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PNC Arts Center Challenge

Holmdel, NJ

Sunday, April 13, 2008

PNC Arts Center Challenge Presented by Premiere Cycling Productions Holmdel, NJ Sunday, April 13, 2008
CAT 1/2/3 RACE REPORT by Stephan P. Dioslaki, Team Metra / Victor Homes / Wendy�s / MHP (Maximum Human Performance)

�The Beatings will continue until morale improves!�

AAAHhhhh YES!!! Can ya� hear me now?? I�m sayin� it! I�m hearin� it!! Why??? You ask � �WHY�. I think we all know the answer�because (as the legendary Knute Rockne � who?!?! � so elegantly said it�) �Show me a good and gracious looser and I�ll show you a failure�. OR, maybe better yet, �Success comes to the person willing to get up one more time than he or she is knocked down � NEVER GIVE UP.� And I�m guessin� there�s a considerable bunch that knows just what I�m talkin� about!!!!

No beatings for Harley Davidson - at least not for today though!! They put on quite the show. Sweeping both 1st & 2nd place�against the odds I may add.

Here�s a recap from what I was able to comprehend while beating myself into delirium during this Pro 123, PNC Bank Art Center race�

A stacked field just shy of 90 starters came out to Holmdel NJ from far & wide to contest the handsome $2,000 purse up for grabs. Some donning new kits & new high tech equipment. The field went strong and deep!! The start line was a rainbow explosion of colors typical of a mid-season full blown race event. Big shout out to Race Promoter and Organizer Ray Smith for putting on such a great event! If you weren�t lucky enough to make this one, you missed out! (Westwood�hint). Make sure you don�t miss the next @ PNC � this truly is a perfect CHALLENGING course. It�s got it all goin� on�concentrated and compressed into a perfect little 1-mile + monster loop. Scenery�(not that we�re able to enjoy or even see any of that), a 2-step power-hill and a head wind stretch (somehow always present�even if its not windy out?!?!). Thanks for the suffer-fest Ray!! Be there for the next one or miss out!!

It was nice to see quite a few strong squadrons from New York who came out and landed on the scenic PNC course (Mengoni, Empire, Champion Systems just to name a few). The weather gods were cooperative as the sun was out for the most part, however the winds played in to today�s game pretty heavy.

This race was the �real deal� � balls out from the GUN!! Click�click�boom!!!! Off we went. Although advertised only as a 90 minute race, we added a little �insult to injury� by bringing it in just under 100 minutes � I clocked it in at an average speed of 25.2 mph and showed 41.53 miles on my compu at the end.

If you weren�t in the right slip stream today you were hanging out in the wind to suffer. And everyone wanted to be there and of course�not enough room. Elliston, Erdelyi, and the Rite-Aid boys came out today in force and right on form, fresh off their last week�s training camp � and it showed!! So did the Empire gang � looking cool & collected rolling up in their white team van. The attacks came strong and hard right from lap 1. Durso, Rosenhaus, Gavi Epstein, Schimmel�all lookin� lean & mean and all seemingly on form!! I saw Beamon, a lot of Lisbon (fresh off his victory earlier this morning � hoping for a repeat performance), Light, Wilson, Urzadowski, Jason Walters�all throwin� it down hard and animating it!! Several breaks went but were reeled back in. None of these warriors (nor myself) were fortunate enough to be in the one elusive coveted break�the one that counted. Rite Aid�s strong presence of around half-a-dozen was really tearin� things up all day long. Then as the field was already gasping�I saw it go�around 2/3 of the way into the race, Erdelyi went super hard at the base of the hill�up the road he went and a strong 7-man break formed. 2 from Harley Davidson, 2 from Rite Aid, 2 from Empire, and 1 from Bissel. If I were a betting man, I�d of put my money on _ _ _ _ A _ D (Let�s keep it at lease a little bit mysterious.). And believe me, that�s meant as a compliment � but, I would have lost my $$$$.

The Empire Boys (also extremely on form) and the Rite Aid crew worked hard keeping things somewhat contained and under control in the main field as numerous attempts were made to bridge and the average speeds remained consistently high. The break-away was always �close-enough�and in sight however all attempts were thwarted by the blockers. It was just dangling there in front of us�kind of like��you can put your foot in the pool, but you just can�t swim�!! With not a lot (but perhaps enough) to go, Rosenhaus threw down a major all out effort pulling for 1-solid lap�through the wind, up over the hill�making it hurt. Rite Aid was right on it though, and it dissolved.

What went down in the breakaway group�? I couldn�t really say in any detail beyond what I caught post race. Erdelyi pulled hard for most of the final lap in hopes to lead out teammate Richard Geng. However, coming up the hill with about � lap to go came the big surprise from Dave Fuentes who jumped hard and wide at the base of the hill. Turns out that his move was launched with perfect timing�without an immediate response from the remaining 6, Fuentes was able to hold on and win the race. To make it 1 better, it was Harley�s Ryan Dewald again for 2nd followed by John Minuturn-Empire, Richard Geng-Rite Aid, Joao Corrie-Bissel, John Erdelyi-Rite Aid and finally John Chordroff-Empire rounding out the breakaway group for 7th.

As far as the field sprint for 8th�it went to Empire�s Matt Johnson. Elliston looking on form snatched up the next place followed up by Epstein who was next�followed up by my man Jason Walters of Metra/Victor Homes / Wendys / MHP grabbing a very respectable piece of the pie.

Hope to see you all next week @ Branchbrook�s Cherry Blossom Race!! Until then, keep on hammerin!!!!!!!

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to these results.

Pro 1,2,3
1       Dave             Fuentes        VA  Battley Cycles/Harley Davison
2       Ryan             Dewald         PA  Battley Harley Davidson-Gaithersburg MD
3       John             Minutrn        PA  CRCA/Empire Cycling Team
4       Richard          Geng               Rite Aid presented by Shebell & Shebell
5       Joao             Correia        NY  Bissell Pro Cycling Team
6       Jonathan         Erdelyi        NJ  Rite Aid presented by Shebell & Shebell
7       Jonathan         Chodroff       PA  EMPIRE CYCLING
8       Matthew          Johnson        CT  CRCA/Empire Cycling Team
9       Bill             Elliston       PA  Rite Aid presented by Shebell & Shebell
10      Gavriel          Epstein        NJ  Sakonnet Technology
11      Jason            Walters        NJ  Team Metra/Wendy's p/b Victor Homes
12      John (Jackie)    Simes Iv       PA
13      Mark             Light          NJ  Liberty Cycle
14      Lisban           Quintero       NY  CRCA/FOUNDATION
15      Evan             Fader          PA  Battley Harley-Davidson
16      Igor             Misicki        NY  CRCA/FOUNDATION
17      Jason            Snow           VA  YSG/ metra/wendy's/victor homes
18      Bobby            Lea            MD  Rite Aid presented by Shebell & Shebell
19      J Gabriel        Lloyd          NY  Team Alliance Environmental
20      Nick             Friesen        NY  GS MENGONI
21      Rich             Uliana         PA
22      Stephan          Dioslaki       NJ  Team Metra / Wendy's / Victor Homes
23      Louis            Schimmel       NJ  Northeastern Hardware
24      John             Durso          NJ  Liberty
25      John             Loehner        NY  CRCA/Empire Cycling Team
26      Franklin         Burgos         NY  Champion Systems
27      Rashad           Guerra         NY  Kissena Cycling Club
28      J                Partland       NY  Watchung Wheelmen
29      Michael          Sherry         NY  CRCA/Empire Cycling Team
30      Martin           Lechowicz      NY  CRCA/FOUNDATION
31      Timothy          Gresh          PA  Team Alliance Environmental
32      Brian            Cooblall       NY
33      Michael          Rosenhaus      NJ  Northeastern Hardware/CJCT
34      Kenneth          Lundgren       NJ  Northeastern Hardware
35      Thomas           Bencivengo     NY  Sommerville Sports World Team
36      Rafal            Urzedowski     NJ  Northeastern Hardware
37      Michael          Miller         PA  Team Alliance Environmental
38      Karl             Rahn           NY  CRCA/Empire Cycling Team
39      Miles            Watson
40      David            Wilson         NJ  Northeastern Hardware / CJCT
41      Paul             Ziminski       NJ  Team Metra / Wendy's / Victor Homes
42      Glenroy          Griffith       NY  Foundation
43      Horace           Burrowes       NY  We Stand United
44      Robert           Wing           NY  Sommerville Sports World Team
45      Somraj           Seepersaud     NY  Champion System Racing
46      Kevin            Molloy         NY  CRCA/Empire Cycling Team
47      Stephan          Kincaid        PA  Rite Aid Pro Cycling p/b Shebell & Shebell
48      Epes             Harris         PA
49      Fred             Billet         PA  Team Alliance Environmental

Cat 3,4
1       Filip            Capala             Caplala Brothers/ Polska
2       Luciano          Bezerra        MD
3       Peter            Muto           PA  Gotham Cyclists
4       Dan              Lavelle        PA  Philadelphia Ciclismo
5       Maurice          Gamanho        NJ
6       Joshua           Soboti         NJ  Team Metra / Wendy's / Victor Homes
7       Angel            Martinez       NJ
8       Carl             Maslag         NJ  Norwood Agency
9       John             Forgatch       NJ  LIBERTY CYCLE
10      Dave             Trimble        NY
11      Darin            Bedle          NJ  Seacoast Builders/Brielle Cyclery/DCM
12      Mark             Fontanilla     NJ  Liberty Cycle
13      Neal             Stoeckel       NJ  Colavita Racing
14      Kate             Flore          DC  HPC powered by Altarum
15      Curtis           Lightburn      NJ  LIBERTY CYCLE
16      Aaron            Wolfe          NY  CRCA/
17      Evan             Cooper         NJ  CRCA JrDev/Orbea
18      Edward           Zimmermann     NY  CRCA/Die Hard-Think Racing
19      James            Furman         NJ  Van Dessel Factory Team
20      John             Raheb          NJ  UNATTACHED
21      Thomas           Kabacinski     NY  UNATTACHED
22      Bill             Moss           NY
24      Jeff             Lamb           NJ  LIBERTY CYCLE

Masters 35+
1       Dave             Fuentes        VA  Battley Cycles/Harley Davison
2       Michael          Miller         PA  Team Alliance Environmental
3       Aaron            Wolfe          NY  CRCA/
4       Vick             Rallo          NJ  ROCKET RACING
5       Maurice          Gamanho        NJ  Unattached
6       Edward           Beamon         NJ  Team Type 1
7       Fred             Billet         PA  Team Alliance Environmental
8       Scott            Bodin, HH      NY  TARGETRAINING
9       Paul             Ganun          NJ  Rocket Racing
10      John             Raheb          NJ  UNATTACHED
11      Kenneth          Hochman        NY  Wonder Wheel
12      Thomas           Shebell        NJ  Rocket Racing
13      Thomas           Kabacinski     NY
14      Brett            Hacpern            CRCA
15      Robert           Rallo          NJ  Rocket Racing
16      Howard           Ross           NJ  Rocket Racing

Masters 45+
1       Scott            Bodin, HH      NY  TARGETRAINING
2       John             Raheb          NJ  UNATTACHED
3       Patrick          Gellineau      NY  Team Squiggle
4       Michael          Maclaga        NJ  Colavita Racing
5       Andy             Keesler        NJ  BWT Marble & Granite/Pete's Bike  & Fitn
6       William          Borghard       NJ  SEACOAST BUILDERS/RIPTIDE
7       P                Michavn
8       Ken              HOCHMAN            Deno's Wonder Wheel
9       Eric             Hallander      NJ  Rocket Racing

Women Cat 2,3,4
1       Christine        Wehlburg       VA  NCVC/Inova Health System
2       Kat              Motylenski     NJ
3       Jacquelina       Paull              Watchung Wheelmen
4       Dawn             Burrell        NJ  Colavita Racing
5       Abigail          Borah          NJ  Colavita Racing
6       Elizabeth        Tyrell         NJ  TEAM SOMERSET
7       Mary             Costelloe      PA  South Mountain Cycles

Cat 5, Citizen
1       Frederick        Klenk          NJ  Evolution Racing
2       Ryan             Phelan         NJ
3       Julio            Teixeira
5       Eric             Vollmuth       NJ  Liberty Cycle
6       Tim              Hall           NJ
7       Jeff             Lamb           NJ  Liberty Cycle
8       Alessandred      Baldi

Cat 4,5
1       Pedro            Romeiro        NJ
2       Luciano          Bezerra        MD
3       Ron              Schildge       CT
4       Stephan          Wimmer         NJ
5       David            Kane           NY
7       Rich             Patterson      NJ
8       Jeff             Lamb           NJ
9       Andrew           Buchanan       NJ
10      Nick             Iacovelli      NJ
11      Jerry            Ascolese       NJ
12      Donald           Reinhardt      NJ
13      Timothy          Hall           NJ
14      Bill             Moss           NY
15      James            Russo          NY
17      Andy             Keesler        NJ
18      David            Stires         NJ
19      George           Vlahogiannis   NJ
20      Ralph            Smith          NJ
21      Mauricio         Melo
22      Eric             Vollmuth       NJ
23      Jeff             Lamb           NJ
24      Mario            Medina
25      James            O'Neill        NJ