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Bear Mountain Spring Classic

Bear Mountain, NY

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bear Mountain Spring Classic Presented by Century Road Club Association Bear Mountain, NY Sunday, May 13, 2007

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the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Pro/1/2 Men          98 miles          100                   starters

Place         Time   First Name   Last Name        Team                                                        City                     State
1             4:14:13Ryan         Mackenzie        Equipe Volkswagen-Trek                                      Calgary                  AB
2             st     Lisban       Quintero         CRCA/Empire Cycling Team                                    Maspeth                  NY
3             st     Roger        Aspholm          Westwood Velo/Trade Manage Capitol                          Haworth                  NJ
4             st     Gavriel      Epstein          CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25                                Englewood                NJ
5             st     John         Loehner          CRCA/Empire Cycling Team                                    Bronx                    NY
6             st     William      Elliston         Rite Aid Pro Cycling                                        Easton                   PA
7             st     Justin       Lindade          TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                        Maplecrest               NY
8             st     Joao         Correia          Bicycling Magazine                                          Brooklyn                 NY
9             st     Alex         Bhogal                                            Oakville                 ON
10            st     Christopher  Jones            Nerac Pro Cycling                                           New Haven                CT
11            0:01:42Nick         Rowe             Equipe Volkswagen-Trek                                      Montreal                 PQ
12            st     Peter        Morse            Jet Fuel Coffee                                             Toronto                  ON
13            st     Luc          Dionne           CIBC/Wood Gundy                                             Sorel-Tracy              PQ
14            st     Daniel       Zmolik           CRCA/Empire Cycling Team                                    Ridgewood                NY
15            st     Alister      Ratcliff         TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite Development Team                   Newtown                  CT
16            st     Peter        Ladd             Garneau-Crocs                                               Saint-Augustin-de-DesmaurPQ
17            st     Aliaksandr   Bialiauski       CCB/VW/Time                                                 Hamden                   CT
18            0:03:23Yann         Deville          CIBC/Wood-Gundy                                             Montreal                 PQ
19            0:05:30Jared        Bunde            GS Mengoni USA                                              Brooklyn                 NY
20            st     William      Goodfellow       Equipe Volkswagen-Trek                                      Dorval                   PQ
21            st     Jamie        Lamb             Garneau-Crocs                                               Saint-Augustin-de-DesmaurPQ
22            st     Hugues       Lapointe         �quipe cycliste Bluberi - Martin Swiss - Specialized CyclingLaSalle                  PQ
23            st     Ralph        Muoio            Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling                Wasington                DC
24            st     Jason        Baer             Kenda/Raleigh Racing                                        Burlington               VT
25            st     Colin        Sandberg         Meredith Group - GPOA - Cannondale                          Philadelphia             PA
26            st     Andrew       Boone            Kenda/Raleigh Racing                                        Cambridge                MA
27            st     Andrew       Wulfkuhle        C3/ADG                                                      Lancaster                PA
28            st     Jonathan     Swain            Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling                Rockville                MD
29            0:06:26Matthew      Purdy            North Atlantic Velo/ClassBook.Com/Giant/Pedro's             Albany                   NY
30            0:06:58Mike         Stubna           Meredith Group - GPOA - Cannondale                          Pittsburgh               PA
31            0:07:22Alexi        Richer           CIBC/Wood-Gundy                                             Montreal                 PQ
32            st     Tom          Soladay          Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling                Bethesda                 MD
33            0:08:05Jermaine     Burrowes         Team United Homes                                           Brooklyn                 NY
34            0:08:52Tim          Hucker           Garneau-Crocs                                               Saint-Augustin-de-DesmaurPQ
35            st     Steve        Lusby            Kelly Benefit Strategies/LSV Amateur Cycling                Baltimore                MD
36            st     Todd         Cassan           Westwood Velo/Trade Manage Capitol                          New York                 NY
37            st     Stephen      Cummings         Meredith Group - GPOA - Cannondale                          Pittsburgh               PA
38            st     Michael      Beers            Rite Aid Pro Cycling                                        Breinigsville            PA
39            st     Eric         Brownell         Bicycling Magazine                                          Stamford                 CT
40            0:09:23Lee          Rosenthal        TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite Development Team                   North Massapequa         NY
41            st     Troy         Kimball          Westwood Velo
42            0:10:39Kenneth      Lundgren         Northeastern Hardware / CJCT                                Pompton Plains           NJ
43            0:11:14David        Veilleux         Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team                              Qu�bec                   PQ
44            st     Phil         Riggio           Breaking Away Bicycles                                      Darien                   CT
45            st     Matt         Baldwin          TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                        Danbury                  CT
46            st     Jean-Fran�oisRacine           Garneau-Crocs                                               Saint-Augustin-de-DesmaurPQ
47            st     Michael      Joanisse         Garneau-Crocs                                               Saint-Augustin-de-DesmaurPQ
48            st     Gilberth     Gomez Valverde   Westwood Velo/Trade Manage Capitol                          Somerville               NJ
49            st     Dylan        O'Sullivan       Housatonic Wheel Club U23                                   Worcester                MA
50            st     Christopher  Peck             Fiordifrutta                                                Newtown                  CT
51            st     Franklin     Burgos           Champion Systems                                            Bronx                    NY
52            st     Adam         Sullivan         Boston Scientific Elite Cycling Team                        East Greenwich           RI
53            st     Benoit       Lussier          CIBC/Wood Gundy                                             Sherbrooke               PQ
54            st     Jean S�bastieB�land           Equipe Volkswagen-Trek                                      Oka                      PQ
55            0:19:19J.P.         Partland         High Gear Cyclery/Watchung Wheelmen                         New York                 NY
56            0:28:53Adam         St. Germain      TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                        Providence               RI
57            0:29:53Will         Schneider        GS Gotham/Toga Bikes                                        New York                 NY
58            st     Alejandro    Guzman           CRCA/Empire Cycling Team                                    New York                 NY
59            st     Stephan      Badger           CRCA/Sakonnet Technology U25                                Woodbury                 CT
60            0:30:45Paul         Levis            TARGETRAINING/FASTAR                                        Briarcliff Manor         NY
61            st     Bradley      Tisdahl          Project 5 Racing                                            Stamford                 CT
DQ            3B1    Miguel       Morras           Champion Systems                                            New York                 NY
DQ            3B1    Eneas        Freyre           TARGETRAINING U-25/Elite Development Team                   Greenwich                CT
DQ            3B1    Kevin        Lacombe          Equipe Volkswagen-Trek                                      St-Bruno                 PQ

Pro/1/2/3 Women      56 miles          43                    starters

Place      Time      First Name        Last Name             Team                                            City                             State
1             2:52:48Lauren       Shirock          BMW/Bianchi                                                 Emmaus                   PA
2             st     Mara         Miller           Team Advil-ChapStick                                        Ramsey                   NJ
3             st     Silke        Wunderwald       Anthem - CCCC                                               Stonington               CT
4             st     Kirsten      Robbins          Team Advil-ChapStick                                        Kutztown                 PA
5             st     Beth         Miller           North Atlantic Velo/                           Voorheesville            NY
6             st     Katherine    Lambden          Team TIBCO                                                  Fort Lee                 NJ
7             st     Elisa        Gagnon           Team Advil-ChapStick                                        Montreal                 PQ
8             0:04:53Becky        Koh              CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes                             New York                 NY
9             st     Michele      Smith            Verge Sport                                                 Caremel                  NY
10            0:05:56Sinead       Miller           UPMC Cycling Performance                                    Pittsburgh               PA
11            st     Sarah        Chubb Sauvayre   CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes                             New York                 NY
12            st     Catherine    Hogan            Espoirs Laval                                               Montreal                 PQ
13            st     Erica        Zaveta           Cyclesports/Zaveta Construction                             Erwinna                  PA
14            st     Heidi        Woolever         ABRT/Latitude                                               Takoma Park              MD
15            st     Jessica      Spence                                            Toronto                  ON
16            st     Heather      Davidson-Meyn                                           Toronto                  ON
17            st     Sara         Schewel          Human Zoom/ Pabst Blue Ribbon                               Philadelphia             PA
18            st     Kendall      Dwyer            CRCA/Avenue A Razorfish                                     New York                 NY
19            st     Maria        Quiroga          CRCA/Third Nature                                           New York                 NY
20            0:10:03Rebecca      Wellons          NEBC/Cycle Loft/Devonshire Dental                           Woburn                   MA
21            0:13:37Ann Marie    Miller           CRCA/Sanchez-Metro                                          New York                 NY
22            st     Dale         Malkames         USI                                                         Scarsdale                NY
23            st     Beth         Renaud           CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes                             New York                 NY
24            st     Nancy        Ford             Spin Ho's                                                   Greenwich                CT
25            st     Shannon      Fitzgerald                                                                   Hurley                   NY
26            st     Carolyn      Girod            Riptide Cycling (CSE/CSS)                                   Lawrenceville            NJ
27            0:15:41Caryl        Gale             CRCA/Comedy Central-Sid's Bikes                             Hoboken                  NJ
28            st     Karine       Delage           Le Yeti                                                     Montreal                 PQ

Juniors 15-18        42 miles          43                    starters

Place      Time      First Name        Last Name             Team                                            City                             State  Age
1             1:51:26Nicolas      Lefran�ois       CIBC/Wood Gundy                                             Rosem�re                 PQ
2             st     Brett        Jacoby           Gotham Cyclists                                             Wind Gap                 PA
3             0:01:36Daniel       Sullivan         Metra/Wendy's/Ideal Tile                                    Bloomfield               NJ
4             st     Daniel       Estevez          Hot Tubes Development Cycling                               Worcester                MA
5             st     Fran�ois     Chabot           Garneau-Crocs                                               Saint-Augustin-de-DesmaurPQ
6             st     Guillaume    Blais Dufour     Equipe Volkswagen-Trek                                      Qu�bec                   PQ
7             st     Nikolai      Masluk           3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery                       Middletown               NJ
8             st     Gavin        Mannion          CCB/Volkswagen                                              Dedham                   MA
9             st     Christopher  Thornton         ACT - Cuevas
10            st     William      Garneau          Garneau-Crocs                                               Saint-Augustin-de-DesmaurPQ
11            st     Connor       Sallee           CRCA Jr Dev/Orbea                                           Sherman                  CT
12            st     C�dric       Dion Poitras     Garneau-Crocs                                               Saint-Augustin-de-DesmaurPQ
13            st     Adam         Farabaugh        Ruud Racing Team                                            Owego                    NY
14            st     Evan         Cooper           CRCA Jr Dev/Orbea                                           Closter                  NJ
15            st     Andy         Gallagher        Liberty Cycle                                               Newfoundland             NJ
16            st     Gregory      Battista         Team Metra/Wendy's/Ideal Tile                               Toms River               NJ
17            st     Lewis        Almonte          CRCA Jr Dev/Orbea                                           New York City            NY
18            st     Erik         Kristiansen      Skylands Cycle                                              Sussex                   NJ
19            st     Antoine      Matteau          Garneau-Crocs                                               Saint-Augustin-de-DesmaurPQ
20            st     Anders       Newbury          New Hampshire Cycling Club                                  Fairfield                VT
21            st     David        Boily            Garneau-Crocs                                               Saint-Augustin-de-DesmaurPQ
22            st     Graham       Lang             CRCA Jr Dev/Orbea                                           Sherman                  CT
23            st     Hugo         Houle            Garneau-Crocs                                               Saint-Augustin-de-DesmaurPQ
24            st     Robert       Schmidt
25            st     Zane         Dordai           Colavita Racing                                             Maplewood                NJ
26            st     Ludovic      Fleury           Garneau-Crocs                                               Saint-Augustin-de-DesmaurPQ
27            st     Filip        Capala           Capala Brothers/Polska                                      Brooklyn                 NY
28            0:07:35J�r�me       Boucher          Garneau-Crocs                                               Saint-Augustin-de-DesmaurPQ
29            0:08:21Brian        Register         Liberty Cycle                                               Middletown               NJ
30            st     Vincent      Veilleux         CIBC WOOD GUNDY                                             Qu�bec                   PQ
31            st     Yannick      B�dard           CIBC Wood-Gundy                                             St-Georges Champlain     PQ
32            0:20:12Jeremy       Shirock          South Mountain Cycles                                       Emmaus                   PA
33            0:25:31Matthew      Goldsmith        Westwood Velo/Trade Manage Capital                          Park Ridge               NJ
34            0:25:31Chris        Rodgers          Colavita Racing                                             Lawrenceville            NJ
35            0:26:09Andrew       Celin            Team Atlantic                                               Yardville                NJ
36            0:32:25Geraldo      Rivera           Atlantic Bicycle Club                                       Roselle                  NJ
37            0:37:12Khary        Ward             CRCA Jr Dev/Orbea                                           Brooklyn                 NY
38            0:46:43Liam         Quigley          CRCA Jr Dev/Orbea                                           New York                 NY

Men 3                70 miles          86                    starters

Place      Time      First Name        Last Name             Team                                            City                             State
1             3:09:23Christopher  Berbert          NCVC/Inova Health System                                    Washington               DC
2             st     Todd         Hesel            Hunt Valley Bicycles / Marathon Roofing                     Parkville                MD
3             st     Robert       Marcinko         Connecticut Coast Cycling                                   Stamford                 CT
4             0:00:39Max          Lippolis         TARGETRAINING/Fastar                                        Pound Ridge              NY
5             st     Russell      Weber            Cycles 54 / YSG Racing                                      Monkton                  MD
6             st     John-Paul    Kaminski         Connecticut Coast Cycling                                   New Rochelle             NY
7             0:00:42Steven       Goldman          Westwood Velo - Trade Manage Racing                         Woodcliff Lake           NJ
8             st     Eutimio      Quintero         MetroSanchez/CRCA                                           maspeth                  NY
9             st     Mark         Czarnecki        Laurel Bicycle Club                                         Guilford                 CT
10            st     Rashad       Guerra           CRCA/Affinity Cycles                                        Brooklyn                 NY
11            st     Pascal       Sauvayre         CRCA/Blue Ribbon -                         New York                 NY
12            st     David        Freifelder       Skylands Cycling                                            Glenwood                 NJ
13            st     Greg         Olsen            CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing                                  New York                 NY
14            st     Jeremy       Burcham          Breaking Away Bicycles                                      Fairfield                CT
15            st     Aaron        Wolfe            CRCA/                                        Beacon                   NY
16            st     Vincent      Courcy           Le Yeti                                                     Montreal                 PQ
17            st     Euri         Madera           CRCA/Empire Cycling Team                                    New York                 NY
18            st     Paolo        Mion             Targetraning/Fastar                                         Danvers                  MA
19            st     Greg         Wootton          Century Road Club Association                               Los Angeles              CA
20            st     Steven       Grant            NCVC/Inova Health System                                    Arlington                VA
21            st     Titus        Leung            Deno's Wonder Wheel                                         New York                 NY
22            st     Rufus        Pichler          Kissena Cycling Club                                        Brooklyn                 NY
23            st     Jesus E.     Espitia          CRCA/Blue Ribbon -                         Valhalla                 NY
24            st     Amaury       Arias            CRCA/ Sakonnet Technology U-25                              New York                 NY
25            st     Daniel       Brill            Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beacon                            South River              NJ
26            st     Erik         Markewich        Windham Mountain Outfitters                                 Stephentown              NY
27            st     Salvatore    Abbruzzese       Cafeteros                                                   Thornwood                NY
28            st     Vladimir     Borovkov         Somerset Wheelmen                                           South River              NJ
29            st     Wayne        Bray    / Syracuse Bicycle                         Marcy                    NY
30            st     Herb         Jimenez          Team Fitness Mission/Allwood Bicycles                       Montclair                NJ
31            st     Jon          Orcutt           CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sports                          Brooklyn                 NY
32            0:02:11Andrew       Grabarek         CCC- Keltic                                                 Clinton                  CT
33            0:03:13Geoffrey     Bergmark         VeloSportivo / Syracuse Bicycle                             Carthage                 NY
34            0:03:46Paul         Lengermann       NCVC/Inova Health System                                    Washington               DC
35            st     Marcus       Dahllof          CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sportswear                      New York                 NY
36            0:05:19Jesse        DeKrey           Team Spin 12                                                Rhinebeck                NY
37            0:05:56Willie       Payton           CRCA/Major Taylor Iron Rider                                Bklyn                    NY
38            0:11:40Maximino     Veiga            TARGETRAINING/Fastar                                        Danbury                  CT
39            0:12:18Johann       Liljengren       Penn Cycling/Faulkner Honda Racing                          Philadelphia             PA
40            0:14:54Torrey       Pass             Le Y�ti - Foundry Frameworks                                Montreal                 PQ
41            0:17:00Alan         Tooraen          Breaking Away Bicycles                                      Westport                 CT
42            st     Francisco    Leija            CRCA/NYSKETCHES                                             West Point               NY
43            0:21:17David        Costa            Watchung Wheelmen                                           Roselle Park             NJ
44            st     Christopher  Chaput           CRCA/Affinity Cycles                                        Brooklyn                 NY
45            st     Brett        Cleaver          CRCA/NY Sketches                                            Brooklyn                 NY
46            0:21:43Matthew      Schreiber        WBI Investments powered by LIV Natural                      Long Branch              NJ
47            0:22:35Reb          Cole             CTS/Cranford                                                Mohegan Lake             NY
48            st     Mark         Fontanilla       Liberty Cycle                                               East Hanover             NJ
49            0:22:50Kimberly     Geist            TEAm Lipton                                                 Emmaus                   PA
50            st     Scott        Sullivan         Casters Majik Coffee p/b Apex Technologies                  Providence               RI
51            st     unknown      rider
52            0:30:26Andras       Gipp             CRCA/Affinity                                               Jamaica                  NY
53            0:37:09Keith        Snyder           Kissena Cycling Club                                        Brooklyn                 NY
54            0:37:23Jesus        Perera           CRCA/                                          New York                 NY

Women 4              42 miles          29                    starters

Place      Time      First Name        Last Name             Team                                            City                             State
1             2:14:19Sarah        Krzysiak         Mission in Motion / TVC                                     Utica                    NY
2             st     Valerie      Hopkins          Connecticut Coast Cycling                                   Stamford                 CT
3             st     Alejandra    Madrinan         Cycle Craft                                                 Boonton                  NJ
4             st     Erica        Adelberg         CRCA                                                        New York                 NY
5             st     Ashley       Prine            CRCA/Radical Media                                          Brooklyn                 NY
6             st     Audrey       Friedrichsen Scott                                                           Poughkeepsie             NY
7             0:00:43Lisa         Force            CRCA/NYVelocity                                             Jersey City              NJ
8             st     Elaine       Molinaro         Montclair Cyclists                                          Montclair                NJ
9             0:05:05Martha       Bush             Sanchez-Metro / CRCA                                        Brooklyn                 NY
10            st     Meredith     Johnsen          3D Racing/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery                            Oceanport                NJ
11            st     Jennifer     Curtis           CRCA/ Avenue A I Razorfish Cycling                          Brooklyn                 NY
12            st     Cristi       Rau-Lagos        Team Aquaphor                                    Brooklyn                 NY
13            st     Susanna      Piller           Team Placid Planet                                          Plattsburgh              NY
14            st     Elizabeth    McAlpin          CRCA/Metro Sanchez                                          New York                 NY
15            0:10:30Dominique    Hall             Major Taylor Ironridders Racing Team                        Brooklyn                 NY
16            0:11:30Michele      Magdo            CRCA                                                        New York                 NY
17            st     Susan J      Roche                                                                        Marlboro                 NJ
18            st     Cyndi        Steiner          Montclair Cyclists                                          Montclair                NJ
19            st     Andrea       Urist            CRCA/Third Nature                                           Brooklyn                 NY
20            st     Allie        Silverman        CRCA/Centerbridge                                           New York                 NY
21            st     Wendy        Nickerson        NYVelocity/CRCA                                             New York                 NY
22            0:13:44Leslie       Nary             CRCA/Team DKNY-Signature Cycles                             Montclair                NJ

Men 4                56 miles          95                    starters
Place      Time      First Name        Last Name             Team                                            City                             State
1             2:29:35Christoffel  Prinsloo         CRCA/                                        Fort Lee
2             st     Dan          Hoffman          Westwood Velo                                               Harrison
3             0:00:18Christopher  Mecray           CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sportswear                      New York
4             st     Tony         Skolar           CRCA/SouthAfrica.Net                                        New York
5             st     Sean         Groenewald       Westwood Velo                                               West New York
6             st     Michael      Wasserman        CRCA/Merrill Lynch/Hincapie Sportswear                      New York
7             st     Jordan       Copeland         Team DC Racing (Danny's Cycles)                             Scarsdale
8             st     Tom          Buttner          Verge Sport/Test Pilot                                      Cornwall
9             st     Gabrielle    Gentile          Cafeteros Cycling Club                                      White Plains
10            st     Todd         Lippin           3D Racing Team/Tom's Atlantic Cyclery                       Manalapan
11            st     Matt         Pascale          DC Racing                                                   Brooklyn
12            st     Anthony      O'Malley         CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing                                  New York
13            st     Timothy      Oakes            Champion System Racing                                      New York
14            st     Shaun        Pothin           USMA Cycling Team                                           West Point
15            0:00:27Phil         Penman           CRCA/Sids - Cannondale                                      New York
16            0:01:12Marc         Adam             CRCA                                                        New York
17            st     Timothy      Collins          CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing                                  Brooklyn
18            st     Kurt         Hoffmann         CRCA/Sanchez-Metro                                          Astoria
19            0:01:34Mike         Halovatch        CRCA                                                        New York
20            0:01:57Rick         Hall             CRCA/Avenue A Razorfish Cycling Team                        New York
21            0:01:59Jay          Thomas           Westwood Velo                                               Poestenkill
22            0:03:46Mark         Taylor           Kissena                                                     Brooklyn
23            0:03:58Charles      Berckmann        CRCA/Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sports                          New York
24            st     Stephen      Lindholm         CRCA/Sanchez-Metro                                          New York
25            0:04:16Daniel       Owen             CBRC                                                        Manchester Center
26            0:04:30Anthony      Accardi          CRCA/                                        Brooklyn
27            0:05:32Reed         Albergotti       CRCA/Setanta                                                New York
28            0:08:09Lennard      Katz             Kissena                                                     East Hills
29            0:08:36Greg         Ventresca        CRCA/Foundation                                             New York
30            st     Gregory      Fowlkes          CRCA                                                        New York
31            st     Erik         Baker            CRCA/Sanchez Metro                                          New York
32            st     Jimmy        Andrello                                                                     New York
33            0:09:41Etsu         Taniguchi        CRCA/Avenue A Razorfish Cycling                             New York
34            st     Adam         Duncan           CRCA Merrill Lynch-Hincapie Sportswear                      Hoboken
35            0:11:17Benjamin     Tyszka           CRCA/                                         New York
36            0:12:56Todd         Brilliant        CRCA/Setanta                                                New York
37            st     Douglas      Campbell         Cambride Valley Cycling                                     Salem
38            0:13:14James        Mernin           CRCA/Organic Athlete                                        Hasbrouck Heights
39            st     Niko         Triantafillou    CRCA/Avenue A Razorfish Cycling                             New York
40            st     unknown      rider
41            0:16:11Sean         Naughton         CRCA/Setanta                                                New York
42            0:16:34Ivry         Semel            CRCA/Sid's - Cannondale                                     New York
43            st     Kimani       Nielsen          CRCA/Edgemont Capital                                       East Elmhurst
44            st     Chad         Culbertson       C.R.C.of A./BM&G - Pete's                                   Pennington
45            0:18:00Jorg         Polster          Breaking Away Bicycles                                      Norwalk
46            st     Edward       Zimmermann       CRCA/The Princeton Review                                   Brooklyn
47            st     Andrew       Babaian          CRCA/Avenue A Razorfish                                     New York
48            st     Michael      Repka            Columbia University                                         Baltimore
49            st     Eric         Hollingsworth    CRCA-Merrill Lynch                                          New York
50            st     Saverio      Fiorino          Team DC Racing/Danny's Cycles                               Harrison
51            st     Chad         Casselman        CRCA/NYVelocity                                             Bronx
52            st     John         Landino          Westwood Velo-Trade Manage Racing                           Westwood
53            st     Patrick      Littlefield      CRCA/Avenue A-Razorfish                                     Point Lookout
54            st     Esteban      Rodriguez        CRCA/Sid's-Cannondale                                       New York
55            st     Greg         Choat            CRCA/                                        New York
56            0:20:00Bill         Moss             CRCA/Edgemont Capital                                       New York
57            0:21:58Russell      Wiseman                                                                      Keller
58            st     Peter        Alford           CRCA/Sid's-Cannondale                                       New York
59            st     Gregory      Keller           Westwood Velo-Trade Manage Racing                           Elmwood Park
60            0:22:39David        Regen            CRCA/Organic Athlete                                        New York
61            st     Steven       Fritz            CRCA/Avenue A Razorfish                                     New York
62            st     unknown      rider
63            0:24:28Bruce        Schwartz                                                                     Armonk
64            0:31:15Lincoln      Crane            CRCA/Strictly Bicycles                                      New York
65            st     Gui          Weinmann         Kissena Cycling Club                                        New York
66            0:33:16Peter        Ognibene         GS Park Ridge                                               Old Tappan
67            0:35:18Frank        Been             Team Fitness Mission/Allwood Bicycles                       Montclair
68            0:37:48Braiden      Kelley           Century Road Club Association                               New York
69            st     Andy         Keesler          CRC of A/ Petes Bike Shop/ BMG                              Hillsborough
70            st     Ariel        Amster           CRCA/Organic Athlete                                        New York
DQ            3B1    Jack         Piller           Team Placid Planet                                          Plattsburgh

Masters 40+          56 miles          84                    starters

Place      Time      First Name        Last Name             Team                                            City                             State  Age
1             2:33:04John         Funk             FiorDiFrutta                                                South Kent               CT
2             st     Paul         Carbonara        CRCA/AXIS                                                   Brooklyn                 NY
3             st     Haluk        Sarci            Strictly Bicycle                                            Cresskill                NJ
4             st     Tom          Officer          Cycle Fitness                                               Litchfield               CT
5             st     Kevin        Power            Van Dessel Factory Team                                     Ewing                    NJ
6             0:00:24Rafael       Diaz-Granados_   TARGETRAINING/Fastar                                        Leonia                   NJ
7             st     Tom          Pinneo           Van Dessel Factory Team                                     Princeton                NJ
8             st     Thomas       Butler           CCC/ Keltic Const/ Zanes Cycles                             Coxsackie                NY
9             st     Morgan       Stebbins         Targetraining                                               Garrison                 NY
10            st     Geoff        Bickford         CRCA/Axis                                                   New York                 NY
11            st     Paul         Walsh            Skylands Cycling                                            Glenwood                 NJ
12            st     David        Kahl             Liberty Cycle                                               West Milford             NJ
13            st     Dr. Scott    Bodin            TARGETRAINING/Fastar                                        Nanuet                   NY
14            st     Jack         Jefferies        CRCA                                                        New York                 NY
15            st     Marc         Cesare           CRCA/Centerbridge                                           Brooklyn                 NY
16            st     Kevin        Haley            Skylands Cycling                                            Vernon                   NJ
17            st     Peter        Hines            CRCA/Jonathan Adler Racing                                  Brooklyn                 NY
18            st     Scott        Klion            Cranford Bike Shop/CTS                                      New York                 NY
19            st     Gerard       O'Shea           CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles                               Clinton                  CT
20            st     Doug         O'Neill          Deno's Wonder Wheel                                         West New York            NJ
21            st     Scott        Hodder           CRCA/DKNY-Signature Cycles                                  Oceanport                NJ
22            st     Larry        Towner           Liberty Cycle                                               Pompton Plains           NJ
23            st     William      Thompson         CCC/Keltic Const./Zanes Bikes                               West Hartford            CT
24            st     Kevin        Keane            Skylands Cycling                                            Fredon                   NJ
25            st     Mike         Allaire          TARGETRAINING/Fastar                                        North Salem              NY
26            st     Mark         Luzio                                            Brooklyn                 CT
27            st     Bob          Hachadoorian     Main Line Cycling                                           Bryn Mawr                PA
28            st     Jeff         Cordisco         CRCA/DKNY-Signature Cycles                                  Kennett Square           PA
29            st     Larry        Kaufman          Van Dessel Factory Team                                     Trenton                  NJ
30            st     Charles      Chapman          CRCA/DKNY/Signature Cycles                                  Glen Rock                NJ
31            st     Matt         Murphy           Westwood Velo                                               West Nyack               NY
32            0:00:30Ralf         Warmuth          Westwood Velo                                               Highland Park            NJ
33            0:00:34David        Taylor           CRCA- Blue Ribbon/                          New York                 NY
34            0:02:46Jamie        Troy             Liberty Cycle                                               Hackettstown             NJ
35            st     Joe          Straub           CRCA/DKNY-Signature Cycles                                  Chester                  NY
36            0:04:15Thomas       Luzio            Deno's Wonder Wheel                                         Mamaroneck               NY
37            0:06:59Doan         Pendleton        Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery                         Chatham                  NJ
38            0:07:29Tony         Settel           Deno's Wonder Wheel                                         Brooklyn                 NY
39            0:07:50Thomas       Cromie           Sleepy Hollow                                               Mount Kisco              NY
40            0:08:33Jan          Wiejak           Verge Sport/Test Pilot                                      Wallkill                 NY
41            0:09:01George       Suter            CRCA / The Princeton Review-Think Racing                    New York                 NY
42            st     Patrick      Kennedy          Liberty Cycle                                               Denville                 NJ
43            0:11:43Richard      Karaz            CNYC                                                        Cassville                NY
44            0:13:39Curtis       Eastin           TARGETRAINING/Fastar                                        New Haven                CT
45            0:14:02Gary         Steinberg        Global Locate                                               Mahwah                   NJ
46            st     Michael      Tacci            Main Line Cycling - BiKyle                                  Downingtown              PA
47            st     John         Tomlinson        Deno's Wonder Wheel                                         New York                 NY
48            st     Abdul        Kabia            TARGETRAINING/Fastar                                        Hartsdale                NY
49            st     Roman        Paczka           Main Line Cycling Club                                      Brooklyn                 NY
50            st     Josh         Rechnitz         CRCA/Centerbridge                                           New York                 NY
51            st     Bill         Wittman          Main Line Cycling-BiKyle                                    Coatesville              PA
52            0:15:02Perry        Braun            CRCA/                                        Scarsdale                NY
53            0:15:18Walter       Risse            MLC/BiKyle                                                  Springfield              NJ
54            0:15:54Ron          Livingston       Main Line Cycling                                           Paoli                    PA
55            0:16:09Cliff        Saper            Century Road Club Association                               New York                 NY
56            st     Reed         Rubey            CRCA/Avenue A | Razorfish                                   New York                 NY
57            0:16:26Bruce        Apfelbaum        MLC/Bikyle                                                  Newtown Square           PA
58            0:18:23Carlos       Quintero         Cafeteros Cycling Club                                      Wappingers Falls         NY
59            0:20:50Dzmitry      Buben            CCB/Volkswagen                                              Hamden                   CT
60            0:26:28Robert       Stern            CRCA/Western Union                                          New York                 NY
61            0:27:27Scott        Holz             CRCA/DKNY-Signature Cycles                                  Montclair                NJ
62            st     Joseph       Zuppa  Jr.       Riptide Cycling/Wendy's Seacoast Builders                   Rumson                   NJ
63            st     Rob          Sabel            Unione Sportiva Italiana                                    Scarsdale                NY
64            0:27:42George       Gilliland        CRCA                                                        New York                 NY
DQ            3B1    Chris        Chapman          Westwood Velo                                               Ridgewood                NJ
DQ            3B1    Brian        Rafferty         Deno's Wonder Wheel                                         Mamaroneck               NY