Breast Cancer Awareness Cyclocross Challenge Race #2 of the MABRA Cyclocross Series

Hagerstown, MD

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Cyclocross Challenge Race #2 of the MABRA Cyclocross Series Presented by Antietam Velo Club/Team Hagerstown - Washington County Hagerstown, MD Saturday, October 04, 2008
October 4, 2008; Hagerstown, MD, USA: Clear skies and cool temperatures greeted the early participants to the Fifth Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Cyclocross Challenge, second race of the 2008 MABRAcross Series. However the race was hot and heavy as some of the earlier starters were chasing bragging honors and upgrade points.

Joe Lillibridge (Kelly Benefits Strategies/LSV Amateur) took early control of the Men�s Category IV event and managed to hold off Matthew Bartlett (The Bike Rack) who suffered from a late race fall in the last few kilometers of the event. The Bike Race round out the top three positions as Nathan Chenenko rolled in third. Paul Rades (Artemis and Patrick Blair of Adventure for a Cure rounded out the top five.

Nunzio DiBiasi of Yellow Breeches regained his winning form in the Masters 55+ race, after suffering an early season loss at Ed Sander last Sunday. Team Fuji�s own Rob Lee as well as Larry Dell of team AVC/Team Hagerstown-Washington County chased Nunzio all day. James Carlson (PVC) and the unattached John Kuska Jr came in fourth and fifth.

Scott Gibbons (Racing Union) went two for two in the Masters 35+ � event, having won the season opener in Buckeystown. However the Breast Cancer Awareness win was not without some resistance. Paul Wahner ( Racing) put in a textbook pursuit to catch Gibbons, who had been leading from the start. Mr. Wahner went as far as to put in an explosive uphill attack that even race announcer Joseph Jefferson predicted to be the deathblow. Nevertheless, Gibbon withstood the attack and came back to open up an even bigger lead as the end of the race drew to a close. Jonathan Seibold (Family Bike) dusted off his racing legs from way back in the day and managed to sneak in unnoticed to a third place position. David Blodgett (AABC) rolled in to the fourth position while Bryan Billington joined his Racing Union teammate in the podium to finish off the top five spots.

The Men�s Category 3-4 event was a battle from the start; only to turn into a stroll through the park for one the region�s and nation�s top riders, 16-year-old Jeff Bahnson (Secret Henry�s Team/Van Dessel). Bahnson hit the terra firma early but managed to dust himself off and roll in almost two minutes before second place finisher Ian Mathias (Hunt Valley Bicycles Marathon Roof). Mr. Consistency Chris Mayhew had a brief lead at the start and held on to finish third, while Alex Driscoll flew the family flag (Brother Alex had two mechanicals = DNF) for Adventure for a Cure along with Ryan Bannon for The Bike Lane.

Jimmy Klose 16 (Adventure for a Cure) racked up a win in the Junior 17-18 race, while Charles Lortz III (Kelly Benefits Strategies) pulled down a silver medal. Justine Mauch 15 (a.k.a. Three Races Per Day Please) took the bronze medal for NCVC.

The Masters 35+/45+ 1,2,3 was a true battle of legend; with MTB King Gunnar Shogren (SoBe Cannondale) snatching victory from some of the regions top Masters. Kristopher Auer (C3 hit the front early and often; only to come in a close second and within one minute of the race winner. Bernie Shiao (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV) and Randall Root (Evolution Cycling Club) resumed their own personal battle, from last week�s event. However, for the second week in a row it was Shiao whom managed to finish one place ahead of Root, while Marc Gwadz (DCMTB/City Bikes) held on to the final podium position.

Jimmy Klose and Just Mauch were up to their old tricks again, only this time they were both racing with their peers as opposed picking on the bigger kids. Jimmy (Adventure for a Cure) went two for two on the day, while Justin (NCVC) managed to move up one position and took silver in the Junior 10-16 event. Another member of the Lortz family managed to take home some hardware as 13-year-old James (Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV) earned a third place. Tommy Klose joined his older brother on the podium and Caleb Merriam (Tokyo Joe�s) scored a fifth place.

Jean Colsant (Squadra Coppi) hit the front early in the � Women�s event (announcer never called her name) and kept the race close for most of the event. However it was Jessica Gallagher from River City Bicycles how stole the victory in the later part of the event. Lindsay Bayer (Potomac Velo Club and Mary Alex secured third and fourth respectively, while Lynda Artusio gathered more upgrade points by holding on for the fifth and final podium spot.

The Women�s Elite event had its own sub-plot as Team Kenda Tires on Jennifer Maxwell was in dire need of some economic stimulus. Maxwell suffered a very costly mechanical problem during a pre-ride and used the $100 first lap prime to help pay for repairs. Maxwell hit it hard early and kept the pedal down the entire first lap only to red line her internal and suffered another mechanical on a backup bike. Betsy Shogren (SoBe Cannondale) used some of the same strategy employed by her husband to attack after the earlier firework and roll in for her second win in as many years at this Hagerstown Fairgrounds Park course. Arley Kemmerer (Hub Racing) rocked a no frills no spills second place, while the talented Melanie Swartz (Velo Bella Kona) knocked down a third place. Libby Sheldon (Tokyo Joe�s) scored a fourth and NCVC�s Teri Spanogle rocked a fifth place.

The Men�s Elite event was billed as a grudge match between Trek/VW�s Jeremiah Bishop and his equally talented counterpart Weston Schempf of However, this week�s event saw one of the nation�s top road racers mixing it up with the big boys of Cyclocross. Jeremiah and Weston seemed to take it out a bit slower this week with Jeremiah exciting the on-lookers by routinely bunny hopping the barriers and doing cross up, while catching air over the down hill rollers. However, the Trek VW rider hit the go button with about 40 minutes of racing left and Weston was unable to keep it as close as he did the previous week. In somewhat of surprise, it was the talented Russ Langley (Battley Harley Davidson Sonoma Grille) who applied some that power from the road to the terra firma and managed to rack up an impressive third place. Michael Gallagher ( scored a fourth place while Sean Galegher (Hunt Valley Bicycles) rounded out the top five position.

All in all it was a great day of racing as over 250 athletes made the trip to Hagerstown, Maryland. The next round of the 2008 MABRAcross series is the DCCX on October 26 in Washington DC. For more information, see

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat 123
Place   Time   Bib #  First Name    Last Name        Team                                         Hometown             ST
1              351    Jeremiah      Bishop           Trek / VW                                    HARRISONBURG         VA
2              359    Weston        Schempf!                               Centre Hall          PA
3              371    Russell       Langley          Battley Harley Davidson                      Sommertown           TN
4              356    michael       gallagher        C3-SOLLAY.COM                                Chambersburg         PA
5              366    Sean          Galegher         Hunt Valley Bicycles                         Parkville            MD
6              362    Andrew        Wulfkuhle                                Lancaster            PA
7              357    mike          hebe                                     New Cumberland       PA
8              352    stephen       cummings         Indiana Regional Medical Center              pittsburgh           PA
9              376    Jarel         Nietess          Haymarket                                    Haymarket            VA
10             360    Dave          Weaver           ALAN North America Cycling Team              Towson               MD
11             361    Greg          Wittwer          ALAN North America Cycling Team              richmond             VA
12             374    Jeffrey       Buckles          ALAN North America Cycling Team              Richmond             VA
13             375    Steven        Gordon           Haymarket                                    Warrenton            VA
14             370    Andy          McKeegan         Kelly Benefit Strategies/Lateral Stress Velo Harrisonburg         VA
15             355    Brian         Fouche           AVC/Team Hagerstown-Washington Co            Hagerstown           MD
16             365    Evan          Ellicott         Bike Doctor                                                       MD
17             364    Jared         Babik            Penn State Cancer Ints. Hershey/Cannondale   Pittsburgh           PA
18             354    Matthew       Ferrari          Mt Nittany Wheelworks                        State College        PA
19             367    Zachary       Adams                                  Carlisle             PA
20             358    Stuart        Louder           ALAN North America Cycling                   Richmond             VA
21             363    Eric          Linder                                 Baltimore            MD
22             353    Adam          Farabaugh        Hershey Cancer Institute-GPOA Cannondale     Owego                NY
23             373    Terry         Anderson         Haymarket                                    Sterling             VA
24             369    Chip          Hoover           Latitude/ABRT                                Germantown           MD
372    Chris         Mayhew           JBV Coaching                                 Pittsburgh           PA
368    Aaron         Snyder           Scott Bikes                                  Gilbertsville        PA

Elite Women
Place   Time   Bib #  First Name    Last Name        Team                                         Hometown             ST
1       37.10  178    Betsy         Shogren          SOBE CANNONDALE                              Morgantown           WV
2       37.18  183    Arley         Kemmerer         Hub Racing                                   Silver Spring        MD
3       37.40  180    Melanie       Swartz           Team CycleLife                               Reston               VA
4       37.49  187    Libbey        Sheldon          Tokyo Joe's                                  Washington           DC
5       37.58  179    Terri         Spanogle         NCVC/Inova Health System                     Alexandria           VA
6       38.12  182    Cheryl        Sornson          Trek VW/East Coast                           Fairfield            PA
7       38.39  176    Elizabeth     Harlow                                 Baltimore            MD
8       38.49  185    Marjan        Huizing          Team Kenda Tire                              Kensington           MD
9       38.58  184    Julie         Kuliecza         Alan N. America Cycling                      Richmond             VA
10      39.33  175    Christina     Briseno                                Washington           DC
11      41.03  181    Samantha      Williams         Sorella Cycling p/b BVM Engineering          Washington           DC
12             177    JENNIFER      MAXWELL          TEAM KENDA TIRE                              WASHINGTON           DC
13             186    Marni         Harker           Team Kenda Tire                              Washington           DC

Cat 4 Men
Place   Time   Bib #  First Name    Last Name        Team                                         Hometown             ST
1       43.16  233    Joe           Lillibridge      Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling Finksburg            MD
2       43.23  204    Matthew       Bartlett         The Bike Rack                                Washington           DC
3       44.53  212    Nathan        Chenenko         The Bike Rack                                Arlington            VA
4       44.54  246    Paul          Rades            Artemis                                      Silver Spring        MD
5       45.25  206    Patrick       Blair            Adventures For The Cure                      Elkridge             MD
6       45.29  247    Zachary       Rogers           GP Velotek                                   Haymarket            VA
7       45.58  205    Todd          Bickling         Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo                     Edgewater            MD
8       46.03  236    Chris         Mattingly        Proteus                                      Davidsonville        MD
9       46.11  211    Scott         Cernich          Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes              Washington           DC
10      46.22  235    Kevin         Lynch                                                         Chantilly            VA
11      46.24  245    Christopher   Price            CRCA/South                        Baltimore            MD
12      46.33  254    Morgan        Styer            Mountain Bikers of Michaux                   Gettysburg           PA
13      46.46  219    Jonathan      Foley            DCMTB/City Bikes                             Gaithersburg         MD
14      46.51  220    geoffrey      frost            Team BBC                                     baltimore            MD
15      46.55  244    Timothy       Phillips         Team BBC                                     Ellicott City        MD
16      47.02  218    Gregoire      Faber            NCVC/Inova Health System                     Washington           DC
17      47.07  248    GREGORY       SAYLOR           ADVENTURES FOR THE CURE                      FREDERICK            MD
18      47.20  252    Eric          Sloman           NCVC/Inova Health System                     Ashburn              VA
18      47.20  229    Kyle          Knott            Coastal Racing                               Virginia Beach       VA
19      47.33  257    Thori         Wolfe                                                         Washington           DC
20      47.35  223    Michael       Giancoli         Hup United                                   Shippensburg         PA
21      48.08  215    Ryan          Douglas          Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes              Washington           DC
22      48.27  260    Andrew        Welch            Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                        Arlington            VA
22      48.27  234    John          Ludicke                                                       Severna Park         MD
22      48.27  251    John          Scott            Team BBC                                     Baltimore            MD
23      48.39  231    Syd           Lea                                                           TANEYTOWN            MD
24      48.55  241    Bill          OKeefe                                 Baltimore            MD
25      48.57  239    Thom          Moore            Potomac Velo/Bike Lane                       Arlington            VA
26      49.08  250    Brian         Schmierer                                                     Washington           DC
27      49.11  259    Scott         Osterrieder      TRC/Roomful Express                          Gibsonia             PA
28      49.16  210    James         Carlisle         Battlefield Velo                             Frederick            MD
29      49.49  213    Josh          Cohen                                                         Silver Spring        MD
30      49.52  258    Rich          Zachary          NCVC                                         Silver Spring        MD
31      50.08  226    Robert        Honaker          Potomac Velo Club                            Reston               VA
32      50.19  230    Mike          Krawczel         Artemis                                      Rockville            MD
33             249    Henry         Schlitzer        Whole Wheel Velo                             Leesburg             VA
34             222    Scott         Gearhart         Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo                     Alexandria           VA
35             224    todd          gue              dhbd /bicycle place velo                     glenwood             MD
36             232    Noah          Letwin           Team BBC                                     Baltimore            MD
37             228    Lars Adam     Johnson                                                       Annapolis            MD
38             202    Matt          Baker                                                         Washington           DC
39             256    David         Wiesenhahn       WWVC / 3D Fitness and Health Cycling Team    Springfield          VA
40             237    Justin        Mauch            NCVC/Inova Health System                     Sterling             VA
41             217    Keith         Esham            Team Army                                    Kedysville           MD
42             221    Mathew        Gayford          Team Slow                                    Washington           DC
43             201    Carlo         Alfano                                                        Brunswick            MD
44             255    ray           travers                                                       baltimore            MD
45             253    Gary          Sterner                                                       Lewisberry           PA
46             203    Hans          Bakermans        Yellow Breeches Racing                       Boiling Springs      PA
DNF            209    Michael       Caputi           Adventures for the Cure                      Halethorpe           MD
DNF            216    Ryan          Dudek            Racing Union                                 Washington           DC
DNF            238    Robert        Mazzei           MBM (Mountain Bikers of Michaux)             Hagerstown           MD
DNF            243    Timothy       Paul             Battlefield Velo                             Eldersburg           MD
DNS            207    David         Blair            Haymarket Bicycles                           Stafford             VA
DNS            208    Timothy       Blanchard        The Children in the Shoe Preschools and DaycaBethesda             MD
DNS            214    kevin         dillard                                washington           DC
DNS            225    Josh          Hall             Lanterne Rouge                               Arlington            VA
DNS            227    Jonathan      Ivins            Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                        Germantown           MD
DNS            240    Tchad         Moore            Bicycle Place Velo Club                      Silver Spring        MD
242    douglas       owens            NCVC/Inova Health System                     arlington            VA

Masters 55+ 1/2/3/4
Place   Time   Bib #  First Name    Last Name        Team                                         Hometown             ST                  Racing Age
1       55.08  180    Nunzio        DiBiasi          Yellow Breeches Racing                       Elizabethtown        PA                  57
2       56.04  181    Robert        Lea              Team Fuji                                    TANEYTOWN            MD                  66
3              185    Larry         Dell             AVC/Team Hagerstown-Wash Co                  Falling Waters       WV                  57
4              183    James         Carlson          Potomac Velo Club                            Springfield          VA                  60
5              184    John          Kuska, Jr.                                                    Shepherdstown        WV                  55
DNS            182    Fred          Wittwer          Van Dessel Factory Team Va.                  charlottesville      VA                  57

Masters 35+ 3/4
Place   45+    Time   Bib #         First Name       Last Name          Team                                              Hometown            ST  Racing Age
1              48.45  312           scott            gibbons            racing union                                      reston              VA  41
2       X      48.59  334           Paul             Wahner                                         Havertown           PA  49
3              49.29  329           Jonathan         Seibold            Family Bike Shop                                  Crofton             MD  39
4              49.35  305           David            Blodgett           AABC                                              Ellicott City       MD  41
5              49.49  304           Bryan            Billington         racing union                                      falls church        VA  39
6              50.02  320           Norman           Kreiselmeier       Team Army                                         Myersville          MD  43
7       X      50.04  313           Albert           Greene             Yellow Breeches Racing                            Woodbridge          VA  47
8       X      50.27  325           John             Rogers             Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo                Takoma Park         MD  49
9              50.31  316           James            Johnson            Battlefield Velo                                  Frederick           MD  41
10             50.31  328           GEORGE           SCHULZ             Evolution Cycling/Better Termite                  ALEXANDRIA          VA  41
11      X             301           Jeff             Anderson           HPC/List                                          Vienna              VA  47
12                    331           Scott            Thompson           Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                             Arlington           VA  43
13                    314           Chris            Huhn               Evolution Cycling                                 Leesburg            VA  44
14                    337           Ken              Woodrow            Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                             Arlington           VA  43
15                    322           Chris            Macon              Kelly Benefits/LSV                                Baltimore           MD  37
16                    306           Norman           Brach                                         Sykesville          MD  39
17                    309           Mark             Drajem             DCMTB/City Bikes                                  Silver Spring       MD  42
18                    327           William          Schieken           Unattached                                        Washington          DC  40
19      X             336           Thori            Wolfe                                                                Washington          DC  45
20      X             319           Joseph           Kotun              Evolution Cycling                                 Falls Church        VA  48
21                    324           Trevor           Miller             Family Bike Shop                                  Laurel              MD  37
22      X             318           Jim              Klender            AdventuresForTheCure/TMR                          Ellicott City       MD  49
23      X             302           Dave             Baumgardner        Tri-State Velo                                    Newtown Square      PA  50
24                    335           Michael          West               AdventuresForTheCure/TMR                          ellicott city       MD  40
25      X             321           Scott            Mabry              National Capital Velo Club / Inova Health System  Arlington           VA  48
26                    338           Chris            Zangmeister        All American Bicycle Club                         Gaithersburg        MD  38
27                    323           Michael          Mathias            DCMTB/Citybikes                                   Washington          DC  44
28      X             317           Gary             Kelley             Bean's Bikes                                      Carlisle            PA  52
DNS                   303           Darren           Bernard            Haymarket Bicycles p/b Function Drinks            Haymarket           VA  42
DNS                   330           Chip             Sovek              Potomac Velo Club                                 Centreville         VA  39
DNS                   333           corey            twyman             Hub Racing                                        washington          DC  38
DNF     X             307           James            Carlisle           Battlefield Velo                                  Frederick           MD  45
DNF                   308           Andres           Correal            Team BBC                                          Timonium            MD  38
DNF                   310           Thor             Engblom            NCVC/Inova Health System                          Frederick           MD  43
DNF     X             311           marc             frazer             Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amatuer Racing       owings mills        MD  45
DNF     X             315           Cary             Hunter             Potomac Velo Club                                 Waterford           VA  51
DNF                   326           Chris            Schaefer           Yellow Breeches Racing                            Mechanicsburg       PA  39
DNF                   332           Jason            Trust              NCVC/Inova Health System                          Herndon             VA  40
DNF     X             339           Mark             Wanco              HUP United                                        New Canseclard      PA  49
DNF                   340           Patrick          Cusack             Silver Cycles                                     Washington          DC  37

Cat 3/4 Men
Place   Time   Bib #  First Name    Last Name        Team                                         Hometown             ST
1       38.03  102    Jeff          Bahnson          Secret Henry's Team / Van Dessel             Newark               DE
2       39.42  129    Ian           Mathias          Hunt Valley Bicycles / Marathon Roofing      Baltimore            MD
3       40.20  130    Chris         Mayhew           JBV Coaching                                 pittsburgh           PA
4       40.28  112    alex          driscoll         Adventures For the Cure                      Halethorpe           MD
5       41.02  103    Ryan          Bannon           The Bike Lane                                Fairfax              VA
6       41.04  141    Luke          Sandusky                                                      Towson               MD
7       41.30  118    Nathan        Goates           Faulkner Honda / In-Gear                     Shippensburg         PA
8       41.37  123    Chip          Hoover           Latitude/ABRT                                Germantown           MD
9       41.41  137    Sam           OKeefe                                 Baltimore            MD
10      41.46  126    Peter         Kennedy                                Timonium             MD
11      41.50  105    Mark          Broadwater                                Cockeysville         MD
12      42.07  143    Kevin         Wahila           ProGraphics                                  Pittsburgh           PA
13      42.13  148    Trevor        Shattvek         Hunt Valley Bicycles                         Lutherville          MD
14      42.14  147    Brian         Swehla           Abington Wheelwright                         Lebanon              PA
15      42.20  121    Ryan          Hardy                                  timonium             MD
16      42.22  117    Steve         Fife             Bike Doctor                                  Reston               VA
17      42.22  101    Joseph        Ashman                                                        Silver Spring        MD
18      42.51  155    Patrick       Cusack           Silver Cycles                                Washington           DC
19      43.06  106    Rob           Campbell         NCVC/Inova Health System                     Kensington           MD
20      43.12  146    Evan          Robinson         Pro Bikes                                    Pittsburgh           PA
21             114    Alex          Ebright                                                       Washington           DC
22             135    Luke          Mysko            Latitude/ABRT                                Baltimore            MD
23             139    Stephen       Riskus           AABC                                         silver spring        MD
24             152    Patrick       Blair            Adventures For the Cure                      Elkridge             MD
25             154    Darren        Biggs            DCMTB/City Bikes                             Arlington            VA
26             133    Joel          Moats            Yellow Breeches Racing                       Chambersburg         PA
27             150    Micah         Smith            Cumberland Transit                           Arlington            VA
28             104    Matthew       Brancheau        Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling Baltimore            MD
29             144    Stephen       Wahl             AVC/ Team Hagerstown-Washington Co           Frederick            MD
30             145    Paul          Watson                                                        Edgewater            MD
31             107    Scott         Cernich          Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes              Washington           DC
32             149    Corey         Twyman           Hub Racing                                   Washington           DC
33             110    Matthew       Donahue          DCMTB/City Bikes                             Washington           DC
34             111    Ryan          Douglas          Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycles                  Washington           DC
35             124    john          kamenick         evolution cycling                            ashburn              VA
36             153    Scott         Osterrieder      TRC/Roomful Express                          Gibsonia             PA
37             127    mark          kilgore          Hunt Valley Bicycles/ Marathon Roofing       lewisberry           PA
38             136    Shaun         O'Bryan          Proteus Bicycles                             Washington           DC
39             122    Matthew       Hennessy         Team BBC                                     Baltimore            MD
40             151    Brown         Sharp                                                         Washington           DC
DNS            108    Joseph        Coats            Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                        Alexandria           VA
DNS            109    Ryan          Delaney          Potomac Velo Club                            Arlington            VA
DNS            115    MIKE          ESMONDE          Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes              washington           DC
DNS            119    Steven        Grant            NCVC/Inova Health System                     Arlington            VA
DNS            128    Eric          Linder           C3 -                              Baltimore            MD
DNS            140    Brett         Rothmeyer        Kraynicks                                    Pittsburgh           PA
113    Adam          Driscoll         Adventures For the Cure                      Halethorpe           MD
116    Gregoire      Faber            NCVC/Inova Health System                     Washington           DC
120    Robb          Hampton          Bike Doctor/Bayside Velo                     Silver Spring        MD
125    robert        kelly            NCVC/Inova Health Systems                    Washington           DC
131    Patrick       McKeegan         Monticello Velo Club/Blue Wheel              Staunton             VA
132    George        Milinkovic       Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                        Falls Church         VA
134    Alex          Monte-Sano                                                    Silver Spring        MD
138    Matthew       Panas            Adventures for the Cure                      Camp Hill            PA
142    Phil          Smith                                                         Parkville            MD

UCI Junior 17-18
Place   Time   Bib #  First Name    Last Name        Team                                         Hometown             ST                  Racing Age
1       39.38  624    Jimmy         Klose            Adventures for the Cure                      Ellicott City        MD                  16
2       41.24  625    Charles       Lortz III        Kelly Benefits Strategies                    Monkton              MD                  17
3              626    Justin        Mauch            NCVC/Inova Health System                     Sterling             VA                  15

Masters 35+/45+ 123
Place   45+    Time   Bib #         First Name       Last Name          Team                                              Hometown            ST  Racing Age
1       X      44.53  268           gunnar           Shogren            SoBe/Cannondale                                   Morgantown          WV  47
2              45.36  245           Kristopher       Auer                                                                 BALTIMORE           MD  37
3       X      45.42  267           Bernie           Shiao              Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling      sparks glencoe      MD  49
4       X      45.45  266           Randall          Root               Evolution Cycling Club                            Merrifield          VA  53
5              46.05  251           Marc             Gwadz              DCMTB/City Bikes                                  Washington          DC  42
6              46.23  269           Anthony          van Lierop         Hunt Valley Bicycles-Marathon Roofing/HVB         Baltimore           MD  36
7              46.29  264           Chris            Nystrom   !                                   Ellicott City       MD  38
8              46.43  249           karl             connolly           Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV                      Baltimore           MD  41
9              46.44  253           Barry            Holman             Team Fuji                                         Washington          DC  42
10             46.58  261           Sean             Mealey             Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing             York                PA  38
11             47.07  246           Michael          Birner             All American Bicycle Center                       Woodbine            MD  38
12             47.18  265           Justin           Pokrivka           Dirty Harrys.Net                                  Tarentum            PA  39
13      X      47.21  259           Roger            Masse              Trek/VW East                                      Bethesda            MD  48
14      X      47.38  250           Shawn            Downing            Chesapeake Wheelmen/King Pawn                     Baltimore           MD  50
15             47.55  263           Chris            Newell             Sublime Athletics Velo                            Reisterstown        MD  40
16      X      48.18  255           Ron              Huebner            Potomac Velo Club                                 Waterford           VA  48
17      X      48.29  258           Chip             Lortz              kelly benefit strategies/lsv amateur racing       monkton             MD  47
18             48.36  254           Jonathan         Houghton                                                             Baltimore           MD  40
19      X      49.00  248           Christopher      Clarke             DCMTB/CityBikes                                   Washington          DC  45
20      X      49.12  256           Karl             Kensinger          NCVC/Inova Health System                          Arlington           VA  49
21      X      49.20  260           Charles          McDaniel           Secret Henrys Team                                Wilmington          DE  48
22             50.35  272           Chris            McGill             Cannondale                                        Washington          DC  35
23             50.35  262           Judd             Milne              Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                             Reston              VA  37
24      X      51.12  247           Kevin            Breckenmaker       Yellow Breeches Racing                            Hershey             PA  53
25                    270           Rob              Masterson          Penn State HCI                                    Pan                 PA  38
26      X             271           Carey            Hunter             Potomac Velo Club                                 Paeonium Springs    VA  49
27                    274           John             Raley              Artemis                                           Rockville           MD  39
28                    273           Jay              Downs              Fort Factors                                      Gbg                 PA  43
DNS                   257           Erik             Leaver             NCVC/Inova Health System                          Silver Spring       MD  37

Cat 3/4 Women
Place    Time   Bib #  First Name   Last Name        Team                                                Hometown         ST
1        40.33  577    Jessica      Gallagher        River City Bikes                                    Chambersburg     PA
2        41.28  573    Jean         Colsant          Squadra Coppi                                       Arlington        VA
3        41.45  571    Lindsay      Bayer            Potomac Velo Club                                   Reston           VA
4        41.47  569    Mary         Alex             Artemis                                             Alexandria       VA
5        42.04  570    Lynda        Artusio                                                              Frederick        MD
6        43.01  578    Lindsey      Hillesheim       Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                               Arlington        VA
7               585    Angela       Vavasori         Hunt Valley Bicycles                                Baltimore        MD
8               591    Cathy        Lange            Yellow Breeches Racing                              Shippensburg     PA
9               586    Kathleen     Wulfkuhle                                       Lancaster        PA
10              579    Tracy        Lea                                                                  TANEYTOWN        MD
11              575    Jennifer     Franko           Proteus Bicycles                                    Washington       DC
12              582    Doron        Petersan         C-3 Sollay                                          Washington       DC
13              587    Mary         Zadnik Newell    Sublime Athletics Velo                              Reisterstown     MD
14              576    Rebecca      Frederick        Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling        Baltimore        MD
15              580    Rebecca      Letwin           Team BBC                                            Baltimore        MD
16              589    Suzanne      O'Connor                                                             Towson           MD
17              588    Jennifer     Pitt                                          Baltimore        MD
18              590    Marisa       Peacock          Velo Bella                                          Washington       DC
19              584    Hillary      Styer            Velo Bella                                          Gettysburg       PA
20              581    Chauncey     Monte-Sano                                                           Silver Spring    MD
572    Sioban       Castor           Squadra Coppi/Im Saab                               Washington DC    DC
574    Christie     Finney           The Children in the Shoe Preschools and Daycare     Bethesda         MD
583    Noelle       Schlegel                                                             Parkville        MD

Jun 10-16
Place   Time   Bib #  First Name    Last Name        Team                                         Hometown             ST                  Racing Age
1              476    Jimmy         Klose            Adventures for the Cure                      Ellicott City        MD                  16
2              479    Justin        Mauch            NCVC/Inova Health System                     Sterling             VA                  15
3              478    James         Lortz            Kelly Benefits Stategies                     Monkton              MD                  13
4              477    Tommy         Klose            Adventures for the Cure                      Ellicott City        MD                  14
5              482    Caleb         Merriam          Tokyo Joe's                                  Washington           DC                  12
6              480    Alicia        Styer            Velo Bella                                   Gettysburg           PA                  12
7              475    Nicholas      Engblom          NCVC/Inova Health System                     Frederick            MD                  10
8              481    Alec          West             Adventures for the Cure                      ellicott city        MD                  10