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Kissena Prospect Park Series

Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, May 4, 2003

Kissena Prospect Park Series
Brooklyn, NY
May 4, 2003

These results are provided for informational purposes only.� Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat 123
Name                Place	Club
�	Roosevert Marte	    1st	    Toga
�	Wilson Vasquez      2nd	    GSM
�	Emelito Heredia     3rd	    Toga
�	Gregory Wolf        4th	    Colorista Bola
�	Rey Diaz            5th	    Liberty Cycles
�	Oscar Trida	        6th	    7up
�	Thomas Ziermann     7th	    GBSC
�	Kevin Browne        8th	    C Verca
�	Jermaine Burrowes   9th	    C Verca
�	Inson Wood          10th    CRCA

Masters 35+
Name                Place	Club
�	Juan Pimentel       1st	    MHB Cycling Club
�	Rob Brown           2nd	    SONY
�	Daniel Byrne        3rd	    CRCA/Sanchez
�	Thomas Luzi         4th	    Arc en ciel
�	Christopher Frank   5th	    GBSC

Women	Name			Place	Club
�	Catherine Powers    1st     Connecticut Yankee
�	Sarah Sauvayre      2nd     CRCA/Metro
�	Kira Krenichyn      3rd     CRCA/Axis
�	Randall Sharp       4th     CRCA/Axis
�	Julie Upton         5th     CRCA/Eas

Cat 4	Name            Place   Club
�	Casey MacNiven      1st	    NECSA
�	Matthew Zawalich    2nd     Laurel BC
�	Petr Huppert        3rd     CRCA/Metro
�	Seth Rabinowitz     4th     Brooklyn Velo Force
�	Jonathan Durham     5th     Brooklyn Velo Force
�	Pascal Sauvayre     6th     CRCA/Magic
�	Ernesto Paredes     7th     CRCA/Bennetts
�	Jaime Garcia        8th     CRCA
�	Andrew Lobsenz      9th     Bethel Cycle Sport Club
�	Jason Parkin        10th    CRCA/Bennetts

Cat 5	Name            Place	Club
�	Zack Yogel          1st     CRCA
�	Quintero Eustimio   2nd	�
�	Justin Inglis       3rd     CRCA
�	Herman Gomez        4th	�
�	Maximino Veiga      5th     Big Ring Velo Club