Cyclocross in Delaware Park

Buffalo, NY

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cyclocross in Delaware Park Presented by Campus WheelWorks Buffalo, NY Sunday, November 06, 2011

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Men 35+
Place   First Name   Last Name      Team
1       Jay          Lazar           C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
2       Chris        Tirone          French Meadow Bakery/Ridley/Fortist
3       Robert       Dietrick
4       Joel         Rose            The Hub Race Team
5       Garnett      Abbey
6       Heath        Mccombs         Olean Cycling Club
7       Peter        Pelychaty       Corning/ NoTubes Race Team
DNF     Chris        Fuller

Men 45+
Place   First Name   Last Name      Team
1       Chris        Fuller          Pearl Street Cycling
2       Robert       Dietrick        Minerva Design/GVCC
3       Scott        Farrell         Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bikes
4       Justin       Gabreski        Team Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
5       Thomas       Emrich          Trailblazers Racing
6       Brian        Borowiec        Pearl Street Cycling
7       Garnett      Abbey           Oakville Cyclepath Racing Team
8       David        Valvo           Mac5Bikes
9       Jeron        Drew            Buffalo Bicycling Club Inc.
10      Chris        De lancey       team ROG/gvcc
11      Joseph       Brennan         Big Pants Racing
12      Walter       Piffl
13      Karl         Rubeck
14      David        Beer            True North Cycles
15      Frank        Grillo          Pearl Street Grill & Brewery/Buffal
16      Richard      Grella          Stark Velo
17      David        Burnside        Team Pedallers/GVCC
18      John         Poland          Full Moon Vista/GVCC
DNF     Steve        Toorongian

Men Cat 1/2/3 Senior
Place   First Name   Last Name      Team
1       Dan          Staffo          Handlebars cycling company
2       Nathan       Chown           Team CF
3       Andy         August
4       Lance        Johnson         Handlebars Cycle Company
5       Ian          Byrd            Team ROG
6       Craig        Burbules        Tom's Pro Bike/Ingram Micro
7       Craig        Mattern         Nalgene-R3
8       Brett        Mckay           Team Competitive Gear
9       John         Roden           Handlebars
10      Steven       Burget          Handlebars
11      Guy          Vankrimpen      Reactivated Racing
12      Jeff         Moote 
13      Eric         Giehl           Quality Care Pharmacies
14      Rob          Hillyard        Pearl Street Cycling Team
15      Jesse        Bolman
16      Gregg        Griffo
17      Joseph       Halter          Shickluna-Hive
18      David        Ferrett
19      John         Crumlish        wnymba
20      Brenden      Conway          Campus WheelWorks

Men Cat 1/2/3/4/5 Junior
Place   First Name   Last Name
1       Tyler        Lee
2       Jesse        Callanan

Men Cat 4 Senior
Place   First Name   Last Name      Team
1       Dan          Jarecke         Nice Tri Coaching
2       Alex         Borsuk          UB Cycling / The bike shop
3       James        Hughey          Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
4       David        Silloway        The Bike Zone Rochester
5       Thomas       Kapturowski     Eville bike shop
6       Kyle         Kranz
7       Jason        Quagliata
8       Gregory      Cherr           campus wheelworks
9       Ted          Graney          Ingram Micro- TPB / Buffalo Bicycli
10      Joshua       Gonsenhauser    Mac 5 Racing
11      Owen         Wood            Team ROG
12      Jason        Cavall          Buffalo Velo / BBC
13      Jamie        Hallett         Tom's Pro Bike / Ingram Micro
14      Joel         Solly           Ingram Micro / Tom's Pro Bike
15      Patrick      Mcgovern        Buffalo Bicycling Club
16      Austin       Skomra          Campus WheelWorks
17      Aaron        Rimmer          Wild Turkey Racing
18      Jon          Chmielowiec
19      Alex         Davies          Campus WheelWorks
20      Jeff         Baase           Ingram Micro/Tom's Pro Bike
21      Keith        Pellerin        Pearl Street Grill & Brewery
22      Patrick      Meszler
23      Dave         Thornton        Team Competitive Gear
24      Michael      Moscato
25      Justin       Plinz           Campus WheelWorks
26      Gregory      Wilder          Campus Wheelworks
27      George       Gilham
28      Jonathan     Finn
29      Ethan        Johnson         Campus WheelWorks
30      ?            Unknown
31      Thomas       Orrange
32      Judson       Aungst
33      ?            Unknown
34      Benji        Pecoraro        Campus WheelWorks
35      Brandon      Vulaj           Campus WheelWorks
36      Brian        Pleban          None
37      Scott        Orrange
38      ?            Unknown
39      Patrick      Grugel
40      Carl         Balbach
41      Adam         Ianni
42      Jason        Ryder
43      ?            Unknown
DNF     Peter        Canfield        Campus Cycle Works
DNF     Ross         Schueller
DNF     Alan         Hastings

Men Single Speed Senior
Place   First Name   Last Name      Team
1       Doug         Hazelden        Placid planet bicycles
2       Robert       Shelton
3       Michael      Schwenkbeck
4       John         Crumlish        wnymba
5       Shyri        Marazita        Campus Wheelworks
6       James        Kubinuec
7       Tj           Zydel           WNYMBA
8       Tony         Mueckl          Campus WheelWorks
DNF     Brenden      Conway
DNF     Mike         House

Women Cat 1/2/3/4/5 Senior
Place   First Name   Last Name      Team
1       Christine    Schryver        Full Moon Vista
2       Lesley       Chown           Team CF
3       Annie        August
4       Sarah        Hartman         Team PBR
5       Cyd          Cox
6       Barbara      Padula          Mohawk Valley Bike Club
7       Sarah        Cox
8       Heather      Yanofsky        wnymba
9       Melissa      Pope

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