Brookside Cyclo-cross

Indianapolis, IN

Sunday, November 18, 2001

Brookside Cyclo-cross
Indianapolis, IN
November 18, 2001

Mens's A Race Top 10:
1. Toby Swanson Lindsey Wilson College
2. Phil Noble Airborne
3. Ben Sharp GoMart
4. Matt Walczak City Scape Higher Gear
5. Earendel Fingerson Lindsey Wilson College
6. Al Senft Rapid Transit
7. Chris Herndon Lindsey Wilson College
8. Brian Tober Veloforce
9. Randy Coddington Gilles Cycling
10. Chris Bowman Gilles Cycling

Women's A Race:
1. Janine Verstraeten Trek
2. Courtney Bollman Detrol-LA
3. Shelia Senft Morris Trucking
4. Laura Kehoe Indiana Hand Center
5. Sally Harmon Miami University
6. Cindi Hart BGI/Trane
7. Kathy Schuster BGI/Trane

Race Round Up:

Dry conditions, warm weather and sunny skies made for
a fast day of racing at Brookside Park in
Indianapolis.  The Brookside course sported some
changes from the previous year including no snow, some
16 inch barriers (UCI legal) and a set of stairs.  The
day started with the Women's/C/Jr's race starting as
sun burned the last bit of fog from the sky.  After a
furious start Janine Verstraeten (Trek) found herself
leading the women around the course.  Verstraeten held
a good pace and held off the rest of the women's field
and most of the C men's field as well.  Courtney
Bollman (Detrol-LA), one of the race favorites found
herself chasing furiously to make her way through the
field on a borrowed bike.  A mechanical in the first
three hundred meters sent her derailleur sailing
through the stratosphere and back to Japan and Bollman
scrambling for a bike.  Despite moving quickly from
last place to second overall Bollman was unable to
make up the last bit of ground to Verstraeten.  Shelia
Senft rode consistently to keep a solid lock on third
place.  Up and coming junior Ben Schuster (BGI/Trane)
took the junior win and Mike Slattery taking men's C

The Men's A race rolled out next and the tone of the
day was set by GoMart riders.  Mike House (GoMart) set
a strong early pace and helped whittle the lead pack
down to five riders.  Toby Swanson (Lindsey Wilson
College), Phil Noble (Airborne), Ben Sharp (GoMart)
and Matt Walczak (City Scape Higher Gear) battled back
and forth over the course of the hour until a
Chicago-weary House withdrew citing bio-mechanical
failure.  The remaining four worked together to keep
any late race charges struggling to make contact.  In
the final lap Walczak dropped off the back ever so
slightly leaving Swanson, Sharp and Noble to battle
for the win.  Coming off the final stair climb Sharp
took one more step before remounting leaving Noble and
Swanson to contest the sprint.  Swanson demonstrated
his strength and global experience by besting
midwestern 'cross dominator Noble in the last 200

The day ended with the Master's/ B race with Jonas
Root (Team Columbus) taking the B win and Roger
Wilson(Squadra Ardennes) as the Master's winner.  In a
shameless plug, BGI/Trane riders Paul Arlinghaus and
Steve Rider finished a hard day of course set-up and
race promotion to finish third and fourth in the B
race behind second place John Minturn (S.C.O. Dijon).