Wallum Lake Mountain Bike Race

douglas, MA, Sun May 6, 2018

Presented by MRA Multisport
  • Online Registration Deadline: Saturday, May 5, 2018 at 6:30 PM ET

Select Your Category

Category Fee
Expert/Cat 1 (3 laps) - 11:00 start
Expert - under 19
Expert - under 19 $25
Expert - Senior 19-39
Expert - Senior 19-39 $25
Expert - Veteran 40+
Expert - Veteran 40+ $25
Expert - Master 50+ (male only)
Expert - Master 50+ (male only) $25
Expert - Elite (Open)
Expert - Elite (Open) $25
Expert - Single speed - ONLY eligible for Zanconato SS Series points
Expert - Single speed - ONLY eligible for Zanconato SS Series points $25
NOT eligible for NECS XC series points
Sport/Cat 2 (2 laps) - 1:30pm start
Sport - Under 16
Sport - Under 16 $25
Sport - Under 19
Sport - Under 19 $25
Sport - Senior 19-39
Sport - Senior 19-39 $25
Sport - Veteran 40+
Sport - Veteran 40+ $15
Sport - Master 50+ (male only)
Sport - Master 50+ (male only) $25
Sport - Fat Bike - NOT eligible for NECS XC series points
Sport - Fat Bike - NOT eligible for NECS XC series points $25
Novice/Cat 3 (1 laps) - 9:30 start
Novice - Under 13
Novice - Under 13 $25
Novice - under 16
Novice - under 16 $25
Novice - Under 19
Novice - Under 19 $25
Novice - Senior 19-39
Novice - Senior 19-39 $25
Novice - Veteran 40+
Novice - Veteran 40+ $25
Novice - Master 50+ (male only)
Novice - Master 50+ (male only) $25
Novice - Clydesdale (min 200lbs)
Novice - Clydesdale (min 200lbs) $25

Event Items

EFTA License All riders must have a valid (non-expired as of race day) Annual EFTA License or purchase a One Day EFTA License. I am an amateur / professional in good standing and wish to be licensed under the Racing Rules of the Eastern Fat Tire Association (EFTA). I certify that the information on this application, as entered by me, is true and correct. I acknowledge that cycling is an inherently dangerous sport in which I participate at my own risk and that EFTA is a corporation formed to promote the sport of mountain biking, the efforts of with directly benefit me. In consideration of the agreement of EFTA to issue a license to me, hereby on behalf of myself, my heirs, assign and personal representatives, I release and forever discharge EFTA, its employees, agents, members, sponsors, promoters, and affiliates from any and all liability, claim, cost or expense, and waive any such claims against any such person or organization, arising directly or indirectly from or attributable in any legal way to any action or omission to act of any such person or organization in connection with sponsorship, organization or execution of any bicycle racing or sporting event including travel to or from such event, in which I participate as a rider, team member or spectator, I currently have no known physical or mental conditions that would impair my capability for full participation as intended and expected of me except for those noted to the race director. PARENT OR GUARDIAN OF MINOR (under the age of 18): I, as parent or guardian of the Applicant represent to EFTA that the facts herein concerning my child or ward are true. I hereby give my permission for my child or ward to enter any bicycle race or event sanctioned by EFTA during the period of the license applied for, and further in consideration of granting of such license, agree individually and on behalf of my child or ward, to the terms of the above agreement and release of liability.
Options Quantity Price Each
closed One Day EFTA License (good for this race only) x $5.00

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