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Kings County Circuit Race

Brooklyn (Floyd Bennett Field), NY

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kings County Circuit Race Presented by Kissena Cycling Club Brooklyn (Floyd Bennett Field), NY Saturday, May 19, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

47 starters

1. Amuary Perez (GS Mengoni)
2. Jared Bunde (GS Mengoni)
3. Michael Margarite (CRCA/Empire)
4. Matt Loftus (CRCA/Bandit)
5. Robert Lattanzi (CRCA/Sid's)
6. Roger Friedman (CRCA/Think Racing)
7. John Durso (Liberty Cycle)
8. Igor Misicki (CRCA/Foundation)
9. Lee Rosenthal (TARGETRAINING)
10. Ted Neu (CRCA/Sid's)

Category 4
47 starters

1. Anthony Slokar (CRCA/
2. Kim Riseth (CRCA/Jonathan Adler)
3. Nat Eng (CRCA/Avenue A)
4. George Gyarmarthy (Babylon Bicycle)
5. Reed Albergotti (CRCA)
6. Andy Newsome (CRCA/Sid's)
7. Li n coln Crane (CRCA/Organic Athlete)
8. Tyrone Power (CRCA/Major Taylor)
9. Matt Serra (CRCA/
10. Tadeusz Marszalek (DC Racing)

Masters 35+ / Women Handicap
35 starters

1. Doug O'Neil (Deno's Wonder Wheel)
2. Geoff Bickford (CRCA/Axis)
3. Katie Lambden (TIBCO)
4. Horrace Burrowes (WS United)
5. Anthony Maisto (Deno's Wonder Wheel)
6. Kurt  Gustafson  (CRCA/Axis)
7. David Melchoir (Deno's Wonder Wheel)
8. Chirs Castaldi (Deno's Wonder Wheel)
9. Rob Brown (CRCA/Major Taylor)
10. Marc Cesare (CRCA/Centerbridge)

Category 5
11 starters

1. Chris Samuels (Unatt)
2. Miguel Flores (Unatt)
3. William Finoff (CRCA)
4. Calvin Campbell (Westwood Velo)
5. Mark Heihoff (CRCA/DKNY-Signature Cycles)
6. Steve De Jesus (CRCA/Organic Athlete)
7. Eric Robertson (Kissena)
8. David Richman (CRCA)

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