Storm the Greens KY State CX Championships

Louisville, KY

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Storm the Greens KY State CX Championships Louisville, KY Sunday, November 30, 2008
Zipp OVCX Tour�s Kentucky Champions

The weather for Storm the Greens was not stormy, but it was �cross weather � temperatures in the low 40s (F), spitting rain, and wind. But that didn't deter the 200 plus racers who came out to vie for Zipp OVCX Tour points and Kentucky State Championship medals.

In the Elite Men's race, Ryan Knapp ( continued his string of dominating performances. Knapp separated himself from a lead group of four after two laps and never looked back. The other three riders in the lead group--Andrew Llewellyn, Clayton Omer (both Calistoga), and Mitchell Kersting (Barbasol) didn't stay together long either. First, Kersting and Llewellyn gapped Omer when he had mechanical problems. Then Kersting put it to Llewellyn and rode in for second. Llewellyn, who'd just learned he's going to the Belgian Christmas camp again this year, rode in for the third podium spot.

In the Elite Masters race, Mike McShane (Calistoga) took the holeshot and never looked back. McShane dug deep into his bag of skills on the slippery course and held off a charging Morgan Webb (Barbasol) for the 35+ win and Kentucky State title. Tim Beirne of Calistoga came third just ahead of Fred Rose of

In the 45+ race, run with the 35+, Bob Bobrow (Calistoga) had a bad start but dieseled his way through the field and into third overall and the lead of the 45+ group after two laps. Bobrow then battled with 35+ rider Fred Rose and Bobrow's teammate Erik Fagerberg the rest of the way. Bobrow and Fagerberg finally shook Rose during the last lap and then raced it out for the Kentucky State Championship with Bobrow taking a narrow win. John "the Cat" Mandrola rounded out the 45+ podium taking the bronze.

In other action, Nicole Borem (DRT Racing) won the elite women's race ahead of series leader Amanda McKay (Biowheels). Keith Lucas won the men's category 3 race. Michael Seiler (Bikeclicks) won the 3/4 35+. David Hart (ZWS/Cyclesport) won the 3/4 45+. Teri Meek (Bikeclicks) won the women's 3/4 race. Travis Book won the 4 race. Shellie Heggenberger won the women's 3/4 35+ race. Andrew Dillman (RedZone) won the 15-16 boys race. Colleen Morris won the 15-16 girls race. John Francisco (RedZone) won the 13-14 boys race. Hannah Mossman (One Call Now) won the 13-14 girls race. Ian McShane (RedZone) won the 10-12 boys race. Eden Webb (RedZone) won the 10-12 girls race, and Thomas Francisco won the kids' race.

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Elite Men
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      Ryan          Knapp
2      Mitchell      Kersting       Barbasol
3      Andrew        Llewellyn      Calistoga Racing Team
4      Andrew        Messer         DRT Racing
5      Clayton       Omer           Calistoga Racing Team
6      Michael       Kennedy        Barbasol/Rapid Transit
7      Robert        Kendall        Barbasol
8      Andrew        Reardon        Krystal Cycling Team
9      John          Grant          Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
10     Jacob         Virostko       BioWheels/Reece-Campbell
11     Stewart       Scovil         Calistoga Racing Team
12     Hank          Campbell
13     Josh          Gerlach
14     Keith         Lucas          CKW Racing
15     Dustin        Greer          Maxxis
16     Ben           Richardson     Humana / Cycler�s Cafe
17     Matthew       Fox            BioWheels/Reece-Campbell
18     William       Crecelius      Calistoga Racing Team
19     Aaron         Hawkins        Chrysalis Ventures Racing

Elite Women
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      Nicole        Borem          DRT Consulting
2      Amanda        McKay          BioWheels/Reece-Campbell
3      Ashley        James          Nova Cycle Sports Foundation Inc.
4      Teri          Meek           Bike Clicks/Team Louisville
5      Sarah         Lukas          Lindsay Wilson
6      Kiersta       Tucker         CKW Racing
7      Emily         Benson         Lindsay Wilson

Cat 1/2/3 Masters
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      Michael       McShane        Calistoga Racing Team
2      Philip        Webb           Barbasol
3      Robert        Bobrow         Calistoga Racing Team
4      Lance         Fagerberg      Calistoga Racing Team
5      Timothy       Beirne         Calistoga Racing Team
6      Frederick     Rose 
7      Blaine        Heppner        BikeClicks/Team Louisville
8      Brian         Andriot
9      John          Mandrola       Calistoga Racing Team
10     Joseph        Bellante       Bio Wheels Racing
11     Joe           Collins        BikeClicks/Team Louisville
12     Charles       Garner         BikeClicks/Team Louisville
13     John          May            Barbasol
14     Daniel        Lach           ZWS/Cyclesport
15     Dan           Werle          YAZOO Brew
16     Curtis        Tolson         Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
17     Dennis        Barber         Bicycle Station
18     James         Turner         Team IPro
19     Matthew       Koehn          Speedway Wheelmen
20     Harry         Wicks          BioWheels/Reece-Campbell

Cat 3
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      Keith         Lucas          CKW Racing
2      Tom           Brockman       Louisville Firefighters/2WS
3      Christopher   Nevitt         BikeClicks/Team Louisville
4      Joshua        Prater         MOB Squad - U Build IT
5      Adam          Jackson        BikeClicks/Team Louisville
6      David         Hauber         BOLLA Cycling Team
7      Adam          Rodkey         Team Tortuga
8      Andrew        Dillman        Red Zone Cycling
9      Micah         Fritzinger
10     Michael       Dulin
11     Steven        Gers           BioWheels/Reece-Campbell
12     John          Breslin        Schellers
13     Joseph        Bosemer        BOLLA Cycling Team
14     Josh          Biven          Louisville Firefighters/2WS
15     Brian         Collier        BioWheels/Reece-Campbell
16     Donald        Parr           BikeClicks/Team Louisville
17     Ben           Bonney
18     Michael       Chewning       Team Hungry
19     Sean          Orr            BikeClicks/Team Louisville
20     Nick          Barbieri       Humana
21     Katsuhiro     Tanda          Team Athens P/B KT Protype
22     Martin        Bearden        BikeClicks/Team Louisville
23     Dave          Aukerman       Indiana Hand Center
24     Tim           Delgado        Team Hungry
25     Steve         Bivens
26     Mark          Trousdale      Speedway Wheelmen
27     Duane         Walker         BikeClicks/Team Louisville
28     David         Schell         Queen City Wheels
29     David         Crismon        Louisville Firefighters/2WS
30     Kerry         Nordstrom      Team Hungry
31     Todd          Nix
32     Peter         Deucher        Marian College

Cat 3/4 Women 35+
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      Shellie       Heggenberger   unattached
2      Jamie         Clifton        National Engineering - COBC
3      Stacey        Mandrola       Calistoga Racing Team
Tie 4  Bridget       Sempsrott      Cora
Tie 4  Christina     Halioris       BikeClicks/Team Louisville
5      Suzanne       Webster        BikeClicks/Team Louisville

Cat 4
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      Travis        Book           Team Bikers Choice
2      Nathan        Roberson       Schellers
3      Dave          Mundy
4      Brian         Lark           Red Zone Cycling Team
5      Rick          Smith          Bicycle Sport Inc.
6      Steve         Bivens
7      John          Francisco      Red Zone Cycling Team
8      Cody          Joel           Calistoga Racing Team
9      Todd          Nix
10     Jaden         Sempsrott      Cora
11     Mike          Mefford        The Bike Shop
12     Cas           Lane           unattached
13     Luke          Haley          Red Zone Cycling
14     Cameron       Poole          Team Dayton Bicycling
15     Nat           Henton         unattached
16     Trevor        Stith          Scheller's Fitness & Cycling
17     Brad          Oakley
18     Kristofer     Karwisch
19     John          Wischmeier     Century21 Breeden
20     Luke          McLaughlin     Goose Creek
21     William       Meek           BikeClicks/Team Louisville
22     David         Loignon        TWINSPIRES.COM
23     Peter         Deucher        Marian College
24     Louie         Nicholson
25     David         Owen           TWINSPIRES.COM
26     Martin        Lally          Louisville Firefighters/2WS
27     John          Molnar         Louisville Dirt Club
28     Brien         Fields         Revolution Bike and Bean

Junior 10-12
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      Ian           McShane        Red Zone Cycling
2      James         Francisco      Red Zone Cycling
3      Sam           Crecelius
4      Will          Mandrola       Red Zone Cycling
5      Martin        Walsh          Red Zone Cycling
6      Michael       Lyle           Red Zone Cycling
7      Nicholas      Beirne         Red Zone Cycling
8      Sheldon       Brown

Junior 10-12
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      Eden          Webb           Red Zone Cycling
2      Rachel        Dobrozsi       Queen City Wheels
3      Kate          Dietrich       Red Zone Cycling
4      Sarah         Hasner         Red Zone Cycling

Junior 13-14
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      John          Francisco      Red Zone Cycling
2      Spencer       Renck          Red Zone Cycling
3      Cooper        Simon          Red Zone Cycling
4      Nick          Dietrich       Red Zone Cycling
5      John          May            Red Zone Cycling
6      Evan          Sennett        Red Zone Cycling

Junior 13-14
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      Hannah        Mossman        One Call Now

Junior 15-16
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      Andrew        Dillman        Red Zone Cycling
2      Daniel        Bush           Texas Roadhouse
3      Samuel        Dobrozsi       Queen City Wheels
4      Vincent       Nold           Red Zone Cycling
5      Will          Bain           Bike Clicks/Team Louisville
6      Zane          Wischmeier     Century21 Breeden
7      Mark          Renn           Red Zone Cycling
8      Luke          Haley          Red Zone Cycling

Master 35+
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      Michael       Seiler         BikeClicks/Team Louisville
2      Robert        Smith          Commonwealth Eye Surgery
3      Steven        Webster        BikeClicks/Team Louisville
4      John          West           BikeClicks/Team Louisville
5      Duane         Walker         BikeClicks/Team Louisville
6      Martin        Bearden        BikeClicks/Team Louisville
7      David         Nissen         QCW/UDF
8      John          Harris         BikeClicks/Team Louisville
9      Damon         Brown
10     Doug          Roemer         BikeClicks/Team Louisville
11     John          Downey
12     Chris         Halioris       Team Louisville
13     Jerry         Hayes          QCW/UDF
14     Pope          Mobley         Team Louisville
15     Justin        Forbes         Koehlinger Kelley/ 3RVS
16     Brian         Segal          BikeClicks/Team Louisville
17     Charles       Kyle           Renaissance Cycling

Master 45+
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      David         Hart           ZWS / Cyclesport
2      Mike          Otting         7 Hills/Mercy Healthplex
3      Kenny         Sipes          CKW Racing/ Outdoor Vanture
4      Jeff          Steinrock      Bike Clicks/Team Louisville
5      Darrell       Edwards        BikeClicks/Team Louisville
6      Scott         Bond           Speedway Wheelmen
7      Mitchell      Beckner        One Call Now
8      Jonathan      Spicker
9      Harry         Wicks          BioWheels/Reece-Campbell
10     Douglas       Dobrozsi       Queen City Wheels
11     Dan           Ramsey         7 Hills/Mercy Healthplex
12     Michael       McDaniel       7 Hills/Mercy Healthplex
13     Fred          Steinbrecher   McDonalds Cycling TEam
14     Craig         Reynolds
15     Scott         Belcher        7 Hills/Mercy Healthplex
16     James         Pontius        ZWS / Cyclesport
17     Don           Hasner         BOLLA Cycling Team
18     Chris         Nelson         Bluegrass Cycling Club
19     Mark          Luking         Bike Clicks/Team Louisville
20     Mark          McKenney       7 Hills/Mercy Healthplex
21     David         Rudy           Bluegrass Cycling Club
22     Robert        Clifford

Master 55+
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      Charles       South          Koehlinger Kelley/ 3RVS
2      Bill          Kennedy

Cat 3/4 Women
Rank   First Name    Last Name      Team Name
1      Teri          Meek           Bike Clicks/Team Louisville
2      Kiersta       Tucker
3      Hannah        Mossman        One Call Now
4      Mary          Craighead      Chrysalis Ventures Racing
5      Kaylee        Heron
6      Debora        Hall           Renaissance Cycling
7      Melinda       Nitz           McDonalds Cycling TEam
8      Susan         McDaniel       7 Hills/Mercy Healthplex