Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series

South Kingstown, RI

Sunday, December 1, 2002

Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series
Round 5
December 1
W.E. Stedman Co. Grand Prix of Cyclo-Cross
South Kingstown, RI. UCI Category 3

Huseby Repeats 2001 Win,  McConneloug Seals Series.

Cold, blustery wind met the riders for the Stedman Co. Grand Prix of
Cyclo-Cross, round five of the Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross
Series. Event promoter Pave' Productions used every inch of the South
Kingstown, RI venue to create a course some felt was the best yet in the
2002 Verge Series. The excitement of the racing certainly was at a high
level, as Johannes Huseby of Independent Fabrication emerged from a strong
group of six to take the win by mere inches over British U23 Champion Sean
Snodden (Je James). Many considered Huseby's 2001 Verge Series victory at
this venue to be a breakthrough of sorts for him, and after his second place
to series leader Marc Gullickson last week in CT, it seems he is bent on
confirming his place among the US 'cross elite.

The elite men's race started with Snodden winning the start, and a very fast
first lap saw a front group emerge with all the pre-race favorites: Snodden,
Huseby, Josh Anthony (, Tyler Johnson (Richard Sachs),
Marc McCormack (Saturn), and Adam Craig (Giant). Nearing the end of the lap
though, only one rider was willing to attack and endure the very strong,
cold winds on his own, US U23 champion Adam Craig. The professional mountain
biker quickly built a ten second lead, yet more impressive was how
comfortable he looked doing it.

Going into lap three, McCormack decided Craig's move looked good and began
to bridge across on his own, as the previously smooth riding group decimated
behind him. Leaping over the barriers leading into pit #1, Craig suffered
the first of what seemed like an endless string of bike troubles that would
plague him all day. His stopping to adjust his drivetrain, and subsequent
restart, resulted in a complete regrouping at the front. Craig would
eventually finish fifth.

The next rider to suffer mechanical difficulty was Snodden. The young man
from Sheffield flatted during lap three, losing his spot in the lead group,
and falling nearly out of the top ten before he could get a bike change.
Once he was aboard his second bike, he took his time regaining the lead
group, a calculated strategy. "I didn't want to come back too fast and spend
all my energy that way" he later explained.

Once Snodden regained the group, over half the race was complete. Craig had
been battling more mechanical difficulties, and the resultant energy spent
constantly recovering was beginning to see him yo-yo off the back of the
group. A mid-race attack by McCormack set up a counterattack from the
surprising Tyler Johnson, and while the Richard Sachs rider couldn't hold
his gap alone, it resulted in a split of Johnson, McCormack, and Huseby
clearly separating from the rest. Soon Johnson's time was up though, and as
he dropped back to the chasing Anthony and Craig, Snodden bridged up to
create a lead group of three. Johnson regrouped later to finish a strong

All looked set for these three men to battle out the final laps amongst
themselves, but an uncharacteristic series of muscle cramps put an end to
McCormack's chances. The Saturn Professional would fall to sixth by the end
of the day. So with less than two laps to go it was England vs. New England
in the form of Snodden and Huseby. The two well-matched riders each put in
attacks in the final two laps, but it was destined to come down to a sprint.
Huseby trailed Snodden closely for the final half lap, matching his
accelerations in the penultimate straightaway, and surging past him in the
final fifty meters for the win. So close was the finish that the judges took
several minutes to decide a winner.

Snodden was gracious in defeat, finishing just behind the Independent
Fabrication rider for the second week in a row, "Johs Huseby was very
impressive today. Several people told me they thought I'd won it."

Huseby was justifiably happy after picking up his first Verge Series win of
the year, "I learned a lot last year, a lot about how to race at the front
and be in position to win." Race announcer Richard Fries, who has seen his
share of top notch 'cross racing, started tipping the popular New Englander
as a podium contender for US cyclo-cross national championships in two

Snodden and Johnson were the top U23 finishers in second and third, while
Josh Anthony was the third U23 in fourth overall, just ahead of U23 champion
The women's race saw a talented field with no less than three US champions
break apart early. Verge Series leader Mary McConneloug (Seven Cycles)
bridged up to early leader Shauna Gillies-Smith (Gearworks/SRP), then drop
her with half the race remaining to win the race, and in the process seal
her first Verge Series title with one race still remaining. Gillies-Smith
rode a strong race to finish second, while Jodi Groesbeck (Putney/West Hill)
overcame an entanglement with snow fencing mid-race to pick up third on the

For the second week in a row, Gearworks/SRP teammates Anna Milkowski and
Marianne Stover rode together for much of the race, finishing fourth and
fifth. .

U.S. junior national champion Jesse Anthony (Saturn Development) took
another solo victory in the junior race, over GMBC's Jamey Driscoll and
CCB's Konrad LeBas. Adam Snyder (DEVO/Balance Bar) picked up fourth, with
Kevin Wolfson (NEBC/CycleLoft) in fifth.

Charlestown, RI rider Tim Haitz won the Men's 35+race, while Scott Wade took
over the series lead from Mike Bernard by finishing second. U.S. National
Champion Paul Curley picked up the win and retains the Verge Series lead in
Men's 45+. Curtis Boivin won the men's B race with Matt Hersey keeping the
series lead he has held since round 1. The C men's race winner was Eric
Jenson, while Donna Lacassa won the women's C race and Kyle Foley the Cub
Junior race. Randy Rusk, normally a bike racer, won the 5k running race.

With over $25,000 in prize money, six internationally sanctioned rounds in
five states, and all events world-class, the Verge New England Championship
Cyclo-Cross Series is once again the premier cyclo-cross racing series in
the U.S. Verge, the title Sponsor of the New England Cyclo-Cross Series
produces custom jerseys, shorts, knickers, tights, armwarmers and other
cycling-related accessories.  Look for the Verge New England Championship
Cyclo-Cross Series jersey on the backs of the Series Leaders, and look for
the Verge truck at the races.

Race sponsors included W.E. Stedman company, Caster's Bicycles & Fitness,
Avie's Ski & Sports, Buckley Heating and Cooling, and Art & Soul - "A Paint
Your Own Pottery  Studio".

Other series supporters include Cycle-Smart coaching, promotions &
management; Time Sport USA, designer and manufacturer of cycling pedals,
shoes and forks; The Ride Magazine, exhaustively covering East Coast Bike
Culture; Honey Stinger, convenient honey-based energy foods; Maxxis
International, committed to delivering high performance tires to the world;
and, the premier on-line registration company for cycling

The finals of the 2002 Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series
will be the UCI Cat 3 American Express Financial Advisors Cyclo-Cross, held
on Sunday, December 8 in Merrimack, NH.  Like the first five rounds of the
Verge Series, it is a U.S. team selection event for the World Championships.


Elite Men

1 Johannes Huseby (Independent Fabrication/CCB/VW Medford MA)       1.02.01
2 Shaun Snodden (Je James Sheffield UK)
3 Tyler Johnson (CYBC - RICHARD SACHS Chester CT U23)                  0.16
4 Josh Anthony (Cyclocross Beverly MA U23)                   0.50
5 Adam Craig (Giant Corinth ME U23)                                    1.15
6 Mark McCormack (Saturn North Easton MA)                              2.09
7 Matthew Svatek (Cannondale Wheelworks Carlisle MA)                   2.24
8 Michael Broderick (Seven Cycles Chilmark MA)
9 Justin Lillie (Trek/VW West Lebanon NH)                              2.50
10 Rob Hult (O'Neils Harvard MA)                                       3.00
11 Alec Donahue (NCC/ Northampton MA)                       3.08
12 Adam Hodges (Myerson NCC/ Northampton MA)                3.20
13 Jeremy Powers (Team Devo Niantic CT U23)                            3.28
14 Jonathan Bruno (Quad Cycles Sommerville MA)                         3.39
15 J.d. Bilodeau (NCC / Northampton MA)                    4.41
16 Chris Peck (Wheelworks Cannondale Southbury CT)                     4.53
17 Eugene Ruiter (Trek/VW Nashua NH)                                   5.01
18 Matthew Kraus (Independent Fabrication/CCB/VW Cambridge MA)         5.49
19 Jeff Leake (NCC / Bennington VT)                        6.31
20 Micah Thompson (Excel Sports Natick MA)                             6.38
21 Nathan Rice (Catamount Burlington VT)                               7.17
22 Amos Brumble (CCB / Volkswagon Westerly RI)
23 John Hanson (NECSA/Mike Fraysee Sports West Hartford CT)
24 Steve Roszko (NCC / Northampton MA)
25 Daniel Coady (NCC / Deerfield MA)

Elite Women

1 Mary McConneloug (Seven Cycles Chilmark MA)                         40.39
2 Shauna Gilles-Smith (Gearworks/SRP Somerville MA)                    0.41
3 Jodi Groesbeck (Putney / West Hill Keene NH)                         1.36
4 Anna Milkowski (Gearworks/SRP Putney VT)                             1.48
5 Marianne Stover (Gearworks/SRP Portland ME)                          2.03
6 Kathryn Roszko (NCC / Northampton MA)                    2.51
7 Alicia Genest (Richard Sachs Amherst MA U23)                         3.05
8 Katrina Davis (Sandy Hook CT)                                        3.15
9 Sara Cushman (Gearworks/SRP North Grafton MA)                        3.26
10 Susan Maclean (Gearworks/SRP Plaistow NH)                           3.34
11 Stephanie White (NH Junior Cycling Academy Bedford NH)              3.38
12 Kathy Sarvary (Midstate Cycling Club Luneburg MA)
13 Becky Sox (Dansko Wakefield RI)
14 MaryAnn Martinez (NEBC/Cycleloft Concord MA)

One lap behind

15 Katherine Farago (NEBC/Cycleloft Burlington MA)

Junior Men

1 Jesse Anthony (Saturn Development Beverly MA)                       45.40
2 Jamey Driscoll (GMBC Invensys Jericho VT)                            0.28
3 Konrad Lebas (CCB International Ansonia CT)                          1.19
4 Adam Snyder (Balance Bar / Devo Westminster MA)                      4.22
5 Kevin Wolfson (NEBC / CycleLoft Belmont MA)                          6.12
6 Charles Marzot (Corner Cycle Cycling Club Middleboro MA)             7.08
7 Tucker Olander (Peerless/HNECC Windham NH)
8 Peter Stetson (Portland Velo Club Falmouth ME)
9 Charley Stetson (Portland Velo Falmouth ME)

Masters Men

1 Tim Haitz (Team Dupont Charlestown RI)                              46.45
2 Scott Wade (Gearworks Putney VT)                                     0.10
3 John Verheul (Ideal Tile Northampton MA)                             0.34
4 Mark Stotz (NCC / Easthampton MA)                        0.35
5 Sam Morse (Mass Bay Road Club Cohasset MA)                           0.38
6 Micheal Bernard (Arc-en-Ciel Millbury MA)                            1.14
7 Paul Curley (Gearworks/SRP Taunton MA 45+)                           1.30
8 Gary S. (Keblish Century-SBCG Brooklyn NY)                           1.58
9 Bob Bisson (SRP Gearworks Fall River MA)                             2.12
10 Mike Umbrell (Minuteman Road Club Waltham MA)                       2.33
11 Eric Marro (Team BOB/Skofield Builders Nashua NH)                   3.05
12 James Walsh (Cox Communications Wakefield RI)                       3.17
13 Doug Aspinwall (NCC / Easthampton MA)                   3.19
14 Brian Sweeney (GEARWORKS Sterling MA)                               3.42
15 Kevin Callahan (Bicycle Link Norwell MA)                            3.51
16 Christopher Smith (Rage/Harpoon/ Roslindale MA)             4.04
17 Scott Collins (squadra casterama Coventry RI)                       4.05
18 Ron Gutierrez (Sycip San Francisco CA)                              4.06
19 David Schachte (Providence Velo Club Woonsocket RI 45+)             4.07
20 Jeff Gauthier (GMBC/Invensys Burlington VT)                         4.08
21 Paul Nyberg (Eastern Bloc Cycling Club/ Benidorm Bikes Avon)        4.24
22 David Fagnant (Union Velo Cumberland RI)                            4.45
23 Gene Petrella (Bean's/Lite Bites/CCCF North Andover MA)             5.23
24 Richard Brown (Plaistow NH)                                         5.38
25 Keith Button (Nottingham NH)                                        5.40
26 Mitch Medeiros (AFD New Bedford MA)                                 5.46
27 Roger Goulart (Bike Works New Bedford MA)                           6.23
28 Larry Bettencourt (CCB Volkswagon Peabody MA)                       6.42

One lap behind

29 William Keith (Bethel Cannondale New Farifield CT 45+)

B Men

1 Curtis Boivin (Providence Velo Providence RI)                       46.58
2 Matt Hersey (liquid motion So. Portland ME)                          0.12
3 Noah Taylor (Peterborough NH)                                        0.25
4 Conor Coffey (CCB / Volkswagon Westerly RI)                          0.51
5 Aron Molloy (Plymouth State College Manchester NH)                   1.35
6 Christopher White (B.O.B. Windham NH)                                1.42
7 Tom Hopper (REI/Team Novara Medway MA)
8 John Burns (Hingham MA)
9 Byron Holt (Somerville MA)
10 Alan Starrett (Bikeman/Bath Cycle Portland ME)
11 Jonny Bold (CCCC/Corner Cycle Marstons Mills MA)                    2.03
12 Jonathan Lawrence (Portland ME)                                     2.09
13 David Keefe (Boston Bicycle Club Newton MA)                         2.22
14 Michael Cole (Landrys-Litespeed Ashland MA)
15 Chris Harnish (People Cycle-Green Team East Falmouth MA)
16 Scott Livingston (Team Horst Engineering Vernon CT)                 2.48
17 Gary S. (Keblish Century-SBCG Brooklyn NY)                          2.52
18 Ryan Rumsey (Team Liquid Motion Portland ME)                        3.11
19 Wade Summers ( / HVVC Southington CT)
20 Aron Millett (ECV Georgetown MA)                                    3.16
21 Matt Bodziony (Squadra Casterame Wakefield RI)
22 Rodney Nobrega (S&W Sports Exter NH)                                3.26
23 Ethan Parsons (NCC/ Westhampton MA)
24 Daniel Abbe (Team Mountain City Warren MA)                          3.50
25 Brian Clark (Exposition Wheelmen Manchester CT)                     3.50
26 Mark Donahue (So ME Cycling Club S. Portland ME)                    4.03
27 David Connery (Boston Bicycle Club Watertown MA)                    4.16
28 John Wright (Boston Round Club Arlington MA)                        4.47
29 Jerrry Hughes (REI/Team Novara Framingham MA)                       4.47
30 Garvin Louie (Union Velo No Attleboro MA)                           5.10
31 Forest Reid (Providence Velo Club Providence RI)                    5.10
32 Joe Rodrigues (Bike Alley Springfield MA)                           5.18
33 Hunter Pronovost (Grouppo Sportivo Cheshire CT)                     5.18
34 Andrew Parsons (BRC/Vintage West Roxbury MA)                        5.18
35 Ian Everard (Velocity Racing Somerville MA)                         5.40
36 James Mccowan (Whitinsville MA)                                     5.42
37 Jeffrey Capobianco (Concord MA)                                     5.49
38 Nathan Mealey (NCC/ Westfield MA)                        5.57
39 Chris Brown (Corner Cycle Cycling Club Falmouth MA)                 5.57
40 Matthew Jamieson (Chester CT)                                       6.19
41 Brad Shuford (NCC / Easthampton MA)                     6.54
42 Richard Battaglia (Southern Maine CC Arlington MA)                  7.01
43 Mark Wysocki (Pedro's Worcester MA)
44 Mark Robson (Team Bicycle Alley Willington CT)
45 Jeff Papineau (BOB Westfield MA)                                    8.47
46 Peter Hutchins (NCC/
47 Darren Crupi (Heart of New England Cycling Brooklyn NY)             9.17
48 Rory Mason (Stage 1 Cycling New Milford CT)                         9.47
49 Matthew Crews (Peterborough NH)                                    10.17

One lap behind

50 Richard Rude (Redding CT)
51 John Reilly (Boston Cross Somerville MA)
52 Greg Black (Verge Test Pilot Gardiner MA)

C Men

1 Eric Jenson (K2/Pedros Falmouth MA)                                 25.57
2 David Fredrickson (unattached Stoneham MA)                           0.21
3 Michael Croft (Thread City Cyclers Washington CT)                    0.21
4 Michael Harney (Waterford CT)                                        0.41
5 Peter Rondinone (NHCC Goffstown NH)                                  1.04
6 Wayne Maceyka (Harris Cyclery W. Newton MA)                          1.08
7 Steven Bonadio (NEBC/Cycle Loft Arlington MA)                        1.15
8 Kenneth Hamel (AFD/OSVC Warwick RI)                                  1.51
9 Michael Keough (Corner Cycles Sandwich MA)                           2.15
10 David Baxter (Providence Velo Cranston RI)                          2.27
11 Brian Bicki (Team Hawaian Chepachet RI)                             2.39
12 Dave Beals (CBRC/CK Cycles Niskayuna NY)                            2.47
13 Jason Arcelay (NEBC/Cycleloft/EMC Arlington MA)                     2.48
14 Robert Connors (Yarmouth MA)                                        2.53
15 Chip Kent (Team Bicycle Alley Upton MA)                             2.58
16 Paul Braus (Team Hawaian Chepachet RI)                              3.03
17 Bill Doonan (NBW Cumberland RI)                                     3.13
18 Jeff Bousfield (Thread City Cyclers Manchester CT)                  3.31
19 Lawrence King (Providence Velo Cranston RI)                         3.43
20 Robert Bauer (Minuteman road Club Natick MA)                        3.44
21 James Rawstrol (MRC Attleboro MA)                                   4.07
22 Nathanial Rex (Cycle Center/Stamford Fairfield CT)                  4.46
23 Robert Desrosiers (Team Hawaian Woonsocket RI)                      4.54
24 Nick Todd (West Hartford CT)                                        5.33
25 David Rioux (Boston Road Club Freetown MA)                          5.53
26 James Dowling (Maine Cycling Club/Rainbow Buckfield ME)             6.16
27 Michael Medas (North Dighton MA)                                    6.59
28 Jose Monterroso (Union Velo Attleboro MA)                           7.33

C Women

1 Donna LaCasse (BCA Lanesboro MA)                                    30.35
2 Daria Vander (Veer Exposition Wheelmen Manchester CT)                0.18
3 Cheryl Payne (Union Cycle Wrentham MA)                               1.22
4 Amy Burrer (Bicycle Alley Bedford MA)                                2.38
5 Samantha Slattery (Bedford MA)                                       3.46

Cub Juniors

1 Kyle Foley (Laurel Wallingford CT)                                  25.25