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Masters Day At Prospect Park

Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Masters Day At Prospect Park Presented by Kissena Cycling Club Brooklyn, NY Saturday, July 07, 2007
The second annual Master's Day at Prospect Park was again run as a handicap race with the Masters 45+ field starting 2 minutes ahead of the Masters 35+ field. Last year's race saw the lead 45+ breakaway caught on the final lap so the Masters 35+ riders were determined to not cut it so close this year. On the very first lap the Masters 35+ riders gained almost 30 second and if that pace continued the 45+ field would be absorbed quickly. The 45+ field would not go down without a fight thanks to the strong efforts of Geoff Bickford (CRCA/Axis), Chuck Damsky (BVF) and Ken Hochman (Deno's Wonder Wheel) who kept the 35+ riders from only gaining 10-15 seconds per lap during the middle laps. Back in the 35+ field, Curt Davis (Fiordifrutta) led a 5 rider chase of the 45+ field with 7 laps to go causing the gap to drop to under a minute for the first time. The 5 riders were caught by the 35+ field two laps later but the damage was done - the 45+ field was now in sight and with 4 laps to go the 35+ field caught the 45+ field. The final 3 laps of the race saw small groups attacking off the front including one promising move powered by Todd Cassan (Westwood Velo) but the motivated field brought back all attackers and as the field received the bell everybody was together. In the final sprint it was Mark Brinken (CRCA/ReMax) coming around last year's third place finisher Patrick Mcnamara (Fiordifrutta) for the win. Richard Gonzalez (CRCA/Global Locate) rounded out the podium for third. Ray Diaz (TargetTraining) was the first 45+ rider in fifth place.

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Masters 35+ / 45+ Handicap
44 miles
89 starters

1. Mark Brinken (CRCA/ReMax)
2. Patrick Mcnamara (Fiordifrutta)
3. Richard Gonzalez (CRCA/Global Locate)
4. David Sommerville (CCCC/Anthem)
5. Ray Diaz (TargetTraining)
6. Chris Dimatto (Bethel)
7. Will Schneider (GS Gotham)
8. Chris Castaldi  (Deno's Wonder Wheel)
9. Juan Barroso (GS Gotham)
10. James Hines (Kissena)

Category 5
17 miles
24 starters

1. Russel Cadogan (CRCA/Sid's)
2. Michael Bahar (Unatt)
3. Miguel Flores (Unatt)
4. Ricardo Sanchez (Orange County BC)
5. Michael Tahtabai (Kissena)