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Housatonic Hills Road Race

Southbury, CT

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Housatonic Hills Road Race Presented by Zephyr Cycling Team Southbury, CT Sunday, June 15, 2008

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the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Men'S Pro,1,2      81 miles       82                     starters
Place   Time       First Name     Last Name              Team                                            City                State  CT Championship
1       3:42:38    Justin         Lindine                TARGETRAINING                                   Maplecrest          NY
2       0:00:16    Jamey          Driscoll               FiordiFrutta                                    Jericho             VT
3       st         Jake           Hollenbach             CCB/Volkswagen                                  Shelburne           VT
4       st         Eneas          Freyre                 TARGETRAINING                                   Greenwich           CT     gold
5       st         Eric           Tremble                Kenda/Raleigh Cycling Team                      Jericho             VT
6       st         Dan            Vaillancourt           Toshiba/Santo Presented by Herbalife            Saco                ME
7       st         Sean           Barrie                 Battley Harley-Davidson/Capitol Hill Bikes      Washington          DC
8       st         Todd           Wells                  GT                                              Durango             CO
9       st         Jonathan       Chodroff               CRCA/Empire Cycling Team                        Kennet Square       PA
10      st         Lee            Rosenthal              TARGETRAINING                                   North Massapequa    NY
11      st         William        Dugan                  CCB/Volkswagen                                  Burlington          VT
12      0:03:40    Matthew        Purdy                  North Atlantic Velo/ClassBook.Com/Giant/Pedro's Albany              NY
13      0:03:51    Nicholas       Bruno                  Westwood Velo/Trade Manage Capital              Oakland             NJ
14      0:03:59    Kevin          Wolfson                Fitness Together/IF p/b Lionette's              Belmont             MA
15      0:04:13    Nathan         Coleman                IMMEDIATE MORTGAGE - ARTEMIS ELITE              Baltimore           MD
16      st         Joshua         Lipka                  Fiordifrutta Elite Cycing Team                  Cheshire            MA
17      0:05:12    Jason          Baer                   Kenda/Raleigh Cycling Team                      Burlington          VT
18      st         Charles        McCarthy               MetLife p/b                           Waitsfield          VT
19      st         Sean           Condron                BCA
20      0:05:17    Brian          Butts                  Battley Harley Davidson                         Arlington           VA
21      st         Ryan           Fleming                MetLife p/b                           Portsmouth          NH
22      st         Thom           Coupe                  MetLife p/b                           Plymouth            NH
23      st         Matthew        Plumb                  Chris Cookies/Swan Cycles                       Ithaca              NY
24      st         Aidan          Charles                Nerac                                           Middletown          CT     silver
25      st         John-Paul      Kaminski               Connecticut Coast Cycling                       Mahopac             NY
26      st         Chad           Butts                  Champion Systems                                Danbury             CT     bronze
27      st         Dan            Hoffman                Westwood Velo                                   Harrison            NJ
28      st         Colin          Jaskiewicz             CCB/Volkswagen                                  Montclair           NJ
29      st         Josh           Austin                 NorEast Cycling                                 Durham              NH
30      st         Zoltan         Tisza                  PNIVO-Betonexpressz 2000                        New York            NY
31      st         Jake           Castor                 Preferred Care Elite Cycling                    Dansville           NY
32      st         Brian          Lawney                 Chris' Cookies/Swan Cycles/FLCC                 Ithaca              NY
33      st         Scott          Dolmat-Connell         MetLife Pro-Am Cycling Team p/b       Princeton           MA
34      st         Ryan           Kelly                  NorEast Cycling                                 Dover               NH
35      st         Gilberth       Gomez Valverde         Van Dessel Factory Team NJ                      Somerville          NJ
36      0:05:45    Chris          Worden                 CCB/Volkswagen                                  Chatham             NJ
37      st         Adam           Sullivan               Kenda/Raleigh Cycling Team                      North Kingstown     RI
38      st         Todd           Rowell                 NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental               Arlington           MA
39      st         Amos           Brumble                ccb/volkswagon                                  Westerly            RI
40      st         Nathaniel      Ward                   TARGETRAINING                                   Albany              NY
41      st         Matt           Baldwin                TARGETRAINING                                   Danbury             CT
42      st         Paul           Levis                  TARGETRAINING                                   Briarcliff Manor    NY
43      st         Jeff           Zygo                   Preferred Care Elite Cycling                    Rochester           NY
44      st         Matt           Rossman                NorEast                                         Morrisville         VT
45      st         Vincent        Scalia                 NOREAST                                         Queensbury          NY
46      st         Peter          Horn                   JBCA/Cycling Center                             Boulder             CO
47      st         Alex           Bremer                 CRCA/Empire Cycling Team                        New York            NY
48      st         Don            Sproull       Cycles/FLCC               Auburn              NY
49      st         Yahor          Buben                  CCB/VW/Time                                     Hamden              CT
50      st         Cristian       Velasquez              CAFETEROS cycling Club                          Stamford            CT
51      st         Adam           St. Germain            TARGETRAINING                                   Providence          RI
52      st         Ron            Larose 3               CCNS / Pedal Power                              Plainville          CT
53      st         Brad           Sheehan                MetLife p/b                           Newton Center       MA
54      st         Todd           Cassan                 Westwood Velo                                   Nyc                 NY
55      st         Corey          Masson                 MetLife p/b                           Concord             NH
dsq     3.b.1      Justin         Spinelli               KBS/Medifast Pro Cycling Team                   Nashua              NH

Women's 1/2/3      54 miles       32                     starters
Place   Time       First Name     Last Name              Team                                            City                State
1       2:52:19    Silke          Wunderwald             Independent Fabrication/Kempner                 Stonington          CT     gold
2       st         Beth           Miller                 North Atlantic Velo/               Delmar              NY
3       st         Audrey         Friedrichsen Scott     Bikeway                                         Poughkeepsie        NY
4       0:02:33    Karin          Holmes                 CCB/Volkswagen                                  Beverly             MA
5       st         Becky          Koh                    CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes                 New York            NY
6       st         Elena          Leznik                 CRCA/Radical Media                              Fort Lee            NJ
7       0:05:32    Ashley         Prine                  CRCA/Radical Media                              Brooklyn            NY
8       0:12:32    Yuri           Matsumoto              MIT cycling club                                Cambridge           MA
9       0:12:38    Debony         Diehl                  SUNAPEE/S&W                                     Jackson             NH
10      0:13:55    Lizette        Bolanos-Nauth          International Bicycle/Global                    Arlington           MA
11      0:14:07    Rose           Long                   UVM cycling                                     Burlington          VT
12      0:17:35    Eve            McNeill                Sunapee/S&W Racing Team                         West Lebanon        NH
13      st         Sue            Kuenstner              Cafeteros                                       Greenwich           CT     silver
14      st         Frances        Morrison               Boston Road Club                                Fitchburg           MA
15      st         Julie          Lefebvre               International Bicycle/Global                    Somerville          MA
16      st         Hannah         Kirshner               Bikeworks/Hallamore                             Providence          RI
17      0:21:32    Kathryne       Carr                   Sunapee/ S&W Racing Team                        Easthampton         MA
18      st         Lisa           Force                  CRCA/comedy central-sid's bikes                 Jersey City         NJ
19      0:23:04    Kimberly       Edwards                CVC/Subaru of New England                       Clinton             CT     bronze
20      st         Morgan         Robinson               Bulldog Cycling                                 Woodbury            CT
21      st         Christy        McArdle                CVC/Subaru of New England                       Rocky Hill          CT
22      st         Kathryn        Douglas                CCNS                                            New Haven           CT
23      st         Peta           Takai                  CRCA / Avenue A | Razorfish Cycling             New York            NY
24      st         Meghann        Maccurrach             NorEast Cycling                                 Webster             NH
25      st         Teresa         Garcia                                                                 Providence          RI

Junior 15/16       27 miles       15                     starters
Place   Time       First Name     Last Name              Team                                            City                State
1       1:21:48    Matthew        Spinks                 Team Metra/Wendy's p/b Victor Homes             Layton              NJ
2       st         Ben            Wolfe                  Mystic Velo Juniors/Connaughty Chiropractic     Niantic             CT     gold
3       st         Paul           Lynch                  CLNoonan/KAM/Coast to Coast                     Colchester          CT     silver
4       st         Matt           Muney                  Connecticut Coast Cycling                       Darien              CT     bronze
5       0:01:12    Evan           Kirk                   Mystic Velo Jr. Connaughty Chiropractic         Old Lyme            CT
6       st         Nathan         Etchells               Mystic Velo-Connaughty Chiropractic             Sterling            CT
7       st         Luke           Plummer                Flye Cycles                                     Amherst             MA
8       0:04:17    William        Doemland               GHCC                                            Farmington          CT
9       0:09:09    Nathan         Piche                  FARM TEAM CYCLING                               Hoosick Falls       NY
10      0:10:44    Leon           Lyakovetsky            Connecticut Coast Cycling                       Norwalk             CT
11      st         Trevor         Maclean                Target Training                                 Westport            CT
12      st         Alec           Bernard                Staples Bike Club                               Westport            CT
13      0:17:44    Ian            McFarland              Mystic Velo Club/Connaughty Chiropractic        Niantic             CT
14      0:20:02    Zach           Lamar                                                                  Collegeville        PA

Junior 17/18       27 miles       14                     starters
Place   Time       First Name     Last Name              Team                                            City                State
1       1:18:30    Connor         Sallee                 CRCA JrDev/Orbea                                Sherman             CT     gold
2       0:03:36    Kyle           Foley                  Cuevas/ACT                                      Wallingford         CT     silver
3       0:04:30    Elias          Bennett                BCA/Tosk Chiropractic                           New Lebanon         NY
4       st         Michael        Discenza               Greater Hartford Cycling Club                   Burlington          CT     bronze
5       st         Anson          Ross                   Yippee Racing/ Danielson Adventure sports       Plainfield          CT
6       st         Petr           Pancochar              CVC/Subaru Of New England                       Bolton              CT
7       st         Tom            Burrow                 Flye Cycles                                     Amherst             MA
8       0:04:42    Kevin          Malloy                 CCNS/Pedal Power                                Cromwell            CT
9       0:07:35    Sean           Kennedy                Incline Training                                South Deerfield     MA
10      0:10:35    Michael        Ballard                CBRC                                            Clifton Park        NY
11      0:20:09    Barry          Weinstein              CRCA Jr. Development Team                       New York            NY
12      0:26:07    Ben            Lubkin                 Storm Racing                                    Rye Brook           NY
dsq     roll out   Austin         McLenithan             FARM TEAM CYCLING                               Cambridge           NY

Men's 3            54 miles       90                     starters
Place   Time       First Name     Last Name              Team                                            City                State
1       1:18:05    McNicholas     Dylan                  NorEast Cycling                                 Stratham            NH
2       st         Nick           Pignatello             Exodus Road Racing                              Griswold            CT     gold
3       st         Greg           Battista               Team Metra/Wendy's/Victor Homes                 Toms River          NJ
4       st         Austin         Roach                  Princeton University Cycling                    Princeton           NJ
5       st         James          Morrison               CCB/Volkswagen                                  Brighton            MA
6       st         David          Freifelder             Westwood Velo/Trade Manage Racing               Glenwood            NJ
7       st         Chris          Laflamme               Base 36/SMCC/Gorham Bike                        Westbrook           ME
8       st         Andrew         Gardner                Flatbread- Ottercreek                           Ripton              VT
9       st         Gabrielle      Gentile                cafeteros cycling club                          White Plains        NY
10      st         Steven         Pingree                America's Cycling Team                          West Point          NY
11      st         David          Costa                  Watchung Wheelmen                               Roselle Park        NJ
12      st         Evan           Cooper                 CRCA JrDev/Orbea                                Closter             NJ
13      st         James          Combs                  Boston Road Club                                Cambridge           MA
14      st         Patrick        Bonis                  Cycle Fitness                                   South Kent          CT     silver
15      st         Geoff          Calkins                Yale Cycling                                    New Haven           CT     bronze
16      st         Peter          Hurst                  Connecticut Coast Cycling                       New Canaan          CT
17      st         Reed           Albergotti             CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing                      New York            NY
18      st         Stephen A      Frattini               Cornell Cycling                                 Freeville           NY
19      st         Brian          Gabele                 CRCA/                            New York            NY
20      st         John           Landino                Westwood Velo-Trade Manage Racing               Westwood            NJ
21      st         David          Fierro                 Exodus Road Racing/Pools etc/Brumble Bikes      Uncasville          CT
22      st         Peter          Hines                  CRCA / Jonathan Adler Racing                    Brooklyn            NY
23      st         Greg           Ciocci                 Keltic/Zanes Cycles                             New Haven           CT
24      st         Jacob          Bolewski               Syracuse Bike/ Cycling     Skaneateles         NY
25      st         Cameron        Cogburn                FLCC/Chris' Cookies/Cornell University Cycling  Ithaca              NY
26      st         James          Conopask               Unattached                                      Southport           CT
27      st         Dan            Ouellette              Gamache Cyclery                                 Westminster         MA
28      st         Rickey         Visinski               Spiuk / First Endurance / ODI                   Bridgeport          CT
29      st         John           Broussard              NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental               Wilmington          MA
30      st         Joe            Kubisek                Cheshire Cycle Racing                           Southington         CT
31      st         Zane           Dordai                 Colavita Racing                                 Maplewood           NJ
32      st         Eric           Edlund                 MIT Cycling/FXDD                                Cambridge           MA
33      st         Joe            Straub                 Signature Cycles/ DKNY                          Chester             NY
34      st         Christoffel    Prinsloo               CRCA/SouthAfrica.Net                            Fort Lee            NJ
35      0:00:32    Chris          Chapman                Westwood Velo                                   Ridgewood           NJ
36      st         Kevin          Backhouse              Boston Road Club                                Boston              MA
37      0:00:51    Peter          Rubijono               Cambridge/Igleheart4eva                         Somerville          MA
38      0:01:05    Peter          Baiamonte              Brooklyn Velo Force / GQ Racing                 Brooklyn            NY
39      0:01:31    Mike           Andrews                Connecticut Coast Cycling                       Danbury             CT
40      0:01:51    Timothy        Collins                CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing                      Brooklyn            NY
41      0:03:15    Jim            Komarmi                Flatbread - Ottercreek Cycling                  Waitsfield          VT
42      0:03:44    Jack           Piller                 Team Placid Planet                              Plattsburgh         NY
43      st         Scot           Willingham             CRCA/Sanchez-Metro                              New York,           NY
44      st         Steven         Bruen, Jr.             Pawling Cycle and Sport                         Sherman             CT
45      st         Erik           Markewich              Windham Mountain Outfitters                     Stephentown         NY
46      st         John           Hirsch                                                                 Block Island        RI
47      st         Radames        Parissi                CAFETEROS CYCLING CLUB                          Clifton             NJ
48      st         Ryan           O'Hara                 Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames            Somerville          MA
49      0:08:37    Cary           Fridrich               Cambridge Bicycle/Igleheart Frames              Cambridge           MA
50      st         Damian         Bolduc                 Flatbread-Otter Creek Cycling                   South Burlington    VT
51      0:08:55    Chad           Culbertson             Guy's Racing                                    Pennington          NJ
52      0:09:40    Joseph         Regan                  TARGETRAINING                                   Putnam Valley       NY
53      st         Tim            Ratta                  Colavita/Rapid Movement                         Salem               CT
54      st         Anthony        Parent                 CCNS --- Pedal Power                            Wallingford         CT
55      0:10:23    Pascal         Sauvayre               CRCA/Merrill Lynch                              New York            NY
56      0:12:51    Sergio         Atocha                 gs gotham/toga                                  East Elmhurst       NY
57      0:14:35    Brian          Tompkins               CCNS/Pedal Power                                Newington           CT
58      st         Brad           Warren                 Gamache Cyclery                                 Fitchburg           MA
59      st         Dan            Ciano                  COLAVITA-RACING                                 Edison              NJ
60      0:25:31    Keith          Snyder                 Kissena Cycling Club                            Brooklyn            NY
61      0:27:02    Paul           Dolan                                                                  New Milford         CT
62      st         William        Hilsman                Westwood Velo/Trade Manage Capital              Haworth             NJ
63      0:27:35    Zachary        Staszak                Pawling Cycle & Sport                           Pawling             NY
64      0:30:10    Ryan           Barlow                 Colorado State University                       Lyme                NH

Men's 4            54 miles       125                    starters
Place   Time       First Name     Last Name              Team                                            City                State
1       2:34:30    Rob            Ehrman                 Vision Quest Coaching                           New Haven           CT     gold
2       0:03:18    Colin          Prensky                CRCA/Sanchez-Metro                              New York            NY
3       st         Dave           Trimble                Kissena                                         New York City       NY
4       st         Anthony        Santomassimo           Stage 1/ fusionThink                            Poughquag           NY
5       st         Joey           Solomon                Stage 1                                         Danbury             CT     silver
6       st         Joshua         Wilcox                 503 Cycleworx/LHCC                              Gaylordsville       CT     bronze
7       st         Patrick        Clifford               BICYCLE DEPOT,New Paltz, NY                     New Paltz           NY
8       st         Matt           Richards               CRCA/NYVelocity                                 Brooklyn            NY
9       st         John           Starvish               Boston Road Club                                Boston              MA
10      st         Matthew        Cuttler                CRCA / Affinity                                 Brooklyn            NY
11      st         Sam            Dodge                  Stage 1                                         Danbury             CT
12      st         Rob            McHardy                Benidorm Bikes/Eastern Bloc                     West Hartford       CT
13      st         Mark           Heithoff               DKNY-Signature Cycles/CRCA                      New York            NY
14      st         Jay            Vincent                Cycle Center Racing                             Bethel              CT
15      st         David          Richman                CRCA/OrganicAthlete                             New York            NY
16      st         Alvin          Poblacion              CRCA/NYVELOCITY                                 New York            NY
17      st         Jason          Moriarty                                                               Stafford            CT
18      st         Matthew        Spaits                 Boston Road Club!                               Somerville          MA
19      st         Phil           Penman                 CRCA/Sids - Cannondale                          New York            NY
20      st         Chris          Butler                 Epic Velo \ Cheshire Cycle                      Meriden             CT
21      st         Ivry           Semel                  CRCA/Sid's-Cannondale                           New York            NY
22      st         Patrick        Campbell               Westwood Velo/Trade Manage Capital              Midland Park        NJ
23      st         Rick           Hall                   CRCA / Avenue A | Razorfish Cycling             Ny                  NY
24      st         Jeffrey        Ingraham               CRCA/Sanchez Metro                              Brooklyn            NY
25      0:04:13    Alyosha        Smolarski              Sanchez-Metro                                   New York            NY
26      0:04:40    Bryon          Lewis                                                                  Monson              MA
27      st         Michael        Harney                 NBX/Narragansett Beer                           Pawcatuck           CT
28      st         Steeve         Breton                 Everactive-Workers CompSolutions                Natick              MA
29      st         Shane          Buker                  Harvard University Cycling Association          Jamaica Plain       MA
30      st         Shane          Moran                  Westwood Velo                                   Piermont            NY
31      0:05:36    Brian          Cantele                EBCC/Benidorm Bikes                             Litchfield          CT
32      0:06:31    Callum         Ingram                                                                 Putney              VT
33      0:07:49    Guido          Wollmann                                                               New Haven           CT
34      st         David          Carr                   CRCA/Setanta                                    New York            NY
35      st         George         Mastrogiannis          CRCA/Sanchez-Metro                              Woodside            NY
36      st         David          Chomowicz              CRCA/Sid's-Cannondale                           New York            NY
37      st         Aleksander     Betko                  CRCA/Blue Ribbon Translation                    New York            NY
38      st         Stephen        Lindholm               CRCA/Sanchez-Metro                              New York            NY
39      st         Alex           Combes                 503 Cycleworx/LHCC                              Winsted             CT
40      0:08:05    Kurt           Hoffmann               CRCA/Sanchez-Metro                              Astoria             NY
41      0:08:32    Larry          Watson                                                                 Claryville          NY
42      0:09:15    Rick           Magee                  Bethel Cycle                                    Bethel              CT
43      st         Peter          Ognibene               GS Park Ridge/Cyclesport                        Old Tappan          NJ
44      0:10:03    Evan           Huff                   Unattached                                      Russell             MA
45      st         Niko           Triantafillou          CRCA/Avenue A | Razorfish Cycling               New York            NY
46      0:10:05    Kuria          Njenga                 Westwood Velo                                   Nyack               NY
47      st         Geoff          Martin                 NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental               Watertown           MA
48      0:11:00    Wayne          Cunningham             NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental               Wayland             MA
49      0:11:39    Michael        Innusa                 east end/kreb cycle                             Mount Sinai         NY
50      st         Justin         Tyberg                 Bethel Cycle                                    Mahopac             NY
51      st         Dwayne         Melton                 Mystic Velo                                     Norwich             CT
52      st         Carlos         Quintero               Cafeteros Cycling Club                          Wappingers Falls    NY
53      st         Todd           Brilliant              CRCA/Setanta                                    New York            NY
54      0:11:52    Robert         Haber                  CRCA/NYVelocity                                 New York            NY
55      0:12:44    Louis          Donato                 GS Park Ridge/Cyclesport                        Airmont             NY
56      st         Andrew         Kalter                 Connecticut Coast Cycling                       South Fallsburg     NY
57      st         Erik           Eagleman               stage 1                                         Danbury             CO
58      st         David          Trumpf                 CRCA/NYvelocity                                 New York            NY
59      0:16:04    Tim            Neil                   Cycle Center Racing                             Ridgefield          CT
60      st         Bart           McDonough              Target Training                                 Wilton              CT
61      0:16:21    Al             Blanchard              GS Park Ridge-Cyclesport                        New City            NY
62      st         Chuck          Litty                  Bethel Cycle Sport Club                         Southbury           CT
63      0:18:22    Erik           Peterson               Cambridge/Igleheart                             Boston              MA
64      st         Michael        Beckerman              CRCA/NYVelocity                                 New York            NY
65      0:20:32    Etsu           Taniguchi              CRCA / Avenue A | Razorfish Cycling             New York            NY
66      0:21:10    Robert         Weiss                  TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                            Weston              CT
67      0:22:18    Scott          Conchieri              Kreb Cycle/EECT                                 Bellport            NY
68      st         Christopher    Grady                  East End/Kreb Cycle                             Wading River        NY
69      0:23:40    Jordan         Winkler                Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames            Cambridge           MA
70      0:24:35    Ben            Hughes                 CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sports              New York            NY
71      0:24:59    Sebastian      Dunn                   CVC/Subaru of New England                       Middletown          CT
72      0:25:58    Chad           Casselman              CRCA/NY Velocity                                Bronx               NY
73      0:26:12    David          Regen                  CRCA/Organic Athlete                            New York            NY
74      0:26:32    Alfonso        Llanos                 the cafeteros                                   Stamford            CT
75      0:28:19    Mark           Durso                  Zephyr Cycle                                    Middlebury          CT
76      0:30:47    Kusmanto       Beham                                                                  Hastings            NY
77      0:30:49    Nicholas       Chivily                GS ParkRidge/Cyclesport                         West Orange         NJ
78      st         William        Crowley                CRCA/Die-Hard-Think Racing                      Ny                  NY
79      0:33:10    Scott          Glowa                  Unattached                                      Providence          RI
80      st         Andrew         Lawrence               CRCA/NyVelocity                                 New York            NY
81      0:35:17    Joe            Policarpio             Cheshire Cycle Racing / Maxxis                  Bristol             CT
82      0:37:06    Wai            Fong                   Kissena Cycling Club                            Sunnyside           NY
83      st         Eduardo        Atehortua              CAfeteros                                       Harrison            NY
84      0:38:40    John           Bonadies               CCNS                                            Hamden              CT
85      0:44:35    Miguel         Torres Jr              Laurel Bicycle Club                             Waterbury           CT
86      0:53:25    Peter          Fernzilli              n/a                                             Cheshire            CT

Women's 4          27 miles       35                     starters
Place   Time       First Name     Last Name              Team                                            City                State
1       1:20:12    Clara          Kelly                  NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental               North Andover       MA
2       0:04:14    Emma           Bast                   Mount Holyoke Cycling                           Hinesburg           VT
3       0:05:53    Edie           Perkins                Kissena Cycling Club                            Brooklyn            NY
4       0:06:10    Deb            Killmon                CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes                 New York            NY
5       0:07:15    Heidi          Reijm                  CRCA/NYVeloCity                                 Brooklyn            NY
6       0:07:45    Maria          Murphy                 GS Retro velo                                   West  Nyack         NY
7       0:08:21    Amanda         Braverman              Cycle Center Racing                             Washington          CT     gold
8       st         Katherine      Papillon-Rodrigue      CVC/Subaru of New England                       Avon                CT     silver
9       st         Maria          Vlasak                 Connecticut Coast Cycling                       Stamford            CT     bronze
10      0:09:20    Gabrielle      Fisher                 CRCA                                            Bronx               NY
11      st         Lauren         Zucker                 CRCA / Avenue A | Razorfish Cycling             New York            NY
12      st         Susanna        Piller                 team placid planet                              Plattsburgh         NY
13      st         Kristin        Lotito                                                                 West Hempstead      NY
14      st         Kathleen       Rucker                 unattached                                      Brooklyn            NY
15      0:12:46    Tracy          Wargo                  CRCA/Sanchez Metro                              New York            NY
16      st         Emily          Curry                  Team Bicycle Alley                              Sturbridge          MA
17      st         Stephanie      Busloff                CRCA/Avenue A | Razorfish Cycling               New York            NY
18      0:13:27    Katherine      Snell                  NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental               Nashua              NH
19      st         Rebecca        Hussey                 Bethel Cycle Sport Club                         Bethel              CT
20      st         Theresa        Grabowski              Pawling Cycle and Sport                         Wingdale            NY
21      0:14:50    Michelle       Lee                    Kissena                                         New York            NY
22      st         Xieyue         Fan                    Yale Cycling Team                               Cheshire            CT
23      st         Yvonne         Boogaerts              Connecticut Coast Cycling                       Cos Cob             CT
24      st         Maria          Dumoulin               unattached                                      Middlebury          CT
25      0:17:35    Colleen        Conway                 CRCA / Avenue A | Razorfish Cycling             New York            NY
26      0:18:24    Lindsey        Paluska                NYVelocity                                      Jersey City         NJ
27      0:19:32    Donna          Davis                  CVC/Subaru of New England                       Windsor             CT
28      st         Althea Grace   Pineda                 crca/nyvelocity                                 New York            NY
29      0:22:38    Gayle          Zelazny                Pawling Cycle & Sport                           Pawling             NY
30      0:26:16    Suzanne        Colligan               laurel bike club                                Wallingford         CT
31      0:26:44    Erica          Tempesta                                                               Cambridge           MA
32      st         Carmen         Carlton                CVC/Subaru of New England                       Glastonbury         CT
33      0:29:48    Michele        Archambault            NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental               Watertown           MA
34      0:30:56    Kathy          Martin                 NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental               Watertown           MA
35      0:35:45    Allison        Kukla                  Minuteman Road Club                             Manchester          NH

Men's 4,5          27 miles       58                     starters
Place   Time       First Name     Last Name              Team                                            City                State
1       1:18:05    Adam           Zimmerman              CRCA/Setanta                                    Westbury            NY
2       st         John           Heppolette             Bicycle Depot New Paltz                         New Paltz           NY
3       st         Juan           Munster                100% PURE FOOD NUTRIENTS                        Norwalk             CT     gold
4       st         Michael        Boardman                                                               Nwe York            NY
5       0:01:47    Aaron          Hall                   Harvard                                         Somerville          MA
6       0:02:00    Jason          Schreer                                                                Potsdam             NY
7       0:02:12    James          Stevens                CRCA                                            New York            NY
8       st         Diego          Zuluaga                Cafeteros Cycling Club                          Peekskill           NY
9       0:02:45    Jason          Prusaczyk              Benidorm Bike / EBCC                            Farmington          CT     silver
10      0:04:30    Esteban        Sequera                                                                Milford             CT     bronze
11      0:04:47    Tim            Calkins                TKM / Slattery                                  Melbourne           UNK
12      0:04:55    Justin         Henderson                                                              Whitefield          NH
13      0:05:50    Brett          Vaughan                                                                New York            NY
14      0:05:50    Paul           Italiano               GS Retrovelo                                    Stony Point         NY
15      0:06:40    Michael        Reilly                                                                 Naugatuck           CT
16      st         Marc           Gagliano               Connecticut Coast Cycling                       Wilton              CT
17      st         Casey          Gawlak                 Pawling Cycle & Sport                           New Milford         CT
18      st         John           Romano                 Bethel Cycle                                    Bethel              CT
19      st         Roger          Nani                                                                   Somerville          MA
20      st         Gregg          Giddes                                                                 Easton              CT
21      st         Chris          Petrillo               CVC/Subaru of New England                       Tariffville         CT
22      st         Will           Reagan                                                                 Hoboken             NJ
23      st         Robert         Walker                 Bethel Cycle Sport Club                         Middlebury          CT
24      0:07:06    Al             Curits                                                                 New Milford         CT
25      0:07:24    Mark           Andrejczyk                                                             Shelton             CT
26      0:08:11    Brendan        Mansfield              TARGETRAINING                                   Rye Brook           NY
27      st         Jeffrey        Robins                 CRCA/NYVelocity                                 New York            NY
28      0:08:41    Kurt           Weber                  Bethel Cycle Sport Club                         Sandy Hook          CT
29      0:08:55    Jeremy         Dawkins                The Bicycle Depot, New Paltz                    Gardiner            NY
30      0:10:38    Thomas         Thornton               Target Training                                 Greenwich           CT
31      0:11:25    William        Radley                                                                 Averill Park        NY
32      0:11:39    Michael        Colabella              Connecticut Coast Cycling                       Trumbull            CT
33      st         Donald         Salvino                Connecticut Coast Cycling                       Wilton              CT
34      st         John           Weaver                 Mystic Velo                                     Groton              CT
35      st         Martin         Loeffler                                                               Morris              CT
36      st         Sam            Strober                Pawling cycle and sport                         Yorktown Heights    NY
37      0:11:58    Steve          De Jesus               CRCA/Organic Athlete                            West New York       NJ
38      st         John           Ercolani               Cycle Fitness Cycling Club                      Shelton             CT
39      0:13:36    Frank          Delio                                                                  Port Chester        NY
40      0:13:43    James          Brosnan                CRCA/NYVelocity                                 New York            NY
41      st         Ricardo        Hernandez              cafeteros cycling club                          Bridgeport          CT
42      st         Sung           Pak                    USI                                             Sleep Hollow        NY
43      st         Patrick        Grehan                 Kissena                                         Rockville Centre    NY
44      0:13:51    Paul           Kalker                                                                 Hauppauge           NY
45      0:15:24    Bill           Giuditta                                                               Middlebury          CT
46      0:14:56    Steven         Winfield               DKNY/Signature Cycles                           Suffern             NY
47      st         John           Meyer                  Cycle Fitness                                   Sandy Hook          CT
48      st         Sonny          Bindra                 Century Road Club Association/NYVelocity        New York            NY
49      0:15:57    Steven         Leboyer                CRCA / NYVelocity                               New York            NY
50      0:16:05    Sebastian      Maurer                 CRCA/NYVelocity                                 New York            NY
51      0:18:31    Edival         Dos Santos             Bethel cycle                                    New Fairfield       CT
52      0:18:57    Patrick        Kelly                                                                  North Andover       MA
53      0:24:27    Stephen        Bayliss                Connecticut Coast Cycling                       Norwalk             CT
54      st         Michael        McLaughlin                                                             Bridgeport          CT
55      0:28:34    Tyler          Merson                 CRCA                                            New York            NY
56      0:29:07    Gregg          Ziebell                                                                Norwalk             CT

Women's 35+        54 miles       12                     starters
Place   Time       First Name     Last Name              Team                                            City                State
1       2:59:35    Ann Marie      Miller                 CRCA Sanchez-Metro                              New York            NY
2       0:06:30    Nancy          Ford                   USI                                             Greenwich           CT     gold
3       0:10:19    Dale           Malkames               USI                                             Scarsdale           NY
4       st         Midori         Nakamura                                                               Brooklyn            NY
5       st         Erica          Adelberg               CRCA/Radical Media                              New York            NY
6       st         Carol          Becht                  Team Bikery                                     Boonton             NJ
7       st         Diane          Grim                                            Boyertown           PA
8       0:15:48    Stacey         Smith                  Connecticut Coast Cycling                       Greenwich           CT     silver
9       st         Caitlin        McVarish               connecticut coast cycling                       Stamford            CT     bronze
10      st         Cheryl         Wolf                   Bethel Cycle                                    Ridgefield          CT

Men's 35+ (cat 1-4)54 miles       74                     starters
Place   Time       First Name     Last Name              Team                                            City                State
1       2:29:08    Roger          Aspholm                Westwood Velo                                   Haworth             NJ
2       0:04:49    Paul           Richard                CCB/Volkswagen                                  Amesbury            MA
3       st         Troy           Kimball                Westwood Velo                                   Randolph            NJ
4       st         Stephan        Badger                 TARGETRAINING                                   Roxbury             CT     gold
5       st         Edward         Angeli                 Horst - Benidorm - PRC                          Southington         CT     silver
6       st         Douglas        Thompson               CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles                   Gales Ferry         CT     bronze
7       st         Ray            Johnson                Everactive - Workers Comp Solutions             Woburn              MA
8       st         Jayson         Hurd                   Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team                         South Kingstown     RI
9       st         Gary           Jasdzewski             Everactive                                      Arlington           MA
10      st         Sean           Groom                  Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                           Bloomfield          CT
11      st         Eben           Kellogg                Everactive-Workers Comp                         Littleton           NH
12      st         Kurt           Gustafsson             CRCA / AXIS                                     Brooklyn            NY
13      st         Mark           Alden                  CRCA/Blue                Montvale            NJ
14      st         Bill           Yabroudy               NBX/Narragansett Beer                           Coventry            RI
15      st         Stuart         Abramson               Portland velo club                              Falmouth            ME
16      st         Ciaran         Mangan                 CCB/Volkswagen                                  Brighton            MA
17      st         Bruce          Diehl                  Sunapee S&W Racing                              Jackson             NH
18      st         Mark           Paggioli               CVC Subaru of New England                       Glastonbury         CT
19      st         Dan            Staffo                 JW Dundee's/Home Performance                    Farmington          NY
20      st         Todd           Roberts                New England Bike                                Easthampton         MA
21      st         David          Taylor                 CRCA/Blue               New York            NY
22      st         Michael        Patrick                                    Milford             CT
23      st         Leigh          Sorrells               Fioradifrutta/Masters                           Danbury             CT
24      st         Ralf           Warmuth                Westwood Velo                                   Highland Park       NJ
25      st         Robert         Larocco                CVC/Subaru of New England                       Manchester          CT
26      0:05:28    Tim            Malton                 CVC/Subaru of New England                       Old Saybrook        CT
27      0:05:46    Gregg          Galletta               CRCA - Merrill Lynch/Hincapie Sports            New York            NY
28      0:06:07    Massimiliano   Accaputo               CVC Subaru of New England                       Glastonbury         CT
29      0:06:26    Salvatore      Abbruzzese             CRCA/Blue Ribbon -             Thornwood           NY
30      0:12:01    Joe            Salem                  Fiordifrutta                                    Danbury             CT
31      0:12:31    Jason          Clark                  Battenkill-United/              Southbury           CT
32      0:13:02    Maximino       Veiga                  TARGETRAINING / FASTAR                          Danbury             CT
33      0:15:45    William        Wisse                  Team Norwood Agency - The Peddler               Toms River          NJ
34      0:15:56    Jeffrey        Ferraro                U.S. ARMY/Central Wheel-GHCC                    West Hartford       CT
35      st         Richard        Carlton                CVC/Subaru of New England                       Glastonbury         CT
36      st         Wayne          Prescott               Horst-Benidorm-Property Research Corp.          Canton              CT
37      0:19:03    Sean           Langford               CCB/Volkswagen                                  Middleton           MA
38      st         Torbjorn       Phillpotts             Quad Cycles                                     Medford             MA
39      st         Harry          Stover                                     Brooklyn            CT
40      0:20:02    Peter          Petrillo               CVC/Subaru of New England                       Hamden              CT
41      st         Will           Schneider              GS Gotham/Toga Bikes                            Nyc                 NY
42      st         Bryan          Atwood                 zephyr                                          Litchfield          CT
43      st         A. Zane        Wenzel                 Horst - Benidorm - Property Research Corp       Middletown          CT
44      st         Terry          Totemeier              Eastern Bloc Cycling Club                       Simsbury            CT
45      st         Dusty          King                                                                   Conway              MA
46      0:21:01    Anthony        O'Malley               CRCA/Diehard-Think Racing                       New York City       NY
47      0:24:14    Jeff           Gelt                   U.S. Army/Central Wheel-GHCC                    Plainville          CT
48      0:25:36    Eric           Brassell                                                               Arlington           MA
49      st         Patrick        Brandon                CCNS/Pedal Power                                Killingwoth         CT
50      0:28:11    Frank          Poe                    TARGETRAINING                                   Old Greenwich       CT
51      0:29:52    Greg           Martin                 IF Racing                                       Warren              CT
52      0:31:22    Bryce          May                                                                    Fairfield           CT
53      0:32:14    Matt           Murphy                 GS retrovelo                                    West  Nyack         NY
54      0:36:43    Nelson         Cardenas               stryctly bicycles                               Union City          NJ
55      0:44:34    Eric           Carlson                Westwood Velo / Trade Manage Capital            Brooklyn            NY

Men's 45+ (cat 1-4)54 miles       76                     starters
Place   Time       First Name     Last Name              Team                                            City                State
1       2:30:54    John           Funk                   Cycle Fitness                                   South Kent          CT     gold
2       st         Gerry          Clapper                Benidorm Bikes/ Eastern Bloc CC                 Avon                CT     silver
3       0:00:29    Dzmitry        Buben                  CCB/Volkswagen                                  Hamden              CT     bronze
4       st         David          Kellogg                Arc En Ciel                                     Providence          RI
5       0:01:24    Eric           Pearce                 Bethel Cycle                                    Chelmsford          MA
6       st         Mark           Gunsalus               Team FUJI fueled by Clif Bar                    Dudley              MA
7       0:01:54    Randy          Kirk                   Cycle Fitness                                   Avon                CT
8       0:05:47    Todd           Buckley                Arc-en-Ciel Racing Team                         S. Kingstown        RI
9       0:05:55    Douglas        Jansen                 International Bicycle/Global                    Pelham              NH
10      st         Doug           O'Neill                Deno's Wonder Wheel                             West New York       NJ
11      st         Tom            Officer                Cycle Fitness                                   Litchfield          CT
12      st         Mark           Luzio                  CYCLE FITNESS                                   Brooklyn            CT
13      st         Bob            Meikle                 Mystic Velo Club                                Waterford           CT
14      st         Vladimir       Borovkov               team somerset                                   South River         NJ
15      st         Philip         Beliveau               GMBC                                            St. George          VT
16      st         Daniel         Fitch                  Team SCARR - Ommegang                           Cazenovia           NY
17      0:06:25    Thomas         Luzio                  Denos Wonder Wheel                              Mamaroneck          NY
18      0:11:08    Paul           Wonsavage              Onion River Sports                              Hanover             NH
19      st         Martin         Hodge                  Stage One/ Cannondale                           Ridgefield          CT
20      st         Roman          Paczka                 Main Line Cycling - Bikyle                      Brooklyn            NY
21      st         William        Thompson               CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles                   West Hartford       CT
22      st         Bob            Roldan                 everactiveonline/Workers Comp Solutions         Somerville          MA
23      st         Geoff          Bickford               CRCA/Axis                                       New York            NY
24      st         Edward         Schaub                 Benidorm BIkes/Eastern Bloc                     Windsor             CT
25      st         Bob            Payson                 GMBC/Catamount                                  So. Burlington      VT
26      st         Douglas        Shepard                Everactive Compsolutions                        Mansfield           MA
27      st         Damian         Dicostanzo             Deno's Wonder Wheel                             Rye                 NY
28      0:13:45    Joseph         Rano                   Bike Alley                                      Oxford              MA
29      0:14:40    Doug           Chiasson               Competitive Edge racing team                    Athol               MA
30      st         Bob            Donahue                Gearworks/Spinarts                              Princeton           MA
31      st         Jonathan       Eichman                QuadCycles                                      Arlington           MA
32      st         Brian          Rafferty               Deno's Wonder Wheel                             Mamaroneck          NY
33      st         Alvaro         Betancur               Cafeteros Cycling Club                          New Rochelle        NY
34      0:16:58    Mark           Czarnecki              Laurel BC/Morris Dog Grooming/ DFS, Inc.        Guilford            CT
35      st         Eric           Derivera               Hot Tubes                                       West Boylston       MA
36      st         Oscar          Osorio                 cafeteros cycling club                          Norwalk             CT
37      st         Mark           Dutka                  Mystic Velo                                     Uncasville          CT
38      st         Vassos         Kyprianou              Bethel Cycle Sport Club                         Sandy Hook          CT
39      st         Tom            Guimond                CRCA/DKNY/Signature                             New York            NY
40      st         Greg           Campi                  3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery           Shrewsbury          NJ
41      st         David          Birrell                NCC-BikeReg                                     Cummington          MA
42      st         Thomas         Coleman                Cafeteros                                       Greenwich           CT
43      st         Douglas        Crane                  Cafeteros                                       Norwalk             CT
44      st         Paul           Hayes                                                                  Guilford            CT
45      0:19:08    John           Laupheimer             International Bicycle/Global                    Weston              MA
46      st         Tim            Dodd                   NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental               Westford            MA
47      st         Bruce          Bell                   GMBC/Catamount                                  Stowe               VT
48      0:20:19    William        Jones                  Tru-Brew Coffee/BCRC                            Doylestown          PA
49      0:20:43    Kevin          Young                  International Bicycle/Global                    Northbridge         MA
50      0:22:16    Kenneth        Hochman                Deno's Wonder Wheel Cycling                     Brooklyn            NY
51      st         Anthony        Oliva                  Everactive-Workers CompSolutions                Dover               MA
52      0:22:25    Vinny          Vicari                 sanchez metro                                   Maspeth             NY
53      0:23:47    Wayne          Kirk                   Mystic Velo Club                                Old Lyme            CT
54      0:25:08    Roland         Merk                   Zephyr Cycling Team                             Roxbury             CT
55      st         Brian          Anderson               International Bicycle/Global                    Concord             MA
56      st         Carl           Reglar                                                                 Mount Vernon        NY
57      0:26:55    Wayne          Barlow                 NH Cycling Club                                 Lyme                NH
58      st         Cliff          Saper                  century road club/sanchez metro                 New York            NY
59      st         Robert         Stern                  Western Union/ CRCA                             New York            NY
60      0:29:25    Stephen        Gray                   bethelcycle                                     Middletown          CT
61      st         Brian          Wolf                   Bethel Cycle                                    Ridgefield          CT
62      st         Tony           Settel                 Deno's Wonder Wheel                             Brooklyn            NY
63      0:31:58    Bob            Guatelli               CRCA/Sanchez-Metro                              New York            NY
64      0:34:20    Jeff           Knisely                Cafeteros Cycling Club                          Port Chester        NY
65      0:44:30    Scott          Loring                 unattached                                      New London          CT
66      0:45:18    David          Stauffer               Targetraining/FASTAR                            Darien              CT

Men's 55+          54 miles       26                     starters
Place   Time       First Name     Last Name              Team                                            City                State
1       2:49:48    Andrew J.      Buck                   Bike Line / LWA                                 Dresher             PA
2       st         James          Marshall               Competitive Edge Racing Team                    Shaftsbury          VT
3       st         David          Burnell                cox communications cycling team                 Jamestown           RI
4       0:04:14    William        Care                   ERA Cycling                                     Mount Gretna        PA
5       st         Michael        McCusker               Northampton Bike Club                           Buckland            MA
6       st         David          Burnett                Mystic Velo \ MCRA                              Norwich             CT     gold
7       st         Reb            Cole                   cafeteros                                       Mohegan Lake,       NY
8       st         Peter          Saloom                 Competitive Edge Racing Team                    Gardner             MA
9       0:06:01    Rick           Malkames               Unione Sportiva Italiana                        Scarsdale           NY
10      st         Tom            Grim                   ERA Cycling                                     Boyertown           PA
11      0:08:31    Horacio        Ahumada                CAFETEROS CYCLING CLUB                          White Plains        NY
12      st         David          Kliger                 Cafeteros Cycling Club                          Yonkers             NY
13      st         Hajo           Thiele                 Cafeteros Cycling Club                          Larchmont           NY
14      0:11:27    Donald         Labonte                MainLine Cycling                                Lincolndale         NY
15      0:12:59    Chip           Berezny                Bike Line / LWA                                 Easton              PA
16      0:14:03    John           Lord                   Denos Wonder Wheels                             Brewster            NY
17      0:17:00    Jeff           Morin                  Mystic Velo                                     Waterford           CT     silver
18      0:26:06    James          Themig                 Mystic Velo MCRA                                Niantic             CT     bronze
19      0:31:35    David          Holmander              NHCC/Team NH/MCRA                               Epsom               NH
20      st         Ken            Swankie                Laurel Bicycle Club-mcra                        Guilford            CT

Men's 65+          27 miles       9                      starters
Place   Time       First Name     Last Name              Team                                            City                State
1       1:29:32    Richard        Martin                 Masters Velo                                    Attleboro           MA
2       0:03:26    John G         Bentley                                                                Brattleboro         VT
3       0:08:15    William        Yellig                 laurel bicycle club                             Hamden              CT     gold
4       st         Tom            Bridges                TRT bicycles                                    High Falls          NY
5       st         Howard         Darmstadter            Connecticut Coast Cycling                       Stamford            CT     silver
6       0:16:46    Jeff           Fryer                  CCNS/Pedal Power                                Wolcott             CT     bronze
7       0:16:56    Robert         Wilson                 NEBC/Cycle Loft/MCRA                            Stow                MA
8       0:20:28    John           Ludwig                 Bethel Cycle                                    Brookfield          CT
9       0:22:18    Julie          Lockhart               NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental / MCRA        Dunstable           MA