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Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, May 9, 2009

BIG APPLE BICYCLE CLASSIC Presented by Kissena Sports Brooklyn, NY Saturday, May 09, 2009

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Pro-1-2-3  (40 Miles)
PLACE     FIRST          LAST           TEAM
1         Neil           Bezdek         KCC
2         Anthony        Lowe           Champion Systems
3         Wilson         Vasquez        Champion Systems
4         Rodney         Santiago       Champion Systems
5         Paul           Burrowes       WS United
6         Gavin          Robertson      Foundation
7         Alex           Joshua         Foundation
8         Glenroy        Griffith       Major Taylor
10        Raj            Seepersaud     Champion Systems
11        Kevin          Brubaker       CRCA
12        Paul           Chooweenam     Pacifico
13        Kevin          Yarde          NCC
14        Thomas         Hinnershitz    Radha
15        Will           Fedrico        Van Dessel Factory

Masters  (31 Miles)
1         Pat            McNamara
2         Paul           Carbonara      CRCA
3         Jeffrey        Cline          East End/Kreb Cycle
4         Matt           Doran          Global Locate
5         Ed             Burlem         Coffee Den
6         Bernie         McGarry        Global Locate
7         Robert         Spillman       Deno�s Wonder Wheel
8         Anthony        Maisto         Deno�s Wonder Wheel
9         Eutimio        Quintero       Foundation
10        Gary           Steinberg      Global Locate

Category 4  (24 Miles)
1         Leszek         Sniadowski     Organic Athlete
2         Mike           O'Neill
3         Joe            Bylund         Columbia
4         Brian          Collett
5         Rob            Havemeyer      East End/Kreb's Cycle
6         David          Carbonell      Columbia
7         Eloy           Anzola
8         Patrick        Littlefield
9         Jeff           Chen
10        John           Halloran       Sanchez

Category 5  (14 Miles)
1         Sean           Barry
2         Ben            Cornish        NY Velocity
3         Mat            Hughes
4         Carlos         Sosa           Chelsea
5         Jorge          Torres         Chelsea
6         Manual         Huerta         Chelsea
7         John           Buenaventura   NY Velocity
8         James          Mahlmann
9         Steven         Paulich
10        Victor         Galvin         Chelsea

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