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Tour of New York

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tour of New York 6/16/07 Prospect Park, Brooklyn, N.Y. promoted by Kissena Sports

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Pro-1-2-3  (44 miles)

RIDER			Team
1	Jermaine Burrowes	Team United Homes
2	Luis Perez		GS Mengoni
3	Steven Ward		Liberty Cycle
4	Will Schneider		Gotham
5	Franklin Burgos		Champion
6	Devin Flaherty		Sakonnet
7	Dave Sommerville	Anthem - CCCC
8	Luis Schimmel		Northeastern
9	Juan Borroso		Gotham
10	Ron Fantano		Anthem
11	Brady Gibney
12	Horace Burrowes	T	eam United
13	Jon Erdelyi		YSG Racing
14	Wilson Vasquez		GS Mengoni
15	Glenroy Griffith	Team United Homes

Women	(37 miles)

RIDER			Team
1	Dominique Hall		Major Taylor
2	Lenore Imhoff		Colavita Racing

Masters	(34 miles)

RIDER			Team
1	Brian Rafferty		DWWC
2	Thomas Cipolla		CTS
3	Dennis Schwandtner	East End/Kreb Cycle
4	Donald Fuchs		CRCA
5	Richard Gonzalez
6	Gary Steinberg
7	Haig Marino		DWWC
8	Juan Pimentel		CRCA/Global Locate
9	Chris Castaldi		Deno�s Wonder Wheel
10	Harold Francis		Squiggle

Category 4  (31 miles)

1	Daniel Inoa		The Forces
1	Michael Berk		Team DC Racing/Danny's
1	Genaro Cespedes
4	Carl Nelson		We Stand United
5	Matthew Byrnes
6	Junior Francisco
7	Johan Burrowes
8	Jonathan Lockburner
9	Raul Galliano
10	Jason W. Gay		CRCA
11	Herbert Quintero
12	Daniel Scholz

Category 5  (17 miles)

1	Aleksey Urusov		Propellor Racing
2	Khary Ward		CRCA
3	Akin X. Dorsette
4	Zak Abdullah		CRCA
5	Miguel Rivera Flores
6	Dan Flannery		Brooklyn Velo Force
7	Dennis Gunn		ProPedals/Vineland Velocity
8	Russell Cadogan		Sid's Bikes NYC
9	Michael Bahar		ISO
10	Daniel Abreu		Int-ACDN

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