Bryan Park Cycling Series

Richmond, VA

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Bryan Park Cycling Series
Richmond, VA
September 2, 2003

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Jon Wirsing, of the Snow Valley cycling team, and Zack Zimmerman, of Bike
Doctor, rode away from the A-Race field from the word "go" in last night's
Bryan Park Series Bicycle Race.  Wirsing won the race.
Zimmerman initiated the break to train for this weekend's Carolina Cup.
"I wanted to ride as hard as I could before I blew up," Zimmerman said. "I
almost did blow up but Jon took some longer pulls."
Wirsing is a member of one of the United States' premier amateur teams -
Snow Valley.  He said he is preparing for the 100 mile Univest Grand Prix in
Pennsylvania.  That race will attract many pro teams as well as many of the
world's best amateur teams.
The two local riders lapped the field with one lap to go.  Since the United
States Cycling Federation's rules state that the lapped pack finishes on the
same lap as the leaders, the field had also one lap to go.
Confusing? Oh yeah.
Instead of the usual after race easy one lap roll, many of the riders pushed
an extra lap. They sprinted towards a vacated finish line.
That's a tough break for sixth place Joe Notaricola of Richmond Ciclismo who
patiently sat behind team-mate Leigh Carter for a lead out. Carter placed
fifth behind as the two crossed the line.
James River Velo Club's Greg Brown said he understood the lapped rule. He
sprinted out of the pack for fourth.
Six laps earlier, Virginia's road race champion, Matt Forbes broke away from
the field.  He took third.
"I remember taking off with six laps to go because I was suffering," Forbes
said. He said he began to mentally count off his suffering.
"Every lap was like, five, four, three, 'when will it end?!'" Forbes said.

Mark Connelly won the earlier B-Race with an impressive solo with three laps
to go.  Connelly, fresh off a 10th place finish in the State Road Race, said
he wanted to try a different strategy.  Soloing wasn't the plan.
"I wanted to try to get the inside and sprint off that rise in the course,
(before the final turn)" Connelly said. Then Connelly quoted Lance
Armstrong's advice on countering riders who have just been caught by the
"I had the opportunity to counter with three laps to go, so I gave it a
shot.  That's all I could do," Connelly said.
With two laps to go, Connelly stretched the break to 30 seconds.  The pack
chased and, yet, the gap stood.
With one lap to go, Elvin Jefferson knew he had to go to the front.
Jefferson led out the final lap.  It wasn't fast enough.
Second place Kevin Clark, third place Todd Nicotra of Richmond Ciclismo, and
fourth place Dan King sprinted past Jefferson, who held on for fifth.
Connelly won with a six second lead.
Todd Nicotra, a new rider with Richmond Ciclismo, worked hard for third
"I was breathing so hard, I didn't realize there was anybody up there,"
Nicotra said of Connelly's break.
For many of these riders, this evening's race is the fifth race in eight
days. Also, for many of the riders, this past weekend pretty much marked the
end of the racing season.  The Bryan Park series continues until the end of
September. Still, talk of "next year" has begun.

The Bryan Park Cycling Series is a joint Richmond Ciclismo - PDO Cycling

A-Race - 20 miles.

Place. Name (Team)
1. Jon Wirsing (Snow Valley)
2. Zack Zimmerman (Bike Doctor)
3. Matt Forbes (Richmond Ciclismo)
4. Greg Brown (James River Velo Club)
5. Leigh Carter (Richmond Ciclismo)

B-Race - 14.4 mile.

1. Mark Connelly (Unattached)
2. Kevin Clark (Unattached)
3. Todd Nicotra (Richmond Ciclismo)
4. Dan King (Unattached)
5. Elvin Jefferson (Unattached)