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The New Bethlehem Criterium

Bethlehem, PA

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The New Bethlehem Criterium Presented by Bike Line / LWA Racing Bethlehem, PA Saturday, May 12, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

weather:  partly cloudy 74� winds 3-8 variable

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CAT 3-4                      TIME OF RACE  1:02:14
PLACE          FIRST NAME    LAST NAME                 TEAM
1              David         BONSER                    Gotham Cyclists
2              Brian         SMITH                     Monstr health cycling
3              Epes          HARRIS                    Compliance Depot/FCS
4              Clay          MURFET                    Team Fuji
5              Timothy       KARABIN                   Chestery County Velo - Iron Hill
6              Michael       NORTON                    Cyclonauts Racers
7              Matthew       SMITH                     Swashbuckler/Pa Renaissance Faire
8              Steve         BEDILION                  Trizillia
9              Patrick       BRADLEY                   Cape Atlantic Racing/Team Beacon
10             Paul          TAUS                      Gotham Cyclists
11             Stephen       FREDERICK                 Hamilton College
12             Henrik        WEIBLE                    VCRC Factory Team
13             Dan           GREENE                    Trizillia
14             Joseph        CROOKS                    Cyclonauts Racers
15             Dave          KRIAL                     Bike Line / LWA
17             Matt          SWIATEK                   Dynaflo Racing/Technocycle BRC
18             Kyle          ECKLEY                    Technocycle BRC/Dynoflo Racing
19             Matt          MILLER                    GOTHAM CYCLISTS
20             Paul          HOYLE                     MONSTR HEALTH CYCLING
21             Richard       STEELE                    Chester Velo
22             Emerson       LOUSTAU                   Philadelphia Ciclismo
23             Scott         STEELE                    Gotham Cyclists
24             William       TATE                      Penn State U Cycling/Torelli Imports
25             Richard       MACLAUGHLIN               Chester County Velo - Iron Hill
26             Nick          PRICE                     Dynaflo Racing/Technocycle BRC
27             Chris         MCCUNNEY                  Christiana Care PT+/FSVS
28             Evan          DANEY                     Alliance Evironmenta
29             David         LOWE                      Human Zoom
30             Ryan          PAUGH                     WATCHUNG WHEELMEN
31             Doug          RIEGNER                   Trizillia
32             Eric          FREDERICKS                MainLine Cycling
33             Rich          Schenck                   Salamander Racing
34             Matt          MILLER                    Gotham Cyclists presented by Hensley Racing
35             Zach          NOONAN                    Young Medalists Cycling
36             Gerald        HINNERSHITZ               Dynaflo/Technocycle BRC
37             Cameron       REIDER                    Gotham Cyclists presented by Hensley Racing
38             Calder        DAENZER                   Upenn
39             Sakajani      SACKAJANA                 Liberty Cycling
40             Eric          MARRO                     Bob/cycling
41             Matt          NEUGEBAUER                FIRST STATE VELO
42             Jonathan      ADOMSKY                   Technocycle BRC/Dynoflo Racing
43             Jim           PAYNE                     Bikeline/LWA
44             Brian         STONER                    hunt valley bikes/hvb
45             Mario         MUREDDA                   UNATTACHED
46             Jeff          MURRAY                    QUAKER CITY WHEELMAN - team breakaway
47             Jacob         Mueller                   Guy's Racing Team
48             Erik          MITCHELL                  Quaker City Wheelmen
DNF            Chip          BEREZNY                   Bike Line / LWA
DNF            Alexander     BROUGH                    Penn State Cycling
DNF            Ed            BURNS                     tioga velo
DNF            Adam          CARPENTER                 Bike Line/LWA
DNF            David         FLESHER                   Dynaflo Racing/ Technocycle
DNF            Daniel        FUEHRER                   Dreamscape Cycling
DNF            Patrick       GELLINEAU                 Team Squiggle
DNF            Keith         GROSHANS                  World Cup Ski & Cycle Cycling Team
DNF            Neil          GUSSMAN                   MainLine Cycling
DNF            Andrew        HARRIS                    GOTHAM CYCLISTS
DNF            Donnell       HUDSON                    Breakaway Racing/Quaker City Wheelmen
DNF            Saysana       INTHAVONGSA               Swashbuckler Brewing Company/
DNF            Timothy       KLOTZ                     Monstr Health Cycling Team
DNF            Mark          KRAJCI                    Gotham Cyclists
DNF            Dan           LAVELLE                   Drexel Cycling
DNF            Matt          PERRY                     Chester County Velo - Iron Hill Brewery
DNF            Joey          PISCITELLO                philadelphia ciclismo
DNF            Lanell        ROCKMORE                  Young Medalists Cycling
DNF            Jason         SCHILTZ                   Chester County Velo - Iron Hill
DNF            George        SHERMAN                   Gotham Cyclists
DNF            Keene         TURNER                    Dynaflo/Technocycle BRC
DNF            Brian         URSU                      Gotham Cyclists / Hensley Racing
DNF            Rolf          WINDH                     Guy's Racing Team
DNF            Pam           SALTZGUEBER               CYCLE SPORTS
DNF            Tim           MANZELLA                  Drexel Cycling
DNF            Darius        FILIPIAK                  Cyclonauts Racers
DNF            Jonathan      CHAMBERS                  gotham cyclists
DNF            Kyle          CENTRILLA                 Chester Iron Hill
DNF            Jeff          ALPERT                    Young Medalists Cycling
DNF            Colton        VALENTINE                 QUAKERCITY WHEELMEN
DNF            Jeff          SALVITTI                  Alliance Evironmenta
DNF            Jim           WILLIAMS                  Breakaway Racing/Quaker City Wheelmen
DNF            Jeff          TKACH                     Bicycling

CATEGORY 5                   TIME OF RACE 34:54
PLACE          FIRST NAME    LAST NAME                 TEAM
1              Lonnie        METZ                      World Cup Ski & Cycle Cycling Team
2              Robert        GRIMWOOD                  World Cup Cycling Team
3              David         DAWSON                    Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
4              Alex          MOYER                     Hunt Valley Bicycles
5              Syd           LEA                       T.E.A.M. Fuji
6              Dan           CONRAD                    Bike Line
7              Wayne         POVEY                     UNATTACHED
8              Doug          KAUFFMAN                  Shirk's Racing Presented by Trek Bikes
9              Noah          MABRY                     Shirk's Racing Presented by Trek Bikes
10             Gene          VICTORI                   Skylands Cycling
11             Nick          DEANGELIS
12             Douglas       WELLONS                   Guys
13             Brian         KLOTZ
14             Mark          KLINE                     WCCC IRON HILL
15             Kirby         TIRK                      Chester County Velo_Iron Hill
16             Chris         MCKENNA                   Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
17             Jason         BRYANT                    LWA
18             Nich          PICCONE                   UNATTACHED
19             David         BODKIN                    NCVC
20             Bruce         BRODOWSKI                 Cycle Sports/Zaveta Const.
21             Scott         REILLY                    liberty cycle
22             Anthony       SKOROCHOD                 Gotham Cyclists
23             John          SNYDER                    World Cup Ski & Cycle Cycling Team
24             Charles       GARDINER                  Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
25             Jordan        BUSH                      Shirk's Racing Presented by Trek Bikes
26             David         GOODYEAR                  Cycle Sports / Zavetta Construction
27             Dan           SHELBO                    UNATTACHED
28             Michael       SIMMONS                   WEST CHESTER
29             David         BAUMGARDNER               Tri State Velo
30             Chase C.      RUTT
DNF            Lewis         SMITH                     Cadence Cycling Club
DNS            David         RAINEY                    Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon
DNS            Timothy       MANZELLA                  Drexel University
DNS            Zachary       COOPERMAN                 Young Medalist Cycling Club
DNS            Harold        BASELICE                  Cadence Cycling Club
DNS            Jamil         ALEXANDER                 UNATTACHED
DNS            Scott         FEATHER

MASTER 30+                   TIME OF RACE  56:39
PLACE          FIRST NAME    LAST NAME                 TEAM
1              Rich          ULIANA                    Gotham Cyclists
2              Mark          LIGHT                     Liberty Cycl;ing
3              Karl          WOITAS                    Alliance Environmental
4              Mike          MILLER                    Alliance Environmental
5              Jesse         GYDOSH                    upstate velo/sicklers
6              Randy         SMARGIASSI                Gotham Cyclists
7              Patrick       KELLY                     guy's racing
8              Colin         BARRY                     NC Cycling
9              Mark          GORMAN                    Verducci
10             Robert        MOSKAL                    Elite Bicycles
11             J.            MANACCHIO                 Main Line Cycling
12             Saysana       INTHAVONGSA               Swashbuckler Brewing Company
13             Nigel         CHINEMILLY                Evolution Racing
14             David         WHITNEY                   Team Somerset
15             Pete          HARDY                     Somerset Wheelmen
16             Pete          THALLNER                  guy's racing
17             Ted           INOUE                     Liberty Cycl;ing
18             Bryan         DOUGHERTY                 KISSENA
19             Matt          PERRY                     Chester County Velo - Iron Hill Brewery
20             Righard       MOWRY                     Evolution Racing
21             Paul          zIMINSKI                  YSG
22             Richard       BALL                      Watchung Wheelmen
23             Brian         SAYLOR                    Technocycle BRC
24             Stephan       WATERS                    guy's racing
25             Steve         CRAIG                     K2 Shirks
26             Taylor        FENSTERMACHER             Tri-State Velo
27             Zach          BLASER                    Visit
28             Ryan          MITCHELL                  Elite Bicycles
29             Aubrey        GORDON
30             Chip          BEREZNY                   Bike Line / LWA
DNF            Ted           MAVEN                     Evolution Racing
DNF            Jeff          MOORE                     Tri-State Velo
DNF            Carl          NELSON                    unattached
DNF            Neal          STANSBURY                 Tri-state velo
DNF            Charles       GROSE                     Elite Bicycles
DNF            Ken           WALSH                     K2 Shirks
DNF            Trish         CARNILA                   Verducci
DNF            Nonnie        HOWARD                    Verducci
DNF            Lenore        IMHOF                     Colovita Sutter Home
DNF            Brian         STONER                    Hunt Valley
DNF            Allisan       FISCHER                   Human Zoom
DNF            Paul          TAUS                      Gotham Cyclists
DNS            Stephan       BADGER                    CRCA/Sakonnet Technology

MASTER 40+                   TIME OF RACE  55:03
PLACE          FIRST NAME    LAST NAME                 TEAM
1              David         Bonser                    Gotham Cyclists
2              Robert        Moskal                    Elite Bicycles
3              Pete          Thallner                  Guy's Racing
4              Theodore      Inoue                     Liberty Cycle
5              Charles       Grose                     Elite Bicycles
6              Richard       Leibfried                 Elite Bicycles
7              Mike          Norton                    Cyclonauts Racers
8              J             Manacchio                 Main Line Cycling Club - BiKyle
9              Jesse         Gydosh                    upstate velo/sicklers
10             Ryan          Mitchell                  Elite Bicycles
11             Chip          Berezny                   Bike Line / LWA
12             Patrick       Kelly                     guy's racing
13             Tom           Nagy                      Elite Bicycles
14             Christopher   Dimattio                  Bethel Sport CLub
15             Bryan         Barrett                   BikeLine/LWA
16             Robert        Wellmon                   Quaker City Wheelmen/Breakaway
17             Tom           Kellogg                   Tri-State Velo
18             James         Maino                     Elite Bicycles
19             Jeff          Moore                     Tri-State Velo
20             Tim           Doherty                   Wacthung
21             Joseph        Kenas                     Guy's Racing
22             Rich          Cordero                   Guys Racing
23             Michael       Holub                     Dreamscape
24             Jim           Payne                     Bikeline/LWA
25             Steve         Sambrano                  Main Line Cycling Club - BiKyle
28             Tim           Hancock                   On Track
29             Stephen       Waters                    Guys Racing Club
30             David         Whitney                   Team Somerset
31             Adam          Carpenter                 Bike Line/LWA
32             Kip           Jansen                    Bike Line / LWA
33             Wayne         Santos                    BOB Cycling-Stonyfield Farm-Goodale's Bike Shops
34             Eric          Marro                     BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-Goodales
35             Michael       Karr
36             Aubrey        Gordon                    Liberty Cycle
37             Edward        Krynski                   Shirks
38             Taylor        Fenstermacher             Tri-State Velo
DNF            Robert        Reppert                   Vortex

MASTERS 50+                  TIME OF RACE:55:52
PLACE          FIRST NAME    LAST NAME                 TEAM
1              Art           MCHUGH                    MORGAN STANLEY
2              Patrick       GELLINEAU                 Team Squiggle
3              Bob           KEHL                      Guy's Racing
4              Brian         WOLF                      Bethel Cycles
5              Rich          CORDERO                   Guys Racing
6              Charles       CARNILA                   mambo kings
7              Chip          BEREZNY                   Bike Line / LWA
8              Joseph        KENAS                     Guy's Racing
9              Richard       STEELE                    Chester County Velo - Iron Hill Brewery
10             Robert        WELLMON                   Quaker City Wheelmen/Breakaway
11             Steven        TINSTON                   Westwood Velo
12             Thomas        SIMPSON                   SUMMIT
13             Joe           ZUPPA                     RIPTIDE
14             Brian         GRISTICK                  Skylands Cycling
15             Tom           KELLOGG                   Tri-State Velo
16             Jerome        WEINER                    Guys Racing
17             Jay           GAUNT                     Main Line Cycling Club
18             Stephen       DAHLEM                    Guy's Racing
19             Daniel        MITCHELL                  Skylands Cycling
20             Wayne         SANTOS                    BOB Cycling-Stonyfield Farm-Goodale's Bike Shops
21             Richard       KOPPEL                    TEAM BIKERY
22             David         KJELLQUIST                Main Line Cycling
23             Bruce         PETROVICK                 Main Line Cycling - BiKyle
24             John          HAMILTON                  Main Line Cycling
25             Don           CLAPP                     LIBERTY
26             Kevin         TUTTLE                    Main Line/BiKyle
27             John E.       BARRETT                   Team Somerset
28             Brian         SAYLOR                    TECHNOCYCLE
29             Tim           TOMS
30             Mike          BUDJNOSKI                 MORGAN STANLEY
31             Michael       KARR
DNF            Scott         BUTLER                    Bike Line / LWA
DNF            Jim           WEIDNER                   MORGAN STANLEY
DNF            Clark         BEAM                      Bike Line / LWA
DNF            Alan          CHRISTENSEN               LIBERTY
DNF            Chuck         CANFIELD                  Bike Line / LWA
DNS            Jonathan      CROTHERS                  GS LANCASTER/ SPINNERS CYCLING

MASTER 60+                   TIME OF RACE:55:52
PLACE          FIRST NAME    LAST NAME                 TEAM
1              Philip R      Stanley                   MORGAN STANLEY MARKET EDGE
2              Clive         Woakes                    COMPETITIVE EDGE/ARC
3              John          Auer                      TEAM SOMERSET
4              Eddie         LOEWENSTEIN               UNATTACHED
5              Rob           Lea                       T.E.A.M. FUJI
6              Barry         NAZARIAN                  TEAM BIKERY
7              Ed            Burns                     TIOGA VELO
8              Phillip       FOX                       CHESTER COUNTY VELO
9              Phillip       SENECHAL                  GUYS
10             Jon           Farbman                   3D RACING TEAM
11             Robert        Carlin                    ATLANTIC BICYCLE CLUB
12             Richard       BRADLEY                   ATLANTIC BICYCLE CLUB
13             Bill          Kalman                    BIKE LINE / LWA
14             Ray           Sweet                     LAUREL BIKE CLUB - MCRA
DNF            Cleve         Corner                    MORGAN STANLEY MARKET EDGE
DNF            Eddie         Mack                      ATLANTIC BICYCLE CLUB

WOMEN 30+                    TIME OF RACE  51:56
PLACE          FIRST NAME    LAST NAME                 TEAM
1              Nonnie        HOWARD                    Verducci/breakaway racing
2              Alison        FISCHER                   HUMAN ZOOM
3              Tricia        CARNILA                   Verducci/breakaway racing
4              Catherine     WILDER                    BICYCLE JOHNS
5              Kristy        SWOPE                     Saucon Valley Bikes
6              Pamela        SALTZGUEBER               CYCLESPORT
7              Reem          JISHI                     Team Advil ChapStick
8              Lenore        IMHOF                     Colovita Sutter Home
9              Betty         TYRELL                    Tean Somerset
10             Sally         POLIWODA                  Sturdy Girl Cycling
11             Michelle      SUPLICK                   Tri-State Velo
12             Jackie        PAULL                     MCCOOKLIGHT
13             Nancy         HELLER                    Tri-State Velo
14             Youlin        DIAZ                      SVVC
15             Christine     KAVANAGH                  Susquehanna Valley Velo Club
DNF            Madeleine     COZINE                    Team Somerset
DNF            Naomi         TAKAHASHI                 Sturdy Girl Cycling
DNF            Julie         CARSON                    UNATTACHED

WOMEN 45+                    TIME OF RACE  51:56
PLACE          FIRST NAME    LAST NAME                 TEAM
1              Julie         Klinger                   Tri-State Velo-Amoroso-Victory Brewing
2              Pam           Gass                      Susquehanna Valley Velo Club
3              Diane         Castor                    Chr City
4              Cheryl        Wolf                      Bethel Cycles
5              Tracey        Lea                       T.E.A.M. Fuji
6              Patricia      Marzi                     Team Fuji/Salamander
7              Mary          Fetrow                    World Cup
8              Jody          Twer                      Sturdy Girl Cycling
9              Lorraine      Lipfert                   East Coast Velo
DNF            Marie         Landis                    Susquehanna Valley Velo Club