The TIAA-CREF Coralville Jingle Cross Rock

com) Des Moines, IA

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The TIAA-CREF Coralville Jingle Cross Rock
Iowa City, Iowa
Sunday, November 27th, 2005

Tilford Takes Jingle Cross Rock; Discovery Channel's McCartney second

Elite Men

If Steve Tilford's legs were tired from all the recent travels and racing, they sure didn't show Sunday at the TIAA-CREF Coralville Jingle Cross Rock in Iowa City, Iowa. The month of November found Tilford finishing 19th in the 10-stage Tour of Southland in New Zealand, competing in another stage race in Panama, and finishing in the top 20 in both the USGP #5 and #6 in California. Proving he is still on his game, Tilford (Verge/Shimano) obliterated the competition in the Men's Elite race, which included such notables as local hero Jason McCartney (Discovery Channel), last year's champion Shadd Smith (Bikesource-Specialized/HRRC), and over 25 other top regional caliber cross racers.

Competing on the University of Iowa's cross country Ashton Field, riders who came thinking the race was going to be a walk in the park were quickly enlightened when they found that each 2-mile included two mud covered trail sections, including two stream bed crossings to make life interesting. "This course was absolutely perfect for cyclocross," remarked Tilford afterwards. "It is more like what cyclocross courses are supposed to be and one of the best I've seen. It included everything that makes cyclocross the exciting sport it is, and you definitely had to have the endurance to do well."

From the start, the Elite Men were off like a rocket in the 55 minute event. A blistering pace was set early, with Tilford, Smith, and McCartney completing the first lap in just over six minutes. Brad Cole (Team X) was keeping the leaders in sight though, coming through seven seconds back, followed by Anthony Wilhelm (Cycling Club of Nebraska) and John Olney (Iowa City Cycling Club/Mercy-Specialized) chasing at another 12 seconds back. A group of four riders, led by Jim Holmes (All 9 Henderson Racing), were keeping it close coming through just another 10 seconds down, but still 12 seconds ahead of the main bunch.

On the second lap, however, Tilford put the hammer down to break 40 seconds clear of McCartney, Wilhelm, and Smith. Tilford never looked back from there, increasing his lead by nearly 20 seconds for each of the next four laps. With 1 lap remaining, Tilford had a comfortable 2 minute advantage over McCartney and Smith, who in turn had put a 20 second gap of their own into fourth place Wilhelm.

"Steve was in the zone today," commented Jason McCartney racing in front of his hometown fans for the first time in his Discovery Channel jersey. "My problem was I don't like to run. I don't like to get off my bike if I don't have to," joked McCartney afterwards.

With $2000 in payouts for the Elite Men alone, the racing wasn't limited to just the front runners. The battle for 7th place came down to a three way matchup between Joshua Johnson (Big Shark Racing), Kurt Refsnider (All 9 Henderson Racing), and Daniel Casper (Grandstay). Johnson found himself with a slight gap coming out of the woods to claim the spot, leaving Refsnider to outsprint Casper for 8th.

At the end of the day, race director John Meehan (Iowa City Cycling Club/Mercy-Specialized) - who also had an amazing ride to finish 13th in the Elite Men race - called the event a wonderful success. "This is the second year we've run the Jingle Cross Rock. Bringing TIAA-CREF and the City of Coralville on as title sponsors was the key as all proceeds are donated to the Children's Hospital of Iowa. The sponsors have, riders, and spectators have given the Children's Hospital of Iowa was a tremendous demonstration of support," said Meehan. "Next year we're making it even bigger by making it a two day event." One can only wonder if Tilford's legs will have caught up to him by then.

Nearly 150 riders registered for the 10 race event, raising over $4000 for the Children's Hospital of Iowa.

Video highlights can be found on the race website at

Photos courtesy of Paul Denninger and Maxine Irving

Elite Women

In the Elite Women race, it quickly became the Linda Sone (Hollywood Cycling) show. Sone proved she meant business from the outset, taking a 10 second lead over a chasing Catherine Walberg (Ameritech) and Andrea Myers (DICE) by the end of the first lap, with Tammy Meehan (Iowa City Cycling Club/Mercy-Specialized) staying in contact just another 5 seconds down. Sone's gracefulness over the barriers helped propel her in establishing a lead of 40 seconds over Walberg with 2 laps remaining. Not to be outdone, Walberg would battle back to cut Sone's lead in half over the last 2 laps, but it proved too little too late with Sone taking the win by a 20 second margin.

Meanwhile, a close duel was taking shape between Myers and Meehan who were fighting for the 3rd and the final podium spot. Both riders would trade the lead after each lap and everyone knew it was going to come down to the last wooded section prior to the finish line. Myers would emerge first however, and hold onto her lead to finish 5 seconds clear of an exhausted but elated Meehan.

"I'm ecstatic about how I rode today," exclaimed Meehan afterwards. "I hadn't been riding as well as I'd wanted to in the recent cross races, but today everything really came together at the right moment."

-Mark A. Guthart

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results. TIAA-CREF Coralville Elite Men's A Race 1. Steve Tilford (Verge/Shimano)Topeka KS, 45 2. Jason McCartney (Discovery Channel Pro Cycling) Coralville IA, 32 3. Shadd Smith (Bikesource-Specialized/HRRC) Overland Park KS, 34 4. Anthony Wilhelm (Cycling Club of Nebraska) Lincoln NE, 24 5. James Holmes ( Madison WI, 30 6. Brad Cole (Team X) Overland Park KS, 24 7. Joshua Johnson (Big Shark Racing) Columbia MO, 29 8. Kurt Refsnider ( Madison WI, 24 9. Daniel Casper (Grandstay) Northfield MN, 39 10. David Hejduk (Sycip Racing) Overland Park KS, 36 11. Aaron Pool (Lincoln Plating Lemond) Omaha NE, 19 12. John Olney (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 32 13. John Meehan (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 40 14. Chris Strout (Team MACK Racing, Ltd.) Evanston IL, 32 15. Mark Harms (Brazen Dropouts) Madison WI, 30 16. Doug Plumer (Team X) Lenexa KS, 32 17. Nate Cline (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 28 18. Lee Venteicher( Iowa City IA, 29 19. Sean Walker (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 30 20. Jay Hendersen (Hollywood Racing) Minneapolis MN, 34 21. Jeremy Sievers ( Des Moines IA, 28 22. Bill Marshall (Team X) Overland Park KS,34 23. Paul Roltgen (Brazen Dropouts) Cottage Grove WI, 37 24. John Ericsson (Brazen Dropouts) Verona WI 25. Adam Lang (Team X) Olathe KS, 17 26. Chris Meharry (Pedros) Urbandale IA, 38 27. Jeff Barnes (Iowa City Cycling Club) Cedar Rapids IA, 47 28. Chris Eastburn (Iowa City Cycling Club) Cedar Rapids IA, 47 29. Marco Hollander ( Des Moines, IA dns Matt Kelly (Alan Factory Cycling Team) WI dns Brian Conant (Revolution Cycling Center) Dekalb IL, 37 Coral Ridge Mall Women's Open 1. Linda Sone (Hollywood Cycling) Northfield MN, 33 2. Catherine Walberg (Ameritech) Topeka KS, 43 3. Andrea Myers (DICE) Silvis IL, 22 4. Tammy Meehan (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 40 5. Darcy Sanford (Team Skin) North Liberty IA, 31 6. Trudi Rebsamen (Wheatland) Topeka KS 7. Michele Ericsson (Capitol Velo Club) Verona WI, 33 8. Shannon Treis ( Madison WI, 26 9. Jami Hartwig (Team Skin) North Liberty IA, 31 10. Jean Gilpin (Team Skin) Coralville IA, 46 11. Andrea Venteicher ( Iowa City IA, 28 12. Renee Callaway (Alan Factory Team)Madison WI, 36 13. Sandy Kessler (Team Skin) Iowa City IA, 28 14. Deb Wood (DICE) Davenport IA, 27 15. Maggie Kemp (Team Skin) Iowa City IA, 28 Active Endeavors Beginner Men's C Race 1. Paul Lenkowski (Unattached) N Liberty IA,31 2. Phil Curran (DICE) Davenport IA, 3. Chris Ruckdashcel (Unattached) North Liberty IA,32 4. Tim Kennel (Unattached) Iowa City IA,36 5. Todd Knebel (Two Bee Racing) Hills IA,23 6. Michael Zugmaier (DICE) Bettendorf IA,50 7. Brent Degeus (Unattached) Cedar Rapids IA,31 8. Mark Sorenson (Two Bee Racing) Coralville IA,47 9. Britt Marcussun (Two Bee Racing) Coralville IA,41 10. Finn Kolsrud (St. Olaf Cycling) Norhtfold MN,21 11. Karim Salha (Brazil) Iowa City IA,32 12. Jeffery Corcoran (Team Skin) Des Moines IA,38 13. Emanual Calon (Unattached) Coralville IA,37 14. Jim Holte (Two Bee Racing) Coralville IA,44 15. Chris Wyatt (Unattached) Iowa City IA,34 16. Gary Hayles (Unattached) Bettendorf IA,33 17. Ryan Murray (Unattached) Iowa City IA,26 18. Kevin Collins (Unattached) Coralville IA,39 19. Jeffrey Murray (Unattached) Iowa City IA,56 20. Daniel Calva (Unattached) Iowa City IA,28 21. John Mosby (Unattached) Leclaire IA,41 22. Nathan Lien (Unattached) Coralville IA,25 23. Walt Dethlefs (Unattached) Genesco IL, 42 24. John Sharp (Unattached) Iowa City IA, 50 25. Thad Collins (Unattached) Coralville IA 26. Chris Lynch (Unattached) Coralville IA, 37 dns Miles Weinberger (Unattached) Iowa City IA Iowa State Bank & Trust Single Speed Race 1. Brain Eppen (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 26 2. Cully Todd (Team Skin) North Liberty IA, 41 3. William D Huntsberger (DICE) Davenport IA, 36 4. Jay Hendersen (Hollywood Racing) Minneapolis MN, 34 5. Thomas Scholz (Atlas Cycling) Iowa City IA, 46 6. Dennis Grelk (Team 14/Pedros) Donnellson IA, 26 7. Matt Hartman (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 38 8. Geoff Perrill (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 31 9. Aaron Robert (Unattached) Iowa City IA, 21 10. Thomas Remo (ISCorp) Fon Du Lac WI, 14 dnf James Hopson (Iowa City Cycling Club)Iowa City IA, 48 Scheels All Sports Men's Intermediate B Race 1. Paul Denninger (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 35 2. Thaddeus Neil (Team 14/Pedro's ) Webster City IA, 29 3. Jim Robideoux (All 9 Yards) Ankeny IA, 41 4. Keith Walberg (GP Velotek) Topeka KS, 43 5. William D Huntsberger (DICE) Davenport IA, 36 6. Todd Gillihan (Team Skin) Coralville IA, 41 7. David Grenda (St Louis Cycling Club) Maplewood MO, 32 8. Michael Edwards (Two Bee Racing) Iowa City IA, 33 9. Dennis Grelk (Team 14/Pedros) Donnellson IA, 26 10. Jon Yetley (Two Bee Racing) Coralville IA, 35 11. Jason Weldon (Two Bee Racing) Iowa City IA, 29 12. Josh Madsen (Unattached) Iowa City IA, 29 13. Mark Simons (Hammer Nutrition) North Liberty IA, 28 14. Pasha Korsakov (Unattached) Iowa City IA Intuitive Surgical Masters 30+ 1. Bill Stolte (HRRC) Topeka KS, 35 2. Mark Harms (Brazen Dropouts) Madison WI,30 3. Jesse Peterson (Monkey Wrench) Lincoln NE, 34 4. John Ericsson (Brazen Dropouts) Verona WI, 38 5. Jim Cochran (Atlas Cycling) Iowa City IA, 38 6. Paul Deninger (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 35 7. Nick Martin (Atlas Cycling), Iowa City IA, 34 8. Matt Hartman (Iowa City Cycling Club), Iowa City IA, 38 9. Jeff Yielding (Bike Tech Racing), Cedar Falls IA, 35 10. Paul Lenkowsli (Unattached), N Liberty IA, 31 11. Jamie Jorgensen (Team Skin), Coralville IA, 38 12. Jeff Smith (Bike Tech Racing), Waterloo IA, 38 Stryker Endoscopy Masters 40+ 1. Thomas Price (CCN/Trek) Overland Park KS, 45 2. Greg Deuthman (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 42 3. Thomas Scholz (Atlas Cycling) Iowa City IA, 46 4. Jeff Barnes (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 41 5. David Bell (Chain Smokers) Madison WI, 40 6. Cully Todd (Team Skin) North Liberty IA, 41 7. James Hopson (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 48 8. Phil Curran (DICE) Davenport IA, 48 9. Sean Myers (Team 14/Pedros) Ames IA, 44 10. Patrick Hanrahan (DICE) Bettendorf IA, 47 11. Jeff Williams (Team Mack) Springfield IL, 42 12. Paul Jensen (All 9 Yards) Altoona IA, 40 13. Donald L Miller Jr (DICE) Moline IL, 41 dnf Chris Eastburn (Unattached) Cedar Rapids IA, 47 dns Jim Robidoux (All 9 Yards) Ankeny IA, 41 dns John Meehan (Iowa City Cycling Club) Iowa City IA, 40 Stryker Endoscopy Masters 50+ 1. Glen Jones (Unattached) Madison WI, 51 2. Landon Beachy (Bike Tech Racing) Kalona IA, 53 3. Dan Schaffer (Iowa City Cycling Club) Ely IA, 51 4. John Adamson (Bike Tech Racing Club) Cedar Falls IA, 59 5. Richard Gilmore (Bike Tech Racing Club) Washington IA, 54 6. David Erickson (Unattached) Madison WI, 58 7. Newt Colburn (Bike Burlington) Burlington IA, 57 8. Miles Wineberger (Unattached) Iowa City IA, 67 dns Michael Zugmaier (DICE) Bettendorf IA, 50 dns Jeffrey Murray, Unattached, Iowa City, IA 56 Healthy Habits Beginner Women’s Race 1. Megan Davis (Team Skin) Iowa City IA, 26 2. Amy Martin (Unattached) Iowa City IA, 33 3. Cheryl Fonley (Unattached) Iowa City IA, 42 4. Maggie Kemp (Team Skin) Iowa City IA, 28 DNS Carol Scott-Conner (Unattached) Iowa City IA, 59 Racquet Master Juniors Race 1. Thomson Remo (ISCorp) Fond Du Lac WI, 13 2. Tommy Mosby (Unattached) Leclaire IA, 10