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2nd Annual Zaveta Construction Circuit Race (Doylestown, PA)
nd Annual Zaveta Construction Circuit Race (Doylestown, PA
Sunday, August 5, 2007
2nd Annual Zaveta Construction Circuit Race (Doylestown, PA) Presented by Cycle Sports of Doylestown/Zaveta Construction Doylestown, PA Sunday, August 05, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

weather: 91� average humidity, wind 2-14 mph variable

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CAT 1/2/3       1:27:18
PLACE           FIRST         LAST          TEAM
1               Guillaume     Nelessen      Van Dessel Factory Team
2               John          Minturn       Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale
3               Michael       Chauner
5               Daniel        Wilson
6               Jonathan      Erdelyi       Metra Racing Wendys
7               Gavriel       Epstein       CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25
8               Dwanne        Clinton
9               Jared         Babik         Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale
10              Eric          Schildge
11              David         Hudson        Mambo Kings Racing/D&Q
12              Joe           Whitman       Team Alliance Environmental presented by Bianchi/Hincapie Sports
13              Aubrey        Gordon        liberty cycle
14              Adam          Alexander     Foundation/Century Road Club and Association
16              Glenroy       Griffith      Team United Homes
17              Adam          Farabaugh     Ruud Racing Team
19              Wayne         Work          Swashbuckler Brewing/
20              Kyle          Eckley        Technocycle BRC/Dynaflo Racing
21              Anthony       Lowe
22              Aaron         Ritz          Quaker City Wheelmen
23              Darco         Lalevic
24              Michael       Hebe          Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale
25              Jason         Walters       Metra Industries/Wendy's Presented by Ideal Tile
26              Mark          Walchinsky
27              David         Wells         Van Dessel Factory Team
28              Paul          Ziminski      Team Metra / WENDYS/ Ideal Tile
29              Ian           Stanley
30              Mathieu       Nelessen      Van Dessel Sports Factory Team
31              James         Derren
33              Dereck        Holt          red rose rockets
35              Brian         Girard
36              Doug          Lapp          GS Lancaster/Spinners Cycling
37              Valdimire     Borovkov
38              Carl          Maslag        Team Fitness Mission/Allwood Bicycles
39              William       Jones
40              Gregory       Battista      Team Metra/Wendy's/Ideal Tile
41              Brad          Ober
42              Steve         Craig
43              Chris         Shaw          CRCA / EMPIRE CYCLING TEAM
44              Eric          Wallenburg
45              Paul          Mica          NCVC/INOVA
46              Jonathan      Chodroff      Merideth Group/GPOA/Cannondale
47              Jason         Meidhof       NCVC/Inova Health Systems
48              Christopher   Kaiser
49              Greg          Ferguson      Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale
50              Alex          Gilliam
51              Richard       Ball

CAT 3/4                       1:08:03
PLACE           FIRST         LAST          TEAM
1               Gavin         Robertson
2               John          Hunter        Team Independence p/b Keswick Cycle
2               Jamil         Kayin         Team Independence
3               Morabito      Christopher   Cycledrome Bicycling Team
4               Ryan          Pomajevich    Gotham Cyclists/Hensley Racing
5               Jonathan      Chambers      Gotham Cyclists / Hensley Racing
6               Chip          Hoover
7               Patrick       Gellineau     Team Squiggle
8               Glenroy       Griffith      Team United Homes
9               Keith         Aprozzese
10              Josh          Soboti        3D Racing Team/ Tom's Atlantic Cyclery
11              Epes          Harris
12              Gerald        Burkett       World Cup Ski & Cycle
13              Donnell       Hudson        Breakaway Racing/Quaker City Wheelmen
14              Ronre         Irvine
15              Bryon         Kremer
16              Benjamin      Garrett       Team Independence/Keswick Cycle
17              Joey          Piscitello    philadelphia ciclismo
18              Mark          Krajci        Gotham Cyclists
19              Michael       Bowe          Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction
20              Charles       Denton        Hunt Valley Bicycle Club
21              Stephen       Baumbach      Cycledrome Bicycling Team
23              James         Best          Cycledrome Racing
24              Joseph        Trassal
25              Benjamin      Smith         World Cup Ski and Cycle
26              Michael       Holub         Dreamscapes cycling team
27              Stefan        Grecu         Team Independence p/b Keswick Cycle
28              Scott         Steele        Gotham Cyclists
29              Edward        Kaftan        Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction
30              Drew          Scoles
31              Matt          Swiatek       Dynaflo Racing/Technocycle BRC
32              Joseph        Piccillo      Evolution Racing
33              Ryan          Smolko        Penn State Cycling/Dreamscape Cycling Team
34              Tim           Humpton       Evolution Racing/MIT Cycling
35              Chris         Jackson       Cadence Cycling
36              Todd          Schwartz      Guy's Racing
37              Daniel        Fuehrer       Kutztown U/Dreamscape Cycling
38              Stephane      Slotten       Liberty
39              Cameron       Reider        Gotham Cyclists presented by Hensley Racing
40              Andrew        Adams         Team Independence p/b Keswick Cycle
41              Gui           Weinmann      Kissena Cycling Club
42              Gary          Bell          Kissena
43              Mark          Costa
44              Kirk          Palermo       Cycle Sports/ Zaveta Construction
45              Raymond       Zeimet        Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction
46              Jim           Williams      Quaker City Wheelmen/Team Breakaway
47              John          Howe          L'Equipe DeVille
48              Dan           Tarrant       Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction
49              Steve         Sambrano      Main Line Cycling - BiKyle
50              Richard       Mowry         Evolution Racing
51              Joseph        Sieracki      Team Somerset
52              Mark          Fontanilla
54              Brian         Ursu          Gotham Cyclists / Hensley Racing
55              Matthew       Warner        Team Independence sponsored by Keswick Cycle
56              Thomas        Lyons         watchung wheelmen
57              Ed            Peterson      Pro Pedals Team Express
58              James         Devlin        Dynaflo/Technocycle
59              Andrew        Serota
60              Charles       Chichester    CRC OF A
61              Travis        Sapsford      Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction
62              Jim           Arnold
63              Matthew       Holub         Gotham cyclists
64              Pete          Smith         Cycle Sports/ Zeveta Construction
65              Ted           Maven         Evolution Racing
66              Michael       Midkiff       Independence Racing p/b Keswick Cycle
67              Gerhardt      Herbert       Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon

CAT 4/5                       49:03:00
PLACE           FIRST         LAST          TEAM
1               Bryon         Kremer        Cannondale
2               John          Hunter        Team Independence p/b Keswick Cycle
3               Johann        Burrowes
4               Bob           Grimwood      World Cup Ski & Cycle
5               Lonnie        Metz          World Cup Ski & Cycle Cycling Team
6               Anthony       Hall          Columbia University
8               Benjamin      Garrett       Team Independence/Keswick Cycle
10              Ed            Figaniak
11              Samuel        Martinez
12              Gui           Weinmann      Kissena Cycling Club
13              Jim           Godshall      Guy's Racing
14              Allen         Bedford       Guy's Racing
15              Noah          Zitzer        Kutztown Cycling/Dreamscape
16              Robert        Carlsen       Quaker City Wheelmen/Breakaway Racing
17              John          Hewlett
18              Ed            Kallatch      Bayside Velo/ Bike Doctor
19              Richard       Steele        Chester County Velo - Iron Hill Brewery
20              Matthew       Baranoski     Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction
21              Pat           MacFadden
23              Jim           Watkins       Team Somerset
24              Mark          Valentine
25              Richard       Maclaughlin   Chester County Velo - Iron Hill
26              Andrew        Adams         Team Independence p/b Keswick Cycle
27              Raymond       Brettle       Guys Racing
28              Taylor        Leonard       World Cup Ski and Cycle
29              Steve         Bronstein     Team Independence p/b Keswick Cycle
30              James         Doherty
32              Ed            Hein          Guy's Racing Club
33              Adam          Leman         Team Independence p/b Keswick Cycle
34              Edward        Murphy        Peddler's Shop//IC3
35              Daniel        Lavelle
36              Ken           Butler        Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction
38              Joseph        Sieracki      Team Somerset
39              Ted           Maven         Evolution Racing
40              Timothy       Manzella      Team Independence p/b Keswick Cycle
41              Frank J.      Schlipf       Guy's Racing Club
42              Paul          Oram

PLACE           FIRST         LAST          TEAM
1               Aleksey       Urusov        Propeller Racing
2               Scott         Cullen        Summit Cycling Club
3               Mark          Kline         Chester County Velo-Iron Hill Brewery
4               Anthony       Diaz          Liberty Cycle
5               Tom           Briede        Victory Cycling Club
6               Daniel        Hauber        Pro Pedals
7               Will          Roettger      none
9               Albert        Anderson      BikeLine/LWA Racing
10              Bruce         Brodowski     Cycle Sports/Zaveta Const.
11              David         Hunt
12              Eric          Toff          PSCC-Peddlers Shop Cycling Club
13              Timothy       Pope          Viking Cycling
14              Nick          Deangelis     Chester County Velo - Iron Hill Brewery
15              Myles         Bartos        Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction
16              Ian           Smith         Evolution
17              Aaron         Trumbore      Bike Works
18              Brian         Murphy        Summit Cycling Club
19              Michael       Simmons       West Chester Cycling Club
20              Nick          Piccone
21              William       Lever         Cycle Sports
22              Brian         Horton
23              Taylor        Cohen         Tri State Velo
24              David         Goodyear      Cycle Sports / Zavetta Construction
25              Kevin         Hetzel        DKNY Team Signature Cycles
26              David         Schied
27              Gregory       Wesolowich    Dreamscape Cycling Team
28              James         Demaioribus   Century Road Club of America

CAT 1/2/3/4 WOMEN             0:58:50
PLACE           FIRST         LAST          TEAM
1               Trica         Carnila
2               Jacqueline    Paull         Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery
3               Suzanne       Huelster
4               Mary          Costelloe     East Coast Velo
5               Erica         Zaveta        Cyclesports/Zaveta Construction
6               Kelley A.     Bethoney      Tri-State Velo/Amoroso's/Victory Brewing
7               Alison        Fischer       Human Zoom / Pabst Blue Ribbon
8               Jennifer      Sands         Cycle Sports/Zaveta Const
9               Jill          Waggett       Guy's Racing
10              Kristy        Swope         Saucon Valley Bikes
11              Netana        Hotimsky      Brown & Wills
12              Sarah         Iepson        Sturdy Girl Cycling
13              Lorraine      Lipfert       East Coast Velo
14              Lee-ann       Beatty        Meredith Group/GPOA/Cannondale
15              Elizabeth     Tyrell        Team Somerset
16              Jody          Twer          Sturdy Girl Cycling
17              Annie         Malouin       Tri-State Velo/Amoroso's/Victory Brewing
19              Kate          Veronneau
19              Naomi         Takahishi

MASTER 30+ MEN                58:50:00
PLACE           FIRST         LAST          TEAM
1               Rich          Uliana        Gotham Cyclists
2               Eric          Wallenburg
3               Ryan          Mitchell      Elite Bicycles
4               Theodore      Inoue
5               Richard       Leibfried     Elite Bicycles
6               Douglas       Dicks         bennetts bikes
7               Marcus        Carnila
8               William       Jones
9               Charles       Grose
10              james         Martin
11              Patrick       Kelly         guy's racing
12              Gregory       Danielewicz
13              John          Eorio         Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction
14              Samuel        Martinez
15              Dan           Tarrant       Cycle Sports/Zaveta Construction
16              Timothy       Hancock
17              Richard       Ball
18              Mark          Hastings      Quaker City Wheelmen/Team Breakaway
19              Bob           Piacine       Guys Racing Club
20              Johann        Burrowes
21              Patrick       Gellineau
22              John          Paproski
23              William       Thompson      CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles
24              James         Perren
25              Timothy       Arnold
26              Edward        Kryneski
27              Jack          Brown
28              Michael       Karr
29              Vernard       Green         Cross Creek Cycling Club/C-4
30              Jerrod        Lalevic