Results » Road » 2005

Turkey Hill Country Classic

Lancaster, PA

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Turkey Hill Country Classic
Presented by
MHC Sports
Lancaster, PA
Saturday, May 07, 2005

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. place name club mens pro - 3 125 starters 1 Bobby Lea Northwest Martgage 2 Reid Mumford ABD Cycling Team 3 Josh Beck World Cup Ski and Cycling 4 Ryan Dewald Snow Valley / Seal On 5 Rafel Urzedowski Navigators Insurance 6 John DeLong Snow Valley / Seal On 7 R. Muoio LSV/ Kelly 8 Erik Engle Artmis 9 Josh Taylor Snow Valley / Seal On 10 Andrew Shaw NCVC 11 Jon Wirsing Snow Valley / Seal On 12 Andrew Wulfkuhle LSV/ Kelly 13 Peter Baker Snow Valley / Seal On 14 Bill Short Land Rover 15 Ward Solar Team Cobblestone SPRINT KOM COLLEGE 1 Bobby Lea Reid Mumford Bobby Lea 2 Reid Mumford Bobby Lea John Delong 3 Ryan Dewald John Delong Nick Pakulla place name club mens 3-4 125 starters 1 Robert Moskal Elite Bicycles 2 Joern Deidrichsen LSV/Kelly 3 James Pettengill Cadence 4 Ryan Sohmer Faulkner Honda Racing 5 Charles Grose Elite Bicycles 6 Joe Kopena Drive Sports 7 Taylor Brown Tri State Velo 8 Brian Smith World Cup Ski and Cycle 9 Michael Koons Tri State Velo 10 Dan Lader Rockville Harley 11 Charles Denton White Rose Racing 12 Mike Bradbury Evolution 13 Mike Carney Faulkner Honda Racing 14 Shane Kline TEAM Fuji 15 Joseph Halter Handlebars 16 Darco Lalevic Quaker City Wheelemen 17 Mark Parrett ColaVita Bolla 18 Scott Sanderson Faulkner Honda Racing 19 Christopher Wiedmaier Red Rose Rockets 20 Fredrik Andersson NCVC place name club mas 40+ 75 starters 1 Roger Friend Monticello Velo 2 David Osborne Artemis 3 John Spittal GS Lancaster 4 Ted Inoue K2/ Shirks 5 Joseph Manaccio Guys Racing 6 Michael Zban GS Lancaster 7 Tom McMenamin Somerset Wheelmen 8 Desmond Slattery Quaker City Wheelmen 9 John Kelly Lateral Stress Velo 10 William Leucke NCVC 11 Brad Ober GS Lancaster 12 Doug Lapp GS Lancaster 13 David Nesbitt DC Velo 14 Mark Farrell Upstate/ Sicklers 15 Robert Hachadoorian Quaker City Wheelmen 16 Kevin Kolodzieski Tri State Velo 17 Thorr Pharr Dutch Wheelmen 18 James Parren Quaker City Wheelmen 19 Jim Pomeroy First Capitol Velo 20 Dwayne Clinton GS Lancaster place name club mas 50+ 48 starters 1 Scott Haverstick ERA cycling 2 Bob Kehl Guys Racing 3 Chip Berezny LWA/ Bike Line 4 Martin Lorenz Guys Racing 5 Rob Lea TEAM Fuji 6 Jerome Weiner Guys Racing 7 Neil Gussman Main Line Cycling 8 Tim Lung AVC 9 Russ Nichols Snow Valley 10 Jaoquim Carvallho QCW 11 David Frankford Main Line Cycling 12 Brian Saylor Dynaflo/ Tech 13 John Grice Jr Team BBC 14 Steven Hartland Main Line Cycling 15 Julius Goslin Main Line Cycling 16 Tom Grim ERA cycling 17 Franklin Walters NCVC 18 Barry Free ERA cycling 19 Bill Care ERA cycling 20 Dana Omerod ERA cycling place name club women 3-4 56 starters 1 Erica Allar TEAM Fuji 2 Amity Elliot BBC 3 Janet Olney BBC 4 Marcie Massaro Velo Bella 5 Tracy Rankin DC Velo 6 Barbara Grabowski Allegheny Cycling Assoc 7 Sinead Miller Allegheny Cycling Assoc 8 Lisa Vible Velo Bella 9 Diane Miller HPC 10 Laura Stark Somerset 11 Kay Tsui Artemis 12 Michele Hart MCCT 13 Sarah Charlesworth Tri State Velo 14 Sara Zeigler Maryland College 15 Dana Hanchin Sturdy Girl Cycling 16 #61 17 Wendy Ulmer Artemis 18 Lauren Shirock TEAM Fuji 19 Susanne Morsberger Baltimore Bicycle Club 20 Michele Suplick Tri State Velo place name club cat 5 50 starters 1 Matthew Ferrari Mt Nittany Velo 2 Greg Bell Mt Nittany Velo 3 John Gdowik 4 Joey Piscitello Cadence 5 Chris Jackson Cadence 6 Jan Felice First Capitol 7 Allan Wallace Maryland College 8 Scott Anderson BPVC 9 Paul Wilson VCB/ Legg Mason 10 Matthew Neigh AABC 11 David Hilton Cadence 12 Matt Kirk Wooden Wheels 13 Matt Perry 14 Robert Kapland NCVC 15 Dan Malk Trizilla 16 Terry Harrington Cheesepeak Wheelmen 17 Dan Lichtenberger Wooden Wheels 18 Karl Krause First State 19 Terry Jones IC3 20 Chris Davis

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