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To compete, you must:
1. REGISTER on BikeReg
3. RIDE the course between April 17th, 6:00am & April 25th 3:00pm in Honolulu, Hawaii
4. SUBMIT RESULTS via Strava (automatically) or if you’re not using Strava, you’ll manually upload your best GPX file upload to Results are due by 3:30pm on Sunday April 25th.

This virtual race is a slightly-longer version of the traditional Tantalus Time Trial course starting a little downhill from the traditional start point, see the Strava segment ( This is the same segment that was used for the OHCC (Oahu Hill Climb Challenge) course, which is about 1/2 way between the apex of Round Top Drive and Makiki Heights Drive and the Hawaii Nature Center left hairpin turn. It is just past the last house on this stretch and before the grassy area on the right (our normal awards/registration area).

The finish line is the same as usual, about 4.37 miles from the start at the Puu Ohia Parking Lot at the top of Tantalus Drive.

View the route at the Strava Segment (, or the Route to be sure you are completely familiar with the route.

Note: You are welcome to ride the route as many times as you like, your result will be based on your fastest moving-time. This is an individual Time Trial so please ride solo (honesty system in place as we can not monitor this).

• Follow traffic controls and the rules of the road, we do not have exclusive use of the course, it is open to traffic, please don’t hog the road, please do ride within the law, be good to the community and ride safely at all times.
• The Center Line Rule is in effect - at no time are you allowed to touch or cross the center line on the road, except to avoid a crash.
• All USA Cycling Rules apply
• Helmets must be worn at all times, before, during and after the races while riding your bikes except on stationary trainers.
• Please avoid gatherings, see current local rules at:
* Parking - we do not have permission from any private landowner for parking. Please respect private property and park in a legal public parking area. Be nice to the neighbors and keep your noise down and don’t block anyone’s driveway.

Please ride hard and keep safe so we can continue having challenging and safe events!

• The road is full of pot holes and patches, please be very mindful of the road surface
• You may descend either way, down Tantalus Drive or Round Top Drive
• Be especially careful descending and check your speed
• There are lots of cars near the pull-outs and lookouts along with lots of driveways the lower your get, be mindful of drivers pulling out especially

Online Registration Deadline: Saturday, Apr 24, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET

Select Your Category

Category Distance Fee
Men Juniors (16-18 years) $10 5 miles $10
  • 16-18 years
Men U23 (19-22 years) $10 5 miles $10
  • 19-22 years
Men Senior (23-34 years) $10 5 miles $10
  • 23-34 years
Men Masters (35-49 years) $10 5 miles $10
  • 35-49 Years
Men Golden Masters (50-59 years) $10 5 miles $10
  • 50-59 years
Men Golden Masters Plus (60-69) $10 5 miles $10
  • 60 - 69 years
Men Golden Masters Plus Plus (70+) $10 5 miles $10
  • 70 years and older
Women Juniors (16-18 years) $10 5 miles $10
  • 16-18 years
Women U23 (19-22 years) $10 5 miles $10
  • 19-22 years
Women Senior (23-34 years) $10 5 miles $10
  • 23-34 years
Women Masters (35-49 years) $10 5 miles $10
  • 35-49 Years
Women Golden Masters (50-59 years) $10 5 miles $10
  • 50-59 years
Women Golden Master Plus (60-69 years) $10 5 miles $10
  • 60 - 69 years
Women Golden Masters Plus Plus (70+ years) $10 5 miles $10
  • 70 years and older


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