Breast Cancer Awareness � Cyclocross Challenge - A MABRAcross Series Event

Hagerstown, MD

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness � Cyclocross Challenge - A MABRAcross Series Event Presented by Antietam Velo Club/Team Hagerstown - Washington County Hagerstown, MD Saturday, October 06, 2007
Breast Cancer Awareness Race, Hagerstown Maryland

By Joe Jefferson

October 7, 2007; Hagerstown, Maryland, USA: The forth-annual Breast Cancer Awareness Cyclocross Challenge represented the 3rd leg in the 2007 MABRA Cyclocross Series. Hagerstown, MD along with AVC-Team Hagerstown/Washington County promoted a very hotly contested series of races that took place at the Hagerstown Fairgrounds Park.

The course itself represent a challenge the every rider as it was the perfect mix of fast sections along with speed scrubbing off-camber turns and leg burning short but steep uphill sections. Riders knew they were in trouble as soon as they took the first warm up lap.

Steven Wahl did not disappoint the host team as the AVC rider started the morning off with his first win of the season. Steven was fully aware of the fact that his closest competitor (Adam Driscoll) was recovering from a non-cycling injury and he took this opportunity to earn a very important win. When considering the fact that Adam races with a single speed setup, it would have been great to see him and Steven go at it on such a tuff course.

Terri Spanogle form NCVC continued to show progress as she notches a convincing win in the Women�s B race. Terri�s win was a true testament to her stick-to-itiveness as other strong riders such as Cynthia Anderson failed in their efforts to keep the rubber side down. To Cynthia�s credit, this is her first year on the cross scene.

Mr. Marc Vettori of C3 opened up early lead in the Master�s 35-45 event and appears to be on his was for his third win in as many weeks. However Marc flatted while whiles exiting an off camber section was forced to ride the rim until getting relief from the pit. Marc�s miss-fortune opened up the door of opportunity for Michael Kolb of Christiana Care to notch his first win. It was not smooth sailing for Mr. Kolb as the C3 rider (Marc Vettori) chased him all the way to the line.

Ethan (E-Town) Townsend of C3 went for the 3-peat in the B race but it was not with out some heavy competition from the 15 year old from Henry�s as well as David Duke and another GPOP rider. This quartet of athletes moved clear of the field early and waged war on each other until the final dash to the line. E-Town arrive at the finish-line with a comfortable gap but only after a timely acceleration in the final 400 meters

Nunzio Dibiasi of Yellow Breeches went for his first in the Master 55+ race, with Mr. James Carlson of Potomac Velo Club coming in second. Rookie cross rider Larry Dell of the home team AVC came in 3rd. Nunzio hit the go button early and the rest of the riders spent time choking on his dust. Things should be interesting during the fourth leg of the series as the Larry�s third place was not without controversy.

Fort Factory rider Betsy Showgren goes two for two with a win the women�s A race but not without having stiff competition MABRA Champion Lisa Vible C3 who came in 2nd. Libby Sheldon continued to move up on the podium as the Tokyo Joes rider came in 3rd. Ms. Consistency (Jessica Hill) Trails End came in fourth.

Proving that the Slipstream team is not the only squad that could look good argyle, first time cross racer Steven Gordon notches a win for the Haymarket team in what was a fast pace slugfest of an A race. This showcase of talented rider kept the spectators and veteran riders on edge as they kept the air full of dust wile navigating this twisting and turning course. Stephen Cummings of the Meridith Group made up the lead trio of riders and put in attack throughout the race. For his efforts, Stephen came in 2nd. Michael Gallagher of the US Armed Forces Team looked to be the favorite as he did a lot of work at the front. However, he started to falter toward the final few turns only to finish third on the day. Evan Fader represented the Harley Davidson squad and looked to be in top cross form, as he came back in the last lap to sneak in to the fifth spot.

It appeared to be a great day of racing for a great cause and the bulk of the athletes appeared to be pleased.

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Total Starters: 202

Men Cat1/2/3                  36 starters

Place   Bib #  Last Name      First Name        Team                                                City               ST  35+  45+
1       534    Gordon         Steven            Haymarket Bicycles                                  Warrenton          VA
2       531    Cummings       Stephen           Meredith group GPOA Cannondale                      pittsburgh         PA
3       589    Gallagher      Michael           US Armed Forces                                     Portland           OR
4       585    Fader          Evan              Battley Harley Davidson                             Bethesda           MD
5       540    Kutney         Mark              Van Dessel Cycles                                   Earlysville        VA  35+  45+
6       537    Hesel          Todd              Hunt Valley/Bicycles/Marathon Roofing               Parkville          MD
7       556    Hebe           Mike              GPOA - Cannondale                                   New Cumberland     PA  35+
8       554    DeLisie        Stephen           FORT Factory Team                                   Glouchester        VA
9       553    Totano         Chad              HumanZoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon                         Philadelphia       PA
10      536    Gwadz          Marc              DCMTB/City Bikes                                    Washington         DC  35+
11      558    Shogren        Gunnar            FORT Factory Team                                   Morgantown         WV  35+  45+
12      535    Guy            Jeffrey R.        FORT Factory Team                                   Greensburg         PA  35+
13      557    Root           Randall           Latitude/ABRT                                       Merrifield         VA  35+  45+
14      545    Pittman        Todd                                                                  Ellicott City      MD  35+
15      544    Nieters        Jared             Haymarket Bicycles/World Gym                        Haymarket          VA
16      590    Buchness       Mike              Pedal Shop/ODBC                                     Reston             VA  35+
17      547    Shiao          Bernie            Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling        sparks glencoe     MD  35+  45+
18      591    Johnson        Turner            Meredith group GPOA Cannondale                      Renfrew            PA
19      539    Kelsey         Sean              Evolution Racing                                    Doylestown         PA  35+
20      529    Birner         Michael           All American Bicycle Center                         Woodbine           MD  35+
21      551    Wood           David             Bike Doctor                                         Laplata            MD
22      550    Wittwer        Fred              Charlottesville Racing Club                         Charlottesville    VA  35+  45+
23      530    Clarke         Christopher       DCMTB/CityBikes/Metro Gutter                        Washington         DC  35+
24      542    MCGIll         Chris             FORT Factory Team                                   Washington         DC
25      548    Wagner         James W.                                                              Bethesda           MD  35+
26      541    Mayhew         Chris             Wissahickon                                         pittsburgh         PA
27      588    McCormick      Sean              9B Silver Cycles                                    Washington         dc  35+
28      586    Brlottn        tony              Van Dessel Cycles                                   Earlysville        VA  35+  45+
29      555    Ferrari        Matthew           Mt. Nittany Wheelworks                              State College      PA
532    Fouche         Brian             Antietam Velo Club/Team Hagerstown-Washington Co    hagerstown         MD
533    Fung           Adam              Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo                  Silver Spring      MD
543    Milne          Judd              Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                               Reston             VA
552    Downs          Jay               WVU Health Care                                     Greensburg         PA
559    Gerlak         Morgan            C-3
587    Wittwer        Greg              FORT Factory Team                                   Richmond           VA
592    Sovek          chip              Potomac Velo                                        Centerville        VA

Women Cat1/2/3                10 starters

Place   Bib #  Last Name      First Name        Team                                                City               ST  35+
1       628    Shogren        Besty             Fort Factory Team                                   Morgantown         WV
2       625    Vible          Lisa                                           Wilmington         DE  35+
3       629    Shelden        Libbey            Tokyo Joe's                                         Washington         DC  35+
4       627    Hill           Jessica           Trail's End Cycling                                 Upperville         VA
5       626    Grim           Diane             Joe's Bike                          Boyertown          PA  35+
6       620    Ebersole       Tammy             Evolution Racing                                    Warminster         PA  35+
7       624    Spanogle       Terri             NCVC/Inova Health System                            Alexandria         VA  35+
8       623    Maldonado      Lynda                                          Philadelphia       PA  35+
9       619    Briseno        Christina         Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes                     Washington         DC  35+
622    Kelsey         Kristen           Evolution Racing                                    Doylestown         PA

MABRA Juniors (U18)           3 starters

Place   Bib #  Last Name      First Name        Team                                                Hometown           ST
1       396    O'Keefe        Sam                                            Baltimore          MD
2       398    Mauch          Justin            NCVC/Inova Health System                            Sterling           VA
399    Kendall        Steven            NCVC/INOVA Health System                            Fairfax            VA

Men 35+/45+ - Cat3/4          39 starters

Place   Bib #  Last Name      First Name        Team                                                City               ST  45+
1       115    Kolb           Michael           Chrsitiana Care PT+/FSVS                            Newark             DE
2       131    vettori        marc     !                                     Elkton             MD
3       110    Huebner        Ron               Potomac Velo Club                                   Waterford          VA  45+
4       138    Czupryna       Michael           Christiana Care PT+/FSVS                            Newark             DE  45+
5       141    Bernard        Darren            Haymarket Bicycles                                  Haymarket          VA
6       121    McDonald       Bernard           C3/                                       Baltimore          MD
7       108    Holman         Barry             Team Fuji                                           Washington         DC
8       107    Gray           Douglass          Christiana Care PT+/FSVS                            Elizabethtown      PA  45+
9       109    Houghton       Jonathan                                                              Baltimore          MD
10      119    Masse          Roger             All American Bicycle Club                           Bethesda           MD  45+
11      120    McDaniel       Charles           Secret Henrys Team                                  Wilmington         DE  45+
12      122    Moats          Joel              Yellow Breeches Racing                              Chambersburg       PA
13      102    Blodgett       David             All American Bicycle Club                           Ellicott City      MD
14      140    Michel         Matthew           NCVC/Inova Health System                            Manasas            VA
15      126    Rogers         John              Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo                  Takoma Park        MD  45+
16      117    Kreiselmeier   Norman            Team Army                                           Myersville         MD
17      112    Hunter         Cary              Potomac Velo Club                                   Waterford          VA  45+
18      103    Breckenmaker   Kevin             Yellow Breeches Racing                              Hershey            PA  45+
19      114    Kensinger      Karl              NCVC/Inova Health System                            Arlington          VA  45+
20      106    Engblom        Thor              NCVC/Inova Health System                            Frederick          MD
21      105    DonTigny       Steven            Team Bike Lane                                      Falls Church       VA
22      104    connolly       karl              Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling        Baltimore          MD
23      136    Tremper        Henry             Christiana Care PT+/FSVS                            Arden              DE
24      127    Schaefer       Chris             Yellow Breeches Racing                              Enola              PA
25      130    Troop          David             First State Velo Sport                              Cochranville       PA  45+
26      124    Nusbaum        John              Haymarket Bicycles                                  Amissville         VA
27      125    Redlack        Christopher                                                           Silver Spring      MD
28      118    Laser          Mark              Yellow Breeches Racing, baby!                       Carlisle           PA  45+
29      111    Huhn           Chris             Evolution Cycling                                   Leesburg           VA
30      123    Moore          Thom              Potomac Velo                                        Arlington          VA
31      142    Frazer         Marc              Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling        Owings Mills       MD
32      137    Dibiasi        Nunzio            Yellow Breeches Racing                              Elizabethtown      PA  45+
33      133    Wolfe          Thori                                                                 Washington         DC
34      129    Taylor         Michael           Yellow Breeches Racing                              Mechanicsburg      PA
35      132    Wiesenhahn     David             WWVC / 3D Fitness and Health Cycling Team           Springfield        VA  45+
36      134    Wolven         Brian             Unattached                                          Baltimore          MD  45+
37      116    Kotun          Joseph            Lanterne Rouge                                      Falls Church       VA  45+
38      139    Kinney         Michael           Potomac Velo Club                                   Manasas            VA  45+
39      128    Stoner         Brian             Coles Velo Club                                     Chambersburg       PA

Men Cat3/4                    32 starters

Place   Bib #  Last Name      First Name        Team                                                City               ST
1       318    Townsend       Ethan             C3-                                      Wilmington         DE
2       324    Johnson        Turner            Meredith Group                                      Renfrew            PA
3       301    Bahnson        Jeff              C2S/Henry's Bikes                                   Newark             DE
4       306    Duke           David             Page Valley Cycling                                 Luray              VA
5       319    Wood           Thomas            Philadelphia Cyclismo                               Philadelphia       PA
6       311    Koelbl         Stephen                                                               Fairfax Station    VA
7       313    Mayhew         Chris             Wissahickon                                         pittsburgh         PA
8       314    Mudd           Jim               Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing               Baltimore          MD
9       327    Pagoda         Chris                                                                 Conshohocken       PA
10      307    Fife           Steve             ETS / Silver Cycles                                 Reston             VA
11      325    Campbell       robert            NCVC Inova
12      330    Goates         Nathan            Faulkner Honda                                      Shippensburg       PA
13      329    McKeeson       Andy              KBS                                                 Harrisonburg       VA
14      328    Lazar          Jay               unattached                                          Baltimore          MD
15      316    Shattuck       Trevor            Hunt Valley Bicycles/Marathon Roofing               Lutherville        MD
16      312    Mathias        Ian               Hunt Valley Bicycles / Marathon Roofing             Baltimore          MD
17      321    Wahl           Stephen           AVC/Hag/WC Tourism                                  Frederick          MD
18      332    Murphy         Kyle              The Bike Lane                                       Washington         DC
19      304    Cruz           Michael           Trizilla Triathalon Company                         Pittsburgh         PA
20      315    Revere         James             Team Cobblestone                                    Midlothian         VA
21      320    Yeager         Sean              Richmond Ciclismo                                   Richmond           VA
22      317    thomas         robert            Henry's Bikes                                       Newark             DE
23      323    Robinson       Evan              TRM Cycles                                          Bethel Park        PA
24      322    Hermanson      Charly            Kelly Benefits strategies/LSV                       Columbia           MD
25      308    Fisher         Ed                ShoreVelocity                                       Hallwood           VA
26      333    Kotun          Joseph                                                                Falls Church       VA
27      331    Hampton        Robb              ETS / Silver Cycles                                 Silver Springs     MD
302    Coats          Joseph            Squadra Coppi/IM Saab                               Alexandria         VA
303    Crouse         David             The Bike Lane                                       Springfield        VA
309    Gerlak         Morgan                                         Baltimore          MD
310    kilgore        mark              Hunt Valley Bicycles/ Marathon Roofing              lewisberry         PA
326    Wilson         Nathen            NCVC Inova                                          Arlington          VA

Men 55+                       4 starters

Place   Bib #  Last Name      First Name        Team                                                City               ST
1       666    Dibiasi        Nunzio            Yellow Breeches Racing                              Elizabethtown      PA
2       668    Carlson        James             Potomac Velo Club                                   Springfield        VA
3       667    Dell           Larry             AVC/Hag/WC Tourism                                  Falling Waters     WV
4       670    WAGNER         JAMES             Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo                  ARLINGTON          VA

Men Cat4                      62 starters

Place   Bib #  Last Name      First Name        Team                                                Hometown           ST
1       450    Wahl           Stephen           AVC/Hag/WC Tourism                                  Frederick          MD
2       448    Shapiro        Kenny                                                                 Frederick          MD
3       455    Goates         Nathan            Faulkner Honda                                      Shippensburg       PA
4       403    Biggs          Darren            DCMTB\City Bikes                                    Arlington          VA
5       431    Sandusky       Luke                                                                  Towson             MD
6       434    Stephens       Benjamin          Carnegie Mellon University                          Pittsburgh         PA
7       440    twyman         corey             Hub Racing                                          washington         DC
8       423    Lillibridge    Joe               Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Racing         Finksburg          MD
9       409    dillard        kevin                                          washington         DC
10      464    Vandivere      Loren             The Bike Lane                                       Manassas           VA
11      419    gue            todd              dhbd /bicycle place velo                            glenwood           MD
12      460    Hennessy       Matthew           Team BBC                                            Baltimore          MD
13      413    Geary          Brian             All American Bicycle Club                           Rockville          MD
14      456    Smith          Michah            Cumberland Transit                                  Arlington          VA
15      402    Battan         David             Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB                               Bethesda           MD
16      422    Leung          Ka Chun (Alan)    Squadra Coppi / IM Saab                             Alexandria         VA
17      439    Tressler       Lyal                                                                  rockville          MD
18      418    Goldberg       Richard           Hunt Valley Bicycles                                Cockeysville       MD
19      430    Paul           Timothy                                                               Eldersburg         MD
20      454    Clark          Kevin             The Bicycle Escape                                  Woodbridge         VA
21      426    Mazzei         Robert            Mountain Bikers of Michaux                          Hagerstown         MD
22      425    Mauch          Larry             National Capital Velo Club/Inova Health System      Sterling           VA
23      453    Bavier         John              Team Bike Rack                                      washington         DC
24      443    Wolfe          Thori                                                                 Washington         DC
25      404    Brach          Norman                                         Sykesville         MD
26      444    Zangmeister    Chris             All American Bicycle Club                           Gaithersburg       MD
27      451    Fitzwater      Mark              Secret Henrys Team                                  Newark             DE
28      446    Monnett        Mark              AVC/Hag/WC Tourism                                  Hagerstown         MD
29      458    Lueicke        John              n/a                                                 Silver Spring      MD
30      407    Carlisle       James                                                                 Frederick          MD
31      414    Ghais          Aaron             ALL-AMERICAN BICYCLE CLUB                           Potomac            MD
32      435    Sterner        Gary                                                                  Lewisberry         PA
33      447    Jones          David             NCVC Inova Health                                   Rockville          MD
34      463    Buczeskie      Chuck             YBR                                                 Chambersburg       PA
35      442    Wiliams        Alven             unattached                                          Herdon             VA
36      412    Foster         Chad              Team Army                                           Frederick          MD
37      449    Buchanan       Jeff              AVC/Hag/WC Tourism                                  Frederick          MD
38      452    Michael        Rick              AVC/Hag/WC Tourism                                  Hagerstown         MD
39      437    Sullivan       Michael           Team Geezer                                         New Market         MD
40      405    Brancheau      Matthew           Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling        Baltimore          MD
41      415    Giancoli       Michael           Hub United                                          Shippensburg       PA
42      401    Bakermans      Hans              World Cup Ski & Cycle Cycling Team                  Boiling Springs    PA
43      406    Brown          Tyler             Christiana Care PT+/FSVS                            Elizabettown       PA
44      438    Travers        Raymond                                                               baltimore          MD
45      441    ventosa        joseph            PROTEUS                                             baltimore          MD
46      457    Lerch          Wayne             The Bike Rack                                       washington         DC
47      424    Malone         Zach                                                                  Baltimore          MD
48      427    McCloskey      Keith                                                                 Damascus           MD
49      462    Clark          Damien            Clark Custom Cycles                                 Keedysville        MD
50      416    Gilman         Daniel                                                                Arlington          VA
51      432    Saunders       James             Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes                     Germantown         MD
52      459    Bold           Mark              ACA/Sette Nove                                      Allison Park       PA
53      436    Stoner         Brian             Coles Velo Club                                     Chambersburg       PA
54      408    Chou           Leon              Prince William Elite Racing                         Manassas           VA
55      445    Zorn III       Joseph            Christiana Care PT+ / FSVS                          BEAR               DE
400    Abbe           Owen                                                                  Hamilton           VA
417    Glodek         John              NCVC/INOVA Health Systems                           Rockville          MD
420    Holmes         Dale                                                                  Greenbelt          MD
421    Kendall        Steven            NCVC/INOVA Health System                            Fairfax            VA
428    McNeely        James             Squadra Coppi / IM Saab                             Crofton            MD
433    schaeffer      Ben               Daisy import Honda service                          woodbine           MD
461    Pause          Matthew           Route One Velo                                      Hillsboro          VA

Women Cat3/4                  11 starters

Place   Bib #  Last Name      First Name        Team                                                City               ST
1       493    Spanogle       Terri             NCVC/Inova Health System                            Alexandria         VA
2       497    Briseno        Christina         Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes                     Washington         DC
3       499    Anderson       Cynthia           AMVC/DND Inc.                                       Alexandria         VA
4       489    Adams          Kristina                                                              Glenwood           MD
5       498    Artusio        Lynda                                                                 Frederick          MD
6       494    Mauch          Pamela            NCVC/Inova Health System                            Sterling           VA
7       495    LoParco        Karen             Route 1 Velo/Capitol Hill Bikes                     Washington         DC
8       492    Vettori        Diane    !                                     Elkton             MD
9       490    Peacock        Marisa            Velo Bella                                          Alexandria         VA
496    Cabrinety      Margaret          HoCoCyclists                                        Columbia           MD
491    Fox            Anna              Human Zoom PBR                                      Philadelphia       PA

Juniors (U16)  5 starters

Place   Bib #  Last Name      First Name        Team                                                City               ST
1       680    Mauch          Justin            NCVC/Inova Health System                            Sterling           VA
2       677    Wilson         Avery             NCVC/INOVA Health System                            Arlington          VA
3       679    Rogers         Zeke              Clean Currents p/b Don Beyer Volvo                  Takoma Park        MD
4       676    Mach           Svetlana                                                              Silver Springs     MD
681    Kendall        Steven            NCVC/INOVA Health System                            Fairfax            VA

Lil Belgians

Place   Bib #  Last Name      First Name        Team                                                City               ST
977    Rogers         Asa               Clean Current                                       Tacoma Park        MD
978    Shattuck       Johan                                                                 Lutherville        MD
979    Smithhisk      Dylan                                                                 Hagerstown         MD
980    St. John       Corey                                                                 Frederick          MD
981    Hardesty       Jared                                                                 Hagerstown         MD
982    Mach           Svetlana          GS Silver                                           Silver Springs     MD
983    Dotson         Jasmine                                                               Hagerstown         MD
984    Cham           Ebrima                                                                Hagerstown         MD