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Pinecone Road Race

Hammonton, NJ

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Pinecone Road Race Presented by Pro Pedals Bike Shop Hammonton, NJ Sunday, April 01, 2007

These results are provided for informational purposes only.  Please note that
the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made
to these results.

Cat Pro 1 2 3  60 miles
1.Mike Rosenhaus-Northeastern Hardware
2.Daniel Zmolik-CRCA-Empire
3.John Durso-Liberty
4.Chris Gottwald-Beacon
5.Mike Miller-alliance
6.Kevin Power-Van Dessel
7.Rich Straub-Human Zoom
8.Steven Ward-Liberty Cycle
9.Taylor Brown
10.Amauri Perez-GS Mengoni
11.Lisbon Quintero-CRCA Empire
12.Daniel Stewart-Northeastern
13.Sean Melcher-cjct
14.Gui Nelessen-Van Dessel
15.Mike Chauner-PA Lightning
16.Gavriel Epstein-CRCA
17.Bruce Donaghy-Morgan Stanley
18.Keith Abruzze-PS Racing
19.Mark Light-Liberty
20.Martin Lechowicz

Cat 40 plus 48 miles
1.Dave Hudson-Mambo
2.Kent Donahue-Riptide
3.Charles Grose-Elite
4.Steve Sambrano-Mainline
5.Walter Risse-MLC
6.Ryan Mitchell-Elite
7.Brian Gristick-Skylands
8.Joe Zuppa-Riptide
9.Rich Ross-Mambo
10.Andrew Harris-
11.Roman Paczka-MLC
12.Pat Kelly-Guys
13.Scott Hodder-
14.Chris Foster-Ps racing
15.John Mcgill-Marco polo
16.Rich Cordero-Guys
17.Ron Ruggiero-Tri State Velo
18.Bill Wittman
20.Ed Hein

3-4   48 miles
1.Mike Jerks-Hermes
2.Pat Bradley-Beacon
3.George Burpee-Peddler
4.Daniel Brill-Beacon
5.Mike Avarich-Riptide
6.Eric Frederick-MLC
7.Rob Allen-gs lANCASTER
8.Alex Binder-Riptide
9.William Cukier-Rutgers
10.Randall Henderson-Cycle Sport
11.Myles Fennell-3d
12.Joe Piscatello-Phila
13.Epes Harris-depot
14.Kevin Keane-Skylands
15.Aaron Ritz-QCW
16.Bruce Freehoff-Beacon
17.John Hunter-Ideal
18.Peter Muto-Gotham
19.Theodoras Koutrov
20.Ryan Hemmingway-Pro Pedals

4-5   42 miles
1.Ryan Pettit-Pro Pedals
2.Chris Miller-Guys
3.Alex Pratt-WBI
5.Joe Damato-Pro Pedals
6.Sean Mclaugh-Human Zoom
7.Rich Steele-Chester
8.Otto Sanchez-Pro Pedals
9.Jerry Truppeli-PS Racing
10.Alex Moyer-Hunt Valley
11.Alen Bedford-Guys
12.Warren Holzman
13.Bruce Brodows-Cycle Sports
14.Chris Ganter-High Road
15.Dan Tarrant
16.Steve Schwarz-Titus Cycle
17.Ryan Moses-Guys
20.Chris McKenna-Human Zoom