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Turtle Pond Circuit Race

Loudon, NH

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Turtle Pond Circuit Race Presented by Legal Sea Foods Cycling Team Loudon, NH Saturday, April 21, 2007

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to these results.

Turtle Pond CR

Elite Men               58                 starters

Place  U23 First Name   Last Name          Team                                   City                  State Time
1          Josh         Dillon             Fiordifrutta                           Essex Junction        VT    2:47:43
2          Justin       Spinelli           KBS/Medifast Pro Cycling Team          Nashua                NH    0:00:42
3          Will         Riffelmacher       Fiordifrutta                           Princeton             NJ    0:01:00
4      1   Toby         Marzot             Fiordifrutta                           Hanover               NH    st
5      2   Joshua       Lipka              Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team        Cheshire              MA    st
6      3   Colin        Jaskiewicz         Watchung Wheelmen/High Gear Cyclery    Upper Montclair       NJ    st
7          Chris        Rozdilsky          Fiordifrutta Elite                     Danbury               CT    st
8      4   Jonathan     Awerbuch           NorEast Cycling                        Hanover               NH    st
9          Matthew      Jamieson           Exodus                                 chester               CT    st
10         Alec         Donahue            Nerac                                  Hadley                MA    st
11         Dan          Valliancourt       Colavita Sutter Home                   Saco                  ME    st
12         Toby         Walch              Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania        Marlborough           MA    st
13         Matt         White              FiordiFrutta Elite Cycling Team        Hadley                MA    st
14     5   Jamey        Driscoll           Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team        Jericho               VT    st
15         Ward         Solar              Nature's Path Cycling                  Milan                 NH    st
16     6   Adam         Branfman           FAST/IF powered by Lionette's          Newton                MA    st
17     7   Matt         Rossman            CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM           Morrisville           VT    st
18     8   Thom         Coupe              Boston Scientific Cycling              Plymouth              NH    0:01:25
19         Matt         Okeefe             CCB/Volkswagen                         Georgetown            MA    0:01:30
20         Mukunda      Feldman            Kenda Raliegh                          Amherst               MA    st
21     9   Isaac        Howe               Revolution Cycles                      Concord               NH    st
22         Patrick      Walsh              Nerac Pro Cycling                      Vernon                CT    st
23         Michael      Cody               Jelly Belly Cycling Team               Hadley                MA    st
24     10  Dylan        O'sullivan         Housatonic Wheel Club U23              Worcester             MA    st
25         Neil         Fitch              Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania        Portland              ME    st
26         Eric         Tremble            Kenda/Raleigh Racing                   Jericho               VT    0:01:56
27         Aliaksandr   Bialiauski         CCB/VW/Time                            Hamden                CT    0:02:00
28     11  Kevin        Wolfson            CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM           Belmont               MA    0:02:29
29     12  Jake         Keough             CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM           Sandwich              MA    st
30         Todd         Yezefski           Nerac Pro Cycling                      Allentown             PA    0:02:52
31         Shawn        Forstythe          CCB/Volkswagen                         Westerly              RI    0:02:59
32         Isaac        St. Martin         NorEast Cycling                        Candia                NH    0:06:56
33         Corey        Piscopo            NorEast Cycling                        Dover                 NH    0:08:27
34     13  Ryan         Kelly              Housatonic Wheel Club U23              Woodbury              CT    0:09:15
35         Chris        Hrenko             Kenda Raliegh                          Montpellier           VT    st
36     14  Hayden       Brooks             Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team        Hadley                MA    0:09:39
37         Colin H.     Murphy             Boston University Cycling              Somerville            MA    st
38         Stephen      Weller             FAST/IF powered by Lionette's          Dorchester            MA    st
39         Morgan       Macleod            Mechanical Services/Cycle Mania        Orr's Island          ME    0:27:30
dsq        Danny        Estevez            Hot Tubes                              Worcester             MA

Elite Women             31                 starters
U23 First Name   Last Name          Team                                   City                  State Time
1          Rebecca      Wellons            NEBC/Cycle Loft                        Woburn                MA    2:12:08
2          Anna         Mcloon             Harvard University Cycling             Cambridge             MA    st
3      1   Susannah     Pratt              UNH Cycling/89 Newmarket               Durham                NH    0:00:06
4          Amity        Elliot                                                    Gloversville          NY    st
5          Arielle      Filiberti          Compliance Depot                                             MA    st
6          Beth         Miller             North Atlantic Velo                    Voorheesville         NY    st
7          Natalie      Dumont             NEBC/Cycle Loft                                              MA    st
8      2   Jennifer     Stebbins           Boston Scientific Cycling              Portsmouth            NH    st
9          Lea          Davidson           Trek VW                                                      VT    st
10     3   Sabra        Davidson           Team Devo                                                    VT    0:00:24
11         Kim          Blodgett           INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS          Somerville            MA    0:00:29
12     4   Kathryne     Carr               CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM           Easthampton           MA    0:00:32
13         Kelly        Chang              Wachovia/International Bicycle Centers Cambridge             MA    0:00:34
14         Amy          Mcguire            Wachovia/International Bicycle Centers Oakland               CA    0:00:42
15     5   Judith       Wexler             Tufts University                       Bethesda              MD    0:00:46
16         Dorrie       Martell            Int'l Christian Cycling Club                                 NH    0:00:49
17         Ilana        Brita              MIT                                    Cambridge             MA    0:01:29
18         Tami         Buhr               NEBC/Cycle Loft                        Lexington             MA    0:01:38
19     6   Stephanie    White              Velo Bella-Kona                        Bedford               NH    st
20         Stephanie    Chase              INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS          Cumberland Foreside   ME    st
21         Samantha     Van Gerbig                                                Cambridge             MA    st
22         Silke        Wunderwald         Anthem - CCCC                          Stonington            CT    st
23         Christy      Mcardle            Anthem-CCCC                            Middletown            CT    st
24         Eve          McNeill            Harvard University Cycling                                   MA    0:07:18
25     7   Rose         Long               Colby-Sawyer                                                       0:13:03

U19 Juniors             25                 starters
Place      First Name   Last Name          Team                                   City                  State Time
1          Robertson    Dorsett            Phillips Exeter Academy Cycling Team   Exeter                NH    1:42:45
2          Ryan         Barlow             ACT                                    Lyme                  NH    st
3          Anders       Newbury            New Hampshire Cycling Club             Fairfield             VT    st
4          Nate         Sheppard           Exeter                                                             0:02:42
5          Matthew      Hardy              Minuteman Road Club                    Acton                 MA    0:02:57
6          Anthony      Varney                                                    Boscawen              NH    0:03:05
7          Ryan         Storm              Altheus/Storm Racing                   White Plains          NY    st
8          Matthew      Buckley            Onion River Sports                     East Hardwick         VT    st
9          Matt         Berardi            Exeter                                                             0:03:15
10         Alex         McAnders                                                                              0:05:59
11         Garrett      Huang              Exeter                                                             0:11:15
12         Kevin        Lambertson         Southern Maine Cycling Club            Waterboro             ME    0:14:27

U15 Juniors             25                 starters
Place      First Name   Last Name          Team                                   City                  State Time
1          Ryan         Packard            QuadCycles                             Arlington             MA    39:54
2          Corey        Dowe               NHCC                                                               42:43
3          Liam         Murphy                                                    S.glastonbury         CT    48:26

U13 Juniors
1          jacob        Dowe               NHCC                                                               53:05
Men 3      80           starters
Place      First Name   Last Name          Team                                City                  State Time
1          Roy          Van Cleef          NEBC/Cycle Loft                     Brookline             MA    2:42:18
2          Greg         Werner                     Quincy                MA    st
3          Steve        Gatzos             Boston Road Club                    Jamaica Plain         MA    st
4          Luciano      Pavan              Fitchburg cycling club              Fitchburg             MA    st
5          Thomas       Orsini             Fitchburg Cycling Club              Leominster            MA    st
6          Vincent      Chavanon           Tufts                               Medford               MA    st
7          Peter        Bradshaw           MIMA / Marathon                     Arlington             MA    st
8          Ryan         MacDonald          VanDessel factory cycling           Old Town              ME    st
9          Robert       Schmidt            CCNS-Pedal Power                    Athens                NY    st
10         Gavin        Mannion            CCB/Volkswagen                      Dedham                MA    st
11         Brent        Mellen             Omer and Bobs                       Norwich               VT    st
12         Matthew      Brewster           Incline Training                    Amherst               MA    st
13         Tim          Fisher             Portland Velo Club                  Cape Elizabeth        ME    st
14         Stuart       Abramson           Portland velo club                  Falmouth              ME    st
15         Matthew      Simpson            BOB Cycling/Stonyfield Farm/GoodalesHudson                NH    st
16         Ryan         Carney             NorEast Cycling                     Enfield               NH    st
17         Christopher  Hamlin             Bliss Racing                        Jonesville            VT    st
18         Scott        Dolmat-connell     CL Noonan/Coast to Coast            Princeton             MA    0:00:18
19         Brad         Ek                 NHCC/Team NH                        Concord               NH    st
20         John Michael Hackett            North Atlantic Velo                 West Rutland          VT    st
21         Christopher  Tracy              MIT Cycling                         Cambridge             MA    st
22         Josef        Brandauer          INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS       Norwood               MA    st
23         Joseph       Regan              TARGETRAINING                       Putnam Valley         NY    st
24         Corey        Masson             Team VeloEuropa-Cyfac               Concord               NH    st
25         Scott        Brooks             NEBC/Cycle Loft                     Westford              MA    st
26         Weston       Wheeler            uvmmmmmmm                           Lake Placid           NY    st
27         Tucker       Sawin              North Atlantic Velo / ClassBook.Com Williamstown          MA    st
28         Christopher  Bagg               Putney Bicycle Club                 Putney                VT    st
29         Todd         Wheelden           Portland Velo Club/Kennebec Bike & SKents Hill            ME    st
30         Graydon      Stevens            Portland Velo                       Cape Elizabeth        ME    st
31         Alex         Cox                University of Vermont               Burlington            VT    st
32         Tyson        Parody             Putney/West Hill                    Keene                 NH    st
33         John         Broussard          NEBC/cycleloft                      Wilmington            MA    st
34         Stephen      Humphreys          NorEast Cycling                     Exeter                NH    st
35                                                                                                         st
36         Ron          Jacobs             MBRC Bicycle Link                   Needham               MA    st
37         Jerome       Townsend           CL Noonan/ Coast to Coast/ KAM      Princeton             MA    st
38         Kurt         Schmid             SALEM CYCLE/FELT/RUDY PROJECT       Marblehead            MA    st
39         Eric         Edlund             MIT Cycling                         Somerville            MA    st
40         Jonathan     Peterson                                               Somerville            MA    st
41         Fred         Thomas             Portland Velo Club                  Cape Elizabeth        ME    st
42         Kyle         Smith              ESSEX COUNTY VELO                   Boston                MA    st
43                                                                                                         st
44         Christopher  White              BOB Cycling/Stonyfield Farm/GoodalesWindham               NH    st
45                                                                                                         st
46         Timothy      Stanley            NorEast Cycling                     Sommerville           MA    st
47         Pierre       Vanden Borre       VeloEuropa-Cyfac                    Boston                MA    st
48         Gerard       O'shea             CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles       Clinton               CT    st
49         Luke         Keough             CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM        Sandwich              MA    st
50         Andrew       Grabarek           CCC- Keltic                         Clinton               CT    st
51         Jeremy       Dunn               VeloEuropa-Cyfac                    South Boston          MA    st
52         Brian        Lavigne            Sunapee/S&W Racing                  Bow                   NH    st
53         Nicholas     Keough             CL Noonan/Coast to Coast/KAM        Sandwich              MA    st
54         Eric         Lindberg           Nor East Cycling                    Bedford               NH    0:01:04
55         John         Fennel             INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS       Cambridge             MA    st
56         Gustavo      Cinci              BRC                                 Watertown             MA    0:02:48
57         Giovanni     Marzot             NEBC/Cycle Loft                     Concord               MA    st
58         Joshua       Bardige            Velo Europa-Cyfac                   Brookline             MA    st
59         Brian        Keegan             Nor East Cycling                    Bristol               NH    0:06:59
60                                                                                                         st
61         David        Chiu               NEBC/Cycle Loft                     Arlington             MA    0:11:23
62         Ryan         Kelly              Sunapee/S&W                         Concord               NH    st
Men 4      93           Starters
Place      First Name   Last Name          Team                                City                  State Time
1          Kevin        Backhouse          Boston Road Club                    Boston                MA    2:00:33
2          Christopher  Hong               Harvard University                  Cambridge             MA    0:00:21
3          John         Wilde              Harvard U Cycling                   Boston                MA    st
4          Christopher  Kessler            UMass                               Wilmot                NH    st
5          Thomas       Lebosquet          Boston Scientific                   Greenland             NH    st
6          Austin       Roach              Princeton University Cycling        Princeton             NJ    st
7          Chris        Laflamme           Southern Maine Cycling Club         Dayton                ME    st
8          Alexander    Indeck             NorEast Cycling                     Gilford               NH    st
9          Andrew       Durham             CCB/Volkswagon                      Andover               MA    st
10         Jason        Clevenger          NEBC/Cycle Loft                     Newton Centre         MA    st
11         Matthew      Theodore           Cape Cod Cyclist/E-caps             Mashpee               MA    st
12         Seth         Behrends           MIT                                 Cambridge             MA    st
13         Ross         Saxton             UVM                                 White River Jct.      VT    0:00:31
14         Joshua       Jamner             Hup United                          Weston                CT    st
15         Nathaniel    Campbell           Brandeis University/Dreamscape      Glenside              PA    st
16         Colin        Connolly           Harvard U Cycling                   Cambridge             MA    st
17         Peter        Floss              NEBC/Cycle Loft                     Littleton             MA    st
18         Michael      Blanchard          Fitchburg Cycling Club              Lunenburg             MA    st
19         Bob          Gagnon             NorEast Cycling                     Epping                NH    st
20         Mike         Anthony            NOREAST Cycling/ UNH                Rochester             NY    st
21         Kevin        Hays               Portland Velo Club                  Brookline             MA    st
22         Jeff         Lukach             UNH Cycling                         Manchester            CT    st
23         James        Walker             Team Placid Planet                  Elizabethtown         NY    st
24         Cory         Johannessen                                            Roslindale            MA    st
25         Michael      Mckittrick         QuadCycles                          Brighton              MA    st
26         Sebastien    Dumont             Cape Cod Cyclist                    Dennis                MA    st
27         Mike         Wiles              ACT                                 New Haven             CT    st
28         Eric         Silva              QuadCycles                          Somerville            MA    st
29         Colin        Green                                                  Somerville            MA    st
30         Oscar        Jimenez            NEBC/Cycle Loft                     Lowell                MA    st
31         David        Smallwood          Boston Road Club                    West Roxbury          MA    st
32         Christopher  Bailey             Boston Road Club                    Norfolk               MA    st
33         Mark         Rancourt           noreast cycling                     Belmont               NH    st
34         Erik         Newman             Dartmouth College Cycling Team      Hanover               NH    st
35         Mike         Troisi             INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS       Lancaster             MA    st
36         Keith        Francis            NorEast Cycling                     Milford               NH    st
37         Jon          Nable              UMASS                               Milford               MA    st
38         Bill         Mcgreevy           Team Placid Planet                  Wilmington            NY    st
39         John         Schwarz            Unattached                          Cambridge             VT    st
40         David        Tremblay           Mad River Riders                    Moretown              VT    st
41         Casey        Marks              Velo Europa - Cyfac                 Providence            RI    st
42         Robert       Dadekian           CBRC                                Niskayuna             NY    st
43         Michael      Savona             MIMA/Marathon                       Somerville            MA    st
44         Glenn        Ferreira           Tufts                               Medford               MA    st
45         Zachary      Wills              velo europa- cyfac                  Cambridge             MA    st
46         Milos        Janicek            GHCC                                Boston                MA    st
47         Michael      Good               NEBC/Cycle Loft                     Wilmington            MA    st
48         Greg         Herrman            BCA/VOmax                           Lenox                 MA    st
49         Chris        Curven             NAV /Pedros /         Walpole               NH    st
50         Darrell      Morrow             NEBC/Cycle Loft                     Hollis                NH    0:01:26
51         Ian          Sutton             QuadCycles                          Allston               MA    0:01:39
52         Brandon      Baker              Colby-Sawyer                        Ashburnham            MA    0:02:31
53         Willie       Walker             NEBC                                Hollis                NH    st
54         Randy        Ayotte             portland velo/cyclemania            Gorham                ME    0:03:18
55         James        Morrison           River City Bicycles                 Schuylerville         NY    st
56         Gideon       Sorkin             Providence Velo - Refunds Now /BrownProvidence            RI    0:03:50
57         Chris        Gardner                           Belfast               ME    0:05:00
58                                                                                                         st
59         James        Johnson            MCC                                 Hallowell             ME    0:05:22
60         Radu         Jianu              Refunds Now                         Providence            RI    st
61         Michael      Sarcia             Minuteman Road Club                 Sterling              MA    0:06:14
62         John         Naegle             QuadCycles                          Somerville            MA    0:07:35
63         Sean         Lamontagne         Sunapee/S&W Racing Team             Webster               NH    0:08:02
64         A.j.         Morrill            Portland Velo Club/CycleMania       Hiram                 ME    0:10:23
65         Sean         Mccarthy           essex county velo                   Newburyport           MA    0:10:55
66         Mark         Januskiewicz       Sunapee/S&W Racing Team             Concord               NH    st
67         Patrick      Moriarty           Velo Europa Cyfac                   Boston                MA    0:13:40
68         Martin       Kemp                                                   Dedham                MA    st
69         Thomas       Evers              NEBC/Cycle Loft                     Melrose               MA    0:14:10
70         Julian       Hjortshoj          NEBC/Cycle Loft                     Boston                MA    0:14:50
71         Daniel       Marcy              GMBC/Catamount                      South Burlington      VT    st
72         John         Rich               NHCC/Team NH                        Bow                   NH    st
73         Steven       Lehmann            NorEast Cycling                     Weare                 NH    st
74         Eric         Cho                BOSTON ROAD CLUB                    Brookline             MA    st
75         Phil         Simon              QuadCycles                          Somerville            MA    st
76         Michael      Cook               Minuteman Road Club                 Blackstone            MA    0:20:00
77         Dan          Ouellette          Gamache Cyclery                     Westminster           MA    st
78         Chris        Tweed              Boston Road Club                    Waltham               MA    0:21:29
79         Steven       Stanganelli        CCB/Volkswagen                      Amesbury              MA    0:22:40
80         Joshua       Lehmann            NorEast Cycling                     Weare                 NH    0:24:11
81         Christopher  Bouchard           Cyclonauts Racers                   West Hartford         CT    st
82         Michael      Riddle             mad river riders                    Moretown              VT    0:27:11
82         Jack         Piller             Team Placid Planet                  Plattsburgh           NY    0:27:23
83         Jeffrey      Carney             NHCC/Team NH MCRA                   Enfield               NH    0:34:16

Women 4                 26                 starters
Place      First Name   Last Name          Team                                   City                  State Time
1          Karin        Holmes             International Bicycle Centers          Beverly               MA    1:38:49
2          Lauren       Scopaz             Harvard U Cycling                      Boston                MA    st
3          Amy          Kemper             Northampton Cycling Club               Northampton           MA    0:01:50
4          Julie        Lefebvre           INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS          Cambridge             MA    0:05:01
5          Marjline     Cook               UNH                                    Saranac lake          NY    st
6          Katherine    Papillon-rodrigue                                         Avon                  CT    0:05:56
7          Metzi        Anderson           Mount Holyoke Cycling                  South Hadley          MA    0:07:58
8          Susanna      Piller             team placid planet                     Plattsburgh           NY    0:08:17
9          Cathy        Rowell             NEBC/Cycleloft/MCRA                    Bedford               MA    0:08:34
10         Emma         Bast               Mount Holyoke College                  S hadley              MA    0:08:46
11         Claire       Twark              Harvard University Cycling Association Cambridge             MA    0:09:13
12         Giulia       Righi              INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CENTERS          Providence            RI    0:12:00
13         Frances      Morrison           Mount Holyoke College                  Fitchburg             MA    st
14         Kelly        Stecker            Harvard University Cycling Assoc.      Beverly Farms         MA    st
15         Tracy        Clemons            Red Jersey Cyclery                     Bartlett              NH    0:15:51
16         Elizabeth    White              NEBC/Cycleloft                         Bedford               NH    0:19:13
17         Teri         Carilli            NEBC/Cycle Loft/MCRA                   Lexington             MA    0:19:29
18         Abbie        Briscoe            Team LUNA Chix/ INTERNATIONAL BICYCLE CDracut                MA    0:19:40
19         Sarah        Hart               Colby College Cycling                  Waterville            ME    0:21:48
20         Kristie      Welsh              Harvard University                     Cambridge             MA    st
21         Delia        Massey             Colby College Cycling                  Waterville            ME    0:27:55
22         Lorraine     Warner             NEBC/Cycle Loft                        Soneham               MA    0:37:38

Men 5 35+               82                 starters
Place      First Name   Last Name          Team                                   City                  State Time
1          Richard      Barnwell           Minuteman Road Club                    Bolton                MA    1:15:56
2          Phil         Oviatt                                                    Concord               NH    st
3          Stu          Coulter            Team Velocity                          Hanover               NH    st
4          Al           Raine              MTBMInd                                Concord               NH    st
5          Steve        Bauermeister       NorEast Cycling                        South Berwick         ME    st
6          Eric         Wemhoff            NEBC/Cycle Loft                        Lexington             MA    0:00:28
7          Mark         Gillies            Target Training                        Ridgefield            CT    0:00:41
8          Robert       Follansbee                                                Grafton               MA    st
9          Michael      Stimson            Benidorm Eastern Bloc                  West Hartford         CT    0:00:51
10         Danny        Taffe                                                     Concord               NH    st
11         Michael      Kranzley           CCB                                    Wellesley             MA    st
12         Rich         Jarvi              Onondaga Cycling Club                  Manlius               NY    st
13         Steven       Gallier            NH Cycling Club                        Bow                   NH    0:01:18
14         David        Simon              Duvine Adventures                      Somerville            MA    st
15         John         Monaghan           white mtn velo                         Piermont              NH    st
16         Eric         Jarvi              NEBC/Cycle Loft                        Littleton             MA    st
17         Richard      Drummond           NHCC                                   Enfield               NH    0:05:19
18         John         Thompson                                                  Laconia               NH    0:05:54
19         Eric         Hunter             GMBC/Catamount                         St George             VT    0:06:56
20         Kenneth      Han                QuadCycles                             Somerville            MA    0:12:20
21         Andrew       Eills              NHCC                                   Concord               NH    0:14:27
22         Jireh        Providencia        SMCC/Base 36/Gorham Bike               Saco                  ME    0:15:38
23         Robert       Dillon             mad river riders                       Warren                VT    0:17:45
24         David        Gagne              NH Cycling Club                        Merrimack             NH    0:21:16
25         John         Abrahamsen                                                W. Windsor            VT    0:23:16
26         Bob          Threeton           NorEast Cycling                        Dover                 NH    0:24:40
27         Larry        Stachowiak         CCB/Volkswagen                         Lynn                  MA    0:42:59

Men 5 U35               46                 starters
Place      First Name   Last Name          Team                                   City                  State Time
1          Cort         Cramer             Minuteman Road Club                    Watertown             MA    1:34:08
2          Brian        Guercio            dartmouth college cycling team         White River Junction  VT    0:00:12
3          Chris        Carey              Dartmouth                              The Plains            VA    st
4          Nathaniel    Herz               Bowdoin College                        Brunswick             ME    st
5          Jared        Smith                                                     Plymouth              NH    st
6                                                                                                             st
7          William      Fowler                                                    Northwood             NH    st
8          Christian    Crannell           Colby College Cycling                  Monsey                NY    st
9          Bruce        Beauharnois        Team ROAR                              Plattsburgh           NY    st
10         David        Romilly            NorEast Cycling Club                   Exeter                NH    st
11         Ben          Corbalis           union velo                             Jamaica Plain         MA    st
12         Keith        Reynolds           NEBC/Cycle Loft                        Chelmsford            MA    st
13         Shane        Buker              Harvard University                     Jamaica Plain         MA    0:00:48
14         Aaron        Swenson            Dartmouth Cycling Team                 Hanover               NH    0:00:54
15         Thorin       Markison           The Great Outdoors/ barebones          Lyndonville           VT    st
16         Joe          Shaw                                                      Hanover               NH    0:01:40
17         Chad         Jolin                                                     Old Orchard Beach     ME    0:01:54
18         Jeff         Landfried          Gamache Cyclery                        Fitchburg             MA    0:01:58
19         Evan         Huff                                                      Russell               MA    st
20         Sean         Berry                                                     Hampton               NH    0:02:00
21         Devon        Burgess            Idle Times Bike Shop                   Eastham               MA    st
22         Quentin      Reeve              Bowdoin College                        Brunswick             ME    st
23         Jon          Bernhard           CCB/Volkswagon                         Newburyport           MA    st
24                                                                                                            st
25         Arthur       Moran                                                     Boston                MA    st
26         Guilherme    Fujiwara           MIT                                    Boston                MA    0:03:23
27         George       Hanna              Unattached                             Walpole               NH    0:04:14
28         John         Starvish           Boston Road Club                       Boston                MA    st
29         Crawford     Nick               Bowdoin College                        Brunswick             ME    st
30         Andrew       Regan              Minuteman Road Club                    Hudson                MA    st
31         Thomas       Hoogendyk          NCC - Northampton Cycling Club         Holyoke               MA    0:04:25
32         Steve        Connor             Downeast Bike Club                     Dedham                ME    0:04:37
33         Kenneth      Cheung             MIT Cycling                            Somerville            MA    0:04:40
34         Ian          sanders-fleming    Middlebury                             cambridge             MA    0:04:49
35         Brad         Warren             Gamache Cyclery                        Fitchburg             MA    0:04:54
36         Rob          Burnett            Deerfield                              Deerfield             MA    0:08:12
37         Sam          Caven              Tufts University                       Medford               MA    0:14:36
38         Seth         Haskell                                                   Union                 ME    0:15:31
39         Michael      Gleeson            Dartmouth Cycling Team                 White River Junction  VT    st

Masters 35+             57                 starters
Place  45+ First Name   Last Name          Team                                   City                  State Time
1          Jay          Gump               Incline Training                       Conway                MA    2:25:02
2          Matt         Boobar             SRAM                                   Plymouth              NH    0:00:15
3          Thomas       Francis            Boston Road Club                       Needham               MA    st
4          Jonny        Bold               Corner Cycle                           Marstons Mills        MA    st
5          Bill         Yabroudy           Caster's/Majik coffee/Apex Tech Group  Coventry              RI    st
6          Arik Jon     Holm               Union Velo                             Westborough           MA    st
7          Harry        Stover                        Brooklyn              CT    st
8      1   Rick         Sorenson           Casper Wheelmen                        Rutland               VT    st
9      2   Randy        Rusk               Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team                Exeter                RI    st
10         Gary         Jasdzewski         Boston Scientific Cycling              Arlington             MA    st
11         Leo          Devellian          CCB/Volkswagen                         Topsfield             MA    st
12                                                                                                            st
13         Ron          Bourgoin           ArcEnCiel                              Windham               ME    st
14         Donny        Mills              Boston Scientific Cycling/Everactive OnExeter                NH    st
15         Peter        Brennan            New England Masters Elite              Hudson                NH    st
16     3   Paul         Wonsavage          Onion RIver Sports                     Hanover               NH    st
17         Sean         Groom              Squadra Coppi                          Bloomfield            CT    st
18         Tobi         Schultze           Bicycle Link / MBRC                    Foxboro               MA    st
19     4                                                                                                      0:03:31
20         Mark         Gunsalus                      Dudley                MA    0:03:39
21         M. Andrew    Ruiz               CCB/Volkswagen                         Voorheesville         NY    0:06:08
22     5   Paolo        Mion               Targetraning/Fastar                    Danvers               MA    st
23         Richard      Brown              NorEast Cycling                        Plaistow              NH    st
24         Mike         Spangenberg        CYCLONAUTS                             Shaftsbury            VT    0:06:24
25         David        Penney             NorEast Cycling                        Lyndeborough          NH    0:06:53
26         William      Casazza            BOB Cycling-Stonyfield Farm-Goodale's BSalem                 NH    st
27         John         Interlandi         Stage 1 Cycling                        Newington             CT    st
28         Tom          Murray             Portland Velo Club                     Falmouth              ME    st
29         Adam         Sternfield         Boston Bicycle Club                    Brookline             MA    st
30         Mark         Doherty            Sunapee/S&W Racing Team                Westford              MA    0:07:01
31     6                                                                                                      st
32         Michael      Andelman           Union Velo Ltd,, big-maWellesley             MA    0:08:26
33         Jamie        Pelletier          INCLINE TRAINING                       East Longmeadow       MA    st
34         Scott        Marr               Portland Velo Club                     Falmouth              ME    st
35         Pete         Rumsey             Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team                Exeter                RI    0:09:15
36         Andrew       Kennedy            Team NH                                Temple                NH    0:12:53
37         Mark         Suprenant          CCB/Volkswagen                         Milford               NH    0:13:18
38         Jay          Busse              Union Velo                             Harrisville           RI    0:17:03
39         Steven       Bonadio            Arc-en-Ciel Racing Team                Arlington             MA    0:19:51
40         James        O'mara             Team Bob - Stoneyfield Farm            Grafton               NH    0:23:00
41     7   Ted          Shanstrom          Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team                Wakefield             RI    0:26:03

Masters 45+             66                 starters
Place  55+ First Name   Last Name          Team                                   City                  State Time
1          Douglas      Jansen             NorEast Cycling                        Pelham                NH    2:30:38
2          Frank        Jennings           Gearworks - Spinarts                                               0:00:10
3          Joseph       Rano               Gearworks/Spin Arts                    Oxford                MA    0:01:04
4          Kevin        Hines              Bike Link MBRC                         E. Wareham            MA    st
5          Eric         Marro              BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Ariza-GoodaleNashua                NH    st
6          Thomas       Butler             CCC/ Keltic Const/ Zanes Cycles        Coxsackie             NY    st
7          Christopher  Burke              Bikeworks/Hallamore                    Pawtucket             RI    st
8          John         Mosher             Bicycle Link/MBRC                      Boxboro               MA    st
9      1   Doug         Dale               Incline Training                       South Deerfield       MA    st
10         Doug         Chiasson           NCC /                      Athol                 MA    st
11         Terry        White              unattatched                            Dorset                VT    st
12         Steven       Lavoie             NHCC                                   Concord               NH    st
13         David        Foley              BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farm-Goodale's BikN. Easton             MA    st
14         Tyler        Munroe             CCB/Volkswagen                         No. Andover           MA    st
15         Bob          Lesmerises         White Mountain Velo                    Franconia             NH    st
16         Neil         Faigel             CCB/Volkswagen                         North Andover         MA    st
17         Bob          Roldan             Boston Scientific Cycling              Somerville            MA    st
18         Glenn        Giglio             Capital Velo Club- Vernon Cycle        Manchester            CT    st
19         Karl         Hambrecht          CCB/Volkswagen                         West Newbury          MA    st
20         Kevin        Young              Team International Bike                Northbridge           MA    st
21         Keith        Button             noreast cycling                        Nottingham            NH    st
22         Glen         Fraser             NorEast cycling club                   Hudson                NH    st
23         Philip       Beliveau           GMBC/Catamount                         St. George            VT    st
24                                                                                                            st
25     2   Tom          Officer            Cycle Fitness                          Litchfield            CT    st
26         William      Holmes             Boston Road Club                       Waltham               MA    0:01:33
27         Brad         Tanner             Sunapee/S&W Racing Team                Henniker              NH    0:01:35
28         David        King               CCB/Volkswagen                         Boxford               MA    st
29         William      Sawyer             Gearworks - Spinarts                   Arlington             MA    st
30         Steve        Mcgrath            NorEast Cycling                        Portsmouth            NH    st
31         Brian        Anderson           NEBC/Cycle Loft                        Concord               MA    st
32         Claude       Raineault          gmbc/catamount                         Underhill             VT    st
33         Rich         Foley              CCC/ Keltic Const/ Zanes Cycles        Wallingford           CT    st
34         Richard      Broderick          Richard Sachs/CYBC                     Guilford              CT    st
35         Duane        Skofield           BOB/shift-stonyfieldfarms-Ariza-goodalePlaistow              NH    st
36         Tom          Mannion            CCB/Volkswagen                         Dedham                MA    st
37         James        Nash               CCB Volkswagen                         North Hampton         NH    st
38         George       Benington          Linscott Real Estate Racing            South Portland        ME    st
39         John         Liston             portland velo                          North Yarmouth        ME    st
40         Bruce        Bell               GMBC/Catamount                         Stowe                 VT    st
41         Chuck        Officer                                                   Hanover               NH    st
42         Robert       Degrace                                                   Lunenburg             MA    st
43         Timothy      Shea               BOB/Shift-Stonyfield Farms-Ariza-GoodalAmherst               NH    0:02:11
44         Gene         Petrella           CCB Volkswagen                         Stoneham              MA    st
45         John         Kolios             CVC/Vernon Cycle                       East Hartford         CT    st
46         Mark         Thompson           Sunapee/S&W                            Nashua                NH    st
47         William      Thompson           CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles          West Hartford         CT    st
48         Wayne        Santos             BOB Cycling-Stonyfield Farms-Goodale's Washington            NH    0:06:58
49         Brian        Mcguiness          Capital Velo Club                      Colchester            CT    0:16:37
50         James        Marshall           BCA/VOmax; Masters Cycle Racing AssociaShaftsbury            VT    0:27:16
51         Daniel       O'neill            New Hampshire Cycling Club             Holderness            NH    0:29:38
52         Jorge        Ramirez            Bike Alley                             Worcester             MA    1 lap

Masters 55+             32                 starters
Place      First Name   Last Name          Team                                   City                  State Time
1          Bob          Johnson            Cyclonauts Racers                      Westfield             MA    1:29:35
2          Graydon      Stevens            Portland Velo                          Cape Elizabeth        ME    st
3          Richard      Martin             Master's Velo Club                     Attleboro             MA    0:03:08
4          Bruce        Mccowan            Arc En Ciel Racing Team / MCRA         East Greenwich        RI    st
5          William R.   Black              Portland Velo                          Cumberland Foreside   ME    st
6          David        Burnell            cox communications cycling team        Jamestown             RI    st
7          Chip         Berezny            Bike Like / LWA                        Easton                PA    st
8          Richard      Shear              Connecticut Coast Cycling-MCRA         Darien                CT    st
9          James        Themig             Mystic Velo MCRA                       Niantic               CT    st
10         Phillip      Bannister          Putney/West Hill                       Putney                VT    st
11         Jack         Hutchinson         New Hampshire Cycling Club             Deerfield             NH    st
12         Bob          Bortree                                                   Morrisville           VT    st
13         Phillip      Hershberger        CBRC                                   Climax                NY    st
14         James        Owers              NHCC                                   Concord               NH    st
15         Will         Kraham             Putney / West Hill                     Brattleboro           VT    st
16         Al           Stewart            New Hampshire Cycling Club             Manchester            NH    0:05:38
17         John         Bexiga             unattatched                            Franklin              MA    st
18         Ken          Goebel             Mystic Velo Club                       Tolland               CT    st
19         Clive        Woakes             Competitive Edge/ARC                   Belchertown           MA    0:09:48
20         Peter        Leblanc            NHCC/MCRA                              Nottingham            NH    0:09:13
21         Pete         Murphy             none-MCRA                              Glastonbury           CT    0:13:25
22         Steve        Pucci              CCB Volkswagen                         W Newbury             MA    0:14:37
23         Frank        Holt               NHCC/Team NH                           Hollis                NH    0:16:37
24         Harold       Schmidt            Team Placid Planet                     Lake Placid           NY    0:19:09
25         Bob          Ludecke            laurel bike club                       Milldale              CT    st
26         Alexandra    Cruse              NEBC                                   Marblehead            MA    0:22:11
27         David        Holmander          NHCC/Team NH/MCRA                      Epsom                 NH    0:23:06
28         Bradley      Hosmer             New Hampshire Cycling club/Team NH     Concord               NH    0:27:21