingent. The Americans were no slouches either; fielding SmartStop/MOB presented by Ridley racers Jerome Townsend and Adam Myerson, Liquigas/Cannondale�s Ted King, as well as Jeremy Durrin and Al Donahue from Western Massachusetts�s JAM Fund/NCC team. The surprise of the night was local favorite, Nature Valley Grand Prix winner and Kelly Benefits Strategies racer Jesse Anthony in his final tune-up before his cyclocross retirement race this weekend at the Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester. These, of course, were just the headlines from a deep and strong Elite field, of whom nearly half finished within two minutes of the winner. Racing was extremely fast from the gun with Jesse Anthony driving the pace from the get-go. Field, who, after the race, declared himself a convert to American cyclocross, joined Anthony at the front and the two left the rest of the race behind them. The second group on course was made up of the two SmartStop racers, Townsend and Myerson, along with Canadians Richey and Garrigan and Jeremy Durrin. This second group settled in about fifteen seconds behind the leaders and never gained or lost time for the remainder of the race. Parbo and a rotating cast of locals were fighting hard to join this group, but were never able to make the bridge. At the front, Anthony, likely dialing his effort back in hopes of something special at Gloucester, let off the gas and Field was alone at the front. �I would have liked to have someone else with me,� said Field after the race, �but once Jesse lost the pace, I had to go alone.� And go alone he did, riding conservatively but smoothly to his second New England victory of the week, adding to his win in Burlington, Vermont at Nor�Easter �Cross. The group behind held fast together with the exception of Durrin and Richey, both of whom lost contact shortly before the race�s end. Richey ended up in no-man�s land while Durrin found himself behind, in a group with Tim Van Nuffle, Greg Whitney (Ride Studio Caf�) and Manny Goguen (BikeReg.com/Joe�s Garage). Garrigan came across the line for second with a very strong sprint. Third went to Jerome Townsend while Myerson crossed the line fourth. Richey finished ten seconds behind for fifth with Durrin winning a sprint ahead of Goguen, Van Nuffle and Whitney for sixth. Said the Elite Men�s victor after the race, �it was brilliant to come out and race at night. It�s more fun than going out training and the competition is a lot better than some people might think. The spectators were great as well. I�m really looking forward for Gloucester.� And that more or less says it all.

The New England Holy Week of Cyclocross is underway. This weekend, we�ll see the debut of the Shimano New England Professional Cyclcross Series with a UCI C1 and C2 race at the Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester. Next Wednesday, The Night Weasels Cometh is at Ski Ward in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and The Week ends on October 8 and 9 in Providence, at Roger Williams Park with the Providence Festival of Cyclocross presented by Interbike with another UCI C1 and C2 race. Stay tuned!
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to these results.

Single Speed         45 minutes    57             starters
Place  Bib  Time     First Name    Last Name      Team                                          City             State
1      740  0:42:13  Curtis        BOIVIN         Cyclocrossracing.com                          Rye              NH
2      745  0:00:11  Shawn         MOTTRAM        Union Velo / NFG Cycles                       Norton           MA
3      776  0:00:26  CJ            Congrove                                                     Waltham          MA
4      744  0:00:31  Michael       ROWELL         NEBC p/b Cycle Loft                           Bedford          MA
5      741  0:00:54  Matthew       MYETTE         Zanconato Racing                              Sutton           MA
6      746  0:01:12  Cort          CRAMER         ZANCONATO RACING                              Maynard          MA
7      743  0:01:12  Doug          KENNEDY        Minuteman Road Club                           Marlborough      MA
8      750  0:01:25  Benjamin      PAGANO         Quad Cycles                                   Andover          MA
9      410  0:01:25  Steve         WITKUS         Bikeman.com                                   Northbridge      MA
10     747  0:01:40  Scott         ROSENTHAL      ZANCONATO RACING                              Jamaica Plain    MA
11     749  0:01:55  Jerry         CHABOT         Cyclocrossracing.com                          Bolton           VT
12     755  0:02:37  Matt          AUMILLER       Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames          Hyde Park        MA
13     754  0:02:37  Ian           WHITTLE        Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames          Jamacia Plain    MA
14     527  0:02:48  Gary          Jasdzewski     Wheelworks Racing                             Arlington        MA
15     425  0:02:48  Ian           ODELL          Team Gonzo                                    Worcester        MA
16     774  0:02:57  Michael       good
17     756  0:03:14  Nicholas      CZERULA        Cyclocrossracing.com                          Concord          NH
18     748  0:03:14  Scott         BROOKS         NEBC p/b Cycle Loft                           Westford         MA
19     778  0:03:21  Keith         Reynolds       NEBC p/b Cycle Loft                           Burlington       MA
20     742  0:03:21  Seth          DAVIS          Cambridge Bicycle/ Igleheart Frames           Boston           MA
21     759  0:03:21  Mark          BERNARD        Zanconato Racing                              Leominster       MA
22     448  0:03:48  Mike          ZANCONATO      Zanconato Racing                              Sutton           MA
23     758  0:03:48  Benjamin      STEPHENS       Steel City Endurance                          Somerville       MA
24     772  0:03:48  Matthew       LOLLI          Twin 6 METAL / Ghostshipclothing.com / Death TManchester       CT
25     524  0:03:48  John          Morin          The Kidney Project (TKP)                      Easthampton      MA
26     447  0:04:05  Todd          PREKASKI       CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM                           Brookline        MA
27     780  0:04:32  Robert        Mayer          Cambridge Bicycle                             Worcester        MA
28     760  0:04:51  Abel          TOMKINSON      Minuteman Road Club                           Cambridge        MA
29     782  0:04:51  Brandon       Oniel
30     751  0:05:36  Steven        HOPENGARTEN    Wheelworks Cyclocross                         Somerville       MA
31     469  0:05:36  Jason         DEVARENNES     NEBC p/b Cycle Loft                           Woburn           MA
32     454  0:06:33  Eli           LEVINE         Hup United                                    Andover          MA
33     752  0:06:33  Derek         GRIGGS         Recycled Sports                               Seabrook         NH
34     771  0:07:04  Doug          THORP          Olympia Sports                                Raymond          ME
35     459  0:07:29  Nicholas      MAGGIORE       Newbury Comics / High&Mighty Beer Co.         Jamaica Plain    MA
36     487  0:07:47  Tom           GUMBART        Minuteman Road Club                           Stow             MA
37     777  0:08:01  Michael       Maltais
38     773  0:08:08  John          BAKER          Paradise Racing                               Putney           VT
39     518  0:08:08  David         PALLEIKO                                                     Millbury         MA
40     761  0:08:19  Cathy         ROWELL         NEBC p/b Cycle Loft                           Bedford          MA
41     783  lap      Gles          Gollrad
42     765  lap      Mark          LOVEJOY        NEBC p/b Cycle Loft                           Andover          MA
43     763  lap      Teri          CARILLI        NEBC p/b Cycle Loft                           Lexington        MA
44     781  lap      Ethan         Pearl
45     769  lap      David         HOWLAND        Bikes Not Bombs/Circle A Cycles               Worcester        MA
46     504  lap      Mark          VAUTOUR        BTT                                           Newton           MA
47     775  lap      Christian     Bryan          Bikes Not Bombs/Circle A Cycles               Worcester        MA
48     770  lap      Nicholas      BAKER          Essex County Velo                             Marblehead       MA
49     767  lap      Kerry         COMBS          Zanconato Racing                              Beverly          MA

cat 3                45 minutes    36             starters
Place  Bib  Time     First Name    Last Name      Team                                          City             State
1      411  0:42:53  Sean          KENNEDY        Competitive Edge Cycling                      South Deerfield  MA
2      416  0:00:00  Jeffrey       ELIE           Competitive Edge Cycling                      Dracut           MA
3      430  0:00:00  Dan           OUELLETTE      Optimum Performance                           Westminster      MA
4      421  0:00:34  Kurt          BELHUMEUR                                                    Jamacia Plain    MA
5      413  0:00:58  Patrick       RUANE          Sunapee/Continental Paving/Revolution         Webster          NH
6      420  0:00:58  Ian           WHITTLE        Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames          Jamacia Plain    MA
7      415  0:01:20  Steven        HOPENGARTEN    Wheelworks Cyclocross                         Somerville       MA
8      417  0:01:20  Chad          DEMAREST       Corner Cycle                                  Sagamore Beach   MA
9      432  0:01:20  Joseph        TRAMONTANO     Rockstar Racing / Signature Cycles            Stamford         CT
10     439  0:01:20  Ben           CORBALIS       PARLEE Cycles                                 Jamaica Plain    MA
11     428  0:01:20  Chip          BAKER          HUP United                                    Needham          MA
12     531  0:01:42  Eddie         Grystar        freddie fu
13     423  0:01:42  Richard       PERROTTI, JR   JRA Cycles                                    Groveland        MA
14     429  0:01:45  Oscar         JIMENEZ        Ride Studio Cafe                              Lowell           MA
15     433  0:01:45  Jordan        WINKLER        Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames          Jamaica Plain    MA
16     436  0:01:45  P J           MCQUADE        CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM                           Millbury         MA
17     422  0:02:13  John          GRENIER        Clif Bar/ Pactimo                             Lewiston         ME
18     431  0:02:25  Chris         PARE           Minuteman Road Club                           Franklin         MA
19     526  0:02:34  David         Belliveau      Corner Cycle
20     414  0:02:37  Brian         MCINNIS        JRA Cycles                                    Maynard          MA
21     426  0:03:15  Scott         WILSON         Comprehensive racing/salem cycle              Methuen          MA
22     434  0:03:42  Barry         DOUBLEDAY      Cycle Lodge                                   Plympton         MA
23     441  0:03:50  Chris         NEEB           Merrill Lynch                                 Medfield         MA
24     466  0:03:57  Joseph        AUBIN          Geekhouse Bikes                               Goffstown        NH
25     460  0:03:57  David         PATNAUDE       Minuteman Road Club                           Hopkinton        MA
26     507  0:04:18  Matthew       PIERSON        Minuteman Road Club                           Boston           MA
27     473  0:04:31  Roger         CADMAN         Newbury Comics /High&Mighty Beer Co.          Arlington        MA
28     515  0:04:31  Joseph        LELLMAN        Northampton Cycling Club                      Florence         MA
29     519  0:04:46  Scott         GLOWA          Cambridge Bicycle / Igelheart Frames          Providence       RI
30     530  0:05:35  Tomas         Jurgensen      QuadCycles                                    Arlington        MA
31     482  0:05:45  Tim           CROWLEY        TC2 Coaching                                  Marlboro         MA
32     470  0:06:07  Eric          POULIOT        deathrow velo                                 Fiskdale         MA
33     471  0:06:19  Normand       COLLARD        Bikeman.com                                   Westford         MA
34     528  0:06:31  Jeffrey       bramhall       pedros

cat 4                45 minutes    60             starters
Place  Bib  Time     First Name    Last Name      Team                                          City             State
1      424  0:44:13  Jerry         DE ZUTTER      545 Velo                                      Hudson           MA
2      468  0:00:22  Jesse         QUAGLIAROLI    Expo/Superior Energy                          Willington       CT
3      450  0:00:25  Timothy       DURRIN         Berkshire Cycling Association                 Great Barrington MA
4      453  0:00:25  David         WARNER         Boston Road Club                              Jamaica Plain    MA
5      438  0:01:17  John          RAGUIN         Minuteman Road Club                           Acton            MA
6      476  0:01:27  Christian     BAKER          bikebarnracing.com                            South Weymouth   MA
7      451  0:01:27  Christopher   MOECKEL        Optimum Performance                           Lancaster        MA
8      457  0:01:27  Cory          SMALL                                                        Boxborough       MA
9      440  0:01:55  Curtis        SINGMASTER     Cyclocrossracing.com                          Providence       RI
10     418  0:01:55  Derek         GRIGGS         Recycled Sports                               Seabrook         NH
11     452  0:01:55  Chris         NORTHCOTT      Beam Team Racing                              Walpole          NH
12     443  0:02:04  Humberto      RAPOSO         SBC                                           Lisbon           CT
13     458  0:02:10  Rich          OLIVIER        545 Velo                                      Leominster       MA
14     444  0:02:10  Mark          VAN LIERE      HUP United                                    Jamaica Plain    MA
15     435  0:02:10  Kevin         BRANT          Grace Bicycle Velo Club                       Bellingham       MA
16     445  0:02:10  Paul          DEBITETTO      Minuteman Road Club                           Stow             MA
17     461  0:02:22  Justin        BROOKE                                                       Cambridge        MA
18     463  0:02:30  David         HALLIGAN                                                     Beverly          MA
19     464  0:02:30  Richard       PIRRO          Union Velo                                    Norfolk          MA
20     474  0:02:43  Mike          SAMARTANO      un�at�tached                                  Providence Ri    RI
21     521  0:02:58  Jonathan      MODIG          TEAM BUMS                                     Sutton           MA
22     462  0:03:05  Christopher   PAYTON         Cycle Loft Velo                               Newton           MA
23     489  0:03:05  Chris         FRANSON        Expo/Superior Energy                          Roslindale       MA
24     510  0:03:11  John          BURKHARDT      Ride Studio Cafe                              Arlington        MA
25     456  0:03:11  Jose          ARDILA         g & k cycling                                 Maynard          MA
26     455  0:03:26  Patrick       TWOMEY         Quadcycles                                    Chelmsford       MA
27     490  0:03:26  Matthew       NELSON         MBRC/TheBicycleLink.com                       Scituate         MA
28     508  0:04:00  Stefan        WAWERSIK       Minuteman Road Club                           Westborough      MA
29     516  0:04:03  Doug          THORP          Olympia Sports                                Raymond          ME
30     475  0:04:25  Gabor         CSARDI                                                       Cambridge        MA
31     479  0:04:25  Justin        BOURGETTE      Quad Cycles                                   Cambridge        MA
32     485  0:04:25  Andrew        EWAS           New England Athletic Cyclocross               Brighton         MA
33     512  0:04:25  John          DRAKE                                                        Roslindale       MA
34     514  0:04:47  Donald        CROWELL        BOB-Goodale's Bike Shop/Speed Merchant Aero/TeWestford         MA
35     486  0:04:59  Mike          HARRIS         Bell Lap Coaching/Joe's Garage                Concord          MA
36     488  0:05:24  Jonathan      HESS                                                         Bradford         MA
37     502  0:05:31  Yi Peng       TEOH           Brown University                              Providence       RI
38     478  0:05:31  Andrew        COOPER         NorEast Cycling                               Nashua           NH
39     483  0:05:46  Robert        HENDRY         Northampton Cycling Club                      Northfield       MA
40     472  0:06:17  Tom           DOUCETTE       NEBC p/b Cycle Loft                           Stow             MA
41     517  0:06:28  David         WAGNER                                                       Cambridge        MA
42     529  0:06:35  richard       hislip         QuadCycles
43     491  lap      Kevin         MCGUIRE        Cyclecrossworld.com                           Needham          MA
44     493  lap      Miguel        RIVERA         Travis Cycle/ CoquiCycling                    Brockton         MA
45     496  lap      Greg          FUNG                                                         Medford          MA
46     481  lap      Jaalen        POTTLE         JRA Cycles                                    Billerica        MA
47     499  lap      Vance         PERRY          E M V C                                       Marblehead       MA
48     501  lap      Joel          ORKIN-RAMEY    Minuteman Road Club                           Brighton         MA
49     494  lap      Jeff          LIPPINCOTT     Minuteman Road Club                           Wayland          MA
50     506  lap      Tim           O'CONNOR                                                     Lowell           MA
51     498  lap      Steven        BIRD                                                         Shrewsbury       MA
52     505  lap      Thomas        NGUYEN         Brown University / Team Pegasus               Chicago          IL
53     442  lap      David         RUSSELL        Blue Competition Cycles                       Warner           NH
54     495  lap      Alex          MEIER          Quad Cycles                                   Burlington       MA
55     513  lap      Ryan          WHICHER        walker stables                                Ogunquit         ME
56     520  lap      Marc          richardson     2020/Fuel                                     Keene            NH
57     503  lap      Peter         WARD           North American Velo                           Providence       RI
58     497  lap      Michael       MCCABE         bikebarnracing                                Whitman          MA
59     484  lap      Roger         PARKER         BLUE STEEL CYCLERY                            Tyngsboro        MA
60     500  lap      Gregory       WISE           Northampton Cycling Club (NCC)                Belchertown      MA

Women'S Open                       45 minutes     35                                            starters
Place  Bib  Time     First Name    Last Name      Team                                          City             State
1      110  0:43:39  Helen         WYMAN          Kona Factory Team
2      112  0:00:00  Gabriella     DAY            Renner Custom Cyclo Cross Team                Amherst          MA
3      111  0:00:22  Maureen       BRUNO ROY      Bob's Red Mill pb Seven Cycles                Arlington        MA
4      114  0:00:58  Catherine     STERLING       Bikeman.com                                   Worcester        MA
5      137  0:00:58  Linnea        Koons                                                        Roxbury          MA
6      113  0:00:58  Crystal       ANTHONY        LadiesFirst Racing                            Beverly          MA
7      115  0:01:57  Kate          NORTHCOTT      Beam Team Racing                              Walpole          NH
8      116  0:02:43  Frances       MORRISON       J.A.M. Fund/NCC                               Easthampton      MA
9      117  0:04:51  Victoria      GATES          BLUE STEEL CYCLERY                            Fitchburg        MA
10     118  0:05:52  Molly         HURFORD        Team Rockstar Games / Signature Cycles        Hampton          NJ
11     140  0:06:23  deirdre       smith
12     123  0:06:54  Cait          DOOLEY         Geekhouse Bikes                               Somerville       MA
13     119  0:07:08  Karen         MACKIN         Peaks Coaching Group Racing Team              Acton            MA
14     779  0:07:23  Danielle      Ruane          Sunapee Racing Team                           Webster          NH
15     126  0:07:30  Julianne      OBERLE         NEBC p/b Cycle Loft                           Worcester        MA
16     121  0:08:04  Amanda        HOUSE                                                        Portsmouth       NH
17     125  0:08:33  Cindy         BRENNAN        Bikes Not Bombs / Circle A Cycles             Boston           MA
18     138  lap      Lily          Richeson       Cambridge Bicycle                             Somerville       MA
19     120  lap      Sally         MCINNIS        JRA Cycles                                    Maynard          MA
20     124  lap      Lynn          SAMARTANO      team sam                                      Providence       RI
21     142  lap      Anna          Milton         Ladies First                                  Northborough     MA
22     134  lap      Ana           COOK           Cyclocrossworld Grassroots                    Ipswich          MA
23     128  lap      Sarah         HARRINGTON     ECV                                           Boston           MA
24     130  lap      Caroline      CARDIASMENOS   NEBC p/b Cycle Loft                           Boston           MA
25     131  lap      Kate          WEILER         Minuteman Road Club                           Wayland          MA
26     132  lap      Elaine        DEBITETTO      Team Psycho                                   Stow             MA
27     133  lap      Starr         WALKER         New England Athletic Cyclocross               Waltham          MA
28     129  lap      Jauron        VETTER         HUP United                                    Milford          NH
29     141  lap      Millie        Milton         Ladies First                                  Northborough     MA
30     144  lap      Carrie        RAMIG                                                        Roslindale       MA
31     139  lap      Lynn          Thornton       Minuteman Road Club                           Harvard          MA
32     143  lap      ella          ruposo
33     136  lap      Christina     Morra                                                        Providence       RI
34     135  lap      Crystal       Gavin          das

Men'S P/1/2/3                      45 minutes     57                                            starters
Place  Bib  Time     First Name    Last Name      Team                                          City             State
1      1    0:46:30  Ian           FIELD          Hargroves Cycles
2      2    0:00:23  Mike          GARRIGAN       Lapierre Canada
3      171  0:00:23  Jerome        Townsend       SmartStop/MOB presented by Ridley             Princeton        MA
4      3    0:00:23  Adam          MYERSON        SmartStop/MOB presented by Ridley             Boston           MA
5      4    0:00:33  Craig         RICHEY         Renner Custom CX Team
6      7    0:00:49  Jeremy        DURRIN         J.A.M. Fund / NCC                             Amherst          MA
7      10   0:00:49  Manny         GOGUEN         BikeReg.com / Joe's Garage                    Hopedale         MA
8      170  0:00:49  Tim           VanNuffel      DCM                                           Antwerp          BEL
9      13   0:00:49  Greg          WHITNEY        Ride Studio Cafe                              Allston          MA
10     6    0:01:19  Alec          DONAHUE        J.A.M. Fund / NCC                             Easthampton      MA
11     5    0:01:19  Ted           KING           Liquigas-Cannondale / iamtedking.co
12     11   0:01:39  Kevin         SWEENEY        crossresults.com p/b JRA Cycles               Medford          MA
13     12   0:01:39  Shaun         ADAMSON        Cycle-Smart                                   Amherst          MA
14     180  0:01:44  Peter         Goguen         Team CF                                       Hopedale         MA
15     174  0:01:56  Joachim       Parbo                                                        Aarhus           DEN
16     17   0:02:04  Colin         REUTER         crossresults.com p/b JRA Cycles               Somerville       MA
17     8    0:02:04  Rob           HULT           Gear Works / Spin Arts                        Harvard          MA
18     9    0:02:14  David         WILCOX         Cycle-Smart                                   Jamaica Plain    MA
19     172  0:02:14  Synjen        Marrocco       Corner Cycle Cycling Club                     Hanson           MA
20     16   0:02:26  Cary          FRIDRICH       EMBROCATION CYCLING JOURNAL                   Somerville       MA
21     14   0:02:36  Pete          SMITH          Embrocation Cycling / Mad Alchemy             Merrimac         MA
22     19   0:02:55  Michael       WISSELL        B2C2/ Boloco                                  Allston          MA
23     175  0:03:31  Bobby         Bailey         1ktogoSpprts
24     18   0:04:08  Matt          MITCHELL       545 Velo                                      Weston           MA
25     173  0:04:18  Timothy       Mitchell       CCB                                           Ashland          MA
26     21   0:04:18  Adam          SULLIVAN       Embrocation Cycling Journal                   North Kingstown  RI
27     31   0:04:27  Kyle          SMITH          Embrocation Cycling Journal                   Dorchester       MA
28     22   0:04:31  Ryan          KELLY          crossresults.com p/b JRA Cycles               Dover            NH
29     23   0:04:31  Mark          SUPRENANT      Team Type 1                                   Milford          NH
30     27   0:04:31  Pierre        VANDEN BORRE   Embrocation Cycling Journal                   Jamaica Plain    MA
31     41   0:04:44  Jesse         Anthony        Kelly benefit strategies
32     24   0:04:44  Brant         HORNBERGER     BikeReg.com                                   Milford          MA
33     25   0:04:44  Kevin         BUCKLEY        Bikeman.com                                   Hollis           NH
34     32   0:04:54  Ben           GURLEY         Independent Fabrication                       Newmarket        NH
35     36   0:04:54  Matt          D'ALESSIO      Threshold Cycling                             Brookline        MA
36     522  0:04:54  Thomas        Carr           dr gonzo                                      Paxton           MA
37     26   0:04:54  Matthew       DOMNARSKI      Horst Engineering Masters Cycling Team        Ware             MA
38     28   0:04:54  Charlie       SCHUBERT       Bikes Not Bombs / Circle A Cycles             Boston           MA
39     30   0:05:10  Gary          DAVID          Cyclocrossracing.com                          Stow             MA
40     20   0:05:21  Brian         RUTTER         Cyclonauts                                    Belchertown      MA
41     43   0:05:34  Glen          Gollrad        KHS                                           Topsfield        MA
42     37   0:05:34  Christopher   GAGNE          Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames          Jamaica Plain    MA
43     178  0:05:54  Todd          Rowell         Ride Studio Cafe                              Arlington        MA
44     176  0:06:16  Joshua        Anthony        Cyclocrossworld                               Billerica        MA
45     34   0:06:26  Jeff          ZIEGLER        Wheelworks Racing                             Boston           MA
46     29   0:07:02  Alistair      SPONSEL        Cabinet Racing - Van Dessel                   Middletown       CT
47     33   0:07:32  David         CHIU           Ride Studio Cafe                              Brookline        MA
48     177  0:07:32  Tom           Goguen         Team CF                                       Hopedale         MA
49     39   lap      Sean          LANGFORD       CCB Racing Team                               Middleton        MA
50     35   lap      Michael       WEILER         Ride Studio Cafe                              Wayland          MA
51     42   lap      Jamie         Ryan-White                                                   Salem            MA
52     40   lap      Richard       PERSON         Minuteman Road Club                           Hudson           MA

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