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Jennerstown Speedway Criterium

Jennerstown, PA

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jennerstown Speedway Criterium Presented by Valley Youth Network and Freddie Fu Cycling Team Jennerstown, PA Sunday, May 20, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

weather: 68� partly sunny, winds 8 to 20 mph

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Cat 1,2,3                             RACE TIME
PLACE        FIRST       LAST         TEAM
1            Jared       BABIK        Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale
2            Joe         RUGGERY      Freddie Fu
3            Steve       CUMMINGS     Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale
4            Brian       WIECZOREK    Freddie Fu Cycling Team
5            Jake        LIFSON       IRMC/GRB
6            Mike        STUBNA       Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale
7            Ryan        MELE         TREK OF PITTSBURGH
8            Jason       ZIMMERMAN    Freddie Fu Cycling Team
9            Clay        MURFET
10           Jeremy      KIRCHIN      UPMC
11           Timothy     LYONS        Freddie Fu
12           Dan         GREENE       Trizilla
13           David       WELLS        Van Dessel Factory Team
14           Nick        FISCHER      Freddie Fu Cycling Team
15           Chris       CIOCCIO      IRMC/GRB
16           Barton      KIRK         technocycle
17           Alex        COX          uvm
18           Michael     JERNIGAN     ProGraphics Cycling
DNF          Steve       BEDILION     Trizilla Triathlon Equipment Co
DNF          Robert      GOTTLIEB     RC-13
DNF          Turner      JOHNSON      Meredith Group-GPOA-Cannondale
DNF          Bryan       ROUTLEDGE    ACA-Sette Nove
DNF          Doug        RIEGNER      Trizilla
DNF          George      YODER        Freddie Fu
DNF          Chris       POPOVIC      Trizilla
DNF          Mark        NICOLL       IRMC/GRB
DNF          Jeff        HUFF         Sette Nove
DNF          Kyle        ECKLEY       dynaflow/technocycle
DNF          Jimmy       SPANIEL      Freddie Fu
DNF          Erica       ALLAR

Cat 3/4                               RACE TIME 53:18
PLACE        FIRST       LAST         TEAM
1            Luke        ST.CLAIR     Central Penn Racing
2            Kyle        ECKLEY       dynaflow/technocycle
3            Barton      KIRK         Technocycle
4            Michael     JERNIGAN     ProGraphics Cycling
5            Brian       HOFFMAN      Trizilla Triathlon Equipment Co
6            Gerry       PFLUG        Freddie Fu Cycling Team
7            Ted         MCPHERSON    wvu healthcare
8            Jay         DOWNS        wvu healthcare
9            Mike        HUTCHINSON   Prographics
10           Joel        NOAL         Spokes-N-Skis/Altoona Bicycle Club
11           Danny       SEMENKO      prographics
12           Wayne       ARCHER       bv velo
13           Zac         KEPHART      Spokes-N-Skis/Altoona Bicycle Club
14           John        CRAWFORD     UPMC cycling performance
15           Michael     PRECHTL      Spokes-n-skis
16           Dan         LAVELLE      Drexel U
DNF          Fred        BALDASARE    Freddie Fu Cycling Team
DNF          kevin       DOLINAR      Trizilla Triathalon Equipment
DNF          Alex        COX          uvm
DNF          Patrick     CONNEELY     Pro Graphics Cycling
DNF          Gary        DUGOVICH     Beaver Valley Velo
DNF          Michael     MIHALIK      beaver valley velo
DNF          Rob         O'LEARY      Spokes-n-Skis / Altoona Bicycle Club
DNF          Daniel      CRAFT        Fat Frogs
DNF          Clay        MURFET       Fuji/Salamander
DNF          Dave        BURKE        RC-13
DNF          Jack        NEYER        Freddie Fu
DNF          John        RYAN         indiana cycling
DNF          Nick        POINTON
DNF          Adam        BREM         spokes-n-skis
DNS          Andrew      SCHMIDT      Bloomsburg University

Cat 5 Men                             RACE TIME: 31:33
PLACE        FIRST       LAST         TEAM
1            Anthony     Sanders      Fat Frogs Racing
2            Robert      Grimwood     World Cup Cycling Team
3            Lonnie      Metz         World Cup Ski & Cycle Cycling Team
4            Andy        Olson        Spokes 'n Skis/Altoona Bicycle Club
5            Dave        Gault        Pro Graphics Cycling
6            Mark        Dent
7            Kevin       Quinlisk     Quinlisk Architectural
8            Aaron       Bennett      RC-13
9            Michael     Wagner
10           John        Snyder       World Cup Ski & Cycle Cycling Team
11           Garvin      Bixler
12           Barry       Rush         PRO Graphics Cycling Club
13           William     Wozniak
14           Michael     Grassi
15           Thomas      Crowe
16           Kelly       Crooks       Pro Graphics Cycling
17           Dustin      Wehler
18           Brian       Shoff

Women Cat 1-3                         RACE TIME: 1:04:16
PLACE        FIRST       LAST         TEAM
1            Colleen     HAYDUK       Team Fuji / Salamander
2            Erica       ALLAR        Team Fuji / Salamander
4            Colleen     GULICK       Team Fuji / Salamander
5            Lee-ann     BEATTY       Meredith Group/GPOA/Cannondale
DNS          Barbara     GRABOWSKI    Velo Bella/Kona

Women Cat 4
PLACE        FIRST       LAST         TEAM
3            Rebecca     MATHEWS      Prographics Cycling Club
6            Patricia    MARZI        Team Fuji/Salamander
7            Hannah      HAYDUK       Team Fuji / Salamander
DNF          Emily       MACKAY