Brookside Cyclocross Cup

Indianapolis, IN

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brookside Cyclocross Cup ZIPP OVCX Finals Indianapolis, IN Sunday, December 07, 2008
Hoosier Hardmen Endure Arctic Conditions
Zipp OVCX Tour Finals in Indianapolis

report by: John G. of the 2 Johns Podcast �

Sub-freezing temperatures greeted the participants who braved the elements to contest the final Zipp Ohio Valley Cyclocross Tour event at Brookside Park in Indianapolis. Although the ground was snow covered in spots, icy in others with air temperatures hovering around 20�F, the racing action was anything but frigid. Brookside Park, host to summertime criterium races for more than 30 years, proved a tough opponent for those on �cross bikes who had to navigate almost-frozen mud, icy pavement, and the infamous stair climb section. Broken chains, racers quitting due to cold, and epic battles led up to the final races of the day, the Elite Men and Women.

The Women�s event saw Anna Jean Dallaire (Barbasol/Sobe/Cannondale) take the win over Junior rider Michelle Morris (One Call Now). More than twenty bundled-up men toed the slippery start line. Andy Messer (DRT Racing) got a fabulous start and the hole shot with the rest of the field sledding along in his wake. Ryan Knapp (, the pre-race favorite, quickly showed the form that has been winning him races and garnered him top spot in the overall points series by going to the front at the end of the first lap and never looking back. A battle was brewing behind, however, when Clayton Omer (Calistoga Racing Team), a Junior racer just last year, worked his way up to second place rider Isaac Neff (Alderfer-Bergen). Omer burned too many matches with the effort and was quickly cut loose from the smooth-riding Neff. And that�s the way it stayed � Knapp first, Neff second, and Omer third. Early leader Messer rode a solid race and finished fourth.

The post-race awards ceremonies were held in the toasty confines of the Brookside Park Community Building. Master frame builder Tim O�Donnell (Shamrock Cycles) started things off by picking raffle tickets. Those who raced more than 10 races in the series were eligible for a pair of Zipp 404 wheels, a custom made Shamrock frame, a Jamis Super Nova frameset, a Redline Conquest frameset, a pair of hand-built wheels from BioWheels Bike Shop, two Chris King headsets, plus lots of schwag from Quality Bicycle Parts. The festivities were capped off with the presentation of plaques to the top three overall all in each category.

The Zipp OVCX Tour thanks those who participated, spectated, or volunteered this season. Stay tuned for exciting announcements concerning next year�s series. More information is available at

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Elite Men
Place   Name                     Team
1       Ryan Knapp     
2       Isaac Neff               Alderfer-Bergen
3       Clayton Omer             Calistoga
4       Andrew Messer            DRT Racing
5       Mitchell Kersting        Barbasol
6       Mitchell Graham          BioWheels
7       Robert Bush              Texas Roadhouse
8       Kip Spaude               Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
9       Rob Kendall              Team Barbasol/Rapid Transit
10      Zach Edwards             DRT Racing
11      Andrew Reardon           Krystal
12      Ryan Myers               Indianapolis Cycling Club
13      Zach McBride
14      Aaron Hawkins            Don Galligher-DRT Consulting
15      Jacob Virostko           Lucas Oil
16      Nick Tinsler             Darkhorse Racing
17      Jason Fowler
18      Jake Rytlewski
19      Katsuhiro Tanda          Team Athens
20      Dustin Greer             Maxxis/First Endurance
21      Matthew Curin
DNF     Mike Kennedy             Barbasol
DNF     Donald Galligher         DRT Racing

Elite Women
Place   Name                     Team
1       AnnaJean Dallaire        Barbasol
2       Michelle Morris          One Call Now
3       Nicole Borem             DRT Racing
4       Amanda McKay             BioWheels
5       Kiersta Tucker           CKW Racing
6       Rebecca Finley           Vanderkitten
7       Sarah Lukas              Hyundai / Gear Grinder
8       Emily Benson             DRT Racing
9       Whitney Kroll            Cane Creek
DNF     Ashley James             Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
DNF     Teri Meek       / Team Louisville

Elite Masters 35+/45+
Place   Name                     Team                                      Age Group
1       Donald Galligher         DRT Racing                                35+         1st
2       Phil Noble               BioWheels                                 35+         2nd
3       Erik Fagerberg           Calistoga                                 45+         1st
4       Robert Bobrow            Calistoga                                 45+         2nd
5       Morgan Webb              Barbasol                                  35+         3rd
6       Keith Lucas              CKW Racing                                35+         4th
7       John Mandrola            Calistoga                                 45+         3rd
8       Fred Rose                                     35+         5th
9       Timothy Beirne           Calistoga                                 35+         6th
10      Bill Crank                                                         35+         7th
11      Blaine Heppner  / Team Louisville          35+         8th
12      Joe Bellante             BioWheels                                 35+         9th
13      Mike Mcshane             Calistoga                                 35+         10th
14      John May                 Barbasol                                  45+         4th
15      Lou Beckmeyer            Seven Hills / Mercy                       45+         5th
16      T.J. Turner              BioWheels                                 35+         11th
17      Matthew Koehn            Speedway Wheelmen                         45+         6th
18      Doug Dobrozsi            Queen City Wheels                         45+         7th

Category 3 Men
Place   Name                     Team
1       Joshua Prater            Speedway Wheelmen
2       Keith Lucas              CKW Racing
3       Tom Brockman             Louisville Firefighters
4       Glenn Francisco / Team Louisville
5       Chris Nevitt    / Team Louisville
6       Andrew Dillman           Red Zone
7       Steven Gers              BioWheels
8       Katsuhiro Tanda          Team Athens
9       David Hauber             Louisville Firefighters
10      Ryan Vingris             Ghisallo Cycling Team Inc.
11      Donald Parr     / Team Louisville
12      Micah Fritzinger
13      Martin Bearden  / Team Louisville
14      Adam Rodkey              Team Tortuga
15      Josh Biven               Louisville Firefighters
16      Ren-Jay Shei
17      Brad McCracken
18      Ryan Kiel                Indiana University-Bloomington
19      Kyle Thomas              DRT Racing
20      Mark Trousdale           Speedway Wheelmen
21      Ryan Lindsay             ZWS / Cyclesport
22      Martin Meadows           Speedway Wheelmen
23      David Groen              Central Ohio Bicycle Club
24      Andrew Millard           ZWS / Cyclesport
25      Cory Swihart

B Masters Cat. 3/4 35+
Place   Name                     Team
1       Michael Seiler  / Team Louisville
2       Marty Smith              CES / PTP
3       Steven Webster  / Team Louisville
4       Micah Fritzinger
5       Duane Walker    / Team Louisville
6       Dave Aukerman
7       John West       / Team Louisville
8       Jeff Schoeny
9       Darrell Edwards / Team Louisville
10      Rodney Roof              ZWS / Cyclesport
11      Gregory Charkoudian      Pedal the Planet
12      Doug Roemer     / Team Louisville
13      Jeff Steinrock  / Team Louisville
14      Damon Brown
15      Tom Mulpagano
16      Lars Andersen
17      John Harris     / Team Louisville
18      Chris Halioris  / Team Louisville
19      Pope Mobley     / Team Louisville
20      Justin Forbes
21      Scott Rodriguez
22      Brian Segal     / Team Louisville
23      Brian Greene
DNF     Jerry Hayes              Queen City Wheels

B Masters Cat. 3/4 45+
Place   Name                     Team
1       Dan Lach                 ZWS / Cyclesport
2       Scott Bond               Speedway Wheelmen
3       Mike Otting              Seven Hills / Mercy
4       David Hart               ZWS / Cyclesport
5       Rick Toler
6       Mitchell Beckner         One Call Now
7       Lou Beckmeyer            Seven Hills / Mercy
8       Jonathan Spicker
9       Fraser Cunningham        ZWS / Cyclesport
10      Kenny Sipes              CKW Racing
11      Craig Reynolds
12      Timothy Casady           Nebo Ridge Bicycles
13      Harry Wicks              BioWheels
14      Scott Belcher            Seven Hills / Mercy
15      Dell Williamson          Queen City Wheels
16      Doug Hamilton            BioWheels
17      Jim Pontius              Zephyr Wheel Sports
18      Mark Luking     / Team Louisville
19      Robert Locke             Speedway Wheelmen
20      Mike McDaniel            Seven Hills / Mercy
21      Mark Mckenney            Seven Hills / Mercy
22      Ronald Shipman
DNF     Dan Ramsey

Cat. 3/4 Women
Place   Name                     Team
1       Kiersta Tucker           CKW Racing
2       Teri Meek       / Team Louisville
3       Hannah Mossman           One Call Now
4       Colleen Morris           One Call Now
5       Jeni Roosen              Seven Hills / Mercy
6       Mary Craighead           Sorella Cycling / Chrysalis Racing
7       Susan McDaniel           Seven Hills / Mercy
DNF     Lindsay Rodkey           Velo Bella

Masters Women
Place   Name                     Team
1       Jamie Clifton            National Engineering - COBC
2       Shellie Heggenberger
3       Staci Mandrola           Calistoga
4       Christina Halioris       BikeClicks/Team Louisville
5       Bridget Sempsrott        CORA
6       Claudia Fritzinger

Category 4 Men
Place   Name                     Team
1       Brian Lark               Red Zone Cycling
2       Nathan Roberson          Scheller's
3       Rick Smith
4       John Francisco           Red Zone Cycling
5       Todd Nix
6       Steven Bivens
7       Joey Luliano             Turin Bicycling Society
8       Jaden Sempsrott
9       Cory St. Clair
10      Cody Joel
11      Brad Oakley
12      Corey Green
13      Tobias Holsman
14      James Sells
15      William Sherman          Team Reliant Bank/Harpeth Bicycles
16      Peter Deucher
17      Frank Troiano
18      Thomas Standers
19      Louie Nicholson
20      Bill Meek
21      Martin Lally
22      John Schmitz
23      Geoff Thielmeyer
24      Dave Tharp
25      Geraint Parry
26      John Molnar
27      Brien Fields
28      Daniel Bartholomew
29      Ben Waite
30      Andy Paskins             Unattached
31      Matt Swan
32      Dave Mundy
DNF     John Wischmeier
DNF     Adam Schmidt
DNF     William Confer
DNF     Cameron Poole

Junior Men 10-12
Place   Name                     Team
1       James Francisco          Red Zone Cycling
2       Will Mandrola            Red Zone Cycling
3       Michael Lyle
4       Ian Mcshane              Red Zone Cycling
5       Rodney Roof
6       Edward Fritzinger

Junior Women 10-12
Place   Name                     Team
1       Eden Webb                Red Zone Cycling
2       Rachel Dobrozsi          Queen City Wheels
3       Kate Dietrich            Red Zone Cycling
4       Cate McShane             Red Zone Cycling

Junior Men 13-14
Place   Name                     Team
1       John Francisco           Red Zone Cycling
2       Cooper Simon             Red Zone Cycling
3       Nick Dietrich            Red Zone Cycling
4       Reuben Fritzinger
DNF     Spencer Renck            Red Zone Cycling

Junior Men 15-16
Place   Name                     Team
1       Andrew Dillman           Red Zone Cycling
2       Samuel Dobrozsi          Queen City Wheels
3       Will Bain       / Team Louisville
4       Saxon Porter
5       Zane Wischmeier